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  1. Thinking about it, could Hopkins sub Other? They occasionally have dance acts in that slot (LCD and Hot Chip I think?).
  2. Ooh I hadn't heard that. Does that make Jon Hopkins less likely as a John Peel headliner then? Two dance headliners in one fest... massively clutching but I want some say to see Hopkins and Hot Chip. And Orbital!
  3. Excited for both over here Will possibly watch Janet, Miley and Sheryl too but that's very clash dependent. Janet is the most likely to sway me of those three from a curiosity point of view.
  4. I've just signed it, thanks for posting. Will share around too. Seriously thinking about going to the march, but not sure what it will achieve at this point
  5. Just seems a weird hill to die on. Like you've made your point and you've every right to. You just want to keep on making it though, which suggests a level of anger or passion on this particular subject. Maybe you're just bored, though, I don't know.
  6. Genuine question: why are you so angry about this? It's been days of you arguing the same points now. Why does it make you so mad? Loads of bands I don't want to see at the festival. Fine innit. Your choice whether to go or not.
  7. I appreciated the explanation for what it's worth. Kind of along the lines of what I guessed had happened.
  8. Surely it's Macca. If it's true he turned down this year because of his US commitments, maybe he gave them next year instead.
  9. Yeah I agree. I have no idea what people are talking about and yet it gets brought up all the time in cryptic posts.
  10. Genuinely curious - something very big like who? And where would they go on the line-up?
  11. Sunday is looking like a clash nightmare! As is Hopkins vs Hot Chip. We still don't know what stage Hopkins is in, though, do we? Friday, however, seems sparse.
  12. Obviously it's the place to spout negative opinion (as I myself have done), but was referring more to the cries of tokenism etc.
  13. 100% this. This thread is taking a bit of an unpleasant turn tbh.
  14. I'm okay with the line-up but Iggy Pop would massively elevate it for me.
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