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  1. You would definitely fit in around here then. There are quite a few Matts to be fair, but not so it's a thing.
  2. That didnt catch on around here. I only know 1 Tom.... my Grandad was called Tom though! What did catch on was the middle name Louise for a girl. Emma Louise, Gemma Louise, Sarah Louise, Katie Louise, Sophie Louise... it is actually mental around here for that.
  3. No, I think they are her sunglasses, but she should have! They were excellent. They did an hour. 50 mins or so, then an encore. I was surprised how good her voice is. Hi Doctor Nick.
  4. Just seen the mysterines in Manchester. I asked the lead singer after the gig re glasto... she said "it has been rumoured & you might be in luck" As an aside, they were impressive. Her voice was incredible & she is cool as fuck
  5. Me when the sun is beaming down: "My eyes!! The Goggles do nothing!!!"
  6. Friday - I watched Idles after Lauryn Hill. Then went back to the tent. We were going to go straight to Arcadia, but Tame Impala sounded decent. Walked there, could only get to the back. Stopped there for 3/4 of an hour and then mooched to Arcadia for the night. Had no interest in Stormzy, but it was the most important set of the festival by a long way. It was great it was so widely enjoyed.
  7. Ha ha! You are clearly on the pulse more than me. I am stuck in a late 90s / early 00s timewarp with TV really. Other than sport, I don't watch much telly. Re the Brits The overriding view in our office is - no one watched the Brits. Not sure if that is just our office, but I have asked quite a few people of different ages. I work in a Contact Centre and the general demographic is 18-27 year olds. No one seemed to care.
  8. I am clearly well out of the loop!
  9. I don't get that reference
  10. Just caught the Dave performance - I loved the message and he is very clearly a star. The set up worked, the projections etc were spot on. I don't really like his style, but I love the fact he has annoyed the establishment. This to me is exactly what the music industry should be about. Pissing off / calling out people in power. The music industry is far too safe. Modern Day Daniel O'Donnells like Ed Sheeran need getting rid of. The establishment need to feel that the youth are being corrupted by their Rock / Rap and Pop stars - and people my age should be thinking "that's shit". Team Dave! (As the kids say)
  11. It could be a plan that actually!
  12. FuzzyDunlop

    The Strokes?

    This is also my review
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