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  1. I don't think it was just London, but it certainly wasn't widespread. My point is that it was allowed (socially distanced), but most venues can't afford to do gigs that way. Edit to add: obviously it wasn't allowed in places that were under tighter tier restrictions so in some places it probably never happened at all. Our friends near Manchester had tickets for a socially distanced gig that got cancelled at some point due to changing restrictions but it was going to go ahead at some point.
  2. Ha I'm sure that will come up, but pubs might well be open in May. It wouldn't really be the equivalent of sitting in a pub for hours, though, more like popping in and out to buy a takeaway pint.
  3. Have never come within 2 metres of anyone at my local polling centre, except for maybe at the desk when signing in. Could all be masked though and would feel safer than the supermarket I reckon, especially with numbers down a lot by then. Local elections in particular don't exactly have a major turnout!
  4. That sounds more likely. And if it's the latter I doubt very much that anything will be announced as it will be the status quo. Can't see them saying anything like it's definitely going ahead at this stage. I can sadly see the opposite scenario, but hope not!
  5. To be fair we had that for quite a while and it was still eventful: two wars for one thing. I take your broader point, though.
  6. I'm reading that now. Have been terrible at reading this past year so progress is slow, but it's quite eye-opening! His book about 9/11 is great too. TV series based on it was also alright.
  7. Ha just came here to post this! Bloody love Nigella.
  8. Guys, she's not going to fuck you. Not in that way anyway.
  9. Is she trying to distance herself for a leadership bid? May God have mercy on us all.
  10. Yeah there was quite a lot of stuff going on like that, most of it outdoors but not all of it. A lot of venues can't afford to put on socially distanced shows so that meant many didn't attempt it, but live music and comedy did happen last year.
  11. Yeah. Not loads and loads, and they were socially distanced, but there were small comedy gigs, big outdoor gigs etc. Main one I can think of was the Hot Chip Margate gig - I watched online but you could buy tickets to attend as a socially distanced punter. The Jazz Cafe IN Camden and Ronnie Scott's in Soho were both open for socially distanced gigs. I didn't go to any of them as I didn't feel it was wise personally. But they were happening. My point is just that if they can do events with restrictions last summer then I can't see why they wouldn't this summer.
  12. None left but would upvote this! Great post.
  13. We had gigs in summer and autumn 2020, so can't see why we wouldn't this year with the vaccines added to the mix. They might be socially distanced, though, at least to being with. And open air definitely seems more likely to happen.
  14. Yeah agree with this. That's much more where I'm thinking at the moment. We have a couple of fully cancellable UK breaks booked in with family and friends now - if they go ahead I'll be delighted and it will be a big step up on last year.
  15. Yeah I can see some precautions coming in for next winter. Summer I'm less sure about. I think the government will just want to open everything up as much as possible. There was also a big difference between summer and winter last year in terms of restrictions. I'm just talking generally rather than about Glastonbury (as I don't have a ticket it's lower on my wish list than others!). But if pushed I think it's unlikely given that they will have to make a decision quite soon and it is early in the season. Hope I'm wrong, though.
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