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  1. The Pilton Flower show weekend has been all but cancelled. As I understand it so it’s not likely sadly.
  2. Even the year I slipped over in a river of piss next to a hedge at 10pm one Friday didn’t get chalked up as a bad one ... so I’m sure this year would of been just great
  3. Going on previous years I’d be doing a last minute Tesco run for any bits my friends on site needed. Being double thankful that all my weekend kit was already there and tent was already pitched. Re check the day bag loads so I knew my ticket / wallet was safe and trying to get some shut eye ( but failing due to being like a kid at Chrimbo) before leaving home at 6:30 picking up a mate and getting in the que for 7. Fingers crossed for next year.
  4. Yeo-vile idiot


    I was planning on making the short journey to the Tor as well. As I’ve never done it and then the day after I saw the request on a Glastonbury page to stay away. Darn it.
  5. Wednesday afternoon or Thursday when when the weathers beaut is just proper magical . No one has to be any where the atmosphere is electric with an incredible sense of anticipation for the next few days ahead in the air.
  6. Don’t know but I wish someone had a time machine to go back and nip it in the bud 😂
  7. Ive got one with a scribble the middle of it.
  8. Cheers Homer , Yes the little one is back to school tomorrow so it’ll be a lot easier to do the a days work and as soon as I think possible I’ll be booking a holiday and filling the spots where the gigs , Pilton party etc were meant to be with something else.
  9. It wasn’t until last week that I realised that the current ongoing situation was getting to me and how shit I was feeling . 10 weeks of working from home with not a peep from my manager to ask how I was doing how I was managing child care along side work etc. I just cracked on grateful that I’ve still got a job being paid In full chipping away at the large amount of work that I know needs to be done to meet deadlines etc. I’d been putting broken sleep and very early wake ups down the weather I realised I was drained completely and feeling pretty low and also really annoyed at myself for getting into the simple routine that lock down brought with it almost excepting the current new normal. To be gutted that the festival isn’t on this is pretty selfish I suppose but for the the last 25 years June has been a month I love. Glastonbury has always been my constant , through relationships going tits , lose of my father and other loved ones . My excitement builds quickly for those few days at the end of the month from organising myself. To being in supermarkets seeing other folk stock piling festival goods.Which always brings a smile. I hope that the back end of this year passes as quickly as the first 6 months. To the OP that started this thread thanks for starting something that allows folk like me a place to tap away X
  10. You’re right it’s not relevant. Simply highlighting that the first weekend out of lockdown folk traveled from all over to do what they wish which in part is no different than people travelling many miles to beaches . The obvs main difference is that it’s good will that allows Joe Public access to the GF site and the actions of a few will spoil it for people who feel grateful to take walk up there.
  11. Yeo-vile idiot


    Within the link above there’s a detailed break down of the plant required to put it up / take down along with the weights of the components parts.
  12. Because they said ‘ we’ve just driven from Liverpool for our first walk around the site’ when they were talking and asking for directions.
  13. Yeo-vile idiot


    Certainly looks that way. Which if turns out to be the case would be gutting. The crane for me marked a return to a proper wow factor that I’d not got from Arcadia since the original stage they started with. Every time I looked at the kid in me couldn’t believe the balls and over all feat behind taking it down and re erecting it in a field The info on that report makes a good read especially the Arcadia info the figures are quite something.
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