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  1. Courteeners at Albert Hall in mid-Feb.
  2. Not been on here recently, what is the resale clubs view on whether its Go for 2021?
  3. Chrisp1986

    Bird Flu

    Let's ask them..
  4. Chrisp1986

    Bird Flu

    Could bird flu threaten 2021 too?
  5. Nile and Chic confirmed for Pirce Hall in Halifax weekend before G
  6. Those who live north of Brum keep theirs, rest are cancelled 🤭🤭🤭
  7. Festival exclusive or is tour still possible?
  8. So, this thread seems to have gone a little off topic? When will gigs be back?
  9. I was only wondering.....and pissed.
  10. Apologies if already mentioned but has this been discussed? https://glastonbury.nub.news/n/glastonbury-festival-founder-michael-eavis-unsure-if-2021-event-will-go-ahead
  11. Is anyone seriously doing to beat KIWANUKA?!
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