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  1. Melvin sounding like he has cold feet isn’t great. Pretty sure he’d say the festival is still going ahead until the very end.
  2. Hmm it’s hard to interpret the reason. R&L doesn’t necessarily have the same logistics as Boomtown right? I’m thinking this may be a bit of a kiss of death for Reading but I wouldn’t be surprised if they can hold out a bit longer.
  3. I think they were 2020s Friday rock slot. Short snap EU tour around glasto and no UK date? I really think they were playing in some capacity.
  4. Still think they were a special guest for 2020
  5. Boomtown in August has been cancelled... thoughts?
  6. I don’t want to give them any ideas but it won’t be long until a Tory politician says to a camera without reserve that the reason why the lockdown was so harsh was because of labour.
  7. Is it a stretch that they may be supporting Taylor on a few UK dates so dropped their London date?
  8. Matt42

    Taylor Swift

    The National are touring summer 2022 too. Is it too pie in the sky to think they could support her on a few dates?
  9. Are these a roll over from 2020? God please give me Taylor Swift subbed the National
  10. Probably takes some time to draft up the law
  11. The vid of Keir getting kicked out of a pub by a pub landlord speaks volumes I think. Labour’s more protectionist approach to coronavirus is being used as a weapon against them. The pub landlords are already rallying together to blame labour for the lockdown. Why does Britain as a nation really struggle to hold the tories to account for anything!? I can see this all developing now. Despite being the party that enacted every single lockdown law the tories will manage to wash their hands of it and shift the blame to labour. When we look back on the pandemic and what Britain went t
  12. Matt42

    Taylor Swift

    Shouldn’t be a shock to anyone but Taylor apparently has the Super Bowl and a tour in line for 2022.
  13. 3 in the office 2 at home is my preference too. As a young person working in the city total remote life isn’t for me. Might prefer it if I had a fat house in the countryside. But it’s not great for juniors. I also don’t like that there is a bit of out of sight out of mind culture associated with WFH. Some seniors don’t think they have to train people anymore - and delegate the majority of their work to spend time with their kids.
  14. Deadmau5 would probably be more JP or as a side set nowadays. I can’t see him headlining the other again.
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