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  1. On a Sunday night I use a primitive form of shuffle where I get my 3 year old to pick a random record of mine that I listen to while I cook tea. Tonight she chose Presidents of the USA and I'd forgotten how much I loved their first album... I know it's just a bit of nostalgia kicking in but I'd love to see them play avalon, mid afternoon with realistically about 4 other people. Dream big folks!
  2. This question from Angela Eagle seems more and more apt.
  3. Yeah I think you're right... reading about it I think it was the honorary military roles that alot of people had issues with but it makes sense to lose the HRH as well. Still like the initial pun though.
  4. I usually hate reading the comments on twitter but "The Andrew formerly known as Prince" comment did make me chuckle.
  5. I think VATs actually only 5% on domestic energy bills so cutting it will have even less impact than you think. Obviously it will help a bit but not by very fucking much.
  6. There's 2 options available for viewing as per below... click the one thats not highlighted and you'll be back to normal.
  7. I'm planning on getting some of these as christmas pressies for my glastonbury friends... will vary the booze depending on the recipients festival drink of choice. I'll probably also get some mugs and coasters made using photos taken at the festival. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/927781738/muddy-welly-thatchers-gold-cider-keyring?ref=shop_home_recs_3
  8. Love Ozzy and this is incentive enough to finally read his autobiography. 6ab3add7cd9fb63bdf78e2b93929a2f2_1.mp4
  9. I've got a 2 year old and as a keepsake every year I do a little video with photos of her and music over the top. For the first one I had Magnificent (She Says) by Elbow though this was never released as a single so that's not much help. As Maurice says though you could be painting yourself into a corner by choosing 7" singles. You may be better off just buying a box that holds 50 albums instead? I think I'm gonna follow suit anyway so thanks for the suggestion.
  10. I'm not Starmers biggest fan but I did like the "My dad was a toolmaker, although in a way so was Boris Johnson’s" line.
  11. I've despatched Squid Game and Alice in Borderline over the past couple of days and have loved both of them. Not something I would normally try but saw the recomendations on here so thought I'd give them a go .. gonna try Sweet Home next as that is apparently similar.
  12. https://thecurrent.lcp.uk.com/europe
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