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  1. cidy

    Spice Girls for 2020?

    From Tommy banner of the Wurzels relating to they're appearance in 2010 Glastonbury in 2010. It was the third time we played at Glastonbury and we were on the Avalon stage – they had to close the field off because the crowd was so big. Normally they bank on having 3,000-4,000 in the crowd there, we had 28,000! Walking up the ramp onto the stage we just stopped to take in the noise and the sight – you couldn’t see a blade of grass and the atmosphere was incredible from the word go. Every one of us was so choked up we had to compose ourselves to do the show – Pete couldn’t say a word through the mic. We’d love to play the Sunday afternoon slot on the Pyramid Stage – I don’t have many ambitions left but that is one. 28000? Not sure where he gets that figure from So spice girls or Wurzels for legend slot next year,only one way to decide this 👍
  2. There will only be a proper finished one if I fail in October
  3. Reliving a great weekend lol ,pyramid needs a bit of work but early prototype 😃
  4. cidy

    Lessons learned

    Food was really expensive in 2017never ate in there at those prices ,but was good for a cold pint and relax after setting up camp ,talked to a few people and they said they had a bit of trouble in 17 but wouldn't elaborate any more ?
  5. cidy

    Lessons learned

    Things I got right Camping in ashcombe farm car park again Friels cider will my cider of choice from now on Cans of gin and tonic are a great breakfast drink The small 10 litre rucksack which was recommended on here somewhere was ideal for my cans and spirits Visiting the wood to find shade on Friday Getting to strummerville early on Thursday Things I got wrong Assuming the apple tree Inn would be open for a few pints on Tuesday after we set up to carry on a new tradition we started in 2017,turned out the festival paid for it to be shut ,not sure if true or not ,so got a lift to the right lion instead Not catching elvana Missing beans on toast for first time at Glastonbury in years
  6. Probably be having a pint in the apple tree pub if everythings gone to plan
  7. cidy


    Gonna give the friels from Tesco ago , already got some Weston's organic which will be frozen before departure ,then while camp gets set up it's near enough ready to drink ,liquid gold and a kind of tradition for me
  8. cidy

    The Joke Thread

    went for a job at a blacksmiths, the gaffer asked if I’d ever shoed a horse. I said no, but i once told a donkey to fuck of Mate went to see a faith healer last night! i asked him what it was like - Fecking shite! even the guy in the wheelchair got up and walked out
  9. Can't see skinny lister doing another set tbh they are in Germany day before and tend to party after they have finished theyre set
  10. Only ever heard good things about them ,hoping to see em in Williams green but expecting Smythe's style crowd
  11. cidy

    Spam ads

    Same here 2 days of spam ads on wi fi but fine on 4g 😕
  12. Played the Saturday early afternoon also strummerville early Fri evening,
  13. Mittens ,love the way it builds as It goes along,too many good ones tho I could change my mind again tomorrow ,still think Avalon is to small ,he would have been a good other stage opener on Friday imo
  14. cidy

    The Glade

    On yea forgot they played there in 2017 ,still hope then
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