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  1. THU Tom Walker & Jonathan Pie FRI The Libertines, Ziggy Marley, Lewis McLaughlin, Crowded House, Supergrass, Phoebe Bridgers, Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott and Reef SAT Katy J Pearson, Gabriels, Metronomy, Paolo Nutini and Paul McCartney SUN Sea Girls, Lianne La Havas, Diana Ross, Elbow, Lorde and Pet Shop Boys
  2. The Other Steve

    paolo nutini

    Paolo being introduced to the crowd ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  3. The Other Steve

    paolo nutini

    Very short clip of Through The Echoes - only 8 seconds but I don't as a rule film gigs but this was for my wife who couldn't be there hence why it is so short.
  4. The Other Steve

    paolo nutini

    It was immense. Headed up to the Rabbit Hole 50% confident he was on and was in a good hour before it started and it gradually got very busy. His crew were testing and about 20 mins before he was due to start one of them spoke in a Scottish accent so we became 75% confident. About 10 mins before he was due on his crew were testing the mic's and one of them inadvertently said "testing 1-2, testing Paolo main mic 1-2" and everyone broke out laughing as we were now 99%. Paolo appeared to love every minute and it was so loud! Just amazing!!!
  5. Yep, she got me too along with a moment during Crowded House and Elbow.
  6. List your top 3 performances of the weekend. I'll start with: 1. Phoebe Bridgers 2. Paolo Nutini 3. Gabriels
  7. I wasn't there but Leon Bridges is performing and he plays on Texas Sun so could be him potentially.
  8. Wow - Phoebe โค๏ธ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. There's usually a gate too that says no entry or something similar
  10. I've never made it to the crows nest. How far past the Glastonbury sign is it and which field do you access it from?
  11. My first headliner was Kings Of Leon in 2008.
  12. All sorted, I'm going with this: Wed: The Weather Outlook (TWO) - scorchio Thu: Metcheck - mild and dry Fri: BBC - warm and cloudy Sat: BBC - warm and sunny Sun: Ventusky - Nice and 3.1mm of rain between 4pm-7pm
  13. Me too - huge bonus for me.
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