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  1. Yup WI do a tour followed by tea and cake in Goose Hall I believe.
  2. Depending on age the bike trailers that you can attach a wheel too knock spots off trolleys for pushed them around in.
  3. Yeo-vile idiot

    Sober times

    I did the 2011 fest sober as my father was terminally ill and I wanted to be able to get home(25mins ) quickly. The folks were insistent I went as they know what the fest means to me I so did. Being able to have several days of ‘ normality’ after 6 months of the madness and sadness that terminal illness brings to those of us living it was surreal but refreshing break and I’ll remember as one of the best:
  4. I started my party days in 94 at Universe Tribal Gathering . Still got these that I bought in 95 I think.
  5. Surely if you need to ask you shouldn’t have one Or have access to one.
  6. Nope just a evening of a few good stories and ‘we’ll get Fleetwood mac one day’ There was an opportunity before the start for the audience to write a question for him someone asked about the kids field and he was talking about artists that have played In there over the years at the time he couldn’t remember the name of a Bristol artist that won the Mercury Prize . A friend of mine from the village was dropping me and my gf home. Michael asked them for a lift home whilst we were getting the book signed so on the way home I reminded him it was Roni Size who’s name escapes him on stage.
  7. Keane Reeves’ band Dogstar 1999 are the ones that stick out for being utter pap for me.
  8. I believe that those that’s qualify still have to apply / register an interest to get them in a certain way . They don’t just pop em through the door.
  9. And whole weekend tickets were about £145
  10. That widely used loop hole was all but closed this year with the addition of QR codes added to them.
  11. I’ve screen shotted this and sent it to a mate of mine from Yeovil who is currently working on America Apache aircraft at an air base in Afghanistan . Who got through on his phone and got 6 tickets last week. He’ll be chuffed his luck didn’t go unnoticed.
  12. I don’t think you’d see ME retiring completely. He’s in his mid 80’s but the festival and PR throughout the year keep him super busy and in turn a young 80 odd year old. I can’t see it stopping any time soon.
  13. I managed to get my own tickets in the main sale for the first time in 8 years. Both I and friends have been lucky in the resale several times meaning I’ve not missed a festival since I first went in 94. Even though I hate the angst of ticket day I think it’s as fair as can be.
  14. First time that I’ve got through and got my own tickets in 8 years.
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