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  1. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask you to sit on the loo for the rest of the day then is it?
  2. I'm going to be in The Royal George pub tonight. For one of the previous first poster drops, I was also in The Royal George. Surely it's a sign? 🤪
  3. Greenelk

    Brit Awards 2020

    Fuck, that's one of the nastiest things I've ever seen written about someone on here.
  4. Fuck, I can only imagine the crushing disappointment they must have felt. And I don't mind the Kooks!
  5. Liking Thyla very much! Problem with this is it's going to result in me spending money on buying loads more new music. Will be playing them on my show on Sunday though, so thanks to who ever added them
  6. Giving this a listen now, some great stuff on here. Thanks for organising @Fish Bulb I've added a few as well.
  7. I think it's a marmite venue. The building itself is amazing (as is the view of London from outside) but I find that unless you are in the first third of the concert hall, the sound is absolute shite. I won't go to gigs there I dislike it as a venue so much, and quite a few of my friends feel the same
  8. Cheers, and it certainly is. When I broke my ankle I really did think it was game over, so I'm delighted to be where I am. I'm not going to set any time records, but as long as I finish it, it will be my personal best! 😀 It's good to read this thread to get a bit of encouragement from what others are up to as well.
  9. After a chest infection throughout December destroyed my training attempts, I broke the 10 mile mark for the first time in my weekend training run yesterday. Starting to get the hang of fuelling as well, and someone telling me to try podcasts has been a game changer. My ankle has stopped swelling after every run now as well, which is brilliant. I could have gone longer, but I'm sticking to the small increases on my long runs. On target to be able to do my 20 mile one 3 weeks before the actual event. Given how when I did my first "long" run at the start January I gave up and just mentally didn't think I could do it, it's been a massive turn around, and I'm actually feeling really positive about it all.
  10. I'm still waiting for the feckers to come back to me, I do still want the room. I can't see how they can just cancel a guaranteed room with "oh, sorry about this, it's not available anymore" As for people saying the ticket prices are ridiculous, sadly, these prices are pretty much standard for large gigs these days, a few bands have taken a stand and are charging less, but if you look at the major summer gigs, a bog standard ticket is often at least 70 quid before fees
  11. As @sirjonnyp predicted, second show added (also sold out). Got tickets for the 20th, edge taken off slightly by Booking.Com emailing me to say my walking distance hotel that I booked two weeks ago suddenly cannot honour my guaranteed booking....
  12. I interviewed Aaron last year when they played the Haunt, and not surprisingly, Glastonbury is on their must do list. I asked him again at the Dome in December when I bumped into him, and he raised crossed fingers, so here's hoping! Got my tickets for the London gig in April!
  13. I've got all of my programmes, and most of my wrist bands (sadly, a couple seem to have gone missing), tea towels, and a few t-shirts, but sadly Mrs Elk won't let me put much stuff on display. We have the wooded postcards from Glastonbury Postcards on the shelves. Going to see H in the stall near Williams Green to make sure we grab one each festival an important event each year!
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