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  1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-bodysphere/fda-authorizes-use-of-new-two-minute-test-kit-for-coronavirus-idUSKBN21I1T7
  2. The state is most definitely leader of the country at the moment.
  3. I think a lot of US has locked down now...especially in areas most affected like New York, Washington, California. The difference with Germany is they are reporting a much larger number of cases, but have a much lower death rate...and the reason could be that they are testing more meaning they are showing a truer scale of infection rate, or they are testing more and able to control the spread. Like you say, we will one day find out...it's like a massive global experiment.
  4. at least this is good for the environment, except the huge amount of energy being used by this internet thing.
  5. Yeah, I think we should be very cautious about blaming any particular country at this point. Seems like when the realisation hit home in UK and US that they are well and truly fucked the blame quickly shifted to China. Nice distraction. Everyone is doing it....but it's one for the history books.
  6. Something positive, although of course they may be lying... Italy records lowest daily increase in deaths in a week.
  7. Seems most leaders are doing well in terms of popularity during this crisis...I guess people just want to be loyal and believe they are being led by intelligent people who know what they're doing. I wonder what they'll think in 6 months?
  8. No one knows anything for sure yet...and all sides throwing about all sorts of propoganda.
  9. I'm not talking about a vaccine, but anti-viral drugs...like they have for HIV. But, yes, these things need testing properly...but some are pre-existing drugs that have already been through the various checks. One being worked on in UK: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52111674
  10. You never know, one of these drug treatments being worked on round the world might prove successful....
  11. I think they had similar to this in China.
  12. Numbers may well plateau later in April, but lockdown will probably have to stay in place for some time after that.
  13. Hopefully...Spain and Italy still looking bad and how long have they been in lockdown? I think number of deaths in US from this virus going to be really bad.
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