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  1. NBT were great when I last saw them, they'd be a lovely Saturday addition.
  2. Because they've not been booked at the festival since 2013 despite having critically acclaimed albums, so either the festival doesn't want them or they can't get them. I'll be honest I thought Currents was rubbish and dont get the fuss.
  3. Genuinely dont think Tame Impala are on the festival's radar any more.
  4. I mean it's complete guesswork since we don't have a full list of bands and placements.
  5. IDLES already confirmed they finish before Rage start so yeah should be doable.
  6. I don't think they've had a brand new headliner now since 2017 (I'm not counting Ozzy given they'd booked Sabbath previously), and that's after not having a new one in 2016 either.
  7. True, but didn't they can off BMTH one year because Maiden became available or something? Don't think it would have been impossible.
  8. Four UK shows the week after Download, I have no idea why they didn't go all in for them.
  9. Yeah, Eden Sessions June 16th
  10. Yeah the Pit and Lock Up desperately need a refresh.
  11. Biffy with Wolf Alice on the lower card would be pretty sweet.
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