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  1. I dont have many "massive" acts that I really want to see. Unless its somewhere unique, or different, I am probably not going to spend over £80. £42 inc fees for Paul Heaton is fine. Idles are a similar price. I think that's fine.
  2. The Courteeners new tune is apparently about the number 17 bus... which is my bus home & I still feel alienated by The Courteeners. Absolute dross. They remind me of bands I used to see when I was 15/16 at "Battle of the Bands" Rochdale. None of them made it & it baffles me how the Courteeners did. Good article though!
  3. FuzzyDunlop

    2025 Headliners

    Got more chance of Morrissey & Marr together again whilst eating a beef burger than that
  4. FuzzyDunlop

    2025 Headliners

    I can - as I'd had a bet on her. That's what happens when I gamble
  5. I had a run from Kasabian 2015 to McCartney 2022 without seeing a Pyramid headliner. This year I wouldn't have watched 1 if I was there, but it is a special thing when you see one.
  6. Did it? I was laughing at how bad Axl sounded when I got there Slash was mint though
  7. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/ringo-starr-his-all-starr-band-fall-tour-dates/
  8. FuzzyDunlop


    We are 12 months since a festival which was deemed an over riding success. In fact, they all have been. This one seems to have had a few issues & there is a lot of hyperbole. Not just on here, but in general. Hopefully the booking policy continues to take risks & SZA doesnt mean they just play it safe in the future. You cant get everything right.
  9. What could have been!... At least I didn't sing to her like Dua Lipa's ukelele bloke.
  10. In 2023 I was in a queue for the toilet & someone bumped into me. I recognised her, but didnt know how. We were talking for 5 mins. I told her that "I know you are famous, but I cant remember who you are" She was laughing and was sound. I didnt have a camera cos I'd have asked for a photo (cos I really fancied her).. as she walked off she said "Check the paper in the week & you'll see who I am - have a great weekend" It was Lilly James. Her mate was Billie Piper & I didnt recognise her at all
  11. Someone there sent me one on Wednesday. It arrived on Saturday
  12. No. Wouldnt work for the telly. Any "benefits" would be minimal (not sure there would be any)
  13. Maybe, but I wonder how many who left early felt a bit ripped off? Ie. Only got 4 days instead of 5? (Clutching at straws)
  14. FuzzyDunlop


    I got into the pit for GnR for the last 3/4 of an hour after watching leftfield & some food. No danger & it didnt seem headliner size. Streams of people leaving as I went in. Kendrick too wasnt that busy. I was probably slap bang in the middle of the field & we were in the back 8th or so if people. Good though.
  15. Saw him in Blackpool.. it would have worked
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