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  1. So they are. Move along, nothing to see here...
  2. Nah, it was a woman with a guitar in The Open Arms. Oh, yeah. I couldn't escape the bloody thing.
  3. Can't quite remember where I was this year but someone started playing a cover of No Scrubs and it was shit, so we left and went to the nearest bar, where someone started playing an equally shit cover of No Scrubs. I wasn't happy.
  4. Gnomicide

    2020 headliners

    Wasn't it still just rumour last week? Good to see it confirmed but the dates may be a little early?
  5. Iggy will want to be there just to see Mik.
  6. Gnomicide

    2020 headliners

    I like the 1st Fratellis album. Shove it up yer arse!
  7. With a bit of luck they're announcing they're fucking off after the tour.
  8. Emily Eavis quote from George Ezra podcast: "We have a metal slot on a Friday. Which is on the Friday at about 5pm, and that's a new thing that has just started. That is now a really big slot. I quite like this, I'm quite into the expansion of the line-up beyond those three headline slots". So although it didn't happen last year, it is a thing.
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