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  1. £65 for a hoodie at LCD! Nah you're alright mate.
  2. Oh man I would have been gutted to miss that! We had it Tuesday and it's my absolute favourite.
  3. Sorry to hear this. Tuesday was great and we had a lot of fun but felt insanely hot and busy in there. Took a while to get into it as a result. Hope everyone enjoys the shows this weekend!
  4. Also holding out for this! Never seems to sell out.
  5. I used to think this but had no joy at all for coaches in 2017 and 2019.
  6. Still hoping for cheap tickets for Cave as cba forking out for it...
  7. I'll look at the lineups but I've loved Green Man and Blue Dot in the past. Have always fancied EOTR. I did Primavera this year when we didn't get Glasto tickets but I really didn't rate it despite the music being great. Worked out very expensive too.
  8. Yeah it is really annoying after the sale to have loads of people tell you you just didn't try hard enough/want it enough. Usually those people haven't had the experience of missing out themselves yet...
  9. Being in multiple groups isn't a good idea as if one of those groups get through and then another group tries with a registration number that's already been successful it will block the whole transaction. Sure you know that but in case anyone doesn't! No harm in getting other people to try for your group when they're done but definitely don't have one number in more than one group. It's happened to us before unknowingly- someone was in two groups and fucked us over. I've been lucky every year bar three, one of them being this year. I've tried just as hard every time. It's luck of the draw. That said most people seem to manage the resale and I've been lucky in that before. So I'd say the determination helps you hang on until then if you can.
  10. Yeah given how it was for me no way I could do a festival. But the risk of getting it there wouldn't stop me.
  11. I'm on this too! Can't vote as didn't go this year, but it wouldn't put me off. Had covid in March and it was horrible but I still went to Primavera and am back at gigs. I do wonder what will happen with it by this time next year though. Perhaps paying for boosters for non-vulnerable people will be a thing.
  12. I arrive Wednesday but opt to camp in Bushy these days and there's still a decent amount of space by Thursday. I think Pylon will too. It's a long walk to the SE corner but I like it there because it's quiet at night and there's usually a fair bit of space. In past years loos have been good (didn't go this year) and it's very handy for the coach park but don't know about car parks. I could never sleep properly when we camped in Park Home so having somewhere I can sleep has been a revelation.
  13. Yeah fair enough. That's actually kind of my situation really: I try ever year and three times I didn't get tickets in the main sale. First of those I got a ticket in the resale and second two I decided not to bother. I think there will come a point when most people don't get lucky in the main sale and have to make that decision but for some people it seems to take a lot longer!
  14. Yeah it's not a great idea to wait for a crisis to happen before taking steps to prevent it! I'm old enough to remember Roskilde and I'm sure festivals made a lot of changes in the wake of it.
  15. I don't think anyone is saying it was like Astroworld. Just that you'd think given that crowd management would be front of mind.
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