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  1. ProperTea


    Maybe taking a photo of the line up poster on a tree or something for their Instagram?
  2. ProperTea

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    This definitely happened last year. I can't remember who it was, but a band tweeted a "we're playing Glastonbury 2016" GIF a day before the line up was announced, and it was swiftly deleted.
  3. RT @BDSPhotos: This is Manchester. We do things differently here. /sJEtdgbw18

  4. Had my first takeaway Nando's tonight. Why have I not done this before?

  5. Today I lost my staff card, so I borrowed my colleague's and then I lost hers. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

  6. Benefits of having the office to myself for a week: I can play One Direction at Big Weekend full blast without getting any stick.

  7. RT @danjmcdowell: An interesting article about reviews and the Manchester food scene: Integrity and Manchester Confidential. /sl…

  8. Congratulations @emilyrowles, Moss Side's new councillor!

  9. RT @4joturner: Just had to retweet again UKIP "We don't tend to do well in London because it's cultural, educated and young" doesn't that s…

  10. Awww. Present from my straight work bf David to cheer me up! /jlvLrka4ox

  11. Hmmm... what will I be doing five weeks today? /7sIkypluBx

  12. RT @HylandIan: Why is Nigel Farage always on telly? He's like the Emelie Sande of politics.

  13. "David, can I put some music on?" "As long as it's not Lily f**king Allen for the fiftieth time" *puts #Sheezus on*

  14. My pug Jack has just met my mum's new pug via Skype! #techsavvypugs /I8nqQnZM7m