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  1. And in fact ITV (it was on in the house, I really don't usually watch it, as it makes me feel nauseous) are running a line along the screen saying the the head of the vaccines strike force has said that the first vaccines aren't going to be very effective, with the suggestion in a news report that they won't help that much with a path to normality, yet as you indicate, no mention of any positive news coming out
  2. Also got PSB tickets. Certainly not complaining about them doing it a day early!
  3. I'm sure many of you will be jealous of this one. where I live now, gave the world Five Star Where I was born, Darren Hayman (he of Hefner) and InMe
  4. It's in the T&Cs - Winners will be chosen by random draw performed by a computer process on 28/10/20 (“Draw Date”).
  5. PSB thing is being drawn on Wednesday. From the website - at the end of the campaign, 625 winners, each winning entry for themselves and a friend, will be selected at random.
  6. Working my way through the new CDs and vinyl that turned up today. Nothing But Thieves & Slow Readers Club, both excellent - SRC reminds me of the first albums stuff on initial listen (not a bad thing), NBT is a much stronger album than their second one. Currently enjoying the I Don't Know How But They Found Me (unashamed pop,but I like it) Still got Palace Winter and Melody Gardot to go.
  7. The Wannadies have reformed, and have announced 3 gigs in Sweden for March 2021. More dates outside of their home country are expected to be announced, including their first UK dates since 2003
  8. I spotted that @Big durbs posted this in the resale thread, but thought it was probably worth a thread of its own, given the brilliant work they do. As some you know, I had to make use of their services in 2019, and felt really looked after, and thankfully, still got to have a festival! So appreciate it's not easy for many of us to give anything at the moment, but for anyone that wants to say thank you for any help received, or anyone that just wants to support them - fundraising here - https://gf.me/u/yz3wjm
  9. Frank Turner's take on it - https://frank-turner.com/2020/07/29/the-first-gig-back/?fbclid=IwAR2jP4ri5hwbSOFnbZ_nhq-9RhPXns7WapcDOocVFMLZDTnnQnPxd1bgU6M
  10. My large etched one was knicked out of my tent in Kidney Mead as I slept. Bastards
  11. Another one for the check your trolley tyres. 2014 I think, walking from E18 with a sack trolley loaded with beer and loads of other heavy stuff for my wife, son and his mate about half way to gate C both tyres had punctured (it was a decent trolley, but I'd had it a while). My son and his mate had gone on ahead to get the tents up as our group had warned that space was vanishing quickly. I then proceeded to drag it the rest of the way to Kidney Mead. I remember one of my friends meeting us near the bottom of Muddy Lane and taking pity on me and helping. My shoulder muscles were a state
  12. Kendrick Lamar 35 (-10) Dua Lipa - 35 Diana Ross - 90
  13. R.E.M. in 2003 was my first ever headliner, and they were bloody amazing. The fact the next night Radiohead were equally stunning made it a very good first festival
  14. I would suggest Comte as one of the cheeses. A really good aged Beaufort would be better, but a bit harder to come by!
  15. Kendrick Lamar - 105 Thom Yorke - 45 (-10) Dua Lipa -90 Robyn - 45 Diana Ross - 105
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