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  1. In theory I agree. But I went on Saturday and was shopping for 9 different ppl. Shopping for other people is surprisingly time consuming as everyone has slight variations on what they want and need. I’m a quick shopper when just for myself but I was in the shop for hours doing other people’s and I bet I looked like I was on a day out browsing the goods.
  2. I think the Queen is awesome and I hope The Monarchy remains for many years to come. Great speech last night, well done Liz.
  3. If you stop being able to taste and smell - self isolate. It still isn’t being reported as a symptom which is just insane. I lost mine over a week ago and had no idea it could be a symptom. Now feel absolutely awful about it as I went into work (on advice of 111) Search Twitter and it’s all over it, I just wish I searched Twitter before I called 111.
  4. I’m exactly the same. Had a cold just before it all went mental, shortly afterwards (and with no other symptoms) I lost all taste and smell. Now realising I probably had it and am racked with guilt about having probably passed it on to others. Self-isolation would end tomorrow if I had been doing it so I’m past contagious. I just feel terrible on an emotional level. Thankfully I’ve been socially distancing.
  5. I despise the man as much as anyone and I think he’s handled this terribly, but no matter how he had reacted this would’ve been the end game. That doesn’t change the fact ppl will die because of his government’s policy, but I don’t think we can blame him (sadly) for Glastonbury being cancelled.
  6. Was there a picture attached to the first post when this thread started?
  7. I’m a teacher and I just wish I knew what was happening with schools. Plans need to be put in place for so many things (learning, activities, food for those that get free school meals, advice etc) and I’m losing sleep thinking about vulnerable children I work with because school is all some of them have. Whatever happens, fine. I just wish they would tell us so we could get ready in a more efficient way.
  8. Do most people in this thread believe this is where we are heading? I have no strong opinion on it either way as I just don’t know. I don’t want to read the last 15 pages I missed because I suspect it will make me grumpy.
  9. themuel

    The poster 2020

    Excellent. Where did the official twitter account go? edit: doesn’t matter I didn’t realise they had changed handles
  10. I’ve started feeling worried about it for the first time. Not Glastonbury being cancelled, as much as I love it (it’s my favourite place in the world/week of the year and does my mental health so much good), it’s not an essential part of life. I mean I’ve started feeling worried about the virus. It’s all started feeling a bit serious.
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