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  1. Duran Duran just announced an Irish date next June so guess they’re pretty much confirmed for this
  2. Yep, add Supergrass to the I’m coming back list. First fest I’ve seen them added too around that time.
  3. This is the reason I ensure I login here! Valuable information to be had
  4. Indeed mate. Didn’t realise Diana Ross had rescheduled yet. Nothing for her Eden Sessions show.
  5. It’s Certainly looking likes the undercards will probably remain intact but it’s the top couple of lines that there’s Huge doubt over at the min.
  6. Lady Gaga would probably be better placed than Billie
  7. Wonder if they think they should be getting bigger spots
  8. Another rearranged for next year. The Orielles, Heaton & Abbott and The Lightening Seeds all likely to be back (sure there’s others too)
  9. Also Kacey Musgraves was on the Primavera lineup last year, she’s not there this year.
  10. I’d certainly take that but I’d be amazed if Fatboy isn’t headlining the other.
  11. Would be quite easy to move over Dua to one of the 2 free sub spots (possible free of course)
  12. Pretty much confirms that Kano, Fontaine’s DC, Metronomy, Mabel and Charlie Xcx are all back then. (Sure there’s others on the list I’ve missed)
  13. I was there on a £2.50 ticket. Was busy though
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