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  1. Ohh, I hadn't seen the tour announcement, that makes a lot more sense
  2. In what universe do The Killers fit that clue?
  3. As a Foo Foghters fan, they're Reading headline set wasn't as good as their London show last year because it was pretty much exactly the same, even the pandering in between songs. So yes. But the Reading set wins because of the Rick Astley surprise.
  4. I enjoyed RHCP in 2016 but it was my first time seeing them and I was pissed off my head.
  5. There's 18 days left until they go on sale December 1st, I reckon there'll be a few more bigger names.
  6. That was a quick edit, what do you know!?
  7. Probably evening, bare in mind the time difference if they're in the states.
  8. Vistas had a packed tent at Reading, which was a great effort considering they were on at 12 on the last day.
  9. To pick a few from this year, I'd love Vistas and The Faim back in bigger spots. Previous years, I want State Champs to come back, and I'd love a bigger slot for Marmozets when they come back. And book Don Broco third down on Main you cowards.
  10. I don't think 12 days constitutes "a few years ago"
  11. Was not a fan of the newest album, keep them away until they put another one out.
  12. Taylor is listed as headliner on the website and I think she's the only one they specify as being one so far.
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