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  1. cidy

    The Cure

    As the years pass by and sets are looked back upon this will stand out as an absolute classic, the cure were the reason I first went to Glastonbury back in 1990. This set just seemed bliss a perfect way to end a great weekend for me, they are defintley a band to admire and cherish, I know it's a cliche but they are unique and special and there will never be another band who have made such melancholy music one minute and perfect pop songs the next.
  2. Paul McCartney never got fined as eavis paid it for him
  3. cidy

    Glastonbury 2020

    Looks better at night😀 just a cardboard box some tape and silver paper and lights
  4. cidy

    Glastonbury 2020

    Time to dig out the ol pyrimad, could do with the cure right now
  5. cidy

    Hand sanitizer

    Been in to Boots today and asked the assistant “what gets rid of Coronavirus?” She said “Ammonia cleaner” I said “Oh am sorry, I thought you worked here Coat has been gotten 😀
  6. Stick😀 A senior government medical adviser has told members of the music industry it is unnecessary to ban live events in the UK over concerns about coronavirus. The number of cases of COVID-19 in the UK rose to 164 today (March 6), with two deaths confirmed so far. In a conference call held with members of the UK Live Music Group and other event organisers earlier this week (March 2), deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam said there was “no clear rationale” for cancelling events in the wake of the global pandemic. According to industry website IQ, he explained that because the virus has a relatively small radius of infection of approximately two metres, the most likely places of infection were homes, schools, workplaces, pubs and public transport. ead of event operations has said the festival team were “closely monitoring developments”. “We work closely with all of the relevant agencies, including Public Health England and the NHS, and always review our plans as any circumstances change,” Adrian Coombs said. “With this in mind and with our 2020 Festival still 16 weeks away, we continue to plan and prepare for the event, whilst at the same time closely monitoring developments with the coronavirus situation.
  7. cidy

    Alternative Xmas

    Bit of skinny and beans
  8. cidy

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Confidence man are playing according to Noel Gallagher on Steve lamacq show ,they are supporting him next year for his shows also
  9. Album aurora _a different kind of human step 2 Song on and on beans on toast Glasto set Frank turner strummerville Non glasto oh my god it's the church thekla Bristol Film, the Irishman, an acting class of the highest quality TV show afterlife . Game.,,__cards
  10. cidy

    discoveries of 2019

    Aurora fantastic voice and great stage presence . Oh my god it's the church ,great night out and uplifting as well Elvana ,see above ?
  11. cidy

    The Joke Thread

    Interesting fact: Bono was ill the evening before they recorded ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ in 1985, but he was very relieved to only be diagnosed with catarrh rather than something more serious... “Well tonight thank God it’s phlegm instead of flu....”
  12. If she does play hope this is on the set list Great performance and voice at Shane macgowans 60 th birthday bash last year .
  13. High up on bill of other stage or possibly heading other stage ,Stormzy headlined pyramid with one album ,Gerry will have released his second by June ,hope he does headline other stage ,loved his glasto set in JP atmosphere was amazing and his Cardiff gig mental
  14. cidy

    Beans On Toast

    Anyone heard his first band Jellicoe can't believe it's same person, this seems like a modern day "my generation ", pretty sure John peel played a few songs back in the day
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