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  1. Matty Healy has released a video, stating that he is aware they are not a replacement for RATM, but it will be a different festival and a different day. Surely, if the most insane man at the festival is acknowledging this, so can they?
  2. Thankfully now the 1975 are there, all you old fogies can see what a real rock band looks like!
  3. Depends how much money has been thrown at them
  4. Gorillaz no longer being advertised as UK exclusive by All Points East...
  5. Remember there's also a shout that RTJ could pull out as they're supposedly supporting RATM
  6. Capaldi has a new stuff coming soon, i seriously would not be shocked if he does msw
  7. Im not sure if this has previously been brought up, or if they're different at each festival - but what do people think the best food stalls in the arena are? I think the greek place and the mexican spot tops if for me
  8. Thinking about it now that can probably be used as a guide... a mid size headliner may well usually be the MSW headliners - Courteeners, The Streets, Stereophonics etc. On another note, Catfish headlined TRNSMT in 2019 and i'd say thats slightly above mid size, so for some reason that im unaware of they could be seen as a headline act now
  9. If he comes to europe it’ll be exclusive for rolling loud
  10. In fairness I’ve seen Dua Lipa (female) Dave (bame) and rage (fronted by a Latino) more than literally anyone else on this forum. Whilst there does need to be more representation in the festival I don’t think the forum has an issue
  11. I fully reckon if they're going with six headliners they'll do a similar format to this years lineup in the way of: A Rock act (biffy) A dark fruits act (catfish/liam) A rapper (stormzy/posty) A dance act (disclosure) I imagine these four categories will be the template again, you have to remember that the dark fruits and rap acts attract the biggest crowds nowadays and will probably maintain more than 2 headline slots again.
  12. Not going to get too mathematical about it because im very far from in the know but if I had to take an educated guess at headliners i'd be happy with i'd take Dua Lipa // Courteeners Dave // Bring Me The Horizon Khalid // Chemical Brothers
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