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  1. stanh

    Parklife 2019

    Line-up announcement next week!
  2. stanh

    Wireless 2019

    tickets are on sale now, so if you defo want to go you may as well risk it - if not, you can always re-sell
  3. stanh

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    i agree yet disagree with you. i get what you mean, i was at both nights in birmingham. but i thought the new TBHAC songs gave a bit of a breather/chill from the main jams and faster songs which i thought worked quite well. although it'd be great to have pure classics, i think it breaks the performance up well and both live shows were epic - regardless of the new stuff. i'd say calling drab is a bit far fetched
  4. stanh

    Wireless 2019

    Not a clue mate, but doubt it. I think Capital will want to release the headliners much like they did last year and with SW4 this morning - but I'm sure the announcement will be this week at some point.
  5. stanh

    Wireless 2019

    i think it was 8/9am last year
  6. stanh

    5 Years Time

    Random guess but.. Catfish & The Bottlemen Travis Scott Brockhampton/Dua Lipa
  7. stanh

    Wireless 2019

    on the Boy Meets World Tour my ticket was £150 (incl. fees & postage) - tbf it was gold circle, but this tour is gonna be priceyyy. is he defo bringing that stage? would've thought he'd switch it up considering it'll be a new tour. regarding wireless, the Travis day (which is pretty much a given) defo seems cheap at £67 so defo think I'll buy tickets once its confirmed in stone. also back to A$AP ROCKY, i think he could pull off a strong headline slot (on the friday) seeing footage from his current tour and shows across the pond, his production and stage presence has definitely gotten so much better - i think he would go down well, especially with a strong undercard.
  8. stanh

    Wireless 2019

    cheers. urgh that’s so annoying i need money😂
  9. stanh

    Wireless 2019

    do you have a source regarding drakes tour?
  10. stanh

    Wireless 2019

    surely the announcement will be tonight or tomorrow - or at the latest early next week
  11. stanh

    YNOT 2019

    judging by last year, I would guess either Tuesday or Wednesday at 6/7pm - but i don't know any insider information.
  12. stanh

    2nd Announcement 2019 Predictions

    i would imagine Cardi B will do the main stage if she gets announced, as she is mainly headlining festivals next year - so i’d guess third down main? maybe second if they’re really struggling for acts, but i couldn’t really see that happening - especially at RandL
  13. stanh

    Lineup 2020

    imo Billie Eilish has a better chance of headlining than Lorde. I am also the 'target audience' and neither of those headliners would tempt me, sure they are good acts - but defo not headline worthy, especially in 2020.
  14. stanh

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    yikes. how is Khalid above TOP? laughable
  15. stanh

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    do you have a photo? just screenshot it, then drag n drop!