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  1. Easing lockdown before March would be a disaster, Sage member says https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/16/easing-lockdown-before-march-a-disaster-sage
  2. we going to go from plague island to vaccine paradise.
  3. I think we'll go from lockdown to tiers depending on state of things in different areas...can't see everywhere being in tier1 by the spring...but who knows...
  4. m yes, but will be gradual...tiers and stuff...probably starting as soon as March.
  5. there's that big could word. Plus, this is first dose, right? Glastonbury's prospects of going ahead in some form must have increased with the early success of vaccine rollout and it's potential on how many will be vaccinated by spring/summer, but I still think more likely not on than on....just a bit too early in the year, and just too much incertainty.
  6. Zero covid! Does this mean could see long term restrictions on travel? Is this now going to be a big benefit of being out of EU/schengen and being an island?
  7. sorry Bob, meant to say Everyone could be vaccinated by next Friday.
  8. desperate bollocks from Trump and co...or something in it?
  9. Everyone to be vaccinated by next Friday.
  10. I haven't got a ticket for Glastonbury anyway...but if any other festivals are on this summer like Bluedot or Greenman I think I will try and get tickets for those...big if I know....
  11. I wonder if the whole Scotland better off in UK as means getting lots of vaccines will help the argument against Scottish independence...?
  12. ok, apart from the vaccines, the furlough scheme and testing, what has this government ever done for us?
  13. wow, imagine being able to do that. I had a few beers in my home prison.
  14. Ok...so we are agreed that govt are succeeding with vaccine rollout so far but utterly failed at dealing with the pandemic otherwise?
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