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  1. This year will be my 14th. First went in 2003, after never going to festivals in my 20s, which I do regret. Started going in 2003 as going through a break up with the girlfriend and the mother of our children, and decided doing a festival or two might help me feel better. That girlfriend I broke up with is now my wife, and this year will be her 9th. Two of the "kids" with us this year, doing their 2nd and 3rd, with our eldest having stated he didn't enjoy his first Glastonbury in 2010 still not coming (I've disowned him, obviously)
  2. Greenelk

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls in here will be rammed! That's a very strong line up, lots of good stuff to see
  3. I would be surprised if the Brothers bar vanishes. Their Twitter account still posts vast amount of Glastonbury linked stuff, and they've made sure there's a clear difference in the branding of the two drinks.
  4. Mallets - it's made by the same family as make Brothers. We got a case the other day to try, it's very much in the Strongbow vein, but a bit better tasting. It won't be my drink of the festival though, still not sure what that will be! They do a dark fruit as well as an apple one https://www.malletscider.co.uk/
  5. 23 paid and 1 back in the pot with our lot
  6. One of my friends won them in the Guardian comp in 2017, so I'll echo the words of @cheesey_toastie and @StoneCircle above
  7. Anyone know where you can actually buy this? I've not seen it in any Essex supermarkets (not that I spend a huge amount of time in them, admittedly). Could be a good one to enter if it's only for sale relatively locally
  8. Family Elk and a couple of our group paid, now just down to me to gee up the slower ones and keep reminding the stupid ones. (I know, it's bizarre I even have to)!!
  9. My reading of the announcement was that the craft cider bars are no more. Which is not good news. At all.
  10. Greenelk

    Charity Bins 2019

    Having just seen that @Funkyfairy! is painting bins this year, it made me wonder when Dan would be announcing the annual charity bin paint... Looks like it's already live - Dan's Charity Bin Paint 2019 Thought people might like to get their orders in before the rush!
  11. 13% of votes not paying because of the line up??? WTF!!! 20% in total being returned. That's not sounding bad for the resale crew. 23 out of 24 going from my lot - one has work exams the week after. Would have been his first one (a 21 year old friend of our middle one). Fool
  12. What @Hugh Jass said! Much more wandering around these days, and the wife occasionally saying to me "shouldn't we go and see more bands"
  13. Greenelk

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Not a huge surprise, but Old Dirty Brasstards confirmed Thursday at Williams Green when they played Soho last night. Assuming before Guilty Pleasures
  14. Greenelk

    Emily interview

    She was excellent at the Roundhouse last year. It's a very different feel to the 2011 performances, but still bloody amazing
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