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  1. jow95

    2020 headliners

    I said touché what more do you people want from me
  2. jow95

    2020 headliners

    I would say otherwise
  3. jow95

    2020 headliners

    The strokes would be a great booking tho wunnit
  4. jow95

    Queue Times

    I’d take driving to every time usually but we are considering getting the coach just to gain back Sunday night. We’ve left at 6am Monday in the past and losing a Tuesday night in the queue for a Sunday night in shangri la sounds like a good idea right?
  5. jow95

    Queue Times

    We got to the traffic on the a37 at about 9ish and moved a few hundred yards in 5 hours, finally made the call to abandon the queue and head through Shepton to the west car parks and drove straight round and on to the site. The second we got out the car it started raining and just got heavier, would definitely stay in the car all night in hindsight and get in the queue about 5/6 or something like that. None of that business whatsoever last year but it’s still a long slog innit.
  6. jow95

    Queue Times

    We got there about 10/11pm Tuesday night and that sign was up saying go to gate A. We ignored this and went to D anyway, what’s the point in staying overnight in a queue if you’re not at the right gate for the camping spot you want right? My point is, D wasn’t full by any stretch of imagination so ignore the signs of lies
  7. jow95

    Queue Times

    Lots of folk talk about being made to shuffle down through the night but both times I’ve done it we’ve just been sat down for most of the night in once place. I’m still undecided whether it is all really worth it, have flashbacks to my girlfriends soggy face murmuring ‘this is horrible’ in the rain in 2016. There’s obviously pros but I still wonder if it’s worth it EDIT: the over night queue not the girlfriend
  8. jow95

    Glastonbury-on-Sea 2020

    it was a shame it wasn’t ready in time for the Wednesday or Thursday but when it opened it was well worth a visit.
  9. jow95

    Pet Shop Boys 2020?

    The barrier people are a confusing bunch. There’s obviously some pros to it but it baffles me how anyone can be arsed to sacrifice so much of your day in order to be 10 yards closer than if you rocked up with 20 minutes to go. Admire their commitment though.
  10. jow95

    Glastonbury 2020

    If I’m honest I saw a post from Noel about his outdoor shows thinking that he’d just announced them and this was news. I now see that they were announced a month ago. He’s 100% playing tho int he id put my own mum on it
  11. jow95

    Glastonbury 2020

    Noel G suspiciously free for Saturday or Sunday, sub macca?
  12. I think this is the 2010 and then the 2019 map for comparison
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