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  1. Really not shocked. This guy lost the plot a long time ago.
  2. I live near the area and the place has been looking pretty deserted for months now. It’s nice to be going around the place when no one is around but it is a bit spooky.
  3. Matt42

    Taylor Swift

    She’s also one of the 5 female artists to have 5+ UK 1 albums. Lots of 5’s there but you get the point.
  4. Matt42

    Taylor Swift

    I see it the same as football supporters defending their team to death. It’s human nature.
  5. Obviously some festivals immediately went in and rescheduled and announced their plans, but a lot of festivals have remained totally silent. I wonder if some have a strong suspicion that there is a chance 2021 can be cancelled too and some more serious conversations about whether to plan the festival at all are being had. Its August and the months are rolling by. If it gets to December / Jan and we are in the same situation most festivals will probably be forced to cancel prematurely. The window is much shorter than it appears.
  6. I get labelled as a pessimist but I feel like this “leave it to the gp” approach just pushes the can down the road. Human nature just means we will never see total social distancing nor people being smart about this. I see it as the only thing that will end this is a vaccine and the “trust the public” approach will just fail us every time.
  7. I’m literally praying for some scientific turnaround but the closer we get to winter and things staying the same I’m not feeling hopeful. As things get colder I can imagine it will get pretty tough when it comes to numbers.
  8. Maybe they are worried about holding the October sale
  9. This reads to me like a to play 2021 or 2022 agreement. Is this a thing we’ve seen elsewhere? A contract to play either next year or the year after if there is a reschedule?
  10. Ugh for god sake Tried to find this tweet has it been taken down?
  11. Matt42

    Dua Lipa

    To anyone who missed it in the self confirmed thread.
  12. Dua and Charli self confirmed
  13. I’m not too bothered. They won’t be booked as a headliner and if they do play it will be popping up in a different capacity. We will see where they slot if they play. Them not being a download exclusive either means there are some Scottish shows in the mix or a slot at Glastonbury?
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