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  1. This day is turning out to be as disappointing as I feared.
  2. Cheers! Going to have to look into this.
  3. Cheers! I have Monzo and Revolut, just never really use them! Will be doing this.
  4. Yeah that's what I was thinking re pickpockets. Do Revolut cards not charge you then? I do have one but never use it.
  5. Question for the UK attendees – what do you normally do for cash/cards at the festival? I'm assuming most bars etc take cards but do you get charged for using a different currency? Been a while since I've paid for anything with a card abroad. Is cash a better bet?
  6. Missed that one last week. Desperate stuff.
  7. Did Johnson seriously make a fat joke?!
  8. Ugh don't think Keir is cutting it today. Really desperate for someone to just call Boris a c**t (I know they can't).
  9. I'm excited! I know I'll be disappointed but let me have this delusion for an hour or two that something will actually happen today. Also I have the day off and it's PMQs.
  10. Yeah I've done that in the past but mine is Labour and has been pretty vocal about Boris being shit in the past. Can't hurt though I guess.
  11. I've been wondering about this. Aside from the Boris lookalikes the other day, is there not any kind of protest planned? There was when he prorogued Parliament as I went to it.
  12. Same for me. I've done it four times and every time they give tickets to the lead booker, but it could be at any point in the journey.
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