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  1. Luckily I don't remember it as it was the only one I've missed since 2012. Hood timing.
  2. Yeah, come along. It's good for us cynical old buggers to see newer attendees getting properly excited. Fair warms the cockles to chat to people who are taking it all in for the first time. One of my favourite moments from last year was chatting to a young lad (and this bit sounds weird) in the urinals after Elton. In those couple of minutes, he told me what an incredible time he had, how he'd been a little sceptical, but now he was all in and could wait to come back. I was delighted for him, I really hope he got a ticket, whoever he was.
  3. Nope. Anything else on those two just comes with the full line-up.
  4. Dua Lipa 115 Coldplay 115 SZA 90 Shania Twain 100 LCD Soundsystem 120 Little Simz 105 Burna Boy 100 IDLES 110 Disclosure 95 The National 115 D-Block Europe 30 (-10) The Streets 115 Two Door Cinema Club 95 Jungle 100 Jessie Ware 90 Justice 165 Heilung 115 Masego 100 Nia Archives 105 Jamie xx 100 Gossip 70 James Blake 105 Sampha 100 Sleaford Mods 110 Romy 110 Fontaines D.C. 130 Peggy Gou 100 London Grammar 105 King Krule 100 Orbital 125
  5. Next Friday hinted at in the other place
  6. I should maybe mention I've been to most of them since 2011.
  7. For anyone thinking of going alone, please reconsider. Once you get there and start seeing the name tags, you soon realise you're amongst the bunch of freaks you always suspected they were. Even the people you always see eye-to-eye with most of the time you'll find are sociapaths, in-person. We should stay behind our keyboards and phones more often, it's a much healthier way of communicating. You'll regret that you went, trust me.
  8. When it was announced I messaged my son to ask him if he wanted to go a day early. His response was "why wouldn't I want to be sitting in a field, drinking?". So that was that.
  9. We always camp pretty close to the arena entrance, no issues with the Magic Teapot since they banned them playing bongos through the night. I think it's actually been quieter in the camping fields over the last few years (this will probably be the kiss of death to that) as there is more stuff going on later so less people just getting hammered by their tents and talking/shouting through the night. I think Wednesday will probably have a lot of that though as there's not much going on.
  10. Dua Lipa 115 Coldplay 105 SZA 100 Shania Twain 100 LCD Soundsystem 115 Little Simz 100 Burna Boy 100 Idles 105 Disclosure 95 The National 110 D-Block Europe 75 (-10) The Streets 110 Two Door Cinema Club 100 Jungle 100 Jessie Ware 90 Justice 150 Heilung 110 Masego 100 Nia Archives 100 Jamie xx 100 Gossip 75 James Blake 105 Sampha 100 Sleaford Mods 80 Romy 100 Fontaines D.C. 115 Peggy Gou 100 London Grammar 100 King Krule 100 Orbital 115
  11. I think the original is buried somewhere on this forum (or posted by @gazzaredabove 😁), but Glastopedia has run with it and added loads of locations. https://www.glastopedia.com/festivals/2023/satellite
  12. Gnomicide


    Part of backstage area. It's normally there but looks like it's going up earlier than last year.
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