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  1. I'm not disputing this, it just looks like a large portion of the budget went on LCD, thats all
  2. With more Tramlines names coming tonight, I reckon we should expect more names for Truck in the coming days. If so, who?
  3. Don't wanna be that guy, but it doesn't seem like the budget has been spread overly well this year...
  4. Next announcement seems to be coming this week (likely tomorrow following the previous posts) are we expecting this and one more? 18th and 26th August?
  5. With all this Catfish & The Bottlemen talk regarding new music etc, could a headline slot at Big Weekend be out of the realms of possibility? I think this and Reading/Leeds could be a perfect return with new music on the horizon.
  6. those splits make it even more appealing! gutted I'm on holiday that weekend 😞
  7. Noel Gallagher announced for Splendour Festival in Nottingham on the Sunday of Truck... Surely nailed on now? Other names on the lineup include Rudiimental, Sugababes, The Kooks & Confidence Man...
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