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  1. By March 1st is the part people keep leaving out, it'll be before then in all likelihood
  2. Yeah they're gonna bang a headline slot whenever festivals come bacm
  3. I'm loving the new Royal Blood stuff, early standout from what I've heard from 2021 so far.
  4. YMAS into Blink in 2014 would have been huge. I don't think Cavalier Youth was as good as their previous output but it went to Nunber One so its hard to deny they'd have deserved the sub spot. I'm sure they were top of the mid-week chart again at the moment so who knows they may blag another one and get a bump in placings for a year or two.
  5. Slam Dunk are all over that tweet, might not be Reading related.
  6. I can't believe they've added two more dates and put them the Wednesday before and the Tuesday after the previously announced ones, did they just really fancy a few days off on the days convenient for me?
  7. Really keen to see them live again but who announces shows on a Thursday, Sunday, and Monday? Announce the "phenomenal demand" show on the Friday or Saturday already dammit.
  8. Mine is pretty much just All Time Low. I apparently listened to them for something like 38 hours, which seems high but is probably inflated by the delayed physical release of the album.
  9. Catfish album was from April 2019. Rex Orange County was October 2019. Stormzy and Harry Styles are dubious for a 2020 list since they were December releases but you're rolling it back a month.
  10. Is this supposed to be released in the last year or just your favourites you've listened to? I can see at least three straight off that were out before December last year. Just curious before I do my own.
  11. Yeah I'd struggle to get a Top 20, Top 100 is mental no matter how bored you are. Even at 20 I'm adding 5 or so I've barely listened to. I come to the same conclusion every year that I don't find enough albums I like, and then every year I don't really go out of my way to find more.
  12. Have we not seen the light and binned co-headlining as a concept yet?
  13. Whole thing is out tomorrow anyway isn't it? But yeah, there were a few leaks.
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