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  1. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    Hmm. Depends on how you think the lineups gonna look. I think Liam G is a shoe in due to info so that’s one gone. Janet is seemingly confirmed so she is probably taking the second. The third is the one that we are struggling with. Vampire Weekend, Christine & The Queens, Gambino arguably could. But they could also (omitting Gambino) play much lower without any objection. Also there’s info that Christine is subbing the other stage right? I think the lack of EU dates for Gambino likely rule him out. Lauren Hill I just don’t see it - based on nothing but I’d be surprised if it was. The Streets are incredibly likely to headline the Other Stage. I just think that George Ezra is obviously not this boards first choice for a slot this year - but arguably would be for the bookers. His gap in his tour dates looks suspicious too... he’s off the entirety of Glastonbury weekend
  2. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    Yup. I thought that the lack of discussion of him playing was probably because he’s playing so many shows elsewhere. However there is definitely a space for him on the lineup.
  3. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    Was just thinking how we are struggling to think of all three subs. I could see George Ezra being the Friday sub. His dates line up with it, and I reckon he’d definitely be someone willing to sub glasto despite headline slots elsewhere. also him fitting under Stormzy wouldn’t be that weird.
  4. Matt42

    First poster game - pick 20

    The Killers The Cure Tame Impala Liam Gallagher The Chemical Brothers The Streets Janet Jackson George Ezra Vampire Weekend Wu Tang Clan Chvrches Idles Interpol The Racounters Christine & The Queens Cardi B Doves Maribou State Bicep Hot Chip
  5. Matt42


    Happened nearly 2 years ago so thinks may have changed however I remember at the time being taken back by how quickly she said no
  6. Matt42


    I’ve posted this before but her management won’t take the lower fee. I asked her once if she was playing glastonbury and it was a strong “no I am not”. She cut the conversation down very quickly almost as if to say she’s not interested.
  7. Matt42


    Maybe because I’ve drifted into the minimal scene a bit too much as I overlistened to slamming techno but I stand by the Nicolas Lutz, Margaret Dygas, Sonja Moonear, RPR etc would kill it on the farm. However I doubt they have any idea what it is and probably don’t care. i think RPR would kill Genosys but I doubt they even know what glastonbury is or would even consider reducing their fee
  8. Matt42


    I just think Amelie lens is typical mainroom techno which just doesn’t do it for me. Plays too many well known tunes and I don’t think she really brings much new to the table. I kinda lump her in with Adam beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick and Ben Klock in the sense that you know exactly what you’re going to get
  9. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    God coachella must have been really fucked that year. Phoenix headlining coachella is probably like the equivalent of Glastonbury giving Bombay Bicylcle Club a headlining slot this year. i mean that as Phoenix never came close to headlining coachella or any other US festival before, and they haven’t had any slot similar since. If rumours are true the stones gave them a hard time and they had to bump someone up last minute. But yeah Phoenix aren’t really a massive band over in the US compared to here - they headlined coachella because something clearly went very wrong. (this is not a dig at Phoenix/ not Bombay though as I like them)
  10. Matt42

    Other Stage

    What an odd year. Never been a festival where I’ve considered seeing all three other headliners
  11. Call me a yoof but I have never heard of psychedelic furs or level 42 Also on this coming year. Any festival which has The Cure, Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend, Cardi B, The Chemical Brothers, The Streets is a winner
  12. Matt42

    The 'Friday Afternoon Rock Slot'

    My friend went to don at Wembley the other night and I was shocked at the size of the crowd. I know virtually nothing about them and I didn’t realise they were that big!
  13. Matt42

    Other Stage

    I reckon we might get some single in April. I am liking this though. The hype for a new album is really there. Currents was great because it got better over time and it sounds fantastic live
  14. I think the point of the post was that across the board most lineups have been quite stale. I think it’s a mixture of few bands touring / a shift in the market. Most of the market at the moment is saturated with new acts (some jumping to headline or high booking status promplty in their career) and touring acts who have been around for a while stagnating. We have a problem with headliners at the moment because - the gigantic acts want to retire / play their own shows - the festival circuit bands have played almost everywhere and no longer feel fresh. - bands who never made it to headline status over the past few years don’t have the pull to be bumped up - new acts which have had strong breakthroughs demanding high profile slots when they only have one album. Its no longer the case now where contemporary acts want to climb the lineups over a few years. Acts with one album and loads of Spotify streams want headline slots.
  15. Yeah 2009 is stacked full of stars that hadn’t quite broken out yet. 2014 also has a lot of now festival headliners that we’rent at the time. I’m torn between 2011, 2016 and 2004 for objectively the strongest headliner trio. Whilst Adele is objectively bigger, I think Beyoncé had a greater cultural impact when she headlined the festival and (speaking from experience) it ushered in a whole new generation of festival goers.