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  1. Sadiq, absolutely bang on the money here.
  2. Managed my first 100 mile for about 3 years. Massively tired now and I must have looked a sight trying to shovel as many carbs into me as I could
  3. From this page https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/legal/cancelled-altered.html Not sure if you got yours from ticket master or not.
  4. I thought that, but they are doing the Live at Worthy farm and I wonder if they think that will be it. Maybe they will just be doing festivals next year.
  5. Haim have rescheduled most dates but not all
  6. My wife booked on Tuesday for a 2 weeks ahead and then got a text yesterday from her GP inviting her to an open session tonight she's all jabbed up. I tried to get in but they wouldn't let me but I've got managed get booked for Monday.
  7. I’m unable to book but I know someone who is 41 has managed to book, here birthday is in June.
  8. Chemical brothers were due to play on the Sunday, they got moved to Saturday and everyone got moved up and that made space for Billie Eilish. Originally she was going to be on the John Peel.
  9. Amazing the there was people walking round the town where I lived offering jabs to anyone over 45. I asked as I was 41 and they said no, but were complaining about having doses but no people. Now the government are telling me to get a jab?
  10. I’ve said to my work that I would go down to the office before I’m fully vaccinated, but won’t visit customers until I am. My customers are hospitals so I feel there is additional risk in me going. But I will see how that holds.
  11. Tramlines are doing a line up announcement on Monday which goes against the grain at the moment
  12. Festival republic organising it as well.
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