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  1. is it too early for adele to return😂 (on a new record if she releases this or next year)? her 2016 set was insane!!
  2. I can't lie, after hearing Parasite Eve, I really hope these EP's push them to get a slot in some form next year - really hoping they co-headline!
  3. stanh

    Stage Capacities

    cheers guys much appreciated!
  4. stanh

    Stage Capacities

    I've had a look around but can seem to find any recent answers, but what are the stage capacities for the main few stages/tents? Just interested to see a vague guess or answer if anyone knows!
  5. For me I would love to see Lord Huron, Shame, Sports Team and Everyone You Know. Then in terms of non-bands, I have really got into Bad Bunny and Chloe X Halle over lockdown too!
  6. With the way Wireless is going I really wouldn't be surprised if we see AJ Tracey and D-Block Europe headline soon, just praying for more American rappers. Also, I think Chloe X Halle would be a pretty cool get if they managed to book them before, the new album is insane!
  7. Wireless have recently posted out a new survey similar to the other Festival Republic festivals asking about acts we'd like to see at the 2021 edition of Wireless... Can't say I am impressed with the list of headliners they gave... -Dave -J Hus -Tyler, The Creator -Meek Mill -Migos -A$AP Rocky -J. Cole -Nicki Minaj -Future -Skepta If only they booked Drake or Travis Scott every year... Anyways, what have you guys opted for in the survey and who do you think we will see on next years lineup?
  8. A few more questions about the festival... What sort of food and drink offerings are there? Is it average festival grub or a little bit better? What sort of prices are we talking for food items, and then bar prices too? Thanks! Also, I too know a couple of people who managed to get tickets through DICE earlier today.
  9. i personally disagree with that, caught a bit of their set last year and from what i saw i really enjoyed - and have been to their own gigs too which i have loved. imo they are great live, but i guess it depends on personal preference
  10. Tbf I would be interested to see the amount of people leaving the MS after Dua's set
  11. really glad i got my ticket when i did, so excited to go!
  12. I personally thought the album was shit, but Houdini is still a bit of a banger. Happy for him though that he has genuinely got some respectable featured artists on there, and he got a number 2, which is pretty insane for a debut album. Defo can see him doing a few festivals again next year!
  13. swapped a few acts about and scrapped AM, as always, not as knowledgeable about heavier acts - so it is lacking in that😅
  14. not impressed at all with that, doesnt seem to have gone down that well on twitter or facebook either. disappointed they got rid of the black eyed peas and chemical brothers, i shant be attending!
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