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  1. Is this real...... please Let It Be...........
  2. The Glastonbury Park set this year was my favourite of the weekend. Outstanding. The new album is brilliant. I would love to see him sub the Pyramid, he has got such a great back catalogue to play as the sun goes down. He has got the tunes and the charisma to absolutely smash it. Missed out on the Manchester tickets, there are none on resale sites either. He is getting a big reputation, and a much broader appreciation in ‘normal’ people. * * ie people who Don’t post here
  3. Second this very much. Been there, with Oxfam, for last 2 years. Will be there next year god willing. Would add that the crowd are fantastic. They like to party big time, but the ‘nob’ contingent is very very low, makes for a fun time. Very similar to The G.
  4. chuckles07

    2020 headliners

    Will have to include WV in the assessment as well. If more coach tickets then more likely that people want WV?
  5. I’m with you there. They are foregoing the ‘open arms’ and ‘beautiful day’ singathongs for something more subtle. Going back to the beginning. I like.
  6. chuckles07

    Diana Ross

    Is this is the best legend (other than Leonard Cohen) ever? I think it probably is...….
  7. What do’esnt kill you makes you pretty poorly
  8. Good news....Did you get a ticket or will you be in the shop?
  9. This! We had 4 groups. 3 got tickets, 17 in total. Absolute WhatsApp carnage. We had some real space cadets in the group that did nothing but cause disruption. One person got in twice, on her phone. I didn’t get a sniff. But see you on the farm in June. And those that haven’t yet been successful, keep the faith. Resales ahoy. You can do it.
  10. chuckles07

    Good Luck ALL !

    All the best to all efesters. You are a a remarkable bunch of nutcases. I love it 🙂 See you on the other side....
  11. O/14. Have always got coach tickets albeit haven’t gone for the same amount. Not a good feeling. Sunday will be soo hard. But we all have an equal chance. We can do this!
  12. Ditto. I am thinking it’s now the plan for one device, one browser, one screen. Steady refresh...... sunday is is going to be a tad challenging.....😕
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