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  1. This is a reason for me to visit Silver hayes... always needed one just to see whats there properly haha
  2. Yeah the park stage can be bad as there is a steep hill on the right of the stage as you look at it. Feels like the crowd is massive. The left side by the wall is the best place it'd high up as well
  3. I was and it was brilliant
  4. Good bump. I want to see people pics from this year so I can go find the good ones mmmmm
  5. I think he's trolling? Surely?
  6. Stop confusing there not being a diverse attendence with the festival not being diverse. You're embarrassing yourself. All are more than welcome and when you go you will understand and not be so ignorant. I hope you have a wonderful time like everyone else and ironically stop judging people just like the ukip people you seem to be thinking everyone is.... I'll buy you a pint, you will love the festival. There is a lot of love there for everyone.... even though you think there isn't just because there's a lot of white people for some reason.
  7. So somehow you sit in your armchair and judge people. But think I'm narrow minded and ukip? Wow you are really really showing how ignorant and hypocritical you are... I do like irony though its quiet funny. I think you're reading comprehension needs some work. Show me one thing that makes me narrow minded or ukip....
  8. You mean become something it's not? Become park life or something? That's steeped in modern British culture. The festival is fine... everyone is welcome.
  9. Wow so you've never been? I would refrain from calling people narrow minded while trying to judge and look down at people at the same time.... its not a good look.
  10. It works just the same... mostly same ingredients bar the extra fluff sis puts in. Dioralyte doesn't cure or stop diarrhoea it just replaces all the electrolytes you lose because of it... the same you lose from sweating a lot or drinking a lot. Dioralyte works wonders. Seems to be sold out on all the supermarkets here though
  11. Not on my mates ticket. Depends on how shit the pic is you have submitted. They are pretty lenient with the pics you can upload... mine has people behind me and my mates is half in shadow as he took a bad selfy haha
  12. That's still 3 days of the festival
  13. It's going to be 20c and sunny spells everyday with a light breeze all week. Let's chill.
  14. The mown grass goes yellow (glasto hill) The rest stays lush 😆
  15. For all the reasons i mention. You cant force people to go.... thats all it shows. People like different things, you cant make everything all things to all people. You cant please everyone... to try to is just ridiculous and a hiding to nothing
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