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  1. About 12 people trying for 4 tickets that missed out n Oct. One person got in but as a newbie who was ill prepared (how can you be prepared before that first experience ?), so didn’t get to the payment page in time. Absolutely gutting. Will be toasting absent friends in June……..
  2. Another Tidal user - very happy with the service. I have a 750 song playlist (basically all my favourite songs from last 30 odd years) and it streams fine in the car. And the gym. Highly recommend the service. And converting playlists from Spotify (or wherever) to Tidal is straightforward with tunemymusic.com.
  3. I saw a few more of his songs and they were all very good, however as you say SoL was indeed a beautiful thing to witness…..
  4. And we go again - 11 and counting. See you in the fields of Pilton.
  5. Bath and West Campervan places available to buy
  6. @gooner1990you are famous - in Rolling Stone now! The update comes via eFestivals, which has a solid track record for reporting rumoured Glastonbury line-ups and when the full bill can be expected. (Click the efests link). https://www.rollingstone.co.uk/music/news/get-ready-the-glastonbury-line-up-is-coming-very-soon-37410/
  7. chuckles07

    2024 Headliners

    Yes this. Also at Latitude main stage you often have loads of young kids (which is cool) but when they are lifted onto dad’s/uncle Jim’s shoulders and several of them stand in a line it is really, really bloody annoying when you are behind them. And you can be a long way behind them and still not see the stage. This is worse than pmild flags by some length.
  8. chuckles07


    There are dozens’s of tractors. Can’t remember anything like this before….
  9. Yeah i have been searched as well when going in. TBF it was cursory and usually done with a laugh. The security guys had f**k all else to do the day before the public arrive. Boomtown does have a drugs rep to manage so i can understand why volunteers and workers are searched - it could be an easy way for dealers to get their product on site.
  10. No probs. Yes as @Leyrulionsaid above most Oxfam festivals apart from G have positions in the stage area. Boomtown is similar to G in that there isn’t an arena that is separate to camping. Once you are in your are in and its much better for that. So even if you are on a campsite position you are often able to be part of some type of entertainment.
  11. Boomtown is usually still available well into the summer. I think it’s one of the bigger Oxfam crews in the summer (excepting G of course) and has a lot of younger volunteer first timers. Having done ‘19, ‘22 and ‘23 I can heartily recommend it. As an older member of this parish it’s not my kind of festival with its focus on dance and electronic music but i love working it. It’s a cliche but imagine the SE corner but bigger with not much else. People attending on the whole are great albeit if you work in downtown/stage areas you will spend a lot of time escorting spangled punters to the welfare tent 😀.
  12. Yep agreed. Not sure about that last bit though….. “The warm weather contributed to an increased number of people bringing chairs and blankets to sit down and view artists, particularly on the Pyramid stage. This has an impact on crowd densities and capacities of venues and may increase people’s perception that the venue is overcrowded. Although there was an audio message to remove/pack up chairs from the field, this had very little impact on the crowd. Glastonbury should develop a procedure for the use of chairs in high-capacity crowds and how this is communicated to the public.”
  13. I think the issue is not just at the front near the pyramid, it really impacts crowd movement up the hill, it reinforces the ‘outer crust’ that builds up on most crowds. There are gaps further in the field but you cannot get through the ring of aluminium chairs, trolleys and blankets. It was really, really bad for EJ albeit that was an extra large crowd. It’s still an issue to manage. I think that they need to inform people about it before hand and when necessary request people to pack up the chairs and blankets. Can’t be that difficult. Individuals with mobility issues are not the problem, it’s the gang of 10 people in a line……..
  14. chuckles07

    The Killers

    I suspect that quite a few are bought by touts hoping to sell them on at a profit? I also suspect that they might lose out. Hopefully.
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