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  1. Keane Reeves’ band Dogstar 1999 are the ones that stick out for being utter pap for me.
  2. I believe that those that’s qualify still have to apply / register an interest to get them in a certain way . They don’t just pop em through the door.
  3. And whole weekend tickets were about £145
  4. That widely used loop hole was all but closed this year with the addition of QR codes added to them.
  5. I’ve screen shotted this and sent it to a mate of mine from Yeovil who is currently working on America Apache aircraft at an air base in Afghanistan . Who got through on his phone and got 6 tickets last week. He’ll be chuffed his luck didn’t go unnoticed.
  6. I don’t think you’d see ME retiring completely. He’s in his mid 80’s but the festival and PR throughout the year keep him super busy and in turn a young 80 odd year old. I can’t see it stopping any time soon.
  7. I managed to get my own tickets in the main sale for the first time in 8 years. Both I and friends have been lucky in the resale several times meaning I’ve not missed a festival since I first went in 94. Even though I hate the angst of ticket day I think it’s as fair as can be.
  8. First time that I’ve got through and got my own tickets in 8 years.
  9. Excellent was was that you . I gave you my deets yesterday but I’ll have to check .I had a black Working cocker with me.
  10. Yup we got collared as well first time ever. I’ve been stopped and I’d not heard of or read the 6 can rule on the back of the ticket before either . They questioned the 8 cans in my bag . But let me through as the other half was stood with me.
  11. I always like to get to the office early and get home to Yeovil in the que at 7 ish on the way home by 9:55 today
  12. I’ve been every year bar one since 1995 , it’s changed massively since back then. Do I ever see myself not going hell no. I still get the same daft smile when get to the gate . Or when we visit friends in Pilton and walk site. Each time we go there’s new people in the group who add something else to the weekend. For it’s just ace.
  13. Yeo-vile idiot


    Steanbow is owed by the Christensons
  14. We added the 2019 Kate map a couple of Free press’ yet to be framed and this big free post poster on the right of the pic to the collection this year
  15. We were there too. He’s doing a talk in Yeovil toward the back of the year.
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