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    in that video a few pages ago from the stage hire people they said that Glastonbury manage the structure and put the skin on then they do everything else. West Holts is all them, they also say they are on site from March. I wonder if there is an issue with the frame that needs repairing.
  2. dotdash79


    Maybe they are going to open early (I wish)
  3. I know, we did a test pitch last month as well. Still have to figure foods and stuff but all the camping stuff is bought.
  4. Did a test pack of the car with the "large" items, all good. The list gets finished off tomorrow with the last items.
  5. 2009 - had the full line up announced on a bank holiday - 25 May (Mon): Full lineup 2010 - none 2011 - One announcement - 30 May (Mon): Bourbon Street 2013 - None 2014 - None 2015 - One announcement - 25 May (Mon): Leftfield 2016 - One announcement 2 May (Mon): Leftfield and 1announcement the day after a bank holiday - 29 March (Tue 08:20): First Line up poster - 74 names 2017 - none but 3 the day after a bank holiday - 18 April (Tue): Block 9, 30 May (Tue 10:00): Full Lineup including days and times 30 May (Tue): Liam Gallagher & Lianne La Havas added, then later removed from lineup poster data taken from @Gnomicide https://theglastonburythingy.weebly.com/the-thingy.html
  6. 2000 - 2008 none, however in 2008 two announcements were made that day after a bank holiday 25 March (Tue): Alabama 3 and 27 May (Tue): Additions to John Peel
  7. Have you tried curling one out in a lenor bottle?
  8. dotdash79

    2020 headliners

    Fri: Daft Punk Sat: Paul McCartney Sun: No idea Legends slot: Pet Shop Boys
  9. Yes it is, I went up 2 sizes as it’s Asian/ Italian sizing which it does say so it’s a xxl when it’s really an l or a small xl (if that makes sense)
  10. Tried on the jacket and it is amazing. Well worth £18
  11. They have done cans at the other shops they ran last year
  12. Plan is to use a solar shower to warm the water up then fill this up a couple of times.
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