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  1. Also depends on traffic. The one time I went from London was horrendous
  2. £40 cheapest tickets in birmingham. pretty cheap as arenas go these days.
  3. i presume it is https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice/checkorder you need your email/postcode and your booking number
  4. Muppetmark

    Kendrick Lamar

    Imagine it's 92. Don't think there's ever a show at that arena where standing is the most expensive without a golden circle
  5. Currently up for arcade fire at the o2. Unreal they supposedly sold at this price
  6. Pearl jam had that huge crusade against ticketmaster and failed
  7. Not them because they don't start their European tour soon enough.
  8. Florence in Leeds is 155 for standing. Crazy isn't it
  9. Probably release a single before the tour. The album after so they can do a short run next summer + fests
  10. Sold out in minutes including early entry at £155 a pop
  11. Beach bunny may request to only do 45 mins for the fee he's being given
  12. Wow even despite those prices they're selling early entry standing. That's insane.
  13. Tickets have gone up like 20 quid each tour. Next album will be over 100
  14. JS headlined boardmasters last year. Not as small as people think she is.
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