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  1. But not long ago (2013/2014) we’ve seen a lot of the lineup wait until the main poster drop. I know they’ve released one or two headliners before but it’s not completely unheard of to think they might wait until April. From now to Jan could be written off as the situation isn’t exactly great.
  2. Is anyone surprised about this though? I feel like the Christmas situation is inevitable. Things aren’t going to be any different in eight weeks time. The problem will be that there is likely to be very little COVID compliance - I can see a lot of people saying sod the rules.
  3. Exactly I can’t see any announcements until way into next year. I won’t be surprised if we have no announcement till Balance payment window.
  4. 😕 damn man, are you close with your family?
  5. Define weirdly obsessed? Some families are very close and all year get excited about celebrating together. Especially when you get older and everyone goes in their different directions. My family are placed all over the world so if (in a normal world) we got all of us together under one roof that would be very exciting to me. It’s not about whether it’s safe that’s the issue. Much of the older population will want to take the risk and go with it because when they get to old age “next Christmas” isn’t guaranteed.
  6. I know haha! Just feels like 2020 has one last gut punch left.
  7. There will be zero compliance of COVID restrictions at Christmas. They might as well let people get on with it. For my Nan Christmas is the best day of the year and she waits all year for it. She’s already said to my mum that if she’s high risk and likely to get very ill with COVID, she’d rather have one last Christmas before she does.
  8. Plandemic. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos want to buy up the world market
  9. This is absolutely woeful. Fucking hell this is exactly what the daily mail have been searching for innit. I’ve been through six pandemics? Right, do we have a vampire on our hands? These would be the first people bullying nurses the second they go into hospital.
  10. Ah jinx! It was the letterman interview I was thinking of throughout the whole of the rogan podcast. ^^ echoing the points above you can just tell Kanye has built a circle around him that call him a genius all day while he tries to emulate Musk, Jobs, Trump, and Prince.
  11. I don’t think Joe is a bad guy but I think he was a bit starstruck to have Kanye on his podcast so he just let Kanye dictate the whole thing while he sat starry eyed. Kanye can’t interview with anyone who challenges him. He’s not used to people asking him to elaborate on any point he makes.
  12. Oh yeah I completely forgot he released a single haha If you watch the interview he seems to be making this very “deep brah” a analogies that mean nothing to the ordinary person. What always irks me is how he talks about Gucci and expensive clothes like every person in earth is queuing up to buy every item that comes out (just like his circle is). The dude has totally lost touch with reality, he’s gone back to the “medicine is control” argument and Joe rogan just laps it up. He makes deep brah comments about corporate greed, but then speaks about how Musk, Steve Jobs, and all
  13. I’m not too worried about him actually BEING president, but more that he won’t shut up about being president. If he continues to go forward as an independent it will go nowhere. I don’t like he will be running for the republicans or democrats anytime soon. He will encourage a lot of people to write him in, but it shouldn’t go anywhere. Doesn’t mean we won’t stop hearing about it though.
  14. Anyone watched/listened to the rogan interview? While he has some great moments there’s some comments about his mental health that concern me a bit. That his medication gets between him and god. As much as I love the dudes artistry he’s very much living in a hyper narcissistic world where everything is centred around him. He very much operates like things are placed on this earth specifically for him. He also wants to be president because he believes god wants this to be the case. It also sounds like he wants to be president to prove some kind of point rather than do anything po
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