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  1. I don't know...he is obviously a bit messed up, but at same time one of the more moderate voices in the cabinet.
  2. 2005 I went to watch LCD soundsystem in JP whilst everyone else stayed in Other to watch some shite that I can't remember...anyway felt pretty good about my choice and myself which is all important (and LCD were brilliant)
  3. Talking of newspapers,you see Cummings the other day with the idea that papers, and subsequently the govt,are pushing the get back to the office thing so much is because they need commuters buying their papers again.
  4. Thread about Wakefield by... basically Tories are fucked and starmer is great (well, kind of ok)..
  5. It's spread through touching, not respiratory, right? So just don't touch anyone and you should be fine.
  6. Thing with this Gray inquiry is ultimately it is for him, not about him...so I guess ok for him to meet Gray, but also whole thing kind of wrong.
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