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  1. Gonna throw in another positive vote for the Duck Truck at West Holts. Worst - Noodle King, on the run down from the JP to San Remo, entirely unremarkable, like stereotype food from Reading/Download 10-15 years ago
  2. "It's always important to get a workout in" "Yeah, that's why I've brought a dumbbell"
  3. It's a long standing regular piece of graffiti that has been turning up all over the place in London for several years, this year seems to have been the first time it's made it to Glasto on a noticeable scale.
  4. That's not the winners though, it's Go_A, their 2021 entry who came 5th (although the two bands do share a member). Jamala, who won for Ukraine in 2016 is already announced on the bill, playing in Toad Hall of all places at 2am Saturday night/Sunday morning
  5. Rained for an hour or so at about 1 am Friday(?) night and a little bit of dampness one of the mornings, and that was it
  6. A real punch in the face vs kick in the balls scenario that
  7. I'm almost certain that post was talking about Kendrick, not George Ezra
  8. Just starting a 2nd consecutive evening on site
  9. waltere

    Volunteering 2022

    Between noon and 10pm apparently
  10. I'm a long standing fan of a place called (I'm pretty sure) New Mexico Cantina, which in previous years has been at the corner of a crossroads in the markets by theatre and circus - hard to miss as it's decorated with a giant turquoise Native American-style birdhead
  11. Semi off topic, but it's baffling me that the Shelter camp isn't marked as crew camping in the colour scheme this year, especially when it's in the same place it has been, and marked as such, in previous years
  12. waltere


    Cor fucking blimey, that was a bit good
  13. waltere

    Volunteering 2022

    There's quite a lot of, understandably, unhappy people in the Shelter facebook group right now. I have to say it is very poor form to drop this with such comparatively short notice, especially since when everyone signed up/paid their deposits we were told London, Sheffield and Bristol, as it had been in the past.
  14. Using porn as an excuse to look at tractors, like the bizarro world version of Neil Parish 😂
  15. Happens quite a bit with smaller stages, e.g. The Rumshack not being marked on the 2019 map despite being there
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