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  1. He's in America, he isn't cropping up next year. Would fully back him for 2022 though.
  2. Offspring at Slam Dunk would be amazing.
  3. Can't see Gallagher dropping out. Fully expecting him and Stormzy to still be playing.
  4. I'd love Panic, but I'd rather he came back in 2022 with a new album.
  5. Download have done day tickets in the past (I went for just a day in 2016), they have had headliners go unopposed in the past but until the schedule comes out I doubt we'll know.
  6. From the look of it, Maiden and Alter Bridge are out, Biffy replaced Maiden, then they've moved Deftones over and added ADTR under KISS. Wouldn't have expected ADTR anyway given they played 2019 but a nice surprise for Download even if they should have headlined it by now (or not given the recent output). Few lower down dropouts and some other additions who for all we know might have been announced for 2020 anyway.
  7. Isn't Frank Carter in Norway on the Friday?
  8. Biffy are at Download so can stop arguing about them for this for now Stormzy / Gallagher / BMTH Assuming they've definitely lost Rage.
  9. Even if you consider this argument then there's still Green Day, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, Fall Out Boy and probably Blink 182 (maybe not so much now) as a short list that Reading have had since Download started that they've not booked for various reasons that wouldn't have looked out of place.
  10. Website has updated to say news August 3rd.
  11. Perfectly feasible, still not happening.
  12. Pulp / Jarvis Cocker aren't gonna appear at Reading in this decade. From a personal stand point they looked massively out of place playing on 2011, let alone 2021.
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