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  1. I 100% think this would happen. Have you ever had tickets for an event a few months ahead that was cancelled rather than postponed? They give you a refund and then when the date is set you have to get tickets again. This happened to me with Bon Iver. But other gigs I've been to have been postponed and they give you the option to get a refund if you can't make it/no longer want to go. In the case of Glastonbury I definitely think it would be a cancellation and you'd all get a refund. And I'm not just saying this as one of the ticketless, I would be really surprised if they just expected everyone to roll over to next time.
  2. Thanks! Will let you know what I decide
  3. Also @Charm definitely still happy to team up on coaches but do feel free to accept someone else's offer if they come in first. We are dithering and don't want to get in the way of your plans!
  4. Hi guys, just to let you know I've made the tricky decision to leave the spreadsheet. I might still try the resale, but I'm dithering at the moment and I don't think I should be a part of this unless I'm fully committed! I also didn't have any helpers to bring to the table so probably won't be a massive loss to anyone! Hoping @bloom92 can be teamed up with someone else in the meantime. Just seemed fairer to pull out now than to have a last minute wobble and fuck everyone up. Still wish you all the very best of luck though!
  5. Awesome! I was Freddie at a hen do once and it was brilliant. Tache and all.
  6. That actually sounds awesome to be honest.
  7. Yeah totally understand that. One a month is my limit! Heartily recommend Green Man, though, if it ever does become a possibility.
  8. Blue Dot has a bit more of an electronic/dance focus musically, which is right up our street but probably not for everyone. Would highly recommend it though, although I've only been once for its first year. Green Man is wonderful too, but line-up just didn't do it for me this year. Best of luck with your applications!
  9. Think we are going to do Blue Dot again. Did it in 2016 when we missed out on Glasto and it was a lovely fest, really amazing setting and nice and small and friendly. Really liked having the variety of the science talks etc too. The line-up is cracking this year so definitely tempted back. Will probably still try the resale (although harder to justify the expense) but I think I'd feel better about not having Glasto tickets if I sort myself something fun to look forward to.
  10. I completely get where Beerqueen is coming from as I don't want to work it either. I would have done when I was younger and nearly did one year before getting a resale ticket, but that was back when I had to go no matter what. I've skipped a year since then and now know that I would rather do another festival as a punter than work it. Total respect for people who do and I'm sure it would be fun and great to give something back. But my partner and I get limited holidays and we want to chill out together for a few days (and festivals always exhaust me even without working these days). I would never go to IoW because the line-up is not to my taste, but have been looking for alternatives this year as the truth is I'd rather go to another festival as a customer than work Glastonbury. Blue Dot line-up is super tempting so I think I might go to that regardless and the leave the resale in the lap of the gods... I think Beerqueen is right that chances in the resale alone are slim, but I've accepted that I think. I know I could probably get in somehow if I worked, but think I'll leave that to someone else and focus my efforts on having wonderful time elsewhere. There are some other great festivals out there, smaller ones especially.
  11. Love it when people make the argument that women should get there on merit alone, as if all the male acts are there on merit. I mean, have you actually heard some of these guys? Edit to say that I do believe all the female acts mentioned are absolutely there on merit. I'm just far from convinced the reverse is true!
  12. Would be lush. We went to see their Race for Space prom last summer actually, which was performed that way, so it's not that long ago... they did the album from start to finish. It was great, but the acoustics of the Royal Albert Hall meant you couldn't really hear the samples at the top where we were, which was a real shame.
  13. That would be awesome if PSB did it. But it's quite a while since their space album now (they were performing tracks from it at the 2016 festival).
  14. Yeah I did wonder that, but the fact they'd updated the date made me second-guess it. You're probably right, though.
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