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  1. Quite possibly.... that will be the pretext to forever keep the powers... They should not be given the extension but there is nobody to stop them. There will be a respiratory season every year and covid is never going away, should they retain the powers forever?
  2. There are an awful lot of people who dont like opinions they dont hold or accept people are allowed their own opinions... or understand the nuances of discussion. Hence a few trigger happy down voters clutching their pearls.
  3. Yeah but they can only stay in place if the legal restrictions are kept (against what the government timeline is). So they may only be suggested restrictions and not enforceable. Unless they don't lift the legal requirements.... I think by October though the government lose their temporary powers and the legal requirements have to be lifted. Unless they get another extension.... and we head down the path of totalitarianism and they keep the powers forever...
  4. It cant be if they remove the legal requirements. If its just guidance then you don't actually have to wear it or social distance. The Governments "temporary" powers should be removed come October also.... should being the operative word.
  5. probably because the bloody virus is still covid 19
  6. By their logic they will be locking down forever. There will always be cases... forever.
  7. Had my text today for vaccine. I kicked covids ass already but i guess i should take the vaccine anyway. Especially if the bastards are going to try vaccine passport us to go anywhere.
  8. 8 cases from 7 million vaccinations... 8! You would expect more than that by pure chance? Maybe its actually preventing the blood clots? haha
  9. Its more frightening how much of an idiot you making statements like that....
  10. Only if they up the day rate considerably to offset the tax I think.
  11. A large portion of the voting public have already been shown to not give the slightest fuck if they are being mugged off and taken for a ride though. So perception/optics appears to becoming more and more irrelevant, this Tory government could literally get away with murder and still be ahead in the polls.
  12. Agree about the overseas. But contract work as a whole is dying a death... Where you used to be able to set yourself up as ltd company and pay yourself a wage and avoid paying a lot of income tax the government have closed that path now and companies must now use a government agency middle man and they take their wack of tax leaving contractors massively out of pocket. To the point companies and contractors are going down the permanent contract route. Lloyds have just took a large number of contractors on as permanent staff for just such reasons. This is leading to an increase in going a
  13. I think that totally depends on circumstance. What type of job do you have? Do you live alone? Did you miss your cancer treatments and operations? etc.. For some its been a walk in the park, for a lot its been a nightmare.
  14. Also when pressured by government officials or public perception. 😄 Fickle bunch 😄
  15. Is it just me or is he stating the obvious? 😄 Also, i would imagine his story is irrelevant as the vaccines have been deployed quite well all over the country evenly?
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