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  1. 1. The Hold Steady - Camden Electric Ballroom 2. Stereophonics - Liverpool Mountford Hall 3. Perfectly Frank - Liverpool Phil Music Room Three gigs and no festivals in a year. 😩
  2. No problem Yog, good luck to them. There are a few other prizes that are worth looking into if you fancied donating but didn't want the Glastonbury tickets.
  3. I don't care if they play, may even be a laugh, throw 'em on Avalon as the novelty act.
  4. Two new Beans on Toast albums out today. One is a lockdown album (The Unforeseeable Future), the other not (Knee Deep In Nostalgia). I'm waiting for the vinyls to arrive before listening but many tracks have been released throughout the year or previewed on live streams.
  5. Kendrick / Macca / (*checks notes) Duran Duran
  6. c**tS! The paper, not the bars, restaurants, cinemas or sports venues. I mean, I've not met them all....
  7. Eleven! Feeling slightly hip. Could be 12 if Satan is the actual Satan and he's released an album this year.
  8. 2021 but I couldn't find the thread.
  9. I'm less confident for Bearded than I am for Glastonbury, fear it may be a month too early but I'd say there's still a decent chance at least the option to move it to September is there
  10. By June, everyone over 50 or others with underlying health issues will have long been vaccinated (if they want it). I'd have thought a sizeable portion of the rest of the population will have too. As I see it (being the expert I am in such matters ), only 2 things can stop things being largely back to normal by the time the festival rolls around. 1. The vaccine proves to be less effective than expected. 2. The government fuck up the roll out. Belieeeeeeeeeeeve!
  11. I love it when you log in to see 2 pages on the merits of 2 people you've never heard of. Worth it for the moot posts though.
  12. The first that has me stop and listen, repeatedly stream and then buy. I've now listened back to other stuff and..... nah, you're alright, this'll do.
  13. Interesting hearing other stages were quiet given how some people claim Metallica had a tiny audience.
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