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  1. Yeo-vile idiot

    Secret resales

    I should imagine there's an awful lot of folk taking people in on the sly over the course of the festival and at the same time making a lot of money.Lots of people I know have got in this way over the years. £100 is cheap some friends paid £200 on the Friday morning last year and the guy had been doing it since Wednesday morning 4 at a time. A year or so ago there was quite a big deal made of someone in the local pawho got caught with a minibus full of people doing the same thing. I know of folk who have been removed from site due to not having wristbands or tickets too.
  2. Yeo-vile idiot

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hi peeps long long time lurker. It's about time I joined up and either offered Hopefully here for the long haul. Been attending every year since 1994 bar 1. Only live 20 or so mins away and by my own admission I'm a little bit obsessed with the place.

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