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  1. some very quick mockups ive done, maybe placed slowthai too low? would like some feedback x
  2. set times are out! can someone update the clashfinder please!
  3. how long does it take to get to the festival from sheffield train station? thinking of buying a friday ticket.
  4. you obviously havent seen a billie gig, very moshy - teenage girls or not, still moshy. i cant wait though for her set, main stage or tent; it'll go off
  5. stanh

    2020 headliners

    i reckon ariana grande could pull off a great set, she really is evolving in terms of live performance and as a singer herself, if she were to headline next year i'd be quite happy with that - especially against 2 stong(er) headliners, e.g. fleetwood
  6. tbf i think the wombats could headline with strong subs, especially considering the kooks did it this year. but yeh a 2 day thing would be pretty mint too and could see it working if they did a different lineup to neighbourhood and kept it at like £70/80 for both days or £55 for the sat, £40 for the sun - like keep it at the cheaper price point for ticket.
  7. tbh i was expecting a bit of a bigger band such as catfish again, but i guess citadel got them. but i did think in the end that the kooks fit the bill really well and pulled quite a good headline set; just a shame though it still ended in daylight and had no fireworks to finish off the night. and fairs i reckon courteeners or foals then with wombats as a special guest. but yeh i reckon FR will end up staying at finsbury, just a shame though as both fests do have a lot more potential - but theyre held back by the restrictions the council has put in place for them; would love to see that change though. who are you thinking could be on the bill?
  8. erm well i would love to see maybe foals do it? courteeners would be decent but i reckon theyre too big now for community. its hard to guess though who they could get as headliners though, as i definitely wasnt expecting the kooks this year; maybe bastille, bombay bicycle club, kaiser chiefs, cage the elephant could be in with shouts of headlining? not too sure though tbh. but then in terms of other acts i could see or would like to see there include razorlight, gerry cinnamon (again), dmas, decland mckenna, the wombats, the vaccines, jamie t, lily allen... will be intersting to see though if they stay on at FP or move on elsewhere to somewhere like victoria park where the sets can finish later; unless FR can try and change the restrictions currently in place for them so they could finish at maybe 10.30/10.45? anyways, does anyone know why they do the festival on the sunday not the saturday?
  9. stanh

    2020 headliners

    my current prediction: arctic monkeys or the 1975 fleetwood mac taylor swift legend slot: elton john then maybe a rapper like travis scott subbing?
  10. yeh init i agree, 9:30 is way too early for a headline set to end, and yeah i agree fireworks woulda been great too... wireless times for this year are: friday- 13:30-22:30, saturday- 11:00-22:30, sunday- 11:00-21:30 with the friday and saturday though having end times of 10.30, what is stopping commuity from being held on a saturday if it were to stay at finsbury? but tbh i cant see FR wanting to stay much longer if the locals continue to moan about it, i felt the sound for every set par the kooks was pretty quiet and at times you couldnt even hear the artist. but, it was still a great day and i got to kings cross by 10.15, the organisation was great for entrance and exit - apart from the massive queue for online tickets to be collected. other than that though, excited for 2020! edit: the music at wireless according the set times posted on the app, finishes at 10.15 on the fri & sat, then 9.20 on sun
  11. yeah mate decent im heading to kings cross too! but yeah inint 9.30 is such an early curfew but its because of all the locals complaining, so doubt FR will stay much longer either - but wireless and community do seem pretty popular festivals anyways so im sure theyll move them if they need to and a better park comes up
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