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  1. It's a good watch shame about the number of adverts
  2. Just watching them on Sky arts, I think a late night set on IICON would be amazing
  3. They had repeaters last year.
  4. It’s not too far from the train station, chances are you will need to stay overnight if you use the train. the coach station is in the arse end of nowhere if I remember correctly.
  5. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.lep.co.uk/news/latest/hotpot-drummer-in-child-sex-probe-1-767814/amp arrested but found dead before any charges. That’s a bit grim.
  6. didn’t a band member get arrested for downloading indecent child images?
  7. I know, I’m thinking of seeing them when they play Manchester
  8. That would be 5 on the bounce and in the wrong part of Europe as well
  9. General admission has sold out
  10. graham park? but park is only 4 letters which makes the clue a bit useless.
  11. dotdash79


    Interesting booking, hope they are as good as when they played waynestock. it was great but I had some bad red liquorish rope, so hoping to avoid that again.
  12. dotdash79

    Robbie Williams

    I could see him at the farm mucking out the cows
  13. dotdash79


    Last night was awesome, a few people asked about Glastonbury (shouted) but joe pretended not to be able to hear them. they played a new track and said the album is finished and should be out next year.
  14. I was a bit disappointed that the killers didn't keep the pet shop boys on stage with Marr at Glastonbury and do an electronic tune
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