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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/nov/26/jeremy-corbyn-knows-what-he-must-do-to-rejoin-labour-says-keir-starmer TLDR - They've not spoken in a year and he still wants an apology.
  2. All the bits you don't have to do by paying the platinum price are bits I look back on with really fond memories. People you make best friends with in the queue who you'll never see again, people you meet while going to one stage who persuade you to try a different band you've never heard off etc. Plus can you imagine the tossers you'd be watching the performances with who'll blow that kind of money... give me Kim in the corner who's accidentally shat herself. That's my type of festival friend.
  3. I assume that's probably the case and I hope the locals have benefitted. I was dead against it before 2019 but realistically it had no impact on me and I did actually benefit from managing to get ice for once. That said no more commercialism needed.
  4. Was the co-op arrangement at the last festival not largely put in place so co-op would open a store in pilton? I have vague memories of that being the deal anyway. I can't see pilton needing/wanting a mcdonalds or Costa so no partnership necessary and the thought of any agreement makes me want to cuddle my mum while she tells me everything's going to be OK.
  5. You could get her this for Christmas as a nice reminder.
  6. Talking of calendars I saw this the other day and it tickled me... 'Crap Views of Glasonbury Tor'. https://normalforglastonbury.uk/product/crap-views-of-glastonbury-tor-wall-calendar-2022/
  7. Its the fucking trade unions fault... I always suspected.
  8. I was today years old when I realised I look at this site way too much... I've not known what to do with myself everytime I've nipped for a fag today. Cheers for sorting Neil.
  9. I saw this graph the other day which highlights this a bit... the west have fucked up the world and it now just needs finishing off which is sadly looking inevitable at this point. Quite depressing stuff really.
  10. If labour are to beat the tories they need the party united. Constantly calling corbyn a c**t is a shit strategy and I'd like to think your side are smarter than that.
  11. When writing this Joe Gilgun took inspiration from his hometown (Chorley) and some of the strange characters that live there. Having also grown up there I confirm that bits of this are more like a documentary than a comedy... fucking strange place to live. In fact when I moved to Sheffield in 97 I remember the odd looks I got at last orders when I asked where you went to watch the fights!
  12. There was a Mexican politician in the 80s called Carlos Hank González who was into loads of dodgy shit and he famously said 'a politician who is poor, is a poor politician'... seems to be the poster boy for a number of our current MPs.
  13. I'm planning on getting some of these as christmas pressies for my glastonbury friends... will vary the booze depending on the recipients festival drink of choice. I'll probably also get some mugs and coasters made using photos taken at the festival. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/927781738/muddy-welly-thatchers-gold-cider-keyring?ref=shop_home_recs_3
  14. Love Ozzy and this is incentive enough to finally read his autobiography. 6ab3add7cd9fb63bdf78e2b93929a2f2_1.mp4
  15. I've got a 2 year old and as a keepsake every year I do a little video with photos of her and music over the top. For the first one I had Magnificent (She Says) by Elbow though this was never released as a single so that's not much help. As Maurice says though you could be painting yourself into a corner by choosing 7" singles. You may be better off just buying a box that holds 50 albums instead? I think I'm gonna follow suit anyway so thanks for the suggestion.
  16. I'm not Starmers biggest fan but I did like the "My dad was a toolmaker, although in a way so was Boris Johnson’s" line.
  17. I've despatched Squid Game and Alice in Borderline over the past couple of days and have loved both of them. Not something I would normally try but saw the recomendations on here so thought I'd give them a go .. gonna try Sweet Home next as that is apparently similar.
  18. https://thecurrent.lcp.uk.com/europe
  19. 20000 to be offered asylum over 5 years, 5000 in the first in a country of 38 million. That seems sufficient for a 'big hearted nation' eh Dominic you massive hemorrhoid. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58250211
  20. All fair points... the US and Germany are both worse on carbon emissions in relation to population then China. The article I got the image from though was discussing Chinas increase in emissions... it was a moving bar chart thingy but I couldn't work out how to insert the fucker (link to article below). I thought it was an interesting way of showing how emissions had changed over the years by country and found it worrying that Chinas carbon emissions had more than trebled in the past 20 years from 914 to 2776 million tonnes. While in the UK we had managed to reduce ours from 155 to 101 which is diddly squat and again doesn't factor in our much smaller population. Anyway I know next to nowt about this issue really... just think we're bolloxed whatever we do. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-57483492
  21. US and China have the same emissions as the next 30 countries combined so it does feel like we're pissing in the wind a bit (UK was 101 million tonnes in 2019). That's not to say we shouldn't do anything but as Stevie says we need the bigger boys to play ball to give us a fighting chance.
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