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  1. My partner's employer does something similar- he is not high risk but they pay for him to get it anyway.
  2. Yeah I obviously wouldn't want to take one in that situation. But I have no idea how this stuff works really.
  3. Yeah you're probably right. Partly thinking of long Covid, which I really don't want, but also thinking that if immunity is only partial or temporary than the more of us that have it the better. As I say though it's a way down the line, just thinking "out loud" really.
  4. Ha no. I'd like everyone to get it for free that needs it. But just thinking that as someone who could afford it I would be happy to pay for it.
  5. I suppose it also depends how long it lasts and whether it just reduces the severity of the disease. As then it probably wouldn't be worth it unless in the vulnerable categories.
  6. Yeah agreed, was thinking longer term. To be clear, I'm not at all suggesting there should just be access for everyone who could afford it. I want to see vulnerable people and heath workers get it ahead of everyone else. But as with other optional vaccines just wondering if you might be able to get it even if it's not deemed essential for you to do so, if you see what I mean, a way down the line.
  7. Do we think there might be some kind of situation after the initial rollout where you can pay to get the vaccine if not in a priority group? Is that how the flu vaccine works? I'd be happy to pay quite a bit for it, just as I have in the past with various travel vaccines. Rabies costs an arm and a leg for example.
  8. I would but I don't think I could manage to get to bed that early... Will see how I go. I've tried to keep the day after as free as possible to give myself a bit of leeway!
  9. I'm planning to stay up as long as I can but doubt very much I will make the whole night!
  10. I personally couldn't care less about Christmas and we have small gatherings anyway, but I don't think you can really compare to VE Day and Easter as the weather was very much on our side then. Can't see many people doing outdoor Christmas stuff.
  11. I agree. But the fact that they are upset about it does make me feel a bit uncomfortable about those scenes personally. She was one of the heroes of the film and came across like a lovely woman.
  12. Yeah I know. All a bit weird really.
  13. Sorry should add a link really: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/borat-2-holocaust-survivor-judith-dim-evans-sacha-baron-cohen-b1042505.html
  14. Well she is dead, but her family are, yeah. They are saying that she was told it was a serious documentary and was misled.
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