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  1. I usually take half and half although I always worry about losing cash so would prefer not to really. I always used to at Glasto because not everyone took card but I'd happily go card all the way. At least you can cancel it if it gets nicked.
  2. Cheers! That does sound a bit like a way to scam money off people to be fair.
  3. That sounds like a nightmare! Hope things have improved. I wouldn't be keen on the phone option simply because my phone is pretty old and doesn't keep its charge very well. I wouldn't want to rely on it to be able to buy a drink!
  4. So according to the Camp Kin organisers it will be the only way to pay at any of the stalls or bars so hopefully that won't be an issue. Hopefully they won't have the same issues with refunds!
  5. How did you find it? I can't really see a downside if the tech works well.
  6. Camp Kin is doing wristbands that you pre-load with money. That's the only way to pay for anything on site there as far as I'm aware. Will be interesting to see how it works. Will be nice not to worry about losing my cash at least! They're also giving you a free fiver to spend at the bar for every £50 you load before the event, up to £200, so I'm a few drinks up. You get refunded anything you didn't spend after the event. I wonder if more places will do this kind of thing in future.
  7. The women's weightlifting yesterday was bloody great. It was really emotional in places! So far I've enjoyed that, the gymnastics and skateboarding the most. The surfing was fun too, what I saw of it.
  8. This perfectly summarises what I've been enjoying about the Olympics this year. Feels so needed to get swept up in something positive.
  9. Actually gutted to hear about Joey. I was a bit of a Slipknot fan back in the early 00s and saw them a few times. They were such a fun live band. Such happy memories of seeing them with my best mate, who is also sadly no longer with us. She had a bit of a thing for Joey for a brief time.
  10. I've surprised myself by really enjoying the Olympics this year. We've been watching some highlights packages and it's all been pretty uplifting and exciting stuff. Really enjoyed seeing the British golds but the triathlon and skateboarding have been great too.
  11. Thankfully I'm so uncool that this thread is the first time I've heard of Avi Buffalo!
  12. I've read this whole thread from start to finish today (don't know how I missed it at the time). Do I win something?
  13. Ah nasty! Sounds like you got the most out of the time you had anyway.
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