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  1. As it’s the same gate we are going for, honestly take your time. Recline those seats and have a nice old kip. Wake up around 7, that should put you nicely behind us 😉
  2. Anyone in the D gate queue? What’s it like, and by that I mainly mean, how many zig zags u got going on?
  3. Our group is from Kimberley/Eastwood, I know Shipley very well - shitter of a parkrun. many happy memories of American adventure
  4. looked decent to me, although we all know the telly coverage can be very different from the atmosphere in the field.
  5. Somebody with more knowledge than I, please just tell me because our group chat is in tatters; if we arrive at 4am Wednesday morning and join the back of the queue, we will be fine for a spot on pennard hill right?
  6. Appreciate your points but I do disagree on how much can be seen. I saw Adele and killers from various parts of the rear of the field as well as the end of the foo fighters and various other non headliners and just didn’t feel it was much of an issue. I’m sure the stones was worse so I’ll take your word on that. Looked heaving on the telly. As with them being banned you might have a point regarding other festivals, although I do feel the lack of arena searches at glastonbury also play a big part. Very difficult to police that many people in a field without searching on entry. I took a flag for one set (ELO 2016) and the effort of carrying the bloody thing made me realise it’s not worth it.
  7. The Dalston one will be brilliant for me. Yes please if it’s still going? Thanks!
  8. Completely disagree, thought it was w*nk. In fairness it could have either been the raging hangover or the fact they rudely woke me up in my tent in pennard but I remember thinking it was very underwhelming. I strongly remember not being a good state overall that early in the morning
  9. I mean come on, I’ve stood in a wide variety of positions in that field and whilst you might not see what sort of shoes macca has on this is an overreaction no?
  10. Honestly I think the reality is that most people outside of these forums don’t mind a good flag and I am with them. There’s etiquette to adhere to in my opinion including 1 flag per pole but their addition to the atmosphere and assistance in locating friends cannot be disputed.
  11. You and your forcasts were my main concern when I heard long timers had been kicked. extremely relieved they live on.
  12. jow95

    Arcadia v4.0

    Am I being daft or was the crane far taller when built to its full ball swinging potential
  13. jow95


    And right up to stone circle I believe. All the oldest parts of the festival, green fields, west holts, markets and pyramid etc. there must be a map somewhere but I don’t think it covers Pennard hill but could be wrong. there must be a map somewhere in in the depths of the forums.
  14. jow95

    Paul McCartney

    Would be very fitting were forest to rightfully return to the premier league in a few weeks. u reds
  15. jow95


    Co op didn’t get the cancelled memo
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