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  1. The Prodigy 530 (-5) LCD Soundsystem 280 (-5)
  2. Sad to hear the Facebook thing, on Twitter the comments were almost entirely positive.
  3. This is a great video with the horns learning the part at about 1 min 30.
  4. Macconie has confirmed it was their idea. Happy with Craig, it'll be interesting to see what Shawn does next, half expecting him to turn up on Virgin.
  5. The Miami Horns, ladies and gentlemen! Best. Intro. Ever.
  6. Tremendous. Exceptional choice for The Lads.
  7. The Chemical Brothers 12 (-10) The Prodigy 571 LCD Soundsystem 299
  8. It's one of my favourite things on here when there's been 20 pages over 3 days discussing the liklihood of Billy Singer and The Lads appearing, it all calms down and then someone says "I see Billy and The Lads are free..." READ THE FUCKING THREAD! 😁
  9. Good spot. It was due to start going up yesterday so looks like movement. Where is the photo from?
  10. The Chemical Brothers 49 (-10) The Prodigy 574 LCD Soundsystem 280
  11. On the West Holts 2020 Spotify playlist too. First track.
  12. I've just read three articles on it. Not having anything other than waves. Even if Bruce says sways in his book.
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