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  1. Their set in 2008 is in my all time top Glastonbury moments. Fingers massively crossed for this.
  2. I’ve always liked the idea of a scaled down version of a west end show to start the morning off. Chicago could do it. I appreciate it might not work, but if it did it would be great.
  3. themuel

    Er, Harry Styles

    His first album is really very good and I’m enjoying his new song. Whatever ‘it’ is, he has it. On look, style and general aura he reminds me more of Jaggar and Bowie than anyone else around at the moment. It’s safe to say I would be keen.
  4. themuel


    His first album was great, second ok too. I’ve seen him before and he was fun and can hold a tune live. Would see if I was in the vicinity.
  5. They sell over 150,000 tickets in half an hour. They cope fine.
  6. We are wondering this too. All six of us are trying for our group. I’m assuming we will all be able to enter our details and get through to the payment page? It’ll only start block registrations once they’ve actually been paid for right?
  7. themuel

    Spice Girls for 2020?

    Ha. I’m really not feigning confusion. I like what I like and I feel no shame or guilt about it.
  8. I just went and Googled it because I was adamant that it wasn’t ten years ago they played. Turns out you’re all correct and I’m just on an ever increasing downhill stumble to the end. As you were.
  9. themuel

    Spice Girls for 2020?

    I guess we are just very different then, which is fine 🙂
  10. themuel

    Spice Girls for 2020?

    Yeah I get the definition, I’ve just never understood the concept. It’s very strange. Why present yourself outwardly in a way that would mean you have to take on guilt for things you like. Too deep, but it’s weird.
  11. themuel

    Spice Girls for 2020?

    I really don’t understand this phrase at all. If it gives you pleasure why do you feel guilty?
  12. themuel

    Spice Girls for 2020?

    I can’t think of a legends slot where I would have more fun to be honest. They’re a perfect fit for it. I’m a 90s child, what can I say.
  13. Well, each to their own. I wasn’t so keen before I listened to the podcast, but with the addition of affection towards him I’ve reevaluated and now enjoy his stuff. I really enjoyed his set too, I thought he seemed like he was loving it and it was nice knowing how much it meant to him. Yay for George! (And if you are reading, please crack on with series 3 of your podcast)
  14. This is exactly how I felt about George Ezra until sox months ago. Then I listened to his podcast, ‘George Ezra and friends.’ It’s really lovely and reveals him to be a total fan boy of the music industry and also of Glastonbury. I thought he was a Bland, boring, gone in a year or two act but the podcast made me reconsider and now I think he is a lovely person, worthy of our love. Also, there are some proper heavyweight guests. I suggest starting with the Emily Eavis one.
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