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  1. I saw Editors technically headline Sziget (followed by Guetta closing show), they got biggest reception of weekend. Bigger than Blur a few nights before!
  2. Still possible. It's already quite a heavy tour. Maybe she is one of these that spends longer on costume changes than singing?
  3. We had Biggles Wartime Band 'headline' our evening do 🙂 Biggles Wartime Band at Chris & Donna's Wedding - Holdsworth House, Halifax (Nearly) Full Set - YouTube This is the (nearly) full set if anyone wants to watch a bit x
  4. Could Billie Snot Sub Taylor? Or am I being crazy? I know she COULD headline but would she sub if it was Taylor?
  5. Chrisp1986


    I may get shot for saying I want to see them in this forum but here goes. We have a week in Scarborough booked for August and whilst we are there the open air theatre (which I love) has Olly Murs, UB40 and Anne Marie playing. I quite fancy UB40 but which version gives the most? This is the Ali and Astro version. Are they generally seen as the best or are the other 5 with the original name the better call? Dont fancy going and being disappointed!
  6. I had a 3 month argument with work to let me have time off in September.......here we go again. Not even had Glasto 2022 confirmed since it was delayed in Jan still.
  7. Probably reading too much into this it asked if an announcement still coming on Facebook and the reply I got from someone high up in organising was 'yes'.
  8. Seen a comment on Facebook from someone who seems to be in know saying they need information it will definitely go ahead for it to be a positive announcement tomorrow. I sense a cancellation coming tomorrow.
  9. As we are due an announcement on Friday, does anyone know if this is just an on or off announcement or are we likely to get the lineup too?
  10. Coldplay headlined Glastonbury 2021.
  11. Poweramp has had the dust blown off.......
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