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  1. @Gilgamesh69youre sounding awfully lot like a Puritan student politician lol. I get it. Biden isn’t the harbinger of woke utopia. But you’ve got nothing to really call him trash about yet as he’s been in power for a week. You seem to be setting a standard for him so high that you know he can’t meet so you’ve got something to smack him with, which is, exactly what trumps lot are doing. Horseshoe theory is pretty spot on.
  2. This is what I’m thinking too. They are a pretty trendy dance act and getting a rep as good producers. I wonder if they could become a chemical brothers style act with a few more releases under their belt. They aren’t as ‘poppy’ as Dislcosure but they get a good following. Will be interesting to see. They could definitely headline West Holts now. edit: I used to watch them in 100 capacity venues and they struggled to sell them out. The promoters were having to go above and beyond to sell all the tickets. If you told me they’d eventually have a #1 album I wouldn’t have believed you
  3. Could Bicep headline Radio 1? Set for a number 1 album.
  4. I will pass on that one. Not sure. They could do a JP, West Holts headline now easily. The Other Stage is pretty big and can get some pretty huge acts on it. I think it will be a while before that (but I’m not ruling it out). I think the scene has been craving a new dance headlining act (for second stages etc) and I think it’s probably Bicep.
  5. When are Bicep going to play on a larger stage then? They are set for a number 1 album, which is quite mad for them.
  6. Some of it I found deeply upsetting but it’s a fantastic show
  7. I do think he may set up a third party to ruin the Republican Party for the foreseeable if they don’t let one of his offspring takeover.
  8. It’s going to be a mess, but I’m not ruling out the GOP making some sort of recovery. I thought after Hilary the dems were going to need a miracle to win again using their usual tactics. I think they will recover by finding a way to keep Trump’s lot and to not scare off the moderates who may be a bit afraid of voting for more Trump. Another factor will be whether the democrats pull off their big plans. At the moment I can see the same issues happening really, whether the next democrat candidate resonates with the battleground states. Whether we like it or not there are thi
  9. Yeah that’s a good point. If she puts herself forward and wins the vote to run the party then... well she runs the party... not much the GOP can do about it. Just got to wait and see. I do think that any Republican candidate which sticks their head up and outright challenges the trump brand will have a tough fight. The Trump name is in the dirt right now but they are still a formidable force within the party. I hope the MAGA lot band together and get her running the party just to lose the election again. Watching Trump lose a few times wasn’t enough.
  10. Anyone’s grandparents got their vaccine next week? Mine have
  11. Sorry for some reason I’ve been reading up on this a lot and it’s got my brain cogs turning. I think dems stand a good chance of keeping Georgia, as Georgia is at the front of many of their green infrastructure plans. Citizens of Georgia are about to get some good love and care in the next few years. Lots of jobs and opportunities. Also - they nearly won NC so they will be focusing their attention there.
  12. I think Ivanka would appeal to the Rustbelt more than Kamala. That’s just my take. Biden won Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan by slim margins. Trump won big in 2016. Whilst it does lean in the democrats favour I think it would be a tough fight. Kamala would deffo win the popular vote, I just think she may lose a few battleground states. I did a mock-up of how I think Kamala v Ivanka would go though and it came with Kamala winning so... maybe it doesn’t matter.
  13. Yeah I think Kamala v Ivanka would be a tricky one. It would be a close fight imo if Ivanka ended up winning GOP rep.
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