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  1. Do you think R&L wouldn’t have two rap headliners in the same year? I think it’s guaranteed eventually. I thought rage would be a booking which would sell out and show that reading can book older rock acts but I think I’m slowly getting proven wrong. They will listen to the feedback twitter give them and what the ticket sales say.
  2. Dave isn’t getting booked off the back of that performance. Emily said she had three pencilled in at the NME awards which happened before the Brits. I just think the timing of it would be weird, and I reckon Dave is a better shout for R&L next year anyway.
  3. Matt42

    Self Confirmed 2020

    She’s booked up on the Sunday so it won’t be that day. My guess is Saturday other stage below Calvin Harris
  4. He won’t sell it out without dropping new material imo
  5. Matt42

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Not a self confirmation but a user on Reddit is ‘confirming’ that Camila Cabello is there. Their source is within her management.
  6. I’d be fine with that to be honest. Three solo artists again but that’s not really a point. Highly doubt Dave is one already pencilled in though. If they genuinely have three pencilled in it will probably be a “can’t do 2020 but I can do 2021” sort of arrangement. I feel more confident that R&L will get Dave instead of Glasto.
  7. Sticking up for dental on this one. Its nothing to do with whether or not he likes tame impala, it’s about the fact that R&L is clearly not that arsed about them. They haven’t played since 2013 and they have had ample opportunity to do so. Kevin Parker is great but let’s be honest. A tame headline slot would probably go down awful with readings current attendees. Rage get away with it because they are pretty much a heritage booking at this point.
  8. They ain’t that close. But yes I think our Greta will be at the festival this year. Also, where is that user that accused us of supporting Greta and it being a version of hitler youth?
  9. Bare in mind the space on the original poster was when they still had the Strokes. Final poster might be a completely different design.
  10. Also they are a headlining band. They have plenty of festivals across the world queuing up to book them as a headliner.
  11. But glasto doesn’t pay them enough to make a solo trip to Europe economically viable
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