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  1. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    It a good idea in principle, but it needs to be robust and work under load. I don’t have a definite answer for what see would do but they are unlikely to tell anyone as it could be exploited by scammers.
  2. Simply Red are touring next year, not sure when. Pop them into the legends slot.
  3. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    Apple Pay is PSD2 SCA compliant as you either use a pin, finger print or other biometric method to protect the card (in effect you pre auth the transaction). The main thing the regulation is trying to stop is card not present fraud on the internet, but it's never going to be perfect.
  4. We are loving it apart from the sound being a bit quiet.
  5. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    Just been reading up on it, and you merchants can create exceptions, the only risk it they are on the hook for any fraud as opposed to the card issuer. As it's just a deposit being paid and that everyone needs to be registered the risk of fraud is low. I would expect it to be turned off for the initial sale, and turned back on for the balance payments. The tricky thing is that the resale is all in one transactions so I'm unsure what they would do in that case.
  6. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    The only way musicians make money is touring, but as the price goes up so do the production cost. At some point it’s going to get too much and they will kill the golden goose.
  7. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    I was thinking today that it would be nice to know the donation amount to charity.
  8. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    Just worked out with the extra tickets and the increase it’s and extra £4,000,000. That’s a decent headliner or another area.
  9. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    It was £248 this year, £17 jump for the next one
  10. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    36,000 coach + entry ticket packages 105,000 general admission tickets 5000 Sunday tickets no idea on how many try, I’ve heard between 1 and 3 million registrations, no idea how many are duplicates, dead or not used
  11. I went to see green day at MK Bowl in 2005 (i think). They put on a great show, wouldn’t mind seeing them again.
  12. Whenever anyone has asked about Glastonbury tickets, I’ve been honest about what you have to do and how hard it is but that it is possible to get tickets. I hope that appeases the ticket gods. What have you done or will do?
  13. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    Coaches carry about 50 people so will be about 140 extra coaches. This will be additional capacity.
  14. dotdash79

    Ticket Sale Date

    I think they have an overnight one from Edinburgh and Glasgow on the Tuesday and Wednesday. But that is from a few years ago.
  15. They just needed to have a holding page and it would be like tday. Not been to BT before, but looks great.
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