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  1. Do we think there’s another queue linking from A?
  2. Squeeze up happening at A now, must be a pre 8am open by the looks of things.
  3. Have a spare for The Strokes - DM if interested.
  4. Also interested in this.
  5. Thank you, I hope so! My first time going as a full ticket holder too so going to be a first for the full experience.
  6. Rush of blood to the head trying for somebody else and bought myself a ticket! Going Glastonbury for the third time solo! eeeeeee
  7. From the edge of the deep green sea for me, that solo....
  8. leej7

    Resale Club 2019

    Going back to the above point about the personnel list that has been set up by a couple of lovely people on here, is this now no longer in use/full or is it still okay to be circulated?
  9. leej7

    Resale Club 2019

    15 of us all failed this morning for just 6 tickets.. Bring on the resale, my first time trying, what a long winter this will be.
  10. Seems the holding page after smashing F5 has changed again. A lot less text when I just tried.
  11. This. Information, while useful to know, was distracting. The refresh speed was annoying too.
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