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  1. Zoo Music Girl


    I actually saw a fair chunk of Pumpkins after hotfooting it round post Cave. Wouldn't have missed that Cave gig for the world though - still up there for me and a real statement of intent for the performances to come.
  2. Zoo Music Girl

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    Thanks D-Low. Appreciate that I know there will be so many memories but it does seem a fitting sendoff to revisit them there. And good to hear about Green Man! Everything I've seen looks lovely. Thank you! And to you
  3. Zoo Music Girl


    This is good to hear - I'd quite like to grab some cheap tickets nearer the time if possible...
  4. Zoo Music Girl

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Cool! Graham Dunning is well worth a look, and CHARISMATIC MEGAFAUNA sound fun.
  5. Zoo Music Girl

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    The Vanbrugh is a nice pub! Ended up there randomly for lunch a few years back. This is kind of where I'm at - having finally experienced the horror of completely missing out on tickets in 2016, I now don't take for granted that I'll be going... not that I ever fully took it for granted but always assumed that somehow I just would. It's been a rough few months for me - moving house, which has been hugely stressful, and I lost a very dear friend just two months ago, someone who I shared four Glastonburys with. For that reason, I really, really, really want to go next year - to relive some special memories, maybe have a little emotional moment. It will be tough, but the good kind of tough. Really hope I can get a ticket. But actually my brain is so frazzled right now that I'm sort of glad it's not this year actually. Going to my first Green Man this year, which should be good. New festival, new site, new experiences. It won't be Glasto by any stretch, but it will be nice to try something new. Once this week is over, the T-day countdown fully begins... and then the endless speculation!
  6. Zoo Music Girl


    That's a good point, but I could see them headlining Other as an outside chance.
  7. Zoo Music Girl

    Talking Heads

    Had a feeling you might say all of that with regards Glasto Ah well. As a first-timer to his live shows, as I say, I was hugely impressed.
  8. Zoo Music Girl


    Dunno, same reason they only subbed Other stage in 2013 I guess.
  9. Zoo Music Girl


    Maybe not to you 😛 I'd be grinning ear to ear mate.
  10. Zoo Music Girl


    I wanted to revive that old chestnut, Nick Cave vs Smashing Pumpkins from the run-up to 2013, but sadly it's been archived... are these a possibility for a return do we think? I'd love to see them in October, Corgan's general knobbishness aside, but the tickets are insanely expensive and it's Wembley and it's midweek... Nick Cave vs Pumpkins mark 2 in 2019? Would be quite something. OR Pumpkins subbing to Cave. Now we're talking.
  11. Zoo Music Girl

    Talking Heads

    So anyone else go David Byrne in London last night? Thought it was bloody brilliant - Byrne's performance flawless, so many Talking Heads songs thrown into the mix, "Lazy" getting an outing... and that's before you factor in the amazing band, choreography, costumes, lighting, set etc. Really can't praise it enough and I'm not even a huge fan. One of the few gigs I've been to lately where the audience was completely rapt throughout as well, no one was talking and everyone was into it. Five stars all round. I know he's touring again in October which is still a way off June, but any chance of an appearance at next year's fest? West Holts seems ideal to me.
  12. Zoo Music Girl

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    I'd like to know this - I'm sure it must have been hotter on the Wednesday of 2017, but that would of course push the average up over the course of the weekend. 2010 was more consistent. Holy hell, this thread is giving me the fear already and T-day is a long way off. I've been so bad at getting tickets in the last few years, despite trying my arse off (I suspect it's because we are no longer in a large group).
  13. Zoo Music Girl

    Nick Cave

    That seems romantic. Well, I guess if it's meant to be it's meant to be. But best be as open as you can about your feelings I reckon. Good luck!
  14. Zoo Music Girl

    Nick Cave

    Life's too short mate. If you love her and she loves you, go for it. Tell her how you feel, don't let it wither and die. Some things are worth fighting for. And tell us how you get on.
  15. Zoo Music Girl

    Nick Cave

    Very good point on the Kylie front. What a smooth move from Mr Cave. Glad the consensus here was positive, although I never doubted it would be. I think I was a bit in front when the cat was being held out the window as could see something was going on and everyone started going mental.