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  1. I am same, but just Leeds and Manchester and not a sniff. He subbed Park last year but this album is being called one of the greatest this decade and I can see why. He seems the type of guy that would play for a small fee though and he will know the exposure this album will get on BBC if he played a decent spot.
  2. Chrisp1986

    Michael Kiwanuka

    I know he has been mentioned in other threads now and then but couldn't find a thread purely for him. Just listened to the new album today and WOW, never given him much time before but this is actually amazing! What do we think the chances are? Really hope he isn't headlining a smaller stage as would love to see him mid afternoon, where has he played previously? Kind of hoping for a mid afternoon Other slot if he were to play.
  3. Chrisp1986

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor? This thread is now about how the long drops are installed. Keep up!
  4. Chrisp1986

    Taylor Swift

    Brilliant! So are long drops permanent? Never thought of that before!
  5. Chrisp1986

    Taylor Swift

    On a serious note, are you able to just wander around the site or do you email for permission first? Would love to have a wander one year!
  6. I really hope you are right, grew up listening to them and would love to see them as haven't for a good few years now! I would love a good afternoon pyramid dance to them but realise they have said would only play in dark so Other Headliners maybe but I do secretly love a Pyramid headliner for the spectacle so would have to be someone awful, like Metallica, to see it!
  7. It is probably just a session for competition winners on BBC
  8. Actually cant wait for Leeds!
  9. Rock Slot isn't really a thing officially.
  10. Came on to post this! Think they are ready for a pyramid slot this time.
  11. Chrisp1986


    Big question is can Glasto actually afford her?!
  12. For those who have been or are going on NE. Have you paid for extra luggage or risking it and hoping they will.take everything? Is anyone getting it from Huddersfield here?
  13. David Gray just announced a big outdoor show in Cork for 20th June. Celebrating 20 years of White Ladder. I can see him doing early pyramid or even high acoustic?
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