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  1. I used a template from the living legend that is Martin Lewis: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/visa-mastercard-chargeback/
  2. Have you spoken to your bank? They could authorise a charge back. I've recently had to do this for an event which was rescheduled with no option for a refund.
  3. Interesting. What Glastonbury have on their side is that they are able to introduce new terms and conditions when we pay our tickets off at the start of April. Would they be able to protect themselves by changing the conditions so that payment of the ticket balance in April is for EITHER Glastonbury 2020 OR should that postponed, Glastonbury 2021. That way they get to keep the money, helping out with cashflow should the festival be postponed. This seems like a sensible way forward and allows everyone to know where they stand... at least more than at present.
  4. I reckon there'll be an endless number of "Glastonbury announce their line up - but will it go ahead?" pieces whenever they announce now.
  5. Probably would have been sensible for me to look at the tweets he made immediately before that one.. ooops...
  6. https://twitter.com/Guy_Garvey/status/1236973279887360001 Could it be? Or is that just way too tenuous?
  7. Is it not a bit presumptuous to assume that the only way all female acts could be booked for the Pyramid is if it was a planned thing? HAIM, Diana Ross, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilush, Taylor Swift - would be one of the strongest Sunday line ups in years. Maybe they're just trying to book the best acts.
  8. I don't remember people calling the days when the Pyramid stage was wall to wall men a gimmick. Maybe it'll just happen organically based on who's big, Pyramid level and available?
  9. "Will these be surprises that are only revealed on the day? Like, it's Friday and guess who's on stage?" "Yeah" From 3 minutes and 10 seconds https://youtu.be/yKXh4p4PGHE Exciting!
  10. I thought the same at first. Wonder if they're planning on another new off-site option as well as Sticklinch and Worthy View? Or maybe there's extra space on site because of Sticklinch now?
  11. I thought that but then would they need a consultation if it was already happening?
  12. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/glastonbury-2020-capacity-line-up-3702201 Did we already know about this? I wonder what the plans to change on and off site camping arrangements will amount to?
  13. Michael Eavis will get knighted. At least half of the tickets will be coach tickets by the end of the decade and at least half pre erected camping. As the festival continues to attract massive acts and the demographics of the fest change, the Pyramid field will get permanently extended. Reading/Leeds/Coachella style massive LED screens next to the Pyramid. They'll finally sort Silver Hayes out.
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