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  1. I think this is a really key point. I've never hit it as hard as some of you drugs wise but when I was in my early 20s I was drinking pretty heavily most weekends and with the active intention of getting wasted. I would frequently have whole chunks of the night I couldn't remember and I often couldn't remember how I got home. Did a lot of really stupid shit I'm not proud of. But looking back there were underlying things in my life that I was not happy about and getting out of it was my way of getting away from them. I'm in a much better place now and yes I probably do still drink too much but I never go out wanting to get completely off my face any more. I thought that was just normal, that was just what people did, but I don't think it is that normal really. That's just what I was telling myself.
  2. Great post. I think there is so much truth in that.
  3. Yeah it's starting to get me too... the last couple of years I've wondered if my time might be up soon on occasion but after this year I was just so unbelievably sad it was over. Have struggled to watch much on TV or come here much in July. Actual tears on the Monday morning. I guess my time is far from up. It does get harder though as old friends drop out and life changes. But for the foreseeable I can't see me not trying for tickets. Having missed one year I know I can survive missing one if needs be, but to not even attempt it when you never know when your last might be? Not there yet.
  4. Yeah same, aside from the odd bit of weed. Knocked the harder stuff on the head around 2014 and have stuck to drink and the occasional toke. If anything it improves my experience (and I don't go out of my way to get wasted on drink any more either). But then I often didn't enjoy taking drugs at Glastonbury as I tended to find it overwhelming... There were one or two magical occasions mind. But not having that come down and being able to enjoy the day time more is a great payoff.
  5. I can beat that. Went to V96 (albeit not allowed to camp as I was only 13 and we lived up the road) and am now 36. So I've been festivalling for 23 years. Well and truly got the bug at V96: Pulp headlined and it was magical. Went to that for three years and my first Reading in 2000 I think. There were a couple of dark years in the early 2000s when I was just too skint to go to a proper festival but I never lost that initial love for them.
  6. Yeah, the easiest thing is to just book a single coach ticket if you're worried about return times. You were lucky doing that with National Express in 2017, though - they checked ours very thoroughly going to London this year.
  7. Zoo Music Girl

    2020 headliners

    Well, they were booked to headline Other stage this year by all accounts, so...
  8. To be honest I like camping at the festival anyway and the cost of hiring one is pretty terrifying. Great if you buy one and use it all year round of course, but we never would. The only thing really that appeals to me about the whole caravan thing is getting there on the Tuesday, but not enough to fork out for it. And cheers! I think it might be groups of six for coach as well actually but not sure? Obviously you'd need to sort your mates out first.
  9. Fucking hell. Really shocked by this. Got to be a shoo-in for next year you'd have thought.
  10. I manage to bring a camping chair on the coach, but only bring spirits which helps a lot. I'm lucky enough to be able to afford to buy food and a few drinks at the festival every day. But honestly getting the coach is great for sharpening the mind and packing light. I honestly don't know how people can be arsed to make multiple trips to those car parks.
  11. And of course it goes both ways! No idea who is going out of my mates yet, but if I can on Sunday I will definitely help people here
  12. Yeah, fair enough - I'm also self-employed so I know how precious days off are!
  13. If any of you non-coachers fancy lending a helping hand on the Thursday that would be so much appreciated! Will take us out of the equation on the Sunday too...
  14. Just wondering about the possibility of getting coach tickets and picking up the camper van later once you're wristbanded. You could drive it down to somewhere near the site? Probably not possible though? I've never been to the campervan fields so don't really know how it works.
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