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  1. I did Yellow in 2019 and it was pretty well situated. Tons of loud fuckers going on to the early hours though so dodge it if you want a decent sleep haha.
  2. How are we supposed to be certain of that over a year away? If its successful then I don't see why they wouldn't, if its received poorly they'll probably put it back to three. Either way book Panic because they're ace.
  3. They were all on the poster they dropped in April, think you're just behind lad.
  4. As It Is suggested on Twitter that they're on main stage.
  5. Alkaline Trio, Frank Turner, Funeral for A Friend, Capdown, As It Is, Hellogoodbye, and Loathe added.
  6. No-one I'm particularly sad about losing there, new names could be interesting. I wonder who the returning name is.
  7. AEG do BST don't they? Could BST go for a heavier day and get Metallica?
  8. Imagine the outrage from the dark fruits crew if Reading announced Metallica and RATM for the same year.
  9. Pendulum 20 Wolf Alice 115 The 1975 60 Maccabees 46 (-10)
  10. Add Mad Visions and those five will probably be the setlist mainstays. I reckon Million and One will rotate in and out as well. People rave about Limbo but it doesn't do it for me. I still think it's my lead candidate for album of the year so far personally, from what I've listened to. Mostly because Don Broco haven't released yet, Amazing Things is gonna live up to the name. And then they're gonna headline obvs /s
  11. Fuck it I'd go, gimme all the gigs at this point.
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