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  1. I imagine the same for any popular music sung in another language. The melody. The fashion. The performance. All play their part. English speaking rock bands tend to do very well in Asia. It works both ways.
  2. T-Mouse

    Sam Fender

    I mean its just not happening. Previous years subs almost never play again the following year (has it ever happened?). Next album cycle you can expect him to be a solid choice for Pyramid headliner.
  3. T-Mouse

    Queue watch

    Can someone photoshop a pot of pringles into that Charlton Heston photo and post it here please?
  4. Just enough to keep the dust down
  5. I got this one @briddj KNIFE. EDGE.
  6. 2017 was perfect festival weather. If we end up anywhere near that, it will have been a massive fucking W.
  7. I was looking at shepton mallet. Either way area looks set for something. Ti's a shame.
  8. Met Office update for Thursday is gutting
  9. It does matter yes. If its going to be really fucking dreadful. Most accounts right now have us absolutely nowhere near it being like that. It's time to just let go bro. It's not going to be that bad.
  10. It's a bit like those before and afters you get of Hiroshima
  11. Aye that's the place 🔺️
  12. Exactly that. It can be pretty awful at the other and bad at the mid if the wind is strong. Isn't ideal for warmth preservation either. We don't want it blustery
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