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  1. Chrisp1986

    Kendrick Lamar

    Good Kid on Vinyl, 12 notes............ Kendrick Lamar - good kid mAAd City Vinyl: Amazon.co.uk: Music
  2. Chrisp1986

    First gig back

    Hi, I live in Huddersfield.
  3. Chrisp1986

    First gig back

    Looking at gigs around what would be Glasto, are any likely to go ahead? Options are: George and Haim in Leeds on Thursday Green Day etc. in Huddersfield on Saturday (if I can get a ticket) BSP and Manics in Halifax on Sunday Any chance of any?! My current thinking is Manics more likely as British......
  4. Sort of comparison. I saw Take That in 2010(?) who had Pet Shop Boys as support. Then Robbie did a solo set as support. Then the 4 did a set of new stuff as kind of support for the main bangers set when Robbie joined them
  5. In her own tour I can see her 'supporting' herself with folklore and evermore. An hour set with a DJ break before a 100 min set of bangers.
  6. Does it take that long to make a Radiohead album these days? Just record some drum machines falling down the stairs......
  7. Haha i wish. Google it everyday. He must be one of only tours that isn't rearranged now though and it's due very soon! Desperate for 2 weekend dates.
  8. So the tour is currently going ahead starting in 3 weeks 🤣. Come on Michael!
  9. The date the shit will end is confirmed. I need to tell a little lie, I didn't mean live music, I started this thread really about a Josh Widdicombe gig that I had booked for my Wife's 39th birthday, she turned 40 in October. I have just had confirmation that is will now be in April 2022. This shit ends in April 2022 😞
  10. I asked this before and it is quite 'pilly' and not really for families. Rhat was response I got.
  11. Chrisp1986


    Hole In My Soul came on my spotify the other day and forgot how much I loved that as a teenager. Not sure if that is classed as classic enough for a set though!
  12. Chrisp1986


    Does anyone know if Aerosmith are due a new album soon or will this now be more like a Greatest Hits set?
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