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  1. That's a big claim!
  2. I can't get my head round The 1975 headlining Glastonbury. They just don't seem big enough or relevant to me. I'm not a Radio 1 listener so this might be why!
  3. Justcalledtosay

    Sam Fender

    Pyramid headline in 2024
  4. I was in that crush with my wife on the Friday night. In all honesty i've been in worse crushes in football grounds, so it was more frustration and the lack of the unknown i suppose. I was more worried for my wife who was getting a little anxious about not being able to escape to anywhere. When we got to the junction we saw no stewards and a broken electronic ticker sign next to the arcadia entrance. We obviously decided to head away from the Park and Arcadia. You'd like to think it's a big 'lessons learned' job for the festival along with the Williams Green and Wet Leg fiascos.
  5. With it being my first year, we learnt a few lessons. We arrived Thursday AM and burnt ourselves out by Sunday. This was a combination of drinking and being on our feet every hour of the day except for sleep. Would probably stave off the boozing until later in the afternoon next time. I have no desire to do the Tuesday overnight thing. I'd like to arrive Wednesday late afternoon, breeze in and prepare for Thursday. On that note, i'd like to do it in more comfort...Worthy View, Sticklinch or a motorhome campervan are my preference for next year. I feel like Friday, Saturday and Sunday's itinerary depends on the line up and what suits your taste. Friday felt like a bit of a freak day in terms of wanting to see a lot. Saturday and Sunday wasn't like that. I'd probably look to take it easy next time round if we had days similar to Saturday and Sunday. Stick in one place for a few acts rather than bouncing about. Oh and don't spend four days in Converse.
  6. His set on the pyramid was cracking. Great solo stuff and belting Oasis tunes. On watching from the disabled platform, I’m not aware that his presence prevented any other disabled patrons from accessing the platform? What’s the major issue here? The way he actually got onto the platform?
  7. Trying to squeeze too much in, running around and not really taking it all in. We wanted to tick off as much as possible and this was a mistake. Don't regret many of my music choices particularly watching sets back, Olivia Rodrigo for example was dull and we got a great spot for Sam Fender having decided not to run for Phoebe Bridgers. Wouldn't camp where we camped i.e. right next to a bin and the path in Oxylers, having said it was my mate that set up before we arrived so grateful for him doing that at least.
  8. Might or might not have relevance to Glasto 2023, but I’ve been told they’re playing Middlesbrough’s Riverside stadium next summer.
  9. Spit of you by Sam Fender got me. Me and the wife had a baby 14 months ago when we never thought we’d be able to…couple that with thoughts of my dad (how similar I am to him) and the montage on screen behind SF and i couldn’t help myself. Had the wife blubbing as well.
  10. Olivia Rodrigo. Don’t think she has enough live material yet. Good album but needs another album under her belt. Thought it was quite dull overall.
  11. That’s me in the blue adidas windbreaker (towards the bottom left) throwing up the peace sign during Wolf Alice 😃 FullSizeRender.MOV
  12. Oh i forgot to mention. I made it on to the BBC coverage during Wolf Alice!
  13. Had to laugh at this thread. Pretty much the entirety of acts i saw over the weekend have been mentioned in some form. I can understand people thinking the first hour of Macca was slow but the last two hours were incredible.
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