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  1. Heading off to Kings Cross to catch my volunteering coach. Major thanks to @briddj @Aragorn and all the others who have steered us through this mighty rollercoaster of a thread!!
  2. waltere

    Alcohol Thread

    10 cans Dark Fruits 10 cans Thatchers Gold 70cl Captain Morgan's 1l Pimms Not as much as some but volunteering it does mean a few self imposed limits. Does mean though that I get a head start, and will already be on site tomorrow afternoon 👍
  3. Final shopping run for snacks, baccy etc. completed. 95+% sure everything is in place now, will pack tomorrow ready to head off tuesday morning!
  4. The idea of heavily gillespied people rediscovering their mates and asking how they found them: "Well I spoke to the fluorescent Danish chess players..." 😂 This is utterly bonkers and completely brilliant, I love it!
  5. That latest run is absolutely perfect as far as I'm concerned
  6. I think a couple of years ago The Jacksons were generally seen as alright because the furore around Michael had rather cooled since his death. Now things are more pertinent since the documentary earlier this year re-opened and indeed probably worsened the issue
  7. I, for one, would like to congratulate Dee on her tree-mendous work in this thread
  8. waltere


    Yeah by all accounts bringing in plastic bottles is still acceptable, just that none will be sold on site EDIT Replying to @tumbles
  9. Booze run completed earlier. Might be a little excessive but better to end up taking too much and bring some home than take too little and run out.
  10. Appears that Chameleon is being replaced by something called Elephant Bar, whilst Casbah is being replaced by something called Taphouse, which will seemingly have plenty of ales and the like on offer. Would imagine both will still have seating/dancing capabilities
  11. Similarly there's a distinct lack of Hot Chip from 2015
  12. @briddj out of upvotes, but I'd happily take that update out for a lovely candlelit dinner
  13. Given 200 mil of rain it would be
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