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  1. Sorry if this has been posted before.
  2. It's a pudding so no good for pie week! Thinking about it though I'll be pissed off if sheffield chippies have done steak puddings all this time but I wrote them off 25 years ago because no one new what a babbys head was then. Its dawning on me that that is a possibility.
  3. To be honest I've never heard of a 'smack barm pey wet' either but I'm aching to try one. Struggle to believe its better than a pie barm though! I do remember when I first moved to Sheffield asking my new house mate to get me a 'Babby's Head' from the chippy and the look he gave me suggested he'd definitely be locking his door that night. Never understood why they seem to only be a Lancashire thing when they are so fucking tasty.
  4. If you're doing a pie every day pal I reccomend you try a Wigan Kebab. Much tastier than it sounds and looks. When I used to live that way I used to get one once a week from The Heart Attack Shack. My heartburn couldn't cope with it but every week I'd forget.
  5. If memory serves correct that would mean I was at Jake Bugg which if nothing else assures me the drugs I bought were pukka. I was a one man army throwing shapes to Jake Bugg in the accoustic tent! Luckily and unsurprisingly it was empty.
  6. As much as I like to knock him the drumming on A Day In The Life is very complex and adds loads to the song... his singing on the other hand can never be defended.
  7. Thanks for the info, this thread never fails to deliver and although this isn't the info I was hoping for it is what I expected to be the case. Just feel so sorry for him as we celebrated his 10 year anniversary out of hospital last year and frustratingly I've seen his mental health deteriorate over the past month but been unable to do much about it. At this stage I'll just have to try to ignore the threat of Covid and hope it doesn't turn into a section 3. Thanks again for the informed response.
  8. Thank you both for replying, I think it's probably not googleable (not sure if that's a word) as it's such a grey area and as no two cases are the same there's no definitive answer. My minds just been wandering alot about it over the weekend and I was hoping someone would tell me what I wanted to hear, i.e. they'd just jab him. Don't want to add an extra worry to his mum so I'll just have to wait until I can visit and speak to one of his nurses. Having said that he probably can't have visitors given the current circumstances which will be really shit for my mate in his current state. Anyway, t
  9. Niche question here so apologies but can't find anything on Google and I know there's alot of knowledgeable people on here. Does anyone know whether people who have been sectioned have been getting vaccinated? Got a friend who was supposed to get jabbed on Thursday but he went AWOL and is now in hospital. He's high risk (obese, diabetic, asthmatic) so I would have hoped he would be but not sure of the legal aspects of vaccinating someone against their will if they aren't in their right mind. He was over the moon to be vaccinated until Tuesday when for some reason he took a turn. I'm just worri
  10. I agree that if the beatles didn't influence your favourite band then they will most certainly have influenced your favourite bands favourite band but I did stumble across this song last night from 1935 (have no idea how or why) and the lyrics suggest the birth of sexual revolution for woman predates the beatles by some. I got nipples on my titties big as the end of my thumb, I got somethin' 'tween my legs 'll make a dead man come
  11. Not sure if it's been covered but to me Jay-Z will always be pronounced Jay-Zed. Not so much a controversial opinion as a pronunciation fact.
  12. Fuck me GP, sounds like you've had it tough. Wish there were some magical words I could summon up to make you feel a little better but words are not really my forte. If this was the real world I'd give you a big old bear hug until you felt marginally better or I managed to squeeze a fart out of you so consider this a massive virtual hug. Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing.
  13. Paul McCartney - 69 The Killers – 122 The Cure – 125 Radiohead - 110 Foo Fighters - 53 (+10) Adele - 69 Arcade Fire - 140 Metallica - 120 The Rolling Stones - 125 Beyoncé - 130 Stevie Wonder - 120 Neil Young - 150 Blur - 210 R.E.M. - 120 David Bowie - 167 Pulp - 105 Prodigy - 110
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