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  1. @sdsm It is getting tiring pal, this is a very useful thread with contributions from very well informed people that has helped me along with a number of others I'm sure get through these very strange times we find ourselves living in. Yet it keeps getting hijacked and diluted by your posts and ungrounded grievances with other members. I know its been said before but why not just ignore this thread and enjoy/contribute elsewhere on this lovely forum. Or at least explain why you disagree with a view point rather than down vote with no explanation.
  2. Would it not be 100000 false positives if its 1% of 10m or am I missing something? Thats still a lot I know but I'd be happy with 9.9m people being tested correctly a day.
  3. I've often wondered whether Asian countries have coped better with covid 19 as they've had more exposure to coranviruses (in recent history anyway) so may have developed some sort of level of immunity. Probably a load of bollox though and its more likely down to the fact that they have better systems in place because they've been had to have systems in place.
  4. Someone on here (can't remember who) posted a link to one of the journalists twitter feeds which gives more details:
  5. There was an article in the times at the weekend mate... it's not got much coverage for some reason, https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/leaked-figures-reveal-scale-of-coronavirus-test-shortage-xjxprnm0v
  6. I know I'm probably being a dozy twat here but the percentages of covid patients in relation to occupied beds don't seem half as bad as I imagined. I know the September data is from the 3rd and the last week has seen big increases but still. What am I missing? Could the extra 15000 occupied beds be down to covid?
  7. Indonesia has its own method of dealing with mask compliance. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/indonesia-face-mask-dig-coronavirus-graves-a4547261.html
  8. Cheers for this link... makes it must more entertaining. Personal favourite so far:
  9. Not sure that's a compliment to be honest.
  10. To be honest I stopped believing the numbers when the government went from reporting 'number of people tested' to the 'number of tests issued'. I do find it tiring though trying to navigate your way through a global pandemic when you don't believe a word that the people in charge say. What's Hancock got to do to get the boot?
  11. It's on the Times site now: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/leaked-figures-reveal-scale-of-coronavirus-test-shortage-xjxprnm0v
  12. So you want to cancel Christmas the year after Pearl Jam stop releasing Christmas Singles? Surely that's not coincidental...what about if I have a word with Eddie?
  13. I have an indoor solo hobby that I have been doing far too much of in lockdown!
  14. To save anyone googling it, it's because its 'Back British Farming Day'.
  15. Credit where credits due... he's a world leading liar, arsehole, sperm donor, lazy fuck etc.
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