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  1. It was a long time ago but i heard she was goingto announce a few arenas after this tour.
  2. Foals are 100% not even coheadliners in any non uk country
  3. I doubt it as he tends to stick with live nation.
  4. they subbed muse didn't they?
  5. On first listen i think its their worst effort sadly
  6. I really hope it pans out. 2 gigs i would definitely not miss
  7. They're heavily rumoured to be doing european festivals.
  8. Co headline with within temptation
  9. Muppetmark

    The Rock Slot

    any chance you know of any other dates?
  10. Muppetmark

    2020 headliners

    Stronger Power N***** in Paris Black skinhead All day Cold Clique I don't like
  11. Muppetmark

    2020 headliners

    I was saved by this measure as my card got seclimed for suspected fraud and it gave me enough time to sort it. It was pretty much the last coach resale ticket at the time too
  12. There's no way they headline outright anymore right?
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