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  1. My take on the Stevie Set.... It has a strong consideration for Glastonbury's greatest ever headline set. Uplifting as it gets.
  2. Yeah. More than awful. Doesn't deserve praise as a person at all. Certainly someone I struggle to I have any "sympathy" for.
  3. Erick Morillo. He had issues, and by the sounds of it - he wasn't the nicest bloke on the planet, to put it mildly... but he helped give me one of the best times of my life. For that, I am thankful. Here is an hour of it
  4. I think it's an attempt to be experimental, but mainly comes across as being pretentious. This album is alright. It's hardly a classic, but I enjoyed it enough on first listen. I was laughing during the interlude though.
  5. Listened to again. Read a few fan theories of how things are linked together too. As a piece of art I appreciate it is great - but it's not uplifting enough for me & the 2nd time listening I waa just bored. It doesn't achieve want I want from music. I preferred reading the theories behind it all than the album it'self. I am a bit gutted really as over the last year I have listened to more & more of her stuff. Like Golf. I understand the skill, but it's just a bit boring to my taste... millions love golf though. With most people I would be worried this is a new direction
  6. Not the best of interviews to be fair.
  7. Only ever seen 1 interview with him. I really liked him. Talked about addiction troubles, mental health, horse therapy and overcoming problems. I just find the songs fucking awful. Do Sports Team act like that? Never watched an interview. I did see them at the White Hotel support the Parrots 2 years ago. There were about 60 people there and I spoke to them afterwards. They were all sound at the time. Shame if they have changed following a splash of moderate fame.
  8. I think you are being generous with five. I do wonder if your average Glastonbury goer could recognise a tune other than Alive and Even Flow. I like Pearl Jam, they are an act I've always followed without being massively into. Without being too "out there" they are a bit of a niche band. No crossover hits in this country really. Lead Balloon as a headliner & I'd be there.
  9. Only heard 4 of the albums. Kiwanuka's easily the stand out. The hate for sports team makes me laugh. I dont mind them to be honest.
  10. Reading through, I cant see a review of the new Blinders album, Fantasies of a stay at home psychopath. I like it. A decent rock / indie album. Shit title though. Circle Song is my favourite. Wont change the world, but well worth a listen Oh... there is a stupid interlude in it which made me piss, which I dont think was the intention.
  11. I thought Beck was brilliant. However, there only seemed to be me, my 2 mates & a random couple next to us who were really into it. (From the pit). There only seemed like us 5 were leaving the pit too when he finished. Everyone was piling in. We mentioned how shit the crowd was. She asked "could he tell?". I said "Yeah, he mentioned about it being like an awkward first date". Really gutting. It spoilt it a bit for me. We were also asked by somone "why are you leaving, Coldplay are next" "Cos coldplay are on next" The couple went off to see LCD, us 3 went to se
  12. See Beck. He should have Headlined the Park or West Holts
  13. It's going over mine, but then again I am not into Bon Iver or Lana Del Ray either. I find them boring, so I wasnt really going to be into this album. What is impressive though is to go from tunes like Paper Rings to this album in the space of about a year. Proper diverse & impressive.
  14. I'll be honest. I didnt see anything other than a twitter notification saying she'd released an album so I put on spotify. But yes - all those things would have given a clue!
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