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  1. FuzzyDunlop

    This time last year I was....

    Waiting for Katy Perry....
  2. FuzzyDunlop

    boomtown fair 2018. buying third party ticket

    Thanks! Will do
  3. FuzzyDunlop

    boomtown fair 2018. buying third party ticket

    Thanks. I have had the barcode through. Looking for a buyer now.
  4. FuzzyDunlop

    boomtown fair 2018. buying third party ticket

    My mate has ruptured his achilles and now cant go. The other 4 of us are going so we have a spare ticket. Boomtown have said we can change the name on it. Someone mentioned ticketswap above? Ive tried to put it on there but it says I cant sell it on there.
  5. FuzzyDunlop

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Definitely having a piece of that
  6. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    Sister Morphine is what I wanted or maybe Soul Survivor or Shine a light. They were outstanding really. Brown Sugar was the highlight for me. Tumbling Dice & Miss you were top too. In fact, there were a lot of highlights
  7. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    That was brilliant. Better than expected actually. Fantastic setlist.
  8. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    Its their wedding anniversary at the end of July. I might get that. Thanks
  9. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    My parents went to that tour in leeds the week before they got married. The gig must have been decent!
  10. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    I know.. I have never seen the stones though and I will be happy with "Lets spend the night".
  11. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    Hoping for Bitch.... but it wont win
  12. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    No fan vote for Manchester?
  13. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    I presume the song vote for Manchester will be today? Sister Morphine please.
  14. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    Seen setlists from tonight and tuesday.. Manchester tickets arrived today. Very Excited for this. Hoping that in the fans vote either Soul Survivor or (my perdonal favourite) Sister Morphine gets nominated. Stones are the only bucket list band I have. Can't wait.
  15. FuzzyDunlop

    Rolling Stones

    My tickets for old trafford havent arrived. Axs have just said "they have been sent" and not very helpful. Has everyone received theirs? Was it recorded delivery I cant remember what was paid for