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  1. I love speed queen at the warehouse, I remember going once was planning on only staying until 1ish. 5 in the morning I was dancing on the podium, had to go watch the cricket the next day still posted and covered in glitter, the wife wasn’t happy with me.
  2. Reminds me of the smoking area at sankey’s soap or the warehouse in Leeds.
  3. dotdash79


    I didn’t say it was a great argument. Listing consent could include it being dressed.
  4. dotdash79


    There is an argument for it to be listed, https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/apply-for-listing/
  5. dotdash79


    Will.i.am not happy you ruined all the fun.
  6. I used the Perspex to “frame” is and then drew round with a pencil On the rear of the poster then cut it.
  7. I got an ikea 40 by 50 frame and then had to trim it slightly but it fits.
  8. It's the least Glastonbury thing about Glastonbury
  9. This weekend and first proper hot weekend is going to be mental. I have a few friends who work in the industry and they are scared of what's going to happen. Is going to be too busy, too quiet, can they break even?
  10. Of all the options a bond paid for by fans of the festival is one of the least commercial options.
  11. I would expect a Glasto-bond could be launched to allow the festival to survive. 10 years with a pre-sales option would be very popular.
  12. It is late June the festival is on so exams would be nearing the end as some schools break up at the start of July. hope she can attend but the exams are more important.
  13. Just take some paracetamol that will drop your temperature. I was in hospital with pancreatitis and they wouldn’t let me go because my temperature was too high. So they gave me some paracetamol then checked my temperature an hour later and was discharged.
  14. £200 for the pitch, you do get your own loo
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