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  1. Joined the crowd today. I work for a pharmacy chain who are telling staff to go in even if positive.
  2. The wife tested positive just now, I have had sore throat and sniffles all day.
  3. Been to BBC sound check. Very loud and sounds like Idles they are prepping for.
  4. I have NEVER seen acoustic as busy as it was last night for this legend. Also caught last 30 mins of BE which was also amazing and hit very few crowds.
  5. In Darble around 70 percent at 10pm.
  6. Chrisp1986

    Queue watch

    Does this include peanuts and bombay mix?
  7. Are frozen ice packs essential or will very cold drinks from fridge stay cold until Sunday? Got bags of chips/veg etc cooling it down overnight today.
  8. Chrisp1986

    Orange route

    We are travelling from Leeds area and usually drive through Bristol centre, which is the best route to try and get in the Orange parking as remember being in a East car park a few years back and it was a killer!
  9. Haha well I did actually mean tinny. It's tinny and tiny compared to every other speaker I own.
  10. It's actually alright this one. Last one has finally given up after buying it for 2007(!) so bought a new Roberts one for 20 quid. At Bearded I took the bose linked to phone with bt but 5 nights of that would kill my phone battery even with two powerbanks.
  11. Chrisp1986

    Sound systems

    We have always taken a tinny old AA battery operated radio with us for Worthy FM on a morning but seen sound systems are banned. This coupled with extra checks, does this mean it maybe confiscated? Or by sound systems do they mean more big speakers powered by big external power supplies?
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