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  1. They considered having the festival somewhere else a while back and that never happened so hopefully this won't ,Sept will be freezing, try camping in your back garden this year for just 3 nights.
  2. Archaos and an egg or a giant Kermit the frog
  3. Snowfall bbc4 worth a watch, all about early days of crack cocaine in 80,s los Angeles Enjoyed all 3 series 4th should be interesting
  4. cidy

    Rockfield Studios

    Cracking documentary , noticed they've branched out and doing holiday lets now. Wouldn't mind a weekend there, looks ideal place to relax bet the locals have some great stories 🙄
  5. So what happens when someone gets tested positive but shows no signs at all of the virus, then get told to self isolate for 7or 14 days which they do, is re-test then done and if still positive have to continue to self isolate if they are still not showing any symptoms
  6. Things ain't gonna change until a vaccine is in place so mass gatherings ain't gonna happen in my opinion
  7. Do you realize - the flaming lips truly epic at the park in 2017
  8. Great news, guess he's got over his stage fright after all these years, get him booked now.
  9. Just ordered one of these for garden👍
  10. Havent Germany had the 1 metre rule from day one?
  11. This is the new eye test when opticians reopen
  12. What year did swine flu affect the festival and how many people were sent home from the festival who were deemed to have had it?
  13. Ting tings headlined should have been Franz ferdinand
  14. cidy


    Lillys gladiator 8.4% still cider is pretty good for a medium dry cider rather too easy to drink as well 😉
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