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  1. Martin Rossiter had moved his two farewell gigs to October, now pushed out till June next year. June 2021 is looking very very busy!
  2. Greenelk

    Nine Inch Nails

    I can just about make myself and my wife out when the video pans to the right slightly during that as well. I probably looked like a twat throughout as well! 😀 The seating was a bit of a distraction, but for the darker slower stuff, it felt amazing in that venue. I think the RAH must have felt weirder for a NIN gig And agree on the buzz prior to the gig!
  3. We raced through Doom Patrol, and thought it was excellent. One of the strangest, silliest and at times darkest of the superhero things on TV by far!
  4. Greenelk

    Claim To Fame

    I had a few gig reviews on Planet Sound back in the day!
  5. Greenelk


    I've had the same sort of experience in the past with a box of their Cheddar Valley
  6. Greenelk

    Steve Davis

    For those who did go and enjoy him, he's back on the radio (first show was last night, but it's online here) - https://www.phoenixfm.com/2020/05/06/interesting-alternative-show-05-may-2020/ The tracks he played are on there as well. I'll happily admit that I've not heard of most of them!
  7. Ed Harcourt doing a gig in aid of The Lexington tomorrow -
  8. Bloody hell, I know I'm over emotional at the best of times, but that has brought a tear or two to my eyes this morning! RIP Big Dog, and sending much love @deebeedoobee
  9. Latitude 2020 cancelled My Chemical Romance shows pushed back to June 2021
  10. Seems to be quite a few that are delaying the inevitable. Given Longitude was canceled, seems bizarre they didn't do Latitude at the same time, and Standon Calling put out a statement saying it wasn't yet cancelled, but they were watching events!
  11. I wanted to go so much I ended up getting tickets for the Antwerp gig. Fortunately I hadn't booked the flights yet, and the hotel was free cancellation. Let's see when it lands next year, as two days in Belgium pre Glastonbury was actually a really nice thought.
  12. The Blur t-shirt is one of my fave items, I seem to recall buying that at their Astoria gig in early 1991. Quite partial to the Curve and Depeche Mode ones as well I love my Glastonbury 2010 t-shirt as well
  13. Foals tour pashed back to start on the 28th April 2021
  14. The Isley Brothers have just been announced for the Love Supreme festival in 2021, start of July, which would suggest the West Holts slot may still happen
  15. 60s - Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 70s - Fleetwood Mac - Rumours 80s - Prince - Sign O The Times 90s - Depeche Mode - Violator 00s - Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth 10s - Slow Readers Club - Build A Tower
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