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  1. To be optimistic, they might be on the Introducing Stage and leave the FR slot for someone better.
  2. Don't think its announced, think it's based off this tweet:
  3. What's happening with Roddy Ricch after his arrest?
  4. The re-arranging works great for me, wanted to see SWMRS but wasn't going to bother with the Foos clash, and Shikari moving up an hour fills a gap I had in my schedule. Decent secret set after Shikari and the Sunday is looking pretty perfect. Frank Iero can get binned at this point though, should have just announced him by now.
  5. 2:55 for Bad Nerves, 3:50 for Dinosaur Pile-Up. Both look like half hour slots.
  6. Clyro would be a huge get for them, I suspect they're out of reach. Pretty sure Gaslight Anthem are back on hiatus too.
  7. They've actually announced him properly, he's listed on the app. What's weirder is they haven't added the two replacement bands Dan Carter announced yet.
  8. Oh, is it not at Leeds? There was one at Reading so I just assumed it was the same. App only shows me the Reading times.
  9. ^ Basically that, but I'll probably wait and see what the secret set opposite The Distillers is since Leeds get it first.
  10. Like the few songs of Bad Nerves that are on Spotify. Will give Dinosaur Pile-Up a listen tomorrow, they're a name I've seen loads but not listened to.
  11. Yeah I'm annoyed I couldn't get to Slam Dunk South this year, something came up last minute which I probably could have gotten away with if they kept Midlands but South wasn't an option. I did a day at Trees in 2016 and thought it was great, not been fussed on the headliners they've had since for one reason or the other but wouldn't mind getting back soon.
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