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  1. Tbf I am on James forums and the AT gig is talked about a fair bit by the hard-core. If a casual fan buys a ticket they are in for a shock though with that setlist! 'One for the fans'.
  2. Anyone seen ticket prices yet?
  3. Vaguely recall KOL in 2008 getting very thin throughout the set?
  4. Michael Kiwanuka will without a doubt be DiRo warm up act. Has to be Sunday at around that time and acts as a good build up. Will it be as heaving as 1975 with people getting places for Legend? We arrived for last song of 1975 and listened to Dolly from behind an ice cream van not even seeing a screen.
  5. Is there a change vallie would play? Not sure what he would charge or where you would place? Too big for sunshine spot?
  6. Dickie? As in Ashcroft? He will see himself as headline pyramid or out.
  7. Something coming at 2pm. Swifties bet is on Wildest Dreams being released.
  8. I am really not sure what to think......
  9. Did Julian not headline JP one year from memory? Or maybe even subbed it below Ash(?)
  10. I know PSB previously said they will now only play in the dark BUT does the prospect of subbing Elton possibly change their mind?
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