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  1. Legit read YG as "YE" for a second and thought 'how the hell have they got Kanye so low on the bill?'
  2. I've been working on the bars with Shelter since 2014 and card payment has always been available for people to use
  3. Speculating over 2023 already πŸ™ƒ
  4. Same happened to me. Wasn't Worthy Farm related but the wettest I've ever gotten in boots has come from walking through long, dewy grass.
  5. Hardly an original comment at this point but good walking boots every time. Infinitely more comfortable, won't get sucked off your feet by sticky mud and can survive all but the really extreme puddles, which you just go around.
  6. I have not the faintest idea who or what "Louis the Child" is
  7. 1 I'm pretty sure is Coldplay 3 is definitely 1998 4 I'm going to take a punt on Ringo
  8. Already been covered but I just want to reiterate that the crowd for that Foals set at the Park was absolutely fucking enormous. I was finishing a shift in the Stonebridge just before it started and the crowd was packed solid all the way back to there, as well as halfway up the hill.
  9. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 340 (+10) Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 350 The Mothership Returns (George CIinton, ParIiament, Funkadelic and The Family Stone) 245 Justice 1070 JaneIIe MonΓ‘e 215
  10. Those dates are written US style, so that London gig is December 6th, not June 12th
  11. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 🌞 🍟 265 (+9) Jazz World / West Holts Kool and the Gang ❄️πŸ₯³πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΄ 100 (-1) Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 🐀 330 The Mothership Returns (George CIinton, ParIiament, Funkadelic and Sly Stone) πŸš€β†™οΈ 250 Earth 🌍 wind 🌬 and fire πŸ”₯ 160 Justice ✝️ 1020 JaneIIe MonΓ‘e πŸ’ƒπŸΎ 275
  12. I'm pretty sure I saw that only 7 Premier League clubs have over 50% of players fully vaccinated, which doesn't even seem like that a high of a bar to clear
  13. @westholtschic already referenced it, but being in the midst of a severe comedown and watching Patti Smith sing Happy Birthday, and present a cake, to the Dalai Lama remains an all timer of a surreal moment
  14. The Editors being inexplicably huge in Belgium (and it's status as a running gag) remains one of my favourite musical quirks I've discovered through these boards
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