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  1. God it just seems so dystopian.
  2. The heat I guess? The fact that no one is checking up (or really able to)? What frustrated me the most yesterday was that most of those people had masks on, just wore them around their chin or only over their mouth so making them pointless. Would rather they just didn't bother. But I suppose it's there on the offchance you get called out. Should add that I've only got the tube a handful of times since March but have found the compliance really bad.
  3. Yeah I've always liked the DLR, but living in west London it has very limited use to me currently sadly! We travelled around 5 to 6pm yesterday so it was nominally rush hour. Nothing like as busy as normal as everyone had a seat (unheard of on Central Line for that distance!). But as I say mask take up was really shit, so I'm going to avoid it as much as possible. It's my usual route to the office so when I do go back I think I'll have a rethink...
  4. Shocker! If there's a bad take he will bite your hand off to make it... In other news, bit of a grim lead on BBC today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53638083 Basically unless test and trace improves massively, schools will result in a resurgence. Chances of test and trace improving by that much?
  5. We ate out to help out by mistake last night. Met a friend in town and after an hour or so of wandering about and getting hungry, we decided to just do it. Was okay. Franca Manca, sat by the door. I don't see how you're supposed to maintain any distance from the person you're meeting outside your household though? That was pretty impossible. It was nice to eat proper food we hadn't prepared ourselves for the first time since March, but I did find it quite hard to relax so won't be making a big habit of it just yet to be honest. Still not keen on the idea of indoor pubs, but warming up to a beer garden in the countryside in a few weeks' time!
  6. Ah interesting. Thanks! I actually only gave the line-up a very cursory glance at the time as was so sure by then it wasn't happening!
  7. I presume a fair chunk will roll over? We don't get the full line-up much before that anyway do we? Of course there may be a lot fewer US bands, which might mean a full change of headliners. No idea if Macca will stick around. I'm currently ticketless so line-up is low down on my priority list personally! Not really followed it thus far. What are people's thoughts on how much of it will get rebooked? Blue Dot for example has said most of theirs will be the same (I know a much smaller affair).
  8. I think it varies a lot from line to line and time of day from what others have said. I hate the central line anyway as it's so airless and cramped. Got the H and C on the way back and was so much better. Not enough people on it to really judge about mask wearing but it's just a lot more spacious anyway. Going to avoid the proper deep lines for a bit I think.
  9. Really? Would love to see that. The ventilation on the deeper lines has always felt proper shit.
  10. Personally I don't think there is anything to freak out about. Next year is uncertain. We all know that. Doesn't mean that it won't happen and hopefully it will, but he'd be foolish to say he was certain at this point I think.
  11. As far as I understand it, a support bubble counts as your household. So yes I think so. Depressing being on the central line for only the third time since March earlier today. About 50% of people in our busy carriage were wearing masks properly (i.e. over both nose and mouth, not just hanging under chin). Made us feel really uncomfortable.
  12. This is what is says on the website currently: However just as we were due to have a resale in April for the 2020 Festival, any tickets for which the deposit is returned before 15th September 2020 will be made available in a ticket sale in early October. To book tickets in any sale you will first need to be registered. Of course this is, like everything, subject to change. They haven't set a date for that sale yet so could easily scrap it. Equally it's only putting down a deposit like everyone else so there's not much to lose.
  13. What do you mean? No October sale? They've suggested there will be one at the moment.
  14. Cool thanks guys. I guess it's conceivable that they are waiting to see how many returns they get before they decide even have the resale? I.e. in the unlikely event of no cancellations at all they might not bother. If the cancellation date is the 15th September that doesn't leave long to announce the sale. But I suppose that only benefits the hard-core among us.
  15. After reading that cancellation above I was thinking about the October resale as well. I guess there isn't much to lose in holding it if people know there is no guarantee of anything at this stage? It seems that Cumbria festival is partly cancelling because it can't raise the funds far enough out, but as ticket money is in hand Glastonbury won't have that particular issue. And selling more tickets in October would surely only help further. What makes me a little nervous is that we are about two months out from the resale but they've given no date
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