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  1. Oh yeah always a pinch of salt.... but they did have one of the most severe outbreaks and means to test the virus... other countries with little outbreaks wont have learnt as much I feel. We shall see.
  2. I'm confident everything will be back to normal next summer, just with added hygiene and awareness. The studies in Italy are showing the virus is already much less virulent... to the point were it is becoming much less dangerous and in turn appearing to be disappearing. New cases are showing much less of the virus in the system, which is the viruses way of surviving. If it kills too many of its hosts it kills itself.. so it adjusts and becomes less virulent. That's what the experts in Italy are saying anyway... That coupled with any immunity built up, plus any vaccine or treatments, makes me confident next summer will be back to normal. Football matches I predict will have crowds back by the end of the year if all goes well... "if".
  3. That baffles me for the reason.... why would an app only work if your phone is unlocked?? That in itself makes no sense. Unlocked as in no pass code on your phone? or only works when you are using your phone having unlocked it?? Makes little sense.
  4. Have to imagine they will try to retain as much of the line up as possible. With there being so much notice/time between now and June 2021 I think they should be able to resign most of them. Only issue comes with any big acts that have already got tour commitments and albums penciled in? Hazard a guess about 80% will be exactly the same...
  5. Everyone will be vaccinated before 18 months pass... not to mention some immunity will have been built naturally. Does this guy just want to get his name in an article or something??
  6. I think the massive need and vested interests will expedite it. It is going to all be down to how quick they pass human trials and can be mass produced and distributed.
  7. I hope you don't mind me taking your post with a pinch of salt unless you can back it up with some evidence of many people dying on the way to hospital etc and the 360k+ number. I am confident Germany's figures are the most accurate as you say, they acted quickly and tested quickly. I also think (just my hunch im no expert) they are recording deaths more accurately... i.e if someone has heart disease and dies as a result it is being recorded as heart failure and not covid because it was in their system.
  8. I'm baffled by Germanys stats... relatively low amount of deaths to everyone else? I have a feeling they may be recording only deaths that are a direct result of Covid-19 and not just deaths with it in the system?? Or do they have some magical medicine/doctors that are stopping people dying?
  9. Significantly yes. But if the measures put in place work as they should we will see things plateau then decline... fingers crosses that by the end of the month (im being optimistic)....
  10. Exactly.... its all relative and not the big picture.
  11. I'll take what you are saying with a massive pinch of salt also.... I suggest not throwing around arbitrary numbers of death rates.
  12. Oh yeah totally agree. Even if that is all accurate we need to keep this going to ease the burden on NHS. I would say though it could mean this wont last as long June if we are lucky.
  13. I read an open letter from a bunch of top german experts to their government implying the opposite may be true.... that people who have the virus found in their system postmortem are being recorded as dying from it even though they may well not have. There was some very interesting question raised with sources etc, well worth a read. Not sure how big a pinch of salt to take it with though... https://swprs.org/open-letter-from-professor-sucharit-bhakdi-to-german-chancellor-dr-angela-merkel/ I have also read (more pinches of salt) that the virus has been downgraded by public health england and the government is over playing its severity to help ease any burdon on the NHS. Again all just food for thought. I do think we will start to see restriction slowly lifted in a staggered fashion by May sometime.
  14. not as I say.... you are into that sort of thing haha
  15. I wont be able to watch that.... just rub it in even more what we are missing. It would like watching a video of your other half cheating on you ha (unless your into that sort of thing)
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