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  1. Really like this. They are the last band I saw before things locked down.
  2. Thanks for the concern, honestly I am fine. Like everyone else I've had some downs over the last 14/15 months, but I have been ok. I think the worry of being on my own through lockdown etc was a lot worse than the reality. Ive managed to work a lot too. I havn't booked any gigs etc because, tbh I'd rather not get my hopes up. The BBC sets will do for me this week! @Sasperella - Hope you are well, glad to see you are still on here I think the concensus is, he's a bit of a dick - rather than to cancel him
  3. Ay up kids... long time listener here. Hope you are all well. Ive been dipping in and out recently. Nice to see the regulars are still here. Im off work for the next 10 days from tomorrow because I was supposed to be going on my holidays (Im sure you know where) QOTSA 2011 on Iplayer?! Oh yes oh yes! Hope everyone is well.
  4. My take on the Stevie Set.... It has a strong consideration for Glastonbury's greatest ever headline set. Uplifting as it gets.
  5. Yeah. More than awful. Doesn't deserve praise as a person at all. Certainly someone I struggle to I have any "sympathy" for.
  6. Erick Morillo. He had issues, and by the sounds of it - he wasn't the nicest bloke on the planet, to put it mildly... but he helped give me one of the best times of my life. For that, I am thankful. Here is an hour of it
  7. I think it's an attempt to be experimental, but mainly comes across as being pretentious. This album is alright. It's hardly a classic, but I enjoyed it enough on first listen. I was laughing during the interlude though.
  8. Listened to again. Read a few fan theories of how things are linked together too. As a piece of art I appreciate it is great - but it's not uplifting enough for me & the 2nd time listening I waa just bored. It doesn't achieve want I want from music. I preferred reading the theories behind it all than the album it'self. I am a bit gutted really as over the last year I have listened to more & more of her stuff. Like Golf. I understand the skill, but it's just a bit boring to my taste... millions love golf though. With most people I would be worried this is a new direction to be deemed credible by some people, but she's got more in the bag than most & hopefully the next album is more of a fun filled affair. Im not going to say any more cos I am the sole unhappy voice on the matter - I'll let you all enjoy it in peace.
  9. Not the best of interviews to be fair.
  10. Only ever seen 1 interview with him. I really liked him. Talked about addiction troubles, mental health, horse therapy and overcoming problems. I just find the songs fucking awful. Do Sports Team act like that? Never watched an interview. I did see them at the White Hotel support the Parrots 2 years ago. There were about 60 people there and I spoke to them afterwards. They were all sound at the time. Shame if they have changed following a splash of moderate fame.
  11. I think you are being generous with five. I do wonder if your average Glastonbury goer could recognise a tune other than Alive and Even Flow. I like Pearl Jam, they are an act I've always followed without being massively into. Without being too "out there" they are a bit of a niche band. No crossover hits in this country really. Lead Balloon as a headliner & I'd be there.
  12. Only heard 4 of the albums. Kiwanuka's easily the stand out. The hate for sports team makes me laugh. I dont mind them to be honest.
  13. Reading through, I cant see a review of the new Blinders album, Fantasies of a stay at home psychopath. I like it. A decent rock / indie album. Shit title though. Circle Song is my favourite. Wont change the world, but well worth a listen Oh... there is a stupid interlude in it which made me piss, which I dont think was the intention.
  14. I thought Beck was brilliant. However, there only seemed to be me, my 2 mates & a random couple next to us who were really into it. (From the pit). There only seemed like us 5 were leaving the pit too when he finished. Everyone was piling in. We mentioned how shit the crowd was. She asked "could he tell?". I said "Yeah, he mentioned about it being like an awkward first date". Really gutting. It spoilt it a bit for me. We were also asked by somone "why are you leaving, Coldplay are next" "Cos coldplay are on next" The couple went off to see LCD, us 3 went to see Cyndi Lauper. I maintain, we had the best night.
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