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  1. Pyramid Stage. Sea of Blue and Yellow.
  2. Thank you all for the assistance and guidance!. I'm really (really) hoping I can get it down to 'only' missing 24h, although nothing can really compensate for missing Friday, which I sure will be wonderful. With all our plans being made so long ago, something was always going to crop up, but I'll work around it! That forlorn figure walking off site on Friday morning is me. The crazy dude running through the gates on Saturday with his hands in the air, is also me. Xx
  3. Thank you, that's great news! I may yet salvage some of my festival.
  4. Due to a family commitment (don't ask I'm totally gutted), I've got to get home to London on Friday afternoon, and then back to the festival on Saturday morning. I'm on a coach package (Thursday to Monday), so I'm thinking of using the train. Does anyone know if there are buses running all the time between the site and Castle Carey station?
  5. A few year back, just after the EU referendum, I was door-to-door canvassing in a local* election. The gentleman answered the door wanted to make his point about the EU, and how it was preventing him from using certain tinctures for his aromatherapy business, leaving the EU was going to be great for him. Now I don't know much about this area, but generally if something has potential for harm, then suitable controls are put in place. Interestingly to this day I remember one comment, he said he was uncomfortable publicly supporting leaving the EU within his alternative medicine community. He could see that by doing so, he was aligning himself with some uncomfortable views and some toxic people, but his underlying self interest was getting the better of his conscience. When did the alternative community stop having the wider empathy, that it was so well known for? *local elections are normally about bins and planning, but not everyone knows this!
  6. K-pop. I just listened to BTS unplugged/Fix Me. They should be in Avalon in 2022.
  7. You're right, and I did (they were on after the awesome Sleaford Mods). On the rail.
  8. Stay positive, stay safe. Don't let the trolls win. We'll be back in '22, and on fire. Love the Farm.
  9. As a movie it's a bit pants. I did enjoy watch the festival scenes though, and brought back memories. The guys endlessly shuffle dancing by the loos. The cameo by Jason Sleaford Mod was unexpected, rozzer.
  10. 2019

    Worthy View PodPad

    I'm at Sticklinch this year, so if you see some dodgy lights on my shed, say hello.
  11. 2019

    Worthy View PodPad

    Thanks, just retuning to the thread a bit late. I attached solar fairy lights to the podpad using double sided adhesive pads, that sort you can use for hanging picture on walls without damage. They worked fine. This year I'll put a bit more effort in decoration. :). Thinking of some white gardening fleece as a sort of fake snow look. Thanks for all the replies.
  12. 2019

    Worthy View PodPad

    There we go, I'm getting the hang of it..thanks for the quick reply I was just thinking some fairy lights, flags etc Mark
  13. Will they mind if I decorate the outside of my podpad?
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