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  1. I am going to Hidden on Friday to see Len Faki. Should be a banging techno feast. I am gagging to see the new WHP venue. Everyone seems to love it.
  2. FuzzyDunlop

    2020 headliners

    Whilst I agree with this regarding a secret set, it more or less definitely rules them out of headlining
  3. FuzzyDunlop

    2020 headliners

    Surely you'll have heard Psycho Killer?
  4. Listened to it whilst "working". As a big Chems fan it was definitely enjoyable.
  5. You are probably right re darkness, unless he headlined the stage
  6. Yeah, I am 6ft 3. I'd go arse over face if I tried to use that
  7. I went to that in London. It was ace. It would work in the JP tent
  8. FuzzyDunlop

    Other Stage 2020

    You did. That was special.
  9. If he is playing the farm in 2020, I will probably check him out. 3rd down on the other I suspect.
  10. I listened to his album last night after seeing his name everywhere and only hearing 1 tune. I wasn't blown away, but I thought it was pretty good actually. Miles better than Gerry the Berry, the courteeners and other modern indie stuff. Not sure what he is like live.
  11. These get better. My mate has a phobia of Bette Midler.... she freaks him out. This would be brilliant.
  12. I dont think pop acts are slightly leftfield. This suggests to me it's not a chart act the normal description. A musical production / Hans Zimmer / Hugh Jackman / Ru Paul. They would all fit. "something the festival has never (to my knowledge) ever done before..."
  13. If it's him, my mate's wife will be in bits. She'll be on the front row. In fact she's probably alreasy there now waiting.
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