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  1. I believe so, but as said above, I doubt we will see many changes (if any)
  2. The main arena is pretty small in comparison to other festivals. Drink queue times have never really been a major issue, I'd say maybe 10/15 minute waits, but then during the evening maybe anywhere up to 30/40 mins - but there are plenty of bars about and available. Family camping is the most quiet out of all the campsites, however in terms of the regular ones the closer to the arena you are the louder they are - Misty Mountain and Black Dog are the loudest and rowdiest out of them all. But there isn't really anything splitting noise up otherwise. In terms of rain, last year had minor improvements, but it was still a shit show in terms of mud, barely any wood chippings were put down, and a lot of people left Sunday morning - I'd hope they improve it this year, and do the wood chippings to the extent Leeds does, otherwise prepare for it to be pretty muddy!
  3. Yeah mate that is my point exactly, although it is scraping the barrel for money, the few thousand or whatever saved I feel could go towards maybe one of two ever so slightly bigger acts on lets say The Pit - which from what I've seen by other peoples comments could have potentially made The Pit a bit more appealing for that demographic by either having some more very small unheard of acts, or getting a few more mid-range acts (in terms of being viable to the tents size). Don't know really if it could make much of a difference really, but just I saw many comments last year (from people who are more into the hard rock/metal/rock acts) that they found those lineups much weaker than usual, however, that may just be down to their personal taste and opinions. The in regards to Reading selling out and Leeds ticket sales, I definitely found that Leeds in general felt much busier than usual last year - which I do definitely believe was down to more ticket sales than they have had in previous years; which I personally feel can only be good for the festival, and it really wouldn't surprise me if it completely sold out this year or next. The lineup (imo) is definitely strong enough to sell it out, especially with (as mentioned) Gerry Cinnamon, Liam Gallagher and Courteeners being huge up north - and their pulling power is obviously quite big with LG and Teeners each selling out Heaton Park in a matter of minutes, and then Gerry Cinnamon selling out Hampden Park very fast too.
  4. yeah i know that, just saying it isn't the best thing to happen - like i get that it saves them money booking a band that'll perform to a semi empty tent, but, it'd be good to see the money saved from that go towards generally better acts during the days that are a bit more strong (if that makes sense?)
  5. Don't think this has been mentioned yet... But these names are exclusive for Wireless Festival this year, so won't be a R+L Global Exclusive: Quality Control UK Exclusives: Young Thug Rico Nasty Roddy Ricch Doja Cat A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Nav Hopefully this means that we will see DaBaby, Koffee, City Girls and Lil Tecca get added to the lineup as some more rap/urban names on the Radio 1 Stage.
  6. ooof not the best that it seems stages are closing earlier on two of the days, thought it was enough with a lot ending early last year so people could see post malone (or mura masa, but from what has been previously discussed he was fairly empty)
  7. I disagree, Two Door absolutely smashed their set at YNOT last year
  8. yeah i'd like to think so... but then again im 99% sure he cancelled his glasto performance last year edit: beaten to it
  9. if sam fender actually turns up you'll be fine! would be decent to see him, each time i've gone to see him he's pulled out shame he clashes with stormzy
  10. yehh he'd be class - hopefully he gets his own set and KSI can bring him out too, he's great!
  11. nah, he is genuinely one of the best live performers i have ever seen, and has hardly done any UK touring in the past few years - the demand to see him is huge, hence why his O2 date sold out in seconds and a lot of people are requesting her performs... way more than just 'some shit for likes' yep... although i reckon we will see Travis Scott return before AM
  12. Travis Scott - Arctic Monkeys - Billie Eilish / Dua Lipa
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