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  1. Not been on here for a couple of days. Has there been more info confirming Macca and Kenny?
  2. More or less guaranteed with the Bristol date
  3. The day after @Neil says Stand By Yer Beds
  4. Cannot believe UB40 are going with just Ali so soon after Astro's death
  5. Assuming this is the same one that was shown over Summer?
  6. Is there any reason Jack White would not play high Other?
  7. Chrisp1986

    fuck yeah

    Are Foals still big enough to headline?
  8. That is a killer clash. The two Spotify playlists have now been updated for anyone interested here:
  9. Surely Glastonbury will come up in conversation?
  10. Mentioned elsewhere but Hyde Park can't have more than 7 dates in a 3 week period. This is now reached with Eagles announcement which means Elton can't add a 2nd date there leaving Sat and Sun both free for him.
  11. Could CM do a solo acoustic set potentially? Makes sense as him and an acoustic won't damage the environment and he gets to play but not as the cheesy cameos. Could work as potentially a pyramid opener?
  12. Just catching up, so are you still confident in Billie/Kenny/Macca?
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