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  1. they can only show two live events, so are bound to pick the ones we're more likely to win a medal in.
  2. Yeah, those two BMX medal winners were great.
  3. BBC contract not as good, they haven't got as much money to spend on stuff these days.
  4. Just bought tickets for her Manchester gig in November and hoping it's not too much of a properly going off pumping out bangers sort of thing... don't want any of that nonsense.
  5. Really it's just swimming and gymnastics until the athletics start. Everything else is filler.
  6. My partner is Japanese so she enjoyed the gymnastics this afternoon.
  7. Makes me get thrown out of nightclubs and then puke everywhere.
  8. Aren't labour kicking out the antisemites who supported Galloway in Batley & Spen?
  9. Yeah, she's amazing...but obviously not in a good way at the moment.
  10. V popular in Japan is maybe a good reason.
  11. bet they don't...too messy and complicated...bet it's just to get as many young people down to their local vax centre as poss.
  12. indeed, thought I'd better try one of these festival things everyone keeps banging on about.
  13. Got tickets for Greenman this morning. Was all very impromptu and last minute, just thought I'd try, then suddenly got through and asked the family if they fancied going...and they were all like wtf...err..ok then...so we're going.
  14. Shame about Simone Biles.
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