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  1. The question is in the title really. Are the footpaths currently open? Thanks.
  2. I lost my taste and smell in March, my smell hasn’t returned. I spend my life feeling tired with a permanent sore chest and in the last month I’ve developed significant heart issues. 2020 can do one and so can anyone that says Covid isn’t real.
  3. Where in Cornwall? I’m down here too and a teacher.
  4. I’m just pleased that someone included pictures because the image I had in my head was in fact Pinky and the Brain!
  5. That article hurts me. Knowing it in the back of my head is one thing; seeing it written down with direct quotes from Michael is quite another.
  6. I received my poster then two days later had a dispatch email
  7. themuel

    BBC Glastonbury

    Leonard Cohen
  8. themuel

    BBC Glastonbury

    Well, massive thanks to your sister for getting him in safely because 18 year old me was backpacking Australia in 2004 and after seeing an ad for his Reality tour in TNT magazine I rerouted my trip to see him in Brisbane. One of the best decisions I ever made.
  9. themuel

    How do you feel?

    I feel very sad in the pit of my belly.
  10. In theory I agree. But I went on Saturday and was shopping for 9 different ppl. Shopping for other people is surprisingly time consuming as everyone has slight variations on what they want and need. I’m a quick shopper when just for myself but I was in the shop for hours doing other people’s and I bet I looked like I was on a day out browsing the goods.
  11. I think the Queen is awesome and I hope The Monarchy remains for many years to come. Great speech last night, well done Liz.
  12. If you stop being able to taste and smell - self isolate. It still isn’t being reported as a symptom which is just insane. I lost mine over a week ago and had no idea it could be a symptom. Now feel absolutely awful about it as I went into work (on advice of 111) Search Twitter and it’s all over it, I just wish I searched Twitter before I called 111.
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