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  1. fat_man_joe


    I think we're pretty confident they'll appear. Perhaps a high JP slot. Is there a new album next year?
  2. Perhaps we could see Roddy on the farm. Acoustic stage maybe.
  3. I'm seeing Mannequin Pussy supported by Cocaine Piss in November. Pretty strong (or terrible) band name line-up right there.
  4. Let's hope so. Such a great live band!
  5. fat_man_joe

    Fake Poster....

    What was this thread about again?
  6. Wow. The place looks like it's barely changed.
  7. They've somewhat mellowed out since the old days of Nicky saying into the mic "they should build a bypass over this shithole" while performing their first ever Glasto...
  8. I realise I came across far more negative than I intended. I still think they're one of the greatest bands to ever exist and they should absolutely be treasured. Just become a bit indifferent towards them the last three years or so. Having also never seen a JP headline slot, this would suit me just fine!
  9. My god, I would not have penned the Manics for supporting Green Day. In my mind this nails them on for Glasto. 2014 must have been the last time they played. I've seen them about 14 times, but after a few years of sub-standard albums and shiny, uninspiring gigs I've not bothered for a while. Would definitely catch them at Glasto though. Headlining JP? Perhaps I'm biased...
  10. Would love OCS to play. Suppose they fit the Other Stage opener slot profile (90s band with a couple of big tunes). And, unlike most, I think they could actually pull it off. Day we Caught The Train could be a perfect sunny (🤞) midday singalong.
  11. fat_man_joe

    2020 headliners

    This is like when I assumed everyone would vote remain all over again. I'm so out of touch.
  12. I feel like you've been getting a bit of a bad rap here, dude 😂 The DJ vs Live music debate never ends well.
  13. fat_man_joe

    2020 headliners

    If that's the case, my prediction is the festival gets the smallest total crowd numbers for the three main headline acts in recent years. No reflection on the quality of the acts, and certainly not a problem either (I rarely see the pyramid headliners anyway). Just the three bands have had less time to build a base of fairweather fans that just go to see them because they "know those few songs". Taylor doesn't quite fit into the above, but she's certainly not on the level of The Boss, Neil Young or even Beyonce (IMO).
  14. Gaz Brookfield's playing The Monarch in Camden on 13th Nov for anyone interested. Great fun and a really nice guy. Played a few open mics with him back in Bristol 2009-2012 time and was always a lovely lad despite being 100 times better than anyone else. Girl Ray are great, too.
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