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  1. Did strummerville ,didnt hear about the others tho ,got Bristol to look forward to in April with frank and matt nasir ,enjoyed lost evenings when they did acoustic set . Maybe get a full uk tour with sleeping souls end of the year looks like hes got august off then tour of germany with a few gaps until November .
  2. Gutted was hoping for a park headline slot. when he played avalon last time it was rammed
  3. Pokey lafarge have postponed gig at the fleece so assuming rest of tour is off โ˜น๏ธ
  4. Also 3 into ozark ,looked on imdb and it says 44 episodes ,14 in last season looks like there will be a break after ep 7๐Ÿ˜•
  5. Almas not normal was best comedy ive seen in a while (bbc iplayer ) ,if you liked afterlife youll like this ,funny ,sad,dark etc . Hope theres another series
  6. For a first gig back cant think of anyone better to see live The next storm lyrics really have a meaning when your in the crowd singing along . Would be elated if he got the chance to headline other stage at glasto .
  7. Oh for the good old days when i was younger ,never bothered with hotels just travelled up got smashed enjoyed gig got bus/train home next day after a night in doorways or on a bench .
  8. Think lost evenings worked out at 33 quid a night if you bought the weekend ticket ,so 37.50 doesn't seem too bad to be honest always puts everything in to each show his enthusiasm for every gig is undeniable and the amount time he spent supporting smaller venues during lockdown was admirable . Its the hotels that take the piss nowadays soon as gig announced prices triple for a room .
  9. cidy

    First Gig Back

    Got say frank turners lost evenings was excellent last week ,our first gig back and It lived up to our expectations ,some great support acts as well ,standout band were the lottery winners cant wait to see them again . Was great to be at an indoor gig again cant wait for next one LIVE MUSIC IS BACK ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  10. cidy

    First Gig Back

    Think my weekend will be lost๐Ÿ˜€ We were just gonna do the Sunday ,then though sod it do the lot ,bit of sight seeing in the mornings then camden in afternoon . Looking forward too a mooch around the roundhouse some great history in that place
  11. cidy

    First Gig Back

    Also doing lost weekends our first indoor gigs since late 2019 ,bus to london planning on using buses rather than tube mrs was never keen on them before. Bonus of street festival in camden on fri/ Saturday as well . Roundhouse want ppl to do lft before every night they go . Looking forward to it beans on toast is the MC doing a gig at some point as well never been to the roundhouse before so 4 night festival inside should be interesting, really looking forward to seein the lottery winners out of all the support acts .
  12. cidy

    First Gig Back

    Have the church changed there set much ?
  13. Ronnie Spector the park 2017 Gerry cinnamon John Peel 2019 The cure 2019 Protoje 2017 not sure if the first set was filmed in the afternoon saw them at the gully in the evening Aurora john Peel
  14. 90's were the fuckin best loved it then Some great flashbacks
  15. Got tapes and DVDs somewhere of 90s stuff, remember starting a chain in early days of DVDs posted them out to members here they copied them then sent on to next person etc, didn't take long for them to get lost in post ๐Ÿ˜„
  16. Yea we did both of those and watched his sets on Thursday nights on youtube. Contemplated the Glastonbury thing but if we didn't get tix or lineup wasn't that good and we missed out on Frank Turner's gigs because of it I'd be gutted, it's our first gig of a few we've booked so far so played safe
  17. Lost evenings Frank Turner all booked 4 nights, fingers crossed
  18. cidy


    No blackbud??
  19. There's a working link on glasto fb page
  20. Should get on when Coldplay start imagine a few will log out and free up space
  21. Should get on when Coldplay start imagine a few will log out and free up space
  22. Beans on toast stream working on book of faces think I'll watch that
  23. I demand a free ticket for next year as compensation!
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