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  1. leej7

    2020 New Music

    They certainly share a prominent snare pattern but to call them similar at a song level would be doing Thom and co an injustice!
  2. leej7


    Alright sound, good job I got in early with tickets, final release going for 25 a pop!
  3. leej7


    Heading to see Shanti Celeste at Phonox Friday night, anyone been give a bit of insight on the venue? I've seen good things but not really heard much from my crowd about it.
  4. leej7

    Volunteering 2020

    You can, but it does come with a fee of £20 and it is a little bit of a no no to do so given you're only really using Oxfam as a bit of a stalking horse.
  5. @Matt42 what a morning we had! Never had a Ticket day purchase like it, huge thanks for the help mate! Congrats everyone!
  6. As in using the back button instead of refreshing? I just can’t decide the best approach.
  7. Final question ahead of tomorrow.. On Thursday I got session timeout/black screen for a lot of the sale not even the holding page, anyone recommend the best way of dealing with this? Just keep refreshing or should I do a browser close and open?
  8. Certainly a common problem, here too, wrestled with it for a good 10 minutes but got no luck, just kept saying couldn’t be allocated or the number of tickets and registrations doesn’t match even though I had 6 registrations and clicked 6 tickets..
  9. Do we think there’s another queue linking from A?
  10. Squeeze up happening at A now, must be a pre 8am open by the looks of things.
  11. Have a spare for The Strokes - DM if interested.
  12. Also interested in this.
  13. Thank you, I hope so! My first time going as a full ticket holder too so going to be a first for the full experience.
  14. Rush of blood to the head trying for somebody else and bought myself a ticket! Going Glastonbury for the third time solo! eeeeeee
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