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  1. Matt42

    Taylor Swift

    Hear me out - but the concerns that her management did have were valid at the time. When she started out she was a very very cookie cutter country artist and her label/management had a lot of influence over her career. She was marketed to young girls in republican states, and she was such a success in her early years because republican families have felt comfortable buying their children her albums. Now her fanbase has grown up with her, and arguably become more liberal, her fanbase is more independent and in a position where they make their own decisions. I would honestly take it as far to say that as Taylor has developed she’s probably helped educate large portions of her original fanbase to alternative views and different ways of seeing politics. It was a massive gamble for her to speak about politics, because it’s true that in her early days her fanbase was very very republican.
  2. Thanks for sharing this! This is interesting
  3. https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/18486495.people-leapt-top-200ft--arch-encouraged-baying-crowds-packed-beach/
  4. I don’t think it’s really down to surprises but more that I think festivals need to be careful saying things too early when things have the chance to change. Once we get to September/October it’s not that strange for Glastonbury to drop some announcements. Considering things are easing already (concerns of a second wave aside), by then things could be drastically different and I just think it’s a safer time to put things out there with a bit of certainty? I just don’t want to see all these festivals flood their fantastic lineups out and everything pulls the plug again Glastonbury’s lineup this year was fucking incredible I can’t have something like that pulled from me again! edit: also there is whispers that Kendrick etc is holding off from signing anything - so I think glasto do need to bide their time a bit
  5. How this guy has stayed around like a bad rash is beyond me
  6. I’d rather glasto didn’t say anything now anyway. It’s very early and it’s all possible things could change in the coming months. I think they should just follow their usual announcement window
  7. If Taylor doesn’t rebook bst we are deffo in trouble. I can’t see glasto being her only gig, and it’s not exactly like stadiums are a safe bet for her either. The competition for stadiums is going to be mad because they will be competing against rescheduled sporting events. I honestly think stadium gigs next year will be very slim.
  8. It’s just because there has been ZILCH anywhere with Elton and Glastonbury other than on here. He would be an incredibly popular booking at the festival but there is just always no momentum. There have been many years now where he has toured locally and not played. I can’t help but think there is a reason - and I think it’s probably him. I love the bloke but he’s very fussy. There’s probably a deal breaker somewhere we don’t know about.
  9. Based on a hunch but I have a feeling either Elton isn’t bothered about glasto or glasto aren’t bothered about Elton. It’s been so silent with him and the festival I wonder if he’s not interested in it at all. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was something about the festival which would make him not want to play there. Ive never seen any evidence that glasto have considered booking Elton John
  10. I think Kanye is the only artist I can think of in recent years which genuinely did glastonbury as a one off. Everyone else ties it in with a larger tour so the shortfalls for what glastonbury pays gets covered. This is why BST is great because it makes trips for acts like kendrick and taylor lucrative.
  11. Gaga got another number 1 single!
  12. Matt42

    The 1975 2020

    Four number 1 albums...
  13. That lineup to me would be great. Regardless of a gender talking point those are fantastic artists that every lineup should aim to have.
  14. Hehe quoting me. I feel like with the release of chromatica it has made me rethink why Gaga has been absent from Glastonbury.
  15. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.
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