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  1. potentially, tbh i have as good of idea as anyone else at this point - i think we will get an update in regards to it within the next month or so, but will be interesting to see who they manage to book if it does go ahead as planned
  2. yeah for sure, tbh i reckon if the next announcement has a big bulk of names itll sell out - i know leeds instalment plans are all out and (although different festival) some tiers at creamfields are now all gone too
  3. me and my mates have just booked our tickets, may as well
  4. im gonna go with: fredo, headie one, slowthai, sea girls, ghetts, shame, paul woolford, wilkinson and mahalia
  5. sorry for the double post, but not had to queue on ticketmaster for leeds before other than the actual 'on sale' date
  6. might be quite optimistic, but im gonna go with: fredo, headie one, slowthai, sea girls, ghetts, shame, paul woolford, wilkinson and mahalia
  7. if they are planning for it to go ahead, id expect some new names coming soon to create some hype and shift some tickets
  8. personally i reckon the 2 stage thing will last a couple years at the very least, id imagine the infrastructure of that isnt cheap at all
  9. yeah, agree massively! also the transition from house of balloons into blinding lights gave me chills
  10. stanh

    2022 Headliners

    if r+l dont get him, i hope glasto do - he smashed it
  11. give this man a headline slot
  12. thats not what i meant. i was more meaning if they were going to book a popular mainstream rapper/hip-hop artist id personally rather they went for one of those artists instead of em. but even if we are talking popularity wise, drake takes that crown hands down
  13. personally i hope they would go with a larger rapper such as drake, travis, kanye or even kendrick instead of eminem again
  14. what would we think of this for 2022, or too strong? (this is as if this year goes ahead) MSE: Tame Impala / Khalid / Haim MSW: Dave / Bastille / Future (Future -> Haim -> Bastille -> Khalid ->Dave ->Tame Impala) MSE: Travis Scott / Megan Thee Stallion / The Kooks MSW: Bring Me The Horizon / Rex Orange County / Fredo (Fredo -> The Kooks -> Rex Orange County-> Megan Thee Stallion -> Bring Me The Horizon -> Travis Scott) MSE: Billie Eilish / Lizzo / Architects MSW: Courteeners / Roddy Ricch / Jorja Smith (Jo
  15. BMTH, Architects, Code Orange, Fever 333, Pup and Pigs.. wow! im sold for that friday! class work
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