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  1. Sarwar doing ok...shame no one votes labour.
  2. a nob vody? Shit bon? That post was from July...I have no idea what I am on about in it (and not sure what your reply is on about either)
  3. Maybe it's just the path to a new true new new labour. Maybe he's more Neil Kinnock than Darth Vader. But Reeves is Princess Leia.
  4. Relative right winger. Right wing of Labour. It's really not that hard.
  5. Well it's one of two people. Did either mention Nandy? It's all about Cooper.
  6. I meant a combination of those things, very transmissible, no vaccine available any time soon, deadly. 2030. You heard it here first.
  7. I meant other types of virus. They could be a lot worse. R=10, no vaccine possible, ebola like...things like that. 🙂
  8. Not true. There have been lots of variant, but this one caused concern because of the mutations. I mean you can think they're all making it up so we wear masks on trains and have restrictions with international travel, but I think they were genuinely concerned. And these pandemics are going to keep happening with globalisation and us fucking about with animals and global warming, and if we're going to prevent the need for things like lockdowns and mass deaths then we're going to have to act early....so I guess better gets used to this shit.
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