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  1. @Wherethewildthingsare I sent See a what’s happened to my tickets email they’re stuck with the courier this morning, and I’ve just got my despatch email and tracking number. Might be a coincidence I guess. You got anything?
  2. I'm in the same boat as you. And we've had a desperate delivery for something else that was special delivery today.
  3. 9 pints is good training. I've just finished a nice Northern Monk IPA, got some great DIPAs from the USA in the fridge for later once I've cooked a prawn linguine, all is good in the world.
  4. Greenelk


    Yep, this is weirdly becoming a thing. Going to the bar at the last two Brixton Academy gigs has been a nightmare, with people actively trying to block you making your way back with your beers. WTF is going on?
  5. Did you get an email or tracking details, or was it just that. Mine is still showing as sent to courier on Wednesday, but no ticket has arrived and I've had no email or tracking update? Thanks
  6. Mine has just been showing this since Wednesday.... No email
  7. You can actually do this now, I think it's only been this year. @Simsy posted this a few pages back, if you follow this link https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/registration/lookup you'll be sent all the registrations against your email account, and a link to view or edit them, and when you go into them, it now shows the following at the top of each registration detail
  8. He did it for the last festival I believe
  9. You would think they would have been lenient on him given the great public service he carried out for years
  10. Greenelk

    paolo nutini

    We were lucky enough to get tickets to see him at the 100 Club last week, and Lose It was a superb start. The whole night was brilliant, he's sounding as good as ever, and that band!! Will be a must see for Mrs Elk
  11. Greenelk

    Vodka Infusion

    We have pumpkin pie bourbon and cherry and chilli vodka. Both have been maturing for quite some time now (made for 2020) but still taste amazing (though the chilli kick seems to have got stronger)!!!
  12. Does anyone know if Jackone (or J10 as he likes to go by these days) will be doing a Netweather Glasto special again this year. I've missed those updates!!
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