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  1. Gnomicide

    Self Confirmed 2020

    As with most artists, the 1st 3 albums are seen as his best with it trailing off after that. Still a lot of good stuff but not as consistent. The Fine Art of Self Destruction is probably his most accessible. The Heat is now probably my favourite. The cover is a bit of a homage to Springsteen's Darkness and you can hear it in the album. Glitter in The Gutter is his LA album, certainly his most rocky and was expected by many to push him up a level. He had a minor hit with Broken Radio (duet with Springsteen) but it never really happened. There's a live album, a good covers album which sold better than any of his other stuff and a Best of. His latest was produced by Lucinda Williams and features her on some tracks as well as Billy Joe Armstrong. If you want to go deep, he was in punk bands Heart Attack and the relatively successful D-Generation before going solo. There's also an album by Bellvue that was released between D-Gen and Fine Art that I really like, it includes some of the stuff he later recorded solo but heavier/punkier versions. Forgot to add The Finger - hard core punk band with Ryan Adams, perhaps best swept under the carpet now. tldr: The 1st 3
  2. Gnomicide

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Jesse Malin in an interview last year and I've only just read it. https://www.grandlife.com/culture/interviews/jesse-malin-sunset-kids-album/ "Next year we’re playing Glastonbury, for the 50th anniversary of the Glastonbury Festival." Also talks about the Joe Strummer Foundation so almost certainly it will be Strummerville.
  3. What we have known by February 28th. 2000 - Nothing 2002 - Nothing 2003 - 1 headliner 2004 - Nothing 2005 - 1 headliner + 4 others 2007 - 1 headliner 2008 - 3 headliners 2009 - 2 headliners + 2 others 2010 - 3 headliners + 1 other 2011 - 3 headliners 2013 - 10 acts 2014 - 1 headliner + Legend 2015 - 1 headliner + Legend 2016 - 2 headliners + Legend + 1 other 2017 - 2 headliners + 1 other 2019 - 1 headliner + Legend + 1 other 2020 - 2 headliners + Legend + 1 other
  4. Fairly niche (i.e. probably only me interested) but Jesse Malin has just added dates in the UK around Glastonbury. He does quite a bit for the Strummerville charity so hoping he'll turn up there.
  5. Seems a tad unlucky that everyone with it in the UK lives in that one house just off the A6071.
  6. Sounded the same as all the others to be fair.
  7. Someone once bought me The Best of Zodiac Mindwarp. It has the same track list as their first album minus one song.
  8. City's bung bank bigger than UEFA's.
  9. Fabianski now on the Liverpool payroll apparently.
  10. Spirit of 71. Oh, hang on. That was shite.
  11. 7 minutes drive according to Google Maps but no doubt different during the festival.
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