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  1. The southeast corner is terrible. Not the areas, the venues or the lineups, but the fact that it's all cramped into that part of the site that's so small it needs an irritating one-way system. Those areas need to be moved and integrated into the main part of the festival grounds somehow, maybe in the dead centre, but with more space between them. I don't have any big idea how, but the entire layout needs to be scrapped and rethought. And if those horrible rocky roads could be tarmacked, my feet would be very grateful.
  2. So as it stands, Annie Mac is the biggest act playing that tent, and she's still big big.
  3. I've seen her twice at Bestival and I don't think that was the case on either occasion.
  4. According to the lineup page on eFests, she's playing. Surely some mistake, I thought. But it turns out she's doing a bunch of festival dates in June & July and has just released a new track. M.I.A. hasn't been announced for Glastonbury yet, as far as I can see, and Stonebridge seems a bit small for her. Anyone got any intel?
  5. Guys! I've just realised that all the names on the poster are an anagram of "I'm not saying the name but I'm close friends with a lady who organises workers for one of the charities. She has been instructed to put in the motion of cancelling all part time workers from tomorrow."
  6. The fact that Neil hasn't popped up to say he hasn't heard anything so far suggests that he's busy typing up the lineup.
  7. Or alternatively ignore me, because I was looking at the last-but-one version!
  8. You're correct. A comparison with a version from last month shows that they've made the news feed fonts much bigger, probably today as there haven't been any shots taken by the Internet Archive since then.
  9. Maybe it's a charity devoted to making people lick each other. It wouldn't be a good look this year.
  10. Sad to see no lady headliners on West Holts.
  11. Looking just at Pyramid lineups, the Friday in 2011 was the last time: U2, Morrissey, Biffy Clyro, BB King, Wu-Tang Clan, Two Door Cinema Club, Metronomy, Master Musicians of Joujouka (Metronomy are of course only 80% male.)
  12. I predict Scooter for Sunday night. They've announced a short Germany tour on the Fri & Sat nights either side of the 16th.
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