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  1. Or if you take the over 50 cash plan from sunlife (and a free Parker pen just for enquiring)
  2. I love the one day races and the grand tours. Hugh Carthy has got a great chance. Not sure if the race will make it to the end or not.
  3. That was a time trial, and when he rode there was 40 mph cross winds, which died down a few hours later. He wasn't top 10 last Sunday
  4. Following Tom Pidcock winning the under 23 race last month Tao Geoghegan Hart won the main one today in a time trial when after 20 stages he was tied on the same time as someone else, first time that has ever . An amazing race.
  5. The synagogue part was an attack on Facebook. It was ok, but a bit forced.
  6. I’ve not watched the video, but I ended up reporting some of his post for pedalling lies. he’s a man who loves events and he’s had that taken from him, which I think has affected him a lot.
  7. I know Luke personally and he fell down the covid is fake rabbit hole months ago. Shame cos he’s an ace DJ.
  8. So why feed them at term time? secondly if you have been told your business has to close and you only get 2/3rds of your minimum wage, those free meals might make the difference between make or break.
  9. Hatch in Manchester says no, but you only get a table for 2 hours.
  10. Substantial meal required (1 large bag of crisps or 2 normal sized)
  11. You have to buy a meal, but it’s not 1 drink per meal.
  12. I was on site at the start of October and it was very wet doing a breakdown then would be awful.
  13. It got hairy at the end when the police would pull up and just take the first 30 people for a drugs search. Also the number of ambulances that attended was never a good look.
  14. Loved SS at Evolution especially on a bank holiday weekend
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