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  1. Do we think that Cummings leaked this story... can't believe that the Sun would have sat on it. If that's the case I wonder what he's got on BoJo that he's holding back.
  2. There were a few articles last week suggesting it was to do with the G7 summit rather than tourists... the map below looks a bit suspicious if not. https://inews.co.uk/news/g7-summit-was-super-spreading-event-for-cornwall-as-cases-rocket-2450-after-johnson-and-biden-visit-1060710
  3. The Chemical Brothers 340 lggy & The Stooges 483 The Prodigy 530 Portishead 30(+10) LCD Soundsystem 495 Christina and the Queens 77
  4. I was envious of you being there until about 30 minutes in when I definitely wasn't.. I'm still clinging on to the fact that I want us to come second in the group so it's a good thing but we just seemed so shite and lacking in any confidence. And what to do with Kane... dont understand how this UEFA graph is calculated but its not a glowing reflection of him.
  5. Sorry, England. Sometime forget its multi national on here. Though I do prefer the Scottish versions of three lions.
  6. Would a draw not suit us quite well as we don't want to finish first in the group.
  7. I did read the other day (may have been on here actually) that due to the pandemic and lockdown 2 strains of flu no longer exist which should in theory reduce flu numbers. No idea how many strains of flu are our there though... if its infinite then this will make bugger all difference.
  8. It occurred to me the other day that if Back To The Future was filmed now Marty would only be going back to 1991 which made me feel fucking old.
  9. The Chemical Brothers 335 Iggy & The Stooges 430 The Prodigy 485 Queens of the Stone Age 41 Portishead 191 (+10) LCD Soundsystem 380 Christine and the Queens 285
  10. The Chemical Brothers 340 Iggy & The Stooges 419 The Prodigy 471 Queens of the Stone Age 95 Portishead 200 (+10) LCD Soundsystem 384 Christine and the Queens 276
  11. Just seen this so he's at least conscious. Thought it was very bad taste for the TV producer to focus on his wife.
  12. Just shat myself as I got an email headed 'Dinnertime Deadline' so I thought I only had a few hours to finalise my team. Turns out the deadlines 8pm... that's tea mother fucker, not dinner.
  13. The Chemical Brothers 316 Iggy & The Stooges 389 The Prodigy 404 Queens of the Stone Age 159 Portishead 239 (+10) LCD Soundsystem 364 Christine and the Queens 268
  14. I thought it was the tor in the background at first but when I zoomed in it turned out to be your curtain! 😀 Lovely painting and framing job BTW.
  15. The Chemical Brothers 306 Iggy & The Stooges 375 The Prodigy 401 Queens of the Stone Age 180 Portishead 239 (+10) LCD Soundsystem 370 Christine and the Queens 275
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