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  1. Cheers, was basing it on that - so maybe 1/2 songs less if he talks a lot, but could definitely work still
  2. Done a mock setlist for Harry's set next weekend, I quite like it myself, assume we will get a decent handful of tracks from Harry's House. Comes up to 48 minutes on Spotfiy, so would definitely work - especially if he's given around an hour set.
  3. stanh

    Harry styles

    Given Harry's House a couple listens already, absolutely love it. Really hope to see him at the festival this year, or a forthcoming one. So many new bops on here, will be a great album to listen to in the sun. Not too sure yet where I'd rank it though in his albums yet, but another great addition to his discography! Standout tracks for me so far (par from As It Was) are Music For A Sushi Restaurant, Late Night Talking, Daylight, Matilda and Love Of My Life - definitely think that could change though with some more listens. What are all your thoughts on it?
  4. I've been a couple times, on average would say about 45 mins, mind you, we have gotten there earlier - we are planning on arriving around an hour before the music starts on both days
  5. I didn't see him, but one of my mates who saw him (at Leeds) said the tent was full
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/schedules/p00fzl86/2022/05/28 - looks like there are some set times on here now! Probably standard festival prices, in 2019 iirc it was around £6 a pint, £8 a double spirit.
  7. Ooft, very much not to my taste at all that, as much as I do like The 1975, Sam Fender and Doja Cat, it seems very unbalanced - and can't really see people my age and younger wanting to spend £300 for that line-up ngl.
  8. Not had much to do today, so made a poster for this years Big Weekend since I can't see an official one posted. Can't believe there is just 2 weeks to go! Hopefully we will get some set times soon, even though it'll probably happen, really keeping my fingers crossed for Sam Fender not to clash with Calvin Harris. Also, for people looking for tickets, quite a few resale tickets for Saturday and Sunday have been popping up on Ticketmaster today!
  9. Kendrick Lamar tour later this year!
  10. stanh

    Arcade Fire

    Birmingham Arena venue presale still has tickets available, I've screenshot the prices for there too for anyone interested
  11. stanh

    Kendrick Lamar

    Completely agree, so so happy there have been no leaks or really any sort of information at all, definitely builds the hype even more than it already was, cannot wait to hear it, and potentially see if there are any hidden features etc, a very successful rollout indeed, the way Kendrick intended it to be - I don't doubt at all that this will be another classic in his discography
  12. For me at the moment: O Rod - Drivers Lisence Kendrick - The ENTIRE Set Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under
  13. Honestly so hard to tell, just shows what a stacked line-up we have this year. But I have to agree, that run of acts is beyond strong - and will make for a pretty iconic day regardless if it pans out that way, but as you and others have said, I reckon that Olivia will be a pyramid act
  14. stanh

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'm definitely gonna be at Kendrick, probably my most anticipated set of the weekend - Friday can't come quick enough for the album, I'm sure it's gonna be another absolute belter and one of the top albums of the year
  15. Not too bad for me if I was just staying on the main stages which tbh I am sure I won't be. Fri: Inhaler > Wet Leg > Dry Cleaning > Doja Cat > Little Simz/Billie Eilish Sat: Megan Thee Stallion > Kacey Musgraves > Celeste > Joy Crookes > Burna Boy > The Avalanches > Lorde Sun: Amyl & The Sniffers > Diana Ross > Olivia Rodrgio > Sam Fender > Kendrick Lamar
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