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  1. Bring back Kamikaze Karaoke!
  2. Never had this problem, me and my mates have always totally accepted that if we want to see something different, away we go and see you later. We've even watched the same bands from different parts of the field because one or more wanted to go down the front but others couldn't be arsed.
  3. All going great until Kae comes on to dampen the mood with 45 minutes of miserablist spoken fucking word
  4. Someone shared this with me and I'd normally keep it quiet but then two other people did so it's clearly out there.
  5. Aye, saw them do that at a packed Bandstand.
  6. These are my pics from there in 2013.
  7. And this. http://glastonburyshangri-la.blogspot.com/2013/
  8. I've seen them a couple of times, good until they turn into Faithless.
  9. Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine but a shitty position to be in.
  10. Good spot. That's 2 things that would have sent someone into despair today.
  11. I've seen both Shires and Ward Thomas recently as the Mrs is a fan. Both very good at what they do but very saccharin, nice pop country. I wouldn't bother again.
  12. They always seem to have some pretty good exclusives in the kids movie department.
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