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  1. I'm dreaming of Justice but I don't think it will be them.
  2. some of these things are mad but this total bonkers
  3. We’ve booked the Monday and Tuesday at the premier inn. Was thinking about booking a day after the fest but it’s only Manchester.
  4. Same here we have a new HR system (3rd new one in a year)
  5. It feels like a lot of small Glastonbury news bits have happened recently so 100%
  6. Mesh networks and low power networks will work for most festivals sites. So long that it’s kept separate from other networks. here a place that does them. https://www.intechnologysmartcities.com/smart-festivals-and-events/ some permanent festival sites will have fibre internet installed to a central point. Others will use microwave line of sight.
  7. Train timetable change in may and December with the updated time not shared until 12 weeks before the change. cheaper advanced tickets are around 12 weeks from date of travel
  8. Chased up where my new car is, I think it’s in bits still in the Czech Republic
  9. Not sure what you want them to do check for puncture marks?
  10. dotdash79

    Campsite Poll

    Looks like they have managed to draw the fence perfectly.
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