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  1. Thought I would share this here, linked is a video I did over the sight with comparison. It shows what the sight looks like with no festival, hope you enjoy
  2. Sdsm123


    I’m onsite all week doing security! Lots of people been turned away already were expecting a lot of people on the weekend
  3. Yes I do, he undermined the lockdown and had ample opportunity to apologise. Instead he came out with some laughable bullshit which just makes him loose his integrity and cause wider damage and mistrust in the Tory government. Boris should have sacked him which would have shown strength. However he didn’t and that made him weak. Then forcing the cabinet to tweet support for him , which Patel didn’t. It just doesn’t look good and has made the pandemic harder to control as there’s a us and them mentality. He should be forced into the history books and maybe get one of those free eye tests from the government as an exit gift! Being a Tory doesn’t mean you don’t call out those you support when you feel they got it wrong! 🤞
  4. As an auditor our methodology has increased the risk on wages and requires us to provide a higher level of assurance to show that furlough payments are fraud free. One of the tests we are being asked to carry out looks at computer logins to prove people who were furloughed weren’t still working. The guidance states that any detection of non compliance gets reported to the AML lead and will be reported to HMRC.
  5. What’s happened! Did he quit? Please say yes
  6. I would like to publicly apologise to @Ozanne for being rude and disrespectful to him on private messaging and singling him out with downvotes. I have since removed them. I may be in the minority being a Tory boy on this forum but ultimately I’m here because I love festivals and Glastonbury is in my heart as the best place in the world. When I had a serious mental breakdown a few years back and got sectioned for my own safety, my love of Glastonbury got me through some really hard times. The way I spoke to Ozanne was disgusting and I’m ashamed after reading back through the messages. Please accept my apology and assurance that no repeat will happen. At the end of the day we all have our opinions and I just felt that this place should be more inclusive and accepting of people who have differing views. Peace and love and above all happiness to everyone on this forum ❤️
  7. The Torys won’t replace him, that’s just the rhetoric the guardian want you to believe.
  8. Okay so should Glastonbury ban all torys and make you do a political declaration on registration. That’s extremely inclusive
  9. @Ozanne see what I mean
  10. Why though, why not be inclusive to everyone
  11. @Ozanne see look what happens when you try to make conversation you just get abused
  12. What’s wrong with being an accountant
  13. Totally agree! He seems to have helped so many people and put people before politics
  14. Just because I vote Tory doesn’t make me a bad person does it! I vote Tory because the industry I work in and my clients benefit from their policy. Why does this forum have to be political as at the end of the day we are all here because we love Glastonbury.
  15. Sunak has done so much during this crisis to help the population and the economy. As an accountant and auditor I speak with hundreds of clients and senior business execs who feel the furlough scheme has been fundamental in allowing their firms to not cut their work force. He has provided loans and easy credit and even grants to help businesses who are/were struggling with the lockdown. I feel sunak has been amazing and he should be recognised for his fiscal policy during this dreadful time.
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