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  1. That is a good hack!! Keep em coming
  2. Really quite tempted by this Cincinatti thing... however we have still not had the High Violet thing confirmed yet have we? Will the full line-up be announced next week do you think?
  3. It's very tempting! Still a lot of money though...
  4. Cool thanks for the info! I of course knew that they are from Cincinatti but good to know a bit more about the project. And I've never been to the States even so would be a cool reason to go and explore a different city for a few days either side. Having failed at Glasto tickets I am considering all options! How did it work last time with the Music Now stuff at other venues? Did you get access to those with the ticket or did you have to pay separately for everything?
  5. Not been here in ages but some chat on the Primavera thread that this means High Violet in full at Homecoming: I doubt that will come to Europe but my god I would love to see it. Seriously considering going to the festival in Cincinatti since I've no other holidays/festivals planned and making a trip out of it. @fightoffyour did you say you went in 2018 or did I get the wrong end of the stick?
  6. Oh wow. High Violet is my favourite of their albums, I've not been keen on the new stuff. As you say seems unlikely they will do it beyond Cincinatti but it would be incredible.
  7. RATS. Bollocks anyway. Congrats to those successful (surely someone here must have been!)
  8. Surprised this thread hasn't been going crazy! Said they'd reveal the winners this week, didn't they?
  9. Managed to get on the Wi-Fi from my hols to buy myself a standing ticket but bloody hell that is expensive! My partner bailed as a result. He likes Cave but not that much...
  10. Thanks for the tip! Sounds a good one
  11. Why do you say that? Thought he was nailed on for Glasto when I saw them.
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