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  1. jow95


    the pyramid hat is yellow now and not green like before. Thats progress right?
  2. jow95

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Coz there’s a long drop in front of me and I need to urinate
  3. jow95

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Tried and tested, I like to pop it down on the floor and accidentally kick it over when you’ve forgotten it’s there 10 seconds later.
  4. jow95

    The Cure

    Ah it is though isn’t it? It’s about exciting the audience in front of you despite how genius you might think you are
  5. jow95

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    The stewards on the fire towers all over the campsites are changed every hour on the hour. Ceremoniously stand up and salute the changing of the steward as it happens and then finish your drink, will keep you nicely buzzing along all day.
  6. Someone has to be the first with a wristband on
  7. jow95

    Hurt/Heal Game 2019

    John Hopkins - 80 Jorja Smith - 70 Interpol - 75 Cat Power - 70 Michael Kiwanuka - 70 Chemical Brothers - 140 Wu-Tang - 60 Hot Chip - 105 Kate Tempest - 95 The Cure - 110 Vampire Weekend - 40 Kylie - 110 Christine & The Queens - 70  Janelle Monae -150 The Streets - 70  Friendly Fires -  10 (-20) Little Simz - 50
  8. jow95

    Taking kids

    Well there's certainly plenty of stimulation, hope he loves it
  9. jow95

    Taking kids

    Each to their own of course but i do fail to see what children under 1 will gain from it; although no harm done im sure
  10. jow95

    Lock ups question

    I've heard it's where they keep fatboy slim between sets
  11. Don't get this myself, but then again i'd be saying otherwise if England were playing
  12. jow95

    Lock ups question

    siiiiiiick, problem solved.
  13. jow95

    Lock ups question

    Will the lockups store trolleys? Wouldn't mind getting it out the way, taking up tent space or out to be nicked
  14. jow95

    TBAs 2019

    Headlining is about exciting a crowd and not album sales.
  15. jow95

    TBAs 2019

    5 years is a fad, can't see almost anyone listening to any of those albums in 5 years time or 10, 20
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