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  1. Saddened to see the news that Mark Keds, lead singer of Senseless Things has passed away. A brilliant live band if you loved your 90s pop punk, the band played Glastonbury in 1992 (long before I started going to festivals sadly). The BBC played their set from that year for one of their In Concert broadcasts - RIP Mark
  2. Luxembourg are back with a new single, some may remember them from the Angular Records releases in the 00s that included early Bloc Party, Art Brut and The Long Blonde. Many of you will not.
  3. Greenelk

    Club Covid

    Wife and I (she mid 40s, me late) both had it from mid December. Thankfully, mild symptoms. She lost her sense of taste, and had flu like symptoms, including fatigue, I had flu like symptoms, fatigue and nausea. Both recovered just before Xmas, with occasional tiredness now. Our sons (19-26) reported headaches and temperature, but nothing more than that (all 3 self isolated).
  4. Originally booked for the legend slot in 2021, Covid happened, and Diana Ross then made herself available for 2021 with her new touring plans. The manager probably decided telling her it was cancelled easier than trying to explain they had been kicked off the bill for a true legend
  5. I think I read somewhere he didn't perform in the end Yep, last sentence - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000qspp
  6. I think back to the joy on my kids faces when they were little. The excitement because Santa had been. That ability to dream and believe despite the fact that something seems so improbable and unlikely. As adults, we often lose that ability to dream. Today, I'm with @crazyfool1, it's a day to believe what to many is the impossible. 100% Merry Xmas
  7. Merry Xmas everyone. Hope everyone has a lovely day.
  8. Thank you for this @Yoghurt on a Stick And firstly, no puking, that song is lovely! The show is indeed on tonight, featuring the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Mew, Frightened Rabbit, Rufus Wainwright, Low, Shame, Eels, Isobel Cambell & Mark Lanegan, Denim, Gruff Rhys and Snow Patrol We're on TuneIn, Spotify and all of the other listening services online, or from the links on the listen-live above. Hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas. I'm off to wrap some presents now.
  9. Both my wife and I are now Covid clear after catching it a couple of weeks ago from sources unknown. Both got very mild symptoms thankfully. Can now celebrate my wife's birthday today properly!
  10. Wow I didn't see him trying for the misunderstood pacifist look. Though saying that, the religious right have allowed themselves to be convinced by him that he is a man of god, whereas Biden, a quietly religious man, is painted as the anti-christ
  11. The reports are showing that it's school children aged 11-18 in London and Essex that are causing the massive spike, with adult levels staying broadly flat, so unless they make the decision to close schools as part of moving them to Tier 3, it will continue to get worse until they break up for Xmas. Putting both into Tier 3 to stop the spreading makes perfect sense, but they can't ignore the data on cause (they will)
  12. I've already got a really shit version of mine on my arm, so why not!!
  13. Greenelk

    Spotify Wrapped

    You can never have too many
  14. Frank Turner at the Clapham Grand in September was my favourite, as my first live music since Feb, got quite emotional! Slipknot at the o2 was epic, glad I finally saw them live Geneva at the Lexington, he's still got an amazing voice Bruno Major at EartH Hackney, love his voice, he shares his Birthday with me (I interviewed him at Latitude on our birthday, it's not a stalker thing), and Larry Lamb was there as well Beth Hart at the Brighton Dome And Old Dirty Brasstards at Brew/LDN. Though I've got to stop breaking my ankles after watching them, it's not funny anym
  15. Greenelk

    Spotify Wrapped

    Not my usual listening choice for my number one this year. This was the only song of theirs I played. Sadly, don’t think it made the charts
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