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  1. Plus 1 for David Byrne, and more realistically (he hopes) Robert Plant and Alison Krause. Sunset on the pyramid or headlining West Holts would be splendid.
  2. Fascinating stuff isn’t it. I am intrigued in the split between cost of sales and admin expenses. Reported in 2020 accounts for the 2019 festival, £45m income, £18m cost of sales and £28m administrative expenses. Total salaries for company employees are £1.2m. Wonder how they breakdown those cost buckets. Any accountants out there with insight? Edit: Been thinking about this - is the £18m cost of sales the fees to artists? If so how do you so,it by stage? The £28m is the cost of setting and up and showing?
  3. R Dean Taylor RIP. This was one of my favourite songs that were played at Northern Soul all nighters in the seventies that I loved. I wasn’t a massive dance fan (cos I was/am a shit dancer) but loved the experience. Only got to the Wigan casino once and I remember it to this day.
  4. agree with the above. Have been staying in Cockmill since 2009 with family, apart from a couple of solo years when I ventured elsewhere. It’s great for access to most places east/central but is a hike to Park/JP. However it is usually chocker on Wednesday afternoon as most of the central campsites are. Wickets is very good according to friends, loads of room, but as mentioned above it is a a way to the west. But as per the other thread about campsites the walk is not such a big deal as wherever you camp you will end up walking a long way during the festival.
  5. Yeah it seems right. The sun is shining, ground is dry. Also whilst it’s quiet, folks also looked bright eyed and bushy tailed. They have not yet acquired the ‘thousand yard stare’ following 2/3 nights of high-jinks 😂
  6. Agree with this. Thanks @stuartbert two hats for posting. God I can’t wait to get into these fields again……. when do we think these were filmed - Thursday morning 2019?
  7. I have had an alert on Twickets for Manchester where they are playing two nights. I have a seat ticket (only one I could get when they were on) and I wa going to try and buy a standing ticket on twickets to swap. But it all got too complicated so I gave up. But reason for saying is that the tickets seem to be be both digital and physical going by the tickets going on sale. The one I have from See is physical and I don’t have it yet. So I would recommend you stalking twickets as when the tickets are sent out the people who don’t want to go anymore can sell them. But they are going very fast. Twickets is a great reselling site and should be used instead of the other sites especially fucking viagogo.
  8. Excellent. Well here we go. 1. Wolf Alice 2. The Coral 3. Lucy Dacus 4. Elbow 5. Manchester Orchestra 6. Self Esteem 7. The Killers 8. Kacey Musgraves 9. War on Drugs 10. St. vincent
  9. Is this one still going? The date for completion was 22nd…… ?
  10. 1. Wolf Alice 2. The Coral 3. Lucy Dacus 4. Elbow 5. Self Esteem
  11. 1. Elbow - Flying Dreams 1 2. Red Rum Club - How To Steal The World sorry don’t have a 3 or 4 that can make the cut
  12. chuckles07

    fuck yeah

    Seconded. I have so missed this place. Happy Christmas everyone! ❤️
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