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  1. Matt42

    2020 headliners

    Haha he’s having a tough time at the moment. I mean he will probably headline one day but I don’t think this year. I think he’l play at some point in the roaring 20s. He’s a bit too big at the moment imo.
  2. @Wakey321 I mean we have foals dates in the UK closer to Glasto.
  3. Where would he play on the lineup? Struggling to place him.
  4. *FAKE POSTER* Probably the most believable fake poster I’ve seen. Would love to see some of these acts on the farm if they are about.
  5. MCR as a legendary act has made me lol sorry.
  6. I don’t think MCR are at Reading and Leeds this year but I could be proven wrong. The Download shows has kinda thrown me off a bit. Do you reckon they’ll do a few gigs here this year and headline Download in 2021? Considering how early Download sign up bands it’s foreseeable that they might already be booked for 2021.
  7. Thought you were giving inside info on Mariah Carey playing at first.
  8. Sade? Whispers that they are doing US festivals next summer.
  9. Matt42

    2020 headliners

    I don’t think they are one of the headliners booked. I won’t be surprised if they take a big slot on the lineup but I’m not worried about them headlining at all. Never know what’s going on here. The success of the legend slot is something unique to Glastonbury. Maybe they want to branch that out a bit and have a rock legends slot for example.
  10. Are they still that big? I really don’t keep up with them or hear of them at all nowadays.
  11. Matt42

    2020 headliners

    I think Paul would still fit that category. Emily’s kids are 100% being raised on the Beatles.
  12. Matt42

    2020 headliners

    Still holding strong. Nothing yet to rumble Kendrick or Taylor.
  13. Matt42

    2020 headliners

    We didn’t have stormzy confirmed yet and we were pretty sure that the Cure would be there. I think Macca was our guess for Saturday.
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