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  1. i think he might consider it for the coheadliners that didnt close either site
  2. Because venues are pretty free over summer whilst artists are on the festival circuit
  3. saturday 20th june and tickets sold out months ago.
  4. The warehouse project isnt tied to victoria warehouse and was at store street for most of its run. Victoria warehouse is not the best venue for live bands but it is good enough.
  5. They were very on top of ID for Prince at the roundhouse. I was very very lucky to get in that night
  6. The kooks and the wombats dont have a good rep here either.
  7. With the disappointment that is the lolla berlin line-up, leeds has the best line-up ft ratm. Unbelievable
  8. Priority booking is not guaranteed for shows at the Roundhouse. We always aim to secure priority booking for Roundhouse members. However, most music gigs staged at the Roundhouse are a commercial hire arrangement with a promoter. It is ultimately within the promoter’s discretion to offer a Members’ Priority Booking. Therefore, priority booking cannot be guaranteed.
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