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  1. Gnomicide

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Can't help it myself now. Whenever I see or hear his name... Me: "Fucking c**t" Companion: "What?" Me: "Erm... not sure really"
  2. Gnomicide

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Good to see the Ferry klaxon still works.
  3. Gnomicide

    2019 Headliners

    So after a long, long, long day, I've nabbed my free drink from the hotel bar, sat down to read up on the ticket news release and then.... there it is. Macca. SR. Sweet mother of Jebus, let it be true. I wasn't there in 04 but Macca at Anfield in 08 was one of the gigs of my life. Mind blowing, Now shitting myself for T-Day.
  4. Gnomicide

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    Yeah, it was Dan Wootton who broke The Who story. I remember tweeting him he was talking bollocks because tgey were playing in Paris.
  5. Gnomicide

    Self Confirmed for 2019

    So it's either Kylie or October Drift.
  6. Gnomicide

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    The Sun reporting Kylie playing. Not clicked on the link but says Legend in the tweet.
  7. Gnomicide

    Ticket Info Tomorrow

    Mine was too. This is why I avoid the political threads.
  8. Gnomicide

    Ticket Info Tomorrow

    Next 50 years.
  9. Gnomicide

    Ticket Info Tomorrow

    What do we reckon, £250? £60 parking?
  10. Gnomicide

    Prepping for sales day, similar festival/event sold on seetickets?

  11. Gnomicide

    Football 18/19

    Bloody hell. Just shows how you can't see everything on the tv. Looked like a gentle slap, then thought maybe he'd scratched his eye. Jesus, nearly plucked the fucker out.
  12. Gnomicide

    Prepping for sales day, similar festival/event sold on seetickets?

    Got early bird tickets for Bearded this morning, they use See Tickets too. 09:00 - Tickets not available f5 once - Buy tickets Done by 09:02 More of this sort of thing please! Apparently there have been problems for a few people though, getting to the end, saying payment has not gone through, then getting an email saying payment has been taken. Some claiming they've ended up with multiple orders.