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  1. Struggled thinking of bad covers for the other thread but I can think of 100s of good ones... this is one of my favourites though.
  2. Thats worse than I thought so hope that wasn't intended and will leave it at that. (I prefer Mr Boos version if I'm honest and will don the label with pride). Guypjfreak Can we add Christmas Time by the darkness to the list purely for the Bell End and Ring Piece references as I'm an easily amused child.
  3. If I'm honest I don't actually know what a snowflake is but know its brandished as an insult so was surprised when I saw CrazyFools post and have chosen to assume he's equally unaware. Thanks for the heads up on the snowdog program as well... will try her on that in the morning.
  4. From my experience of CrazyFool I don't think he'll have meant it the way it sounded Mr Boo. There are plenty of trolls on this forum but he's never come across as one to me. With regards to Snowmen melting, I watched The Snowman with my 2 year old daughter last night... first time I'd properly watched it. It's heartbreaking really... gonna stick to DIsneyPlus with her till she's a little older.
  5. Worryingly this is one example thats getting reported... I dread to think of the times he's done similar things and people have just bowed under pressure. Its frightening really.
  6. Good choices pal and surprisingly some I've not heard of before so I'll give them a listen. One of my favourites is a Paloma Faith and Josh Weller duet... 'It's Christmas and I Hate You'.
  7. It was one of the jokey presents I got my mrs last year as Elfs her favourite film... when it was wrapped up though it looked like a surfboard so she was slightly disappointed when she opened it.
  8. This ones for for @Wellyboot,not only is our tree up but Buddy's been released from the cellar.
  9. Fucking. Endless. Absolute. Rubbish. That's aimed at Ian Brown not you.😃
  10. He should have just stopped after the first paragraph really.
  11. Ian Browns response... pint at the cider bus for anyone who makes it past page one. Terms and conditions apply.
  12. I find it slightly ironic that I initially misread this tweet. My initial reaction was 'No its not, I've been to Reading and its a shithole'.
  13. Thanks for the link mate. I saw something on newsnight last night and Kier mentioned it today so at least questions are now being asked. Time will tell if anything comes of it.
  14. If she's drinking that much I'd recommend boxes rather than bottles from a filling your wheely bin perspective if nothing else.
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