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  1. Yeah this is 100% orchestrated.
  2. Oh missed that. Can't say I'm surprised from what I've seen round here...
  3. They've done it again: give them some football news, that'll shut the plebs up. Meanwhile just seen a news story about overcrowding on trains to Bournemouth...
  4. Songs for Dominic on Twitter just properly cheered me up
  5. Nope. No Peston or Kuennsberg either. Actually was there anyone from Beeb or ITV? Totally forgot about the alert level. It's a really good point that we haven't gone down to the point Boris said it would before easing. So that was a load of bollocks then.
  6. He was quick to defend Cummings though. Clearly doesn't want to scupper his career trajectory.
  7. Is it me or do they frequently say the graphs are going down when they are clearly ticking up at the end? Most noticeable on case numbers.
  8. Just heard a health expert on the radio heavily warning against barbecues... sadly I think Boris has ensured there will be plenty.
  9. I guess it varies by area but the parks round here have been full of groups bigger than six for weeks.
  10. Yeah in reality you're right - people have been doing what the fuck they like for ages. I was wondering what my neighbour (who has had multiple guests since the very start and is out there banging a pan without fail every Thursday) thought when she saw that she was now allowed to do something she has done for weeks. Must be odd.
  11. I was thinking this. It's pretty reckless when you think about it. BBC radio news bulletins at the moment are leading with Vallance warning that people still need to follow the rules as lockdown eases, but can't see this on the BBC main website anywhere. Was that today or from last night? Just wondering if he has subsequently said something else since the presser.
  12. Also the paper that Boris used to edit!
  13. That would be good. Yeah no ill will of course, the Evening Session was a big part of my childhood, but his show now is so dull and past it.
  14. Yeah same, but I wouldn't have thought "I'm a big smoker" equates to "I need two months off". But maybe it does. Have not missed him!
  15. Haha I thought this too! Do we know why he was off? At risk?
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