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  1. Matt42

    2022 Headliners

    Would be a great replacement for Macca. Them and Ed Sheeran instead of Macca or Elton sounds great.
  2. Matt42

    Taylor Swift

    1989 could be surprise releasing. Fans think she’s dropping clues. today the signed fearless Taylor’s version cds dropped. They cost $19.89
  3. I’m happy but also sad. I was supposed to be in America now seeing family and it’s been moved to May time. There’s now discussions whether we should jump the gun and just go for it early in case it gets pulled again.
  4. Thoughts on those. Doja would headline and I think Megan would be sub or nothing now. O Rod I’d argue is bigger than both of them right now. I think she might just do her own tour and maybe pop up at Glastonbury / Big Weekend
  5. That is the same approach to a conspiracy theory that Q Anon follower takes lol. Horseshoe again.
  6. Matt42

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Apparently has a 2022 tour being announced soon 👀
  7. Matt42

    Taylor Swift

    God Wildest Dreams is such a banger
  8. You’ve got 4 acts playing way too low there. Have you seen how the festival tends to bill acts? HAIM would sub and Lizzo would probably be a headliner and so would Paramore. Also Billie’s headlining Glastonbury. She’s not playing.
  9. Matt42

    Setlists 2022

    More likely to sub headline your village fete.
  10. Matt42

    Setlists 2022

    Oh wow they finished with one day like this? Didn’t see that coming!
  11. Matt42

    Setlists 2022

    Isn’t this Miley’s setlist from 2019?
  12. Matt42

    Setlists 2022

    Now acts in the mix for Glastonbury are starting to tour again we should have an idea of what they might play. HAIM played their first show the other day with live debut of some of their new stuff. Full setlist below. Think something a bit shorter on the farm would go down great. The Steps Up From A Dream Los Angeles Don’t Wanna Don’t Save Me Want You Back Gasoline I’ve Been Down 3am (feat Thundercat) My Song 5 Now I’m in it Encore 1: Hallelujah FUBT (with Rostam) Right Now Encore 2: I Know Alone The Wire Summer Girl
  13. Matt42

    2022 Headliners

    Definitely could be a factor in whether he comes back
  14. Matt42

    2022 Headliners

    It probably was as I think glasto wasn’t long after old town road was released? Was it still #1 at the time?
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