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  1. Neither me or the wife were in hospital but her smell hasn’t been the same since March and my smell/taste hasn’t been since start of December. (Also I’m getting pains in my chest when walking but it does seem to be getting better)
  2. Interesting you say that timeframe. My wife was terrible in March, couldn’t breathe well at all, bed bound for over a week. At the time they weren’t taking people into hospital of her age or testing so it was very much a rest and recover thing. Moving onto December and we both had positive tests. She was again bad but nowhere near as horrific as the first time. Hopefully the body does build up some sort of resilience to it
  3. It has not been said by anyone but random speculation that Large Events will not happen until everyone has been offered a Vaccine. That is a FACT!!
  4. That’s what I’ve always maintained. Well I’ve said outdoor 1 day events or ones without camping etc...
  5. Make yourselves feel better, go Watch the Bowie set and during Rebel Rebel Michael and a young Emily appear watching it from the front of the crowd. Michael has a big cheesy grin, really cheered me up.
  6. Honestly it’s really not a want of mine. I want things back to normal ish as soon as possible. For that to happen in my mind people shouldn’t be fishing, going to golf, playing in playgrounds, opening bait shops, having clothes sections in supermarkets open etc.... Just my opinion of course. Think I was merely pointing out the absolute contradiction to say, get in your car, drive to a fishing lake etc... when you could do exactly the same for golf for instance and do that on your own too. And for me, contradiction makes lots break the rules.
  7. Well people can’t access the Normal exercise routines can they? Can go to a local part and run/walk but after that I didn’t think their was much else. (Also don’t think playgrounds being open is sensible but hey ho) Like I say, it’s nothing about people being able to fish, it’s about the contradiction in the rules.... again!! I’m just glad so many have lakes at the bottom of their gardens so they don’t have to travel anyway.
  8. 1. We’ve all done that the last year regarding Glastonbury including you.... 2. Of course I agree, requests shouldn’t be made but it’s another one of those things, of well that’s open because it’s exercise, can be done alone, it’s outside.... why isn’t my one too? Makes no sense
  9. Well people shouldn’t be travelling in an ideal world. Also, I love Golf, why can’t I hit the course alone? It just contradicts things as always. Where do you get your bait? Honestly, FairPlay to the fishermen about, lucky them!
  10. Yep, lost my tooth over that!! Literally
  11. Complete lies. My daughter is one of 2 from her class in. We’re both key workers and the other girl is too. I’ve also had to reissue key worker letters to my team as schools are requesting them
  12. Mate I’m with you, really am.
  13. Once they started opening things up to people it’s very hard for some to understand why they shouldn’t keep doing it. It will never ever go back to what March was.
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