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  1. Matt42

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    I reckon it's probably Kylie - would definitely be a good booking
  2. Matt42

    Self Confirmed for 2019

    Never forget Will.I.Am chanting 'come on london' at the Manchester One Love benefit concert for a terrorist attack that happened in Manchester.
  3. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    Can he even do a 90 minute set? I thought he had like 4 hits and one is big because it was memed. I think he will do fine at places like Wireless because he could probably get away with an hour headline set just fine. However, I don’t think he has the material to hold a pyramid crowd
  4. Matt42

    2019 Improvements

    A dance music venue that goes on later than 6am. 8/9/10am would be cool. Could probably rope in a pretty big dj to play a 7-10am slot somewhere at Glastonbury, crowds will definitely be a bit lower then
  5. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    I think it just depends on how early they secure their headliners. I imagine if they are after Fleetwood we might have a 2013 situation and end up waiting quite a while
  6. Matt42


    nicolas lutz for next year plz
  7. Matt42

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    I didn’t actually know they were touring. Definitely makes it a bit more likely
  8. She did coachella
  9. Matt42

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    I think times are changing and acts generally have more of an awareness of the festival. If you’re a booking agent for an act and Glastonbury is a myth to you, you’re probably pretty bad at your job
  10. Genuine question why do we always doubt that an act will play a greatest hits set at a festival show? I feel like if you’re worrying about an absence of classics you’re worrying about the wrong thing. Has an act ever headlined and only played new material? Please enlighten me if i’m missing someone edit: Madonna will also know exactly what Glastonbury is. She’s not someone completely cut off from the real world
  11. Matt42

    Glastonbury 2020

    Yeah true - I wonder how much truth is in the 'not touring' statement as well. I can't see her coming back (and it'l obviously be a success - for her not to make up the Wembley shows she missed). I reckon she will tour but it wont be to the magnitude of 25, maybe a few select shows. Could see her guesting with someone in 2020 though
  12. Maybe i'm just not giving a new band a chance but they haven't set the world on fire as much as they should to validate a headline slot. I also think they could still comfortably sub as they haven't done that yet
  13. Matt42

    Could Florence play next year

    I agree a secret set from her would be more likely - it just depends whether she's happy being a sub again or she wants to headline. I could see her being a contender for 2021 though, the next album should be out around then.
  14. I'm just not convinced the 1975 will be a first option
  15. would be a superb trio - if past years are to go by a strong trio can happen