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  1. Yes, one more thanks. The writer has got a very good take specifically on Kanye but also on mental health matters. Wish there were more journalists with this intelligence and ability.
  2. chuckles07

    Taylor Swift

    I suppose I am one of those ‘more mature in terms of time’ types who have assumed that TS is not for them. Ignorance as opposed to not liking. Have to say since she was mentioned as a possible headliner on here I listened to her stuff for the first time. I liked the last album and some of the previous stuff, but it’s not something I would go back to time and again. However I think Folklore is brilliant. The National and Bon Iver influence with TS’s songwriting ability is outstanding, to my ear. I think it is part of the master plan to rope as many people as possible into her orbit. More power to her. If she can make music as varied as this from her previous ‘norm’ then I really look forward to what comes next. Top, top stuff. ps chalk one more for Exile. Beautiful.
  3. chuckles07

    How do you feel?

    Yeah I understand that.......I am on ‘placement’ as part of my learning and both agencies have stopped providing face to face, with limited remote counselling provided, and if so by qualified counsellor. It’s a bummer and from what I can find out might not change till end of September at earliest. But, sadly, I think there will be a huge requirement for counsellors in the near future so I know I will be busy eventually. Hope you get to do more of the things you get the most out of!
  4. chuckles07

    How do you feel?

    Congratulations, that is a great achievement.
  5. Updated to add my scores
  6. KendrickLamar 30 (+10) Dua Lipa - 49 Diana Ross 81
  7. chuckles07

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yeah just read an article on virgin media having big outages today. when it works it is great. 🙄 thanks for the link.
  8. chuckles07

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yeah I have it....the older version said 8pm but more important can’t see it on my telly scheduler.
  9. chuckles07

    BBC Glastonbury

    Ahh ok thanks. My scheduler just says Glastonbury 2020. No other info.
  10. chuckles07

    BBC Glastonbury

    Has anyone else seen that the Julian Temple film that I though was scheduled for 8pm tonight on BBC 4 seems to have disappeared from the schedules? Or is it just me and virgin media?
  11. chuckles07

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yes I am not completely hopeless but not that expert in these matters, and i seem to be in the process of downloading over a 100 videos ........ my laptop is going to explode at some point! am transferring to an external hard drive. Give it a go 🙂
  12. Kendrick Lamar 45 Dua Lipa - 25 (-10) Diana Ross - 90
  13. Well sorry to disagree but Neil Young was brilliant. First Glastonbury festival, first headliner. Perfectomondo. edit : I am a big Doves fan and regret not seeing them but it’s Glastonbury and one learns that you miss out on loads of great stuff.......
  14. About 17 I reckon since 2009. There are a lot not on there me thinks.
  15. I needed that. Its beautiful.......top top bloke!
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