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  1. Lovely isn't it? Glad to be sharing secret content like the 2022 line up poster. Hehe. I just meant the way they bill the legend on the top of the poster, I think that started in 2019? It must help them with booking people for that slot.
  2. Yeah that's fair. I do think the legends slot is essentially a fourth headliner at this point (see the poster) and certainly the slot that attracts the most viewers on BBC I think? But like you say that might be a hard sell.
  3. Fair enough, I guess it doesn't matter if some people are priced out by being poor at money management, they can go to Reading/Leeds/Boomtown or another festival with installment plans, and we can keep Glastonbury for anyone that can afford to drop £250 in one go.
  4. You're right, I'm playing devils advocate but my point is that it's all relative, isn't it. The festival ticket might just be a small fraction of one person's monthly wage, but it might be half someone else's, so installments would make it easier for those on lower incomes. In the same way mortgage payments being spread over multiple years make payment easier. When it's £300 a ticket there's something that doesn't sit well with me when we're saying people could afford it if they just managed their money better.
  5. Do you think mortgages are just for people who struggle with money management? Or do they exist because splitting a large sum in to smaller payments over a longer period of time makes it more accessible for those on lower incomes?
  6. Is this not the same argument people would have made when they introduced the £50 deposit scheme.?
  7. That's not really the Glastonbury spirit though, surely? Do we not want as many people as possible to be able to afford to go?
  8. To be fair that's a good point. It makes me wonder why banks still offer mortgages? Can't people just put the money aside for a house and then buy it all in one lump sum in cash?
  9. No wonder the festival feels so middle class if people can't understand why it's easier for some to pay slowly in installments than one lump sum of 285 🤣
  10. So next year will be the 14th year that Glastonbury charge £50 in October and then the full balance nearer the festival. In 2009 when the scheme was introduced, that meant paying £50 in October and then a balance of £125. 14 years later and with rising ticket costs the scheme now is likely to see you paying £50 in October and then a balance of £245. Is it time they split this up in to three of even four payments, to help with cashflow, and to enable those on lower incomes to attend the festival?
  11. Friday Pyramid: Elton John // Lil Nas X // Miley Cyrus Other: The 1975 // Lana Del Ray // Lewis Capaldi Saturday Pyramid: Arctic Monkeys // Doja Cat // Biffy Clyro Other: Dave // Kasabian // Wet Leg Sunday Pyramid: Taylor Swift // Lizzo // The Spice Girls Other: The Chemical Brothers // George Ezra // Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  12. Now they've tweaked the way they bill acts on the poster with the teatime legend being billed as a headliner - maybe we aren't far away from having 4 or 5 headliners? One way of dealing with the backlog would be to say that there are 5 headliners next year: Arctic Monkeys, Elton John, Taylor Swift, The 1975 and Florence and the Machine. Stick Florence and the 1975 on second to last with an extended set? That way they'd be honouring the bookings they made in 2021 (in terms of how who they bill as headliner if not when they play.) edit: I can't believe it's been 13 years since Michael said they'd booked 4 headliners for 2009...
  13. RE: Madonna, she has the biopic of her life filming at the moment. I expect once it's released it'll be the next Rocketman/Bohemian Rhapsody and she'll be very on trend and announcing huge tour runs. A legend slot would fit in with that sort of retrospective career vibe. I can't see her doing the legends slot as part of a normal album/tour cycle as she's normally very much in to looking forward not back.
  14. I totally understand why you are frustrated with their response as it's quite defensive. I do also see from the festival's point of view why there might be a nervousness about being anything other than defensive at this stage: something's clearly gone seriously wrong this year, I suspect the council are aware of the reports and will be investigating accordingly and therefore I think Glastonbury will be worried about appearing as if they are admitting things have gone wrong or accepting liability by saying sorry, prior to any investigations being concluded. I hope when they've had chance to look in to all of this properly, they issue a fuller statement acknowledging people's concerns and how these will be addressed in 23. edit: I don't want it to seem like I'm out for blood or anything btw! Overall I had a great festival and still think it's a great bunch running it who are all trying their best & acting in good faith, but can't get everything right all the time but will hopefully learn from previous years to get better. This is just a hiccough along the road I hope!
  15. I think as a festival that likes to promote diversity within its headliners, they will absolutely have The 1975 headline at some point. It's been years since they had a UK-based guitar band do it for the first time. I'd also bet there's a high crossover between Billie Eilish/1975 fans i.e. gen Z, who the festival are increasingly attempting to appeal to.
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