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  1. Well no one has told you how RAMMED Jake bugg was.....
  2. It just feels too early. 2 more albums and it will be a party. AM did it too early first Time around and it would be similar.
  3. Ahhhhhh can't think where I was....Paul heaton on Acoustic maybe???
  4. I swear it was the let's stick together guy on wh?
  5. I watched 7 minutes and thought Nah so caught last 5 mims of Cooper Clarke then wandered around an empty Shangri-la!
  6. Oh just giddy now it has dawned on me that ITS HAPPENING!
  7. The studio in the background of the film during interview segments with the pointy roof, like a triangle, a pyramid? Yeah, that's it.
  8. Metallica - also one hit wonders with Master Of Puppets v BEs Bad Guy *hides*
  9. Greatest Glastonbury set off all time right there.
  10. Oh god. This film has just brought Ricochet to life. New highlight.
  11. Not sure QOTSA is for me. Saw them again V2003 and it was too heavy for me then and i will be 18 years older......
  12. Really hope that's true. Don't we normally have a good idea by this time of year?
  13. Anyone spotted any hidden Glastonbury clues in background of this new film? Pyramids? Tors? Old men in shorts?
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