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  1. FuzzyDunlop

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    Prophets should let him perform with them for this...
  2. FuzzyDunlop

    Arcadia - London

    That promoter had posters up for it over Christmas at an event I went to. I wondered at the time if they were struggling to get punters in as it was very well advertised. A few of my mates went to the arcadia event last year and said that the organization wasn't the best. They were not keen to go back. With Glastonbury on too this year - a lot of people who know about Arcadia are people who will be at Glastonbury. In 2018 they weren't.
  3. FuzzyDunlop

    Arcadia - London

    Sounds like they can't afford to do both or ticket sales have not been as expected.
  4. FuzzyDunlop

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    I watched Moscow Death Brigade last year after walking past. 3 Russians with football hooligan ultra style flags, shouting "We are Moscow death brigade - we bring you love". I loved them.
  5. FuzzyDunlop

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    I might not be 35.... looked it up, that tune is from 97, so I was 12.
  6. FuzzyDunlop

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    "You were made for me" - a banger as the kids say.
  7. FuzzyDunlop

    2019 New Music

    The last 15 years..... there probably isnt that much to shout about. They are not a band I listen to that much any more, but caught them live again a couple of years ago & it was great. Something like "back to the shack" - I enjoyed it live, but that album isnt the best & Im not too keen on record.
  8. FuzzyDunlop

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Ive just gone on spotify and found another. "Show me love". I have not heard that for about 20 years. I cant say I like it, but it reminds me of being a kid. If she did that, she must be a lot older than I thought. I presumed she was about 20/22 in 2007. Obviously not.
  9. FuzzyDunlop

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Every heartbeat is the only one I knew. I thought she was a 1 hit wonder. A hundred different versions of that were everywhere in Ibiza circa 2007. I do like that tune cos of the memories... or lack of. Dancing on my own is played in my gym sang by a male... I think its a tiesto remix. Its naff.
  10. FuzzyDunlop

    Is anyone else still waiting to get properly excited?

    Im a 3 on the excitement scale, as soon as we get a poster drop, Ill reach a good 7.
  11. FuzzyDunlop

    Sports Team

    That rumour is from me... it is the only rumour I have ever put on this site. I asked them if they were playing and had s smiley face with sunglasses emoji as a reply.
  12. FuzzyDunlop

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Call the cops
  13. FuzzyDunlop

    First poster game - pick 20

    The Killers The Cure The Chemical Brothers Interpol Orbital Christine and the Queens Childish Gambino Wu Tang Clan The good the bad and the Queen Iggy Pop Robyn Camelphat The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Jon Hopkins The Streets The pixies Liam Gallagher Blossoms The DMAs Gaz Coombes
  14. FuzzyDunlop

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Whilat probably not far off, there is nowt for me to be really hyped for there. Seen Chems, Wu Tang & Orbital before. I'd probably be Friday: Hopkins / Glade / A random Stage / SE Corner, Sat: Chems Sunday: Janelle or Orbital