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  1. Havors

    Efest posts

    Hahaha quite the opposite...
  2. Havors

    Efest posts

    weekdays between 9 and 5...... 😶 Or when im having a poo.
  3. Havors

    Resale club 2020

    How they are now running the Tory party..... 😆😱 Cummings is a plant! He has all the dirt on Boris so controls him ha
  4. You would get a double in but have very limited space left inside, however there is sort of small porch space you can keep bits too... but theres no ground sheet
  5. The 2 man scouts are a decent size. Parking is not included (£45 for a pass last year) The car park is right next to the campsite... minimal walking No queues driving in on wednesday or out on the monday p.s. if you get coach.... the drop off is miles away from WV would have to get the shuttle bus.. which I hear will have you waiting a long time.
  6. Yeah agreed considering (I may be wrong) but there was 7k more coach tickets? Where they go from... your guess is as good as mine.
  7. I get what you are trying to say, but a reward is a bit of a stretch... like they couldn't book a WV tent anyway? Not to mention the absolute ball ache coach goers are going to have getting to WV from the drop off point... The whole premise of it appears to be enviromental... like going by coach is greener. Which technically it is... but it wont reduce the amount of cars going, it just means they park somewhere else. Defeats the whole point in my opinion... They would be better served putting more coaches on from more places I think personally.
  8. Im still struggling to see the point in the priority for coach tickets.... the people who drive and thus miss out on WV because of this will still drive they will just camp somewhere else... Seems a little pointless tbh. It is not going to reduce the amount of people driving... just make the regular car park busier and the WV car park less busy.
  9. Havors

    Future Headliners

    The same acts and bands get rehashes in these questions over and over.... A better question would have been... What new or up and coming bands/acts do we think will/could headline in the future? Just my 2 pence worth...
  10. Havors


    Both parts are brilliant and quite different. Their catalogue of songs they can play going forward is big and going to cause them a headache fitting them in. I think they are 100% to play 2020.... its just what stage and when.
  11. Not even that much... my days of lugging gear for miles and putting up tents in the wind and rain... oh and no showers... are behind me.... middle age is practically here
  12. Havors

    2020 headliners

    Tough crowd!! Are they as popular on here as Mumford? haha! To be honest I have to agree with you though ha
  13. Havors

    2020 headliners

    hahaha i like it!
  14. Havors

    2020 headliners

    Apologies if its already been asked but cant be bothered reading back through the pages haha The Who announced a tour in spring.... what do we think their chances of headlining again are??
  15. Makes perfect sense. Even if you dont have kids to be honest... if you are a few friends splitting the cost its not that expensive. The only thing I would mention to you with a 3 and 1 year old is..... the hill..... gonna have to drag your pram or whatever you are using up a very steep hill.... not the easiest task the gradient is very steep in parts.
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