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  1. Chrisp1986

    Ticket touts.

    I actually never realised it was illegal....
  2. Chrisp1986


    Is Taylor's first gig not until like a week before giving us little time to preview it?
  3. Chrisp1986


    Can we not just campaign for a three hour set?
  4. Chrisp1986


    Also Bitch dont kill my vibe and backseat freestyle cant be missed in my book. I honestly cant believe how much I love mad city and Damn when I cany stand hip hop! Butterfly is just that little too much for me as it's rare I have time for full albums and feel that needs a run through whereas other 2 albums can listen to them by dipping in.
  5. Chrisp1986


    Ah I thought these were just kind of separate gigs ie. Glastonbury warm ups and Glastonbury.
  6. Chrisp1986


    I am one of those sad people who always researches setlists before going to a gig and have already spent plenty time looking at them for those year from the SRs. The one I am most intrigued about is Kendricks, after telling myself I do not like him and will not see him, I decided to give him a chance and now I cant decide which tracks he could leave out! Looks like DAMN tour had very little from Butterfly but plenty Mad City. Also where is current thinking with McCartney? As it's not an official tour is it going to be Greatest Hits? Thought setlists deserved their own thread 😁
  7. Have they just promised an inferior set outside the capital?!
  8. People don't attend Glastonbury as they saw an advert on facebook…….
  9. What stage we thinking? Only just 'discovered' her this week.
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