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  1. You do realise you have basically just posted the same pic that was posted originally?? That is either the only version of the pic they have or they have not given you the full highest resolution version. Somebody contact Google and ask for some images from their satellites I want to be able to see my car in the car park at least!!
  2. £140 for a tent you cant stand up in is way too much for my liking. Just wear an eyemask and buy a taller tent
  3. Havors


    Apples and Oranges..... Two very different types of band/music so your comparison is a bit pointless. They could both headline the same year they are that different.
  4. Yeah the fallow year is depressing! 10 months is too long.... the only glimmer of light is if you think ticket day is only 8 weeks away! haha I cant wait to get stressed out... I must need my head feeling ha
  5. Nice to see you stuck with my pyramid giza suggestion haha! Does it not frustrate the hell out of you going there knowing whats just finished and how long you have to wait for next year.... Frustrates the hell out of me just sitting at home never mind being on the farm.
  6. Havors

    Festival cancellations.

    Boardmasters is different in this instance I believe... the camping is basically on an exposed cliff. So with very strong winds peoples tents could be getting blow off... with people in them potentially? Rain is rain.... People are unlikely to be killed by mud unless they drown in it passed out? ha Still I feel absolutely gutted for everyone who was going... imagine Glasto being cancelled 12 hours before it was due to open?! Heart breaking.
  7. Good for him... doesn't change what I define pop music as... Let's stop straw-manning me
  8. Like I said we have difference ideas of what "pop" music is... this is what I call pop music.... just like all the taylor swift shite and the likes...
  9. I think you and I have different definitions of what "pop" music is....
  10. I don't like the 'pop' analogy... there is fuck all pop about Tame Impala/Kevin Parker in my opinion. All that aside... the guy is a friggin genius and Tame Impala are brilliant.
  11. Havors


    False equivalency.
  12. Havors

    Kylie Crowd Size

    Yeah haha! under the big TV crane. Madness!! I was just a bit further back on opposite side of track... thinking wow how are they handling the smell for so long...
  13. Havors


    You mean apart from Nick Cave fans buying tickets to see Nick cave? 🙄 😝
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