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  1. The cure were the reason I first went to Glastonbury back in 1990,can't believe there was footage filmed back in the day Still a tune
  2. Well beans band worked well ,they didn't play on all his songs walked on and off during the set ,great gig beans was on top form ,be interesting to see what stage he gets this year as hes done most of the minor ones over the years .,thought his set at left field last time was one of the best I've seen him do . Would love to hear a Jellicoe song tho πŸ˜€ Look out for bamboo toothbrush s as well tis the oral cleaner of the future
  3. Beans had a band with him with his joint headline tour with skinny lister in 2017 ,from what I remember the band were good ,think there was a fiddle player ,it was a messy night so memory bit scrambled . Didn't realise he was taking a band on this tour tho
  4. Dreadzone in Weston on Fri to get me in festival mood Then beans in toast in brizzle Saturday to get me in festy mood again
  5. cidy

    Frank turner

    There was a rumour he was playing up at strummervile in 2017 so bimbled on up there stayed till around 4 am ish all to no avail ,great night tho all the same . Saw a few touts outside the motorpoint and asked how much they were selling for out of curiosity ,'how much do you want to pay' was the reply 😁 nice too see the touts struggling .
  6. cidy

    Frank turner

    Cracking show in Cardiff tonight ,love to see him at Glastonbury ,he played a few years back early afternoon can't remember the day maybe the park would be good fit or left field ?
  7. Cat Stevens/ yusaf Islam , don't think he's ever played think he's stated hes not comfortable with big crowds nowadays ,which is a pity as would be a highlight for me . Can't see stone roses doing it now either .
  8. Spider Stacey and the lost bayou ramblers Yusuf Islam The Ukrainians Frank turner Elvana
  9. Only band I can remember seeing in 1990 Strange they don't appear on the poster though
  10. Cheers for link bagged a few tents for 3 of our lot ,offer extended to 4/11/18 now
  11. cidy

    Local Ticket Sales 2018

    Definietly Bridgwater way back ,but never Taunton
  12. Yep great night all round ,no john peel tent we were out in the sunshine ,would like to know the amount of people there seemed a lot . Even the longdrops made an appearance πŸ˜€ Felt like a mini Glastonbury for one night only
  13. Maybe not a band but an artist ? Didn't dicky Ashcroft make a surprise appearance at Finsbury park ? Or could be Noel as he's in Bristol the following night πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ If say he's on at 9 gates open 5 and only 2 acts in 4 hrs seems kind of strange
  14. So only one headliner this year ,take lt he's doing a full set. Wonder if it sold out
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