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  1. leej7

    Lineup 2018

    Radiohead as the final curve ball shout.
  2. leej7

    Lineup 2018

    Curveball shout; Radiohead on a European exclusive? Or have R&L tried and failed with that ship?
  3. leej7

    Lineup 2018

    Yeah it's my bad for not scouting out what's been about and doing some digging before posting. The open game continues...
  4. leej7

    Lineup 2018

    Hmm i haven't really been following that thread, the next concert one?
  5. leej7

    Lineup 2018

    AM confirmed for a Glasgow and a London show, imagine that's BST and TRNSMT. Probably rules them out for R&L for defo now.
  6. leej7

    Lineup 2018

    Could tame impala make a showing now or will it have to be earlier part of summer given the madcool date?
  7. couldn't QOTSA co head again? Or we thinking too soon/would only accept it out right this time.
  8. leej7

    Lineup 2018

    I would entirely agree, just a random post of no real merit.
  9. leej7

    Lineup 2018

    Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead One can dream I suppose.
  10. leej7

    Lineup 2018

    Been keeping an eye on this but can’t seem to find anything of note that would have caused the rumours
  11. leej7


    Where exactly is it in block 9, struggled to find it last night
  12. leej7

    New security measures in place

    Working with a separate entity hence on site early but going through PGB this morning was a nightmare, half hour queue and the weather wasn't making a blind bit of difference.. v rigorous searches through all luggage
  13. leej7

    Weather 2017

    https://www.yr.no/place/United_Kingdom/England/Pilton~2640282/long.html now showing no rain at all, it might be back in our favour?
  14. leej7

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Only went with the heavy weighting of OKC with this new anniversary malarkey going on, Weird Fishes is certainly the biggest omission
  15. leej7

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    cheeky bump to the thread with a setlist I made up in the spare minutes I had today, maybe too much wishful thinking but you know whats wrong with that!