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  1. Every few days I mentally go back and forth as to whether this government is brazenly malicious or just deeply incompetent, and then I remember that somehow the answer is both.
  2. It's almost like the massive rise was (at least in part) down to the way the government fucked up December and not just the scary new variant.... Imagine my shock 🙄
  3. I don't think it's just work though that people are going out for. Purely anecdotal but I live right next to Wimbledon Common and have been using it for near daily walks since all this shit started; back in lockdown one it was pretty much deserted and you'd rarely see anyone, for the last few months (and somehow even more so in the last week) it's been like Piccadilly Circus most days and absolutely heaving with people, a great number of whom are definitely driving to it because there's often a queue for the car park, or they're just parking in the road near us. There's also been a massiv
  4. Sunak's greatest virtue is that he's able to appear on TV for ten minutes without seeming like he's said anything objectively ridiculous, blatantly lied, or metaphorically kicked himself in the dick (this is not the same thing as actually not being awful). Its an incredibly low bar, but one that the rest of the cabinet almost unanimously fail to clear on a regular basis.
  5. I'd guess the RAF Ensign EDIT Actually it appears to be the Civil Air Ensign
  6. In a vacuum, I'm also okay with the way things have been handled since people got inside - this was a situation that had to be given as little chance as possible to escalate further. The big problems are the fact they were able to get inside in the first place and, as you say, the comparison with how other situations within the last year have been handled.
  7. Would be funny, but not the case
  8. Even the odious slug officially known as Ted Cruz has tweeted telling all these cretins to get the hell out of there before they damage the cause
  9. Very very serious questions to be answered about the security provisions surely
  10. In what may be the understatement of the year, things seem to be getting a little out of hand
  11. Watched a documentary on Jim Jones and Peoples Temple last night funnily enough. Hoo man that was some seriously effed up shit.
  12. As opposed to the foreign wife? 😜
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