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  1. But he's just vanished from the rumours page (or did I imagine him being on there @eFestivals)?
  2. With all the people messaging Emily on twitter about ballot being the only way to go, I had to smile when the London Marathon group I'm in on facebook exploded yesterday with 100s of angry people saying a ballot is unfair, that people that run it every year seem to be lucky every time, and the organisers have to find a better way of giving out places...
  3. 4 groups out of 7 today, 3 people out of 3 on Thursday. I got the coach tickets for the 3 on Thursday, didn't get past the holding page today, most of the time, wasn't even getting that.
  4. 4 out of 7 of our groups successful. The ladies I got tickets for on Thursday got my group, and she had exactly the same thing, crashed after pressing the pay button, but thankfully money was pending on her account immediately, and then I got the email and could breathe again. That was brutal
  5. Greenelk

    Good Luck ALL !

    See has crashed already!!
  6. Greenelk

    The Zone

    Not this!! occasional checks as to how everyone else is doing, and just in case see make another balls up with DNS enteries means that eFestivals is very much part of it all for me I've just driven 70 miles after going to a Cud gig in Stowmarket and staying at a mates house near there. A fresh pot of coffee is on, and my 21 year old has been woken up to man a laptop, a tablet and a phone. Yesterday, I wore a Glastonbury t-shirt and drank a bottle of Brothers festival. Today, I'm wearing the 40th anniversary t-shirt. I am ready. I need this. It will happen. Best of luck you beautiful people!
  7. Just managed to book 3 for London 7am departure for friends of a friend. keep trying
  8. Greenelk

    EFestivals poll

    Bloody hell, hadn't realised I had joined over 15 years ago. This site is definitely a big part of the reason that I've been so lucky with our ticket buying over the years!
  9. There was a thread where people posted pictures of wristbands going back years, I can't find it at the moment though (and I can't remember how old it was)
  10. Greenelk

    First and last

    First was taken in 2003 on the Thursday. There were 4 of us, including my friend who convinced me to attend, and also that drinking a few of the two litre bottles of Brothers was a good idea. We had arrived that day, and after leaving the stone circle, our memories of the rest of the evening were hazy. In those days used to almost run from stage to stage to try and catch loads of must see bands! Those days firmly gone Some of our group in 2019, including the friend that first introduced me (who took the photo in 2003), my wife, and my two youngest. This was taken as we showed the first timers round on the Wednesday
  11. With Yola as well. She was glorious on the Avalon stage this year. If you think you'll like a soul/country crossover I can fully recommend her album!
  12. Golden Hour just ordered on CD due to this thread alone!
  13. You're all making me fear the return of Coldplay with this talk of special guests getting a slot the following year!!
  14. Greenelk

    The Killers

    Got right down the front for the JP set in 2017 which was brilliant, but had seen them headline Latitude and BST in recent years, and had been underwhelmed both times. On that basis we decided to watch the Chemical Brothers instead. Then I broke my ankle and didn't fancy the walk to the Other from Kidney Mead on the Saturday, so went for the Killers instead. So glad we did. Totally nailed it. Special guests were brilliant, and given I think I saw Brandon state they hadn't realised what headlining really meant when they did in 2007, I would say they got it this time! A surprise joy for me.
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