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  1. Then it will be too late. They might get more vote than Lib Dems and maybe even Tories but will end up with maybe one MP.
  2. as a labour voter obviously supporting Germany.
  3. Nothing is guaranteed, but I don't get the sense of complacency from Biden's lot...as if a campaign will expose what Trump is all about and then surely common sense will mean a Biden win. The campaign is about to start and Biden can hardly walk, he takes a long time to say anything, he looks f**ked. Everyone knows already what Trump is, and yet he still leads in those states he needs to win in. US has had inflation, but it is nothing like we had in europe...if it was based on the economy Biden should be way ahead.
  4. but with a loon like Trump it really shouldn't be that close, but then Biden is walking round like he's half dead so...
  5. it's going to be decided by a few hundred thousand in a few states and could be real close.
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