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  1. I've seen a different side of you after catching up on the BBC thread from last weekend but I still need to ask... do you think you lost them or did they lose you?
  2. SheffJeff


    Think we might have a winner there going forward! Bet there are less proposals there as well which is a brucie bonus!
  3. SheffJeff


    I didn't realise that... do you think there was a reason there were less restrictions getting nearer to the fence this year? Not that I would have gone higher up the hill if I could have... I'm more than happy being a lazy fuck and I'd rather an OK view with no exercise than a great view with some.
  4. SheffJeff


    Thanks for sharing.. I had wanted to do a comparison of the Park on the Wednesday night 2019 vs 2022 as it was noticeably busier. I'm not sure whether this was because there were more people at the festival, more people arrived earlier than usual or because Glastonbury made the decision to tweet that this was the best place to watch the fireworks... probably a combination of all 3 in hindsight.
  5. I know we were all preoccupied with something more important but did anyone catch this bit of top tier journalism by The Times over the weekend.
  6. This used to be one of my old mans phrases that I've not heard for a long time... will now be introducing it into conversation whenever possible. Made me chuckle so thanks!
  7. It made me chuckle more than it should have... for the benefit of those not on twitter.
  8. I don't remember the app showing these sort of notifications in 2019?
  9. Barry, you go to America/Disney and these prices are cheap as chips in comparison to the parks. I know you post shit to get a reaction so I've fucked up by replying but why not ease up on trolling a Glastonbury forum on the Glastonbury weekend and let people spend their hard earned money on what they want. This threads for seeing food that's available at Glastonbury and you're posts are just gonna stop people posting which benefits no one. Anyway, fuck it. Hope you enjoy the festival... there are plenty of 5 pound meal deals available and a Co-Op if you think it's all overpriced.
  10. Dizraeli's doing a DJ set at the Rum Shack 2-3 on the Saturday and playing the Cornish Arms 10pm on the Thursday... a bit eclectic so not just rap/hip hop but might be worth a listen. Would also be interested in some recommendations though.. seems lacking though that's usually the case. @Haan is a bit of a hip hop/rap oracle round these parts... any suggestions pal?
  11. SheffJeff

    BBC2 9pm

    Only started watching the show late so have avoided this thread to avoid any spoilers but had to come on to mention this quote ... if I was Orbital I would have that on every bit of promotional merchandise I ever published... "our music is bearable according to Michael Eavis, but our lights are fantastic!". Fucking wonderful stuff.
  12. I just wrote a long rant about tonight's Question Time and how pissed off i was with the state of the country/world we live in but deleted it as I couldn't be arsed with anyone arguing that the majority of the (mostly male) audience tonight weren't knobheads. We need more normal (female it seems) politicians in power whose interest lie in their local community and helping people out rather than the bunch of egotistical knobheads we've got. The likes of Dorries, Patel & Truss ruin my argument but rant over... if you didn't watch it, don't bother. Depressing stuff. Really seems we're gonna be stuck with the Tories for a long time.
  13. SheffJeff


    I now always take 'a bottle of water and four twixes for nourishment'... purely as an ode to a legend!
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