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  1. When I didn't get tickets last year I took a long weekend to Sarajevo – a place I've always wanted to visit (I'd strongly recommend) I'll probably do something similar this time. Be a shame to go from Glastonbury to zero.
  2. He's got another on Thursday :)
  3. Gaz Brookfield did a live streamed Facebook gig today. A whole host of the line-up could do that. Then I'll order in some decent festival food from Deliveroo, crack open a few Thatchers Golds and pass out on the floor later on. Let's do it.
  4. fat_man_joe

    The poster 2020

    Man this is such a great poster for me. It's rare there's this much I want to see on the first one. Had a great time sitting opposite my mate in the pub this evening when it dropped. Putting the phone on the table and turning it around as we each read opposite sides of the circular poster and shouting out names we liked when we saw them.
  5. fat_man_joe


    Totally agreed! It often gets rated beneath other tracks on the Every Manics Song rating polls and I just don't understand why. It's up there above most album tracks in the post-2000 era.
  6. I'm hoping for more than just two acts on the next announcement!
  7. fat_man_joe


    Ah the old foreverdelayed forum. Spent so much time on there. Is it still going I wonder.
  8. My god, the pyramid's doing jazz hands!
  9. I'm no photographer, but for the sake of this thread I thought I'd share two of my favourite photos from Glasto 2016. I think they nicely capture two sides of this wonderful place. (The second photo is two of my friends who thought a two-man tent would be big enough for two people. The fools).
  10. My name is Joe Jones, so this image brings up lots of bad memories from secondary school. Kids can be so cruel.
  11. fat_man_joe


    Petition for Sleepflower to open Glastonbury's main stages for the weekend?
  12. My initials are JJ. So I'd like to throw my name onto the rumours page for JJ's real identity.
  13. Has it been posted that Maximo Park are doing festivals this year? Announced for IoW and few others. Sorry if it's already been mentioned. Would love to see them at Glasto!
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