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  1. I honestly don't know. There is a correlation between playing our best defensive midfielders in defence and losing a lot of the drive through the middle that the other midfielders can then commit to but that's only part of it. The front 3 have lost all confidence, finishing has gone out the window.... I dunno. Maybe they really are all just knackered. 3 excellent seasons on the bounce with much the same team and then this. All we can hope for is they come back strong next season, much like City have after being relatively poor last year. No way we're getting past the next round of Th
  2. Well....... But of a head scratcher innit?
  3. Not when you follow them and have to delete all those scores.
  4. Not worried, I think they're just giving a bit more time so there's less chance of announcing it's all on and then pulling the plug again. The bands are booked apparently so it may all come in one big hit.
  5. Going by that lineup, I'm not surprised it's overlooked.
  6. Bearded shaped hole 😄 They were great last time they played, it was really good to see some younger bands on, I was very impressed.
  7. The Mysterines moved to October. The important thing is the Liverpool date is still a Saturday night.
  8. Meet you by the Port Bus.
  9. Not happy with The Australian Bocconcini getting a spot. There's no place for tribute acts at the festival.
  10. The Killers - 20 The Cure - 135 Radiohead - 139 The Rolling Stones - 165 Beyoncé - 97 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 190 Blur - 241 R.E.M. - 205 David Bowie - 274 Pulp - 100
  11. Slowdive. Was it horrific? No Did it sound as I expected? Yes and no. I thought there'd be something a little more Jesus and Mary Chain about them for some reason. Overall thoughts I sort of liked it but the last thing I was expecting was that it would be nice. Particularly vocally it's all quite... pleasant. Now I don't know if this is a thing with shoegaze in general but I feel like the more upbeat songs (if you can call them that) would be better if the singer had a rocket up their arse. Obviously it's all meant to sound like this and I'm missing the point but there yo
  12. The Killers - 94 The Cure - 134 Radiohead - 160 Arcade Fire - 70 The Rolling Stones - 165 Beyoncé - 127 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 181 Blur - 231 R.E.M. - 210 David Bowie - 274 Pulp - 100
  13. The Killers – 121 The Cure - 130 Radiohead - 200 Arcade Fire - 120 The Rolling Stones - 170 Beyoncé -115 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 176 Blur - 221 R.E.M. - 190 David Bowie - 260 Pulp - 107
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