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  1. They were decent just before lockdown at gorilla
  2. Armin van Buuren isn't cheap either. Would be an insanely strong day
  3. At the very bottom when choosing seats/standing/packages etc it will default to best available. Click it and it'll give you options instead.
  4. My friends who caught him closing werchter in 2014 loved it despite not listening to him before
  5. UK VAT went up Oct 1 which explains a lot of early announcements. The next rise is April 1st which is why glasto is doing the resale in march.
  6. Also rumoured for glasto so doubt they'll stick around for late summer
  7. Leicester is a home show for them though
  8. They even came back to do arenas after their stadium run. London stadium + 2 02 dates in the same summer isn't nothing
  9. Black Sabbath was announced well after a large number of people had booked sonisphere. Would have done better wig an earlier announcement/being on the other weekend
  10. I know it's just before a bank holiday but Wednesday is pretty rough for Leeds and why do they keep getting the hunna to support ?
  11. Just means they're all on the ground and don't increase in height the further back you are.
  12. ATL were on stormzys day rather than rages
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