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  1. Nothing about them touring, but there have been a few tweets recently to suggest that they are back in the studio... Although that may be complete bollocks
  2. Was really hoping for some better names, majority of the names there now I either don't know, seen before or aren't keen on. Think I'll save my money this year
  3. Don't wanna be that person either, but ouch that really isn't a good announcement
  4. wow i'd love that! not a big fan of MCR myself, but Skepta instead would be mad! great work... if only Festival Republic saw this
  5. He pretty much instantly sold out his date at the O2, has over 40 million followers on Spotify, a Netflix documentary, sold out his date at Wireless prior to him being announced (could be argued otherwise but was obvious it was going to be him), highly rumoured to be headlining Coachella 2020 and had one of the biggest albums of 2018... He has 100% got much much bigger and is more than capable to headline the festival outright, or as a co-headline (but close both sites)... In regards to billing, I'd personally be happy with either billing (headline/co-head), just really hope they book either him, Drake, Stormzy or Kanye. Although Travis' sets are usually between 1hr to 1hr 25mins, so it would make sense to have him co-headline with someone like Bring Me The Horizon and give them a longer set as they are more than deserving of that too.
  6. I think it is safe to say that Travis Scott would absolutely smash a headline set!
  7. could maybe have a few more high up indie bands/acts headlining r1 and subbing? eg. two door, sam fender, bombay bicycle club...
  8. AJ and Tyler would be pretty mad.. I am quite interested to see what UK festivals Tyler does, especially out of Lovebox, R&L, Longitude or Wireless... (if any). I reckon Summer Walker will be there, possibly A$AP Rocky headlining, although he might be too big as he 'headlined' Wireless earlier this year (which didn't happen). Other names that I imagine could be possibilities would be Bryson Tiller, Slowthai, Flume, Mura Masa, Mostack, Mahalia and Burna Boy. Is Frank Ocean too big for this now as seems to be a contender to headline Coachella?
  9. https://twitter.com/LoveboxFestival/status/1193996823649644544?s=20 Looks as if we could have a line-up announcement shortly... Who do you guys think we'll see next year?
  10. no where, that is his prediction...
  11. stanh

    2020 headliners

    I'd assume Harry Styles
  12. Doubt that it'd really matter though, since all their songs sound the same...🤣 But tbh it wouldn't shock if they headlined on the next album, or co-headlined next year. They are a decent live band tbf to them.
  13. travis scott, tame impala | catfish and the strokes or foals, travis scott | billie eilish and guns n roses
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