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  1. The title of the thread sounds like a click bait article telling me I might be entitled to compensation.
  2. It's like opening a bottle of fizzy drink that you have dropped, open it to quickly and you are fucked. Opening it and close it a few times you can get it open without it going everywhere.
  3. Yes, also they give staff a paid day leave for there child’s first day of a new school.
  4. Timpsons is an outstanding company with some great corporate responsibility.
  5. Italy's cases look like they are starting to level off, only 10% increase today, lowest percentage increase for a month.
  6. They are about £20 you can have mine PM me your address and I’ll get it out this week. this is mine
  7. Is that yours? If so you will be best getting a turbo tyre otherwise the rear will wear quite quickly. I have a spare one in the garage if you want it.
  8. I know quite a few efesters are in high risk groups so if they get it I hope it’s mild and if required the treatment is available at hospital.
  9. Pants dancing is the best dancing
  10. One of 3 things will happen. 1) The virus has burnt itself out and isn’t very prevalent as most people have had it 2) A treatment/vaccine has been developed lowering the risk of the virus. 3) capacity of the health services has increased to be able to cope with the demand or I could be completely wrong
  11. I hope it goes ahead, I’m starting to doubt that it might happen at all this year. fingers cross for them and at least some of the late season festivals happen.
  12. dotdash79


    Not sure if they would even print them this far out.
  13. it's not great out there but I'm hope people will settle down in the next few days as this becomes the new normal.
  14. Thanks Hope you can get sorted, and aren't too badly affected by this. Retails workers are under so much pressure at the moment and some of the people that they have to deal with are dicks.
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