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  1. Please..... as I I’m getting in, in the back of a van and I want to adorn my wrist with something that kinda looks like a band to stop myself getting oik’d out. Did I finish that ok for you?
  2. That looks really cool . What’s the inside look like ?
  3. Yeo-vile idiot

    Pop ups

    I had the same ‘‘tis fine for me now.
  4. I’m glad someone else that has been around here longer than me thinks the same.
  5. Yeo-vile idiot

    EPO bands

    Don’t surprise me . As has been said it’s a loophole that needed closing. I already know of people who had there usual route( and one they have used for years ) into the fest scuppered due to this potential move.
  6. Not even a ‘ hi long time lurker here’ start to the post.
  7. I knew you could get into the Park backstage bar which I quite like didn’t realise about the others
  8. I’ve got a few drunken pics with M E over the years but my favs are these two of him and my daughter both taken in the village when visiting friends
  9. Which side ? I’ve never found the A37 heading north to be any problem at around 6am. Apart from 2016 when we used some local knowledge and a green badge to avoid the gridlock
  10. Yup that was me , Co-op were really good about it and two others are happy. As Nobody interesting said the t&cs are pretty wooly.
  11. My birthday is the 7th too and I was unsuccessful too . Doesn’t set you up for a great day does it
  12. Sadly I can’t help there because I always get to site for about 7am on the Wednesday
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