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  1. Paul Heaton rearranged his big Manchester gig for the following weekend 😁
  2. CASTLEFIELD BOWL POSTPONED. New date is Saturday 3rd July 2021. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  3. Agreed. Actually surprised that there is very little line up talk on here.
  4. Ghandis flip flop should offer delivery....
  5. Do you think it will have the word 'conditional' in it?
  6. I guess cinemas can socially distant more than any other?
  7. The hospitality reopening in July news had a picture of, what I am seeing, as a gig ticket on it. Result!
  8. Really? I had read rumours the tour was being scrapped?
  9. Chrisp1986

    Legend Slot 2021

    Trying to stay positive and clinging onto all hope 2021 is a go. It would be amazing but very surprising if Diana made it next year, who could other options be?
  10. Olympics which were delayed to 2021, now saying if no vaccine by then it will be totally cancelled and can't move to 2022.
  11. I know I started this thread but not read all comments. Got tickets for a gig at 1000 seater venue (comedian) in October, postponed from March, anything been said on chances of these size events starting? Anyone has opinions?
  12. rearranged tour dates are out, finishing on 1st June. Good or bad sign?
  13. Any fellow NHSers get tickets for Nottingham?
  14. Wow, I think I was just a bit pissed when I started this thread and now it's over 1000 replies.....
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