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  1. 2019

    Worthy View PodPad

    I'm at Sticklinch this year, so if you see some dodgy lights on my shed, say hello.
  2. 2019

    Worthy View PodPad

    Thanks, just retuning to the thread a bit late. I attached solar fairy lights to the podpad using double sided adhesive pads, that sort you can use for hanging picture on walls without damage. They worked fine. This year I'll put a bit more effort in decoration. :). Thinking of some white gardening fleece as a sort of fake snow look. Thanks for all the replies.
  3. 2019

    Worthy View PodPad

    There we go, I'm getting the hang of it..thanks for the quick reply I was just thinking some fairy lights, flags etc Mark
  4. Will they mind if I decorate the outside of my podpad?
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