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  1. waltere

    Pyramid Subs 2020

    Sunday of 2017 also had my best ever run Chic - Sampha - Kano - Justice
  2. Exactly! Most people seem to find it weird though
  3. If we're owning up to food quirks then I start bananas from what most people would consider the bottom (the stalkless end)
  4. Was going to reference bamber but I see I've been beaten to it twice over 😂
  5. I'm talking about the roped off bit of the road. And as @Kinkyinuit said it's not just about the smoking itself but having an area to cool down and chill, both literally and metaphorically. As someone who is quite warm and sweaty at the best of times these things matter to me
  6. Weighing in as another non-fan of XOYO. I don't enjoy the layout, always find it way too dark and boiling hot in there (I know for some this would be a positive), generally have bad experiences with the staff, and, biggest of all for me, they have hands down the worst smoking area of any club I've been too.
  7. Non-Glasto highlights: - Gallows, in a tent, Sonisphere 2010 - Big 4 of Thrash, (Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica) consecutively, Sonisphere 2011 - Public Service Broadcasting, The Cluny, Newcastle, 2013 - The Prodigy, O2 Academy, Newcastle, 2015 (the most non-stop energetic, all-round mental gig I have ever had the privilege of attending) - The Streets, Brixton Academy, 2018 Glasto highlights: - Hot Chip, West Holts, 2015 - Patti Smith into Lionel Richie, Pyramid, 2015 - Chic, Sampha, Kano, Justice, Sunday 2017 (a stage hopping run of 4 near perfect sets) - Stormzy, Pyramid, 2019 (I felt like I was watching in an important cultural moment happen in a way I've never quite experienced before) - The Cure, Pyramid, 2019 (on a sonic level, probably the most impressive concert I've been at)
  8. 2016 (I think), somewhere in the vicinity of the bandstand when suddenly some people appear and plonk an old-timey couch down in the middle of the path, which a woman in a ball gown then proceeds to lay on. She's followed by about 10 guys completely in the buff apart from their boots who form a circle around the couch, set up easels and start painting. Made even better when one of the naked artists obviously got bored and started flinging his paint around (not a euphemism), which caused the old bloke stood behind me to turn to his mate and produce perhaps the most perfect quip I've ever heard: "oh look, its Jackson Bollocks" EDIT In 2015 was walking through shangri-la late one night when a shipping container opened up, containing 20 or so people who sung the entirety of "Ignition" by R-Kelly, thanked the crowd and then walked off.
  9. 1. 27 2. Kendrick, Taylor, Aerosmith, D. Ross, Orbital, Glass Animals 3. Semi-realistic: Tool, RATM, Nick Cave Technically possible, but mega unlikely: Daft Punk, Kate Bush If we develop resurrection technology: Bowie, Prince
  10. @bennyhana22 E1's a pretty good venue, Had one of my best nights in years watching Todd Terje there late last summer. Worth noting however that the room/space where you enter also has the main bar and toilets so tends to end up heaving and full of bottlenecks. Once you get into the rooms themselves there's almost always space to be found.
  11. waltere

    Taylor Swift

    It felt like a seriously out of place moment in the middle of Stormzy's. Especially considering how perfectly on point everything else about that set was
  12. The Paellaria (literally called that) on William's Green has been a personal staple for several years now
  13. waltere

    Taylor Swift

    Two wrongs don't make a right
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