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  1. Sure they moved it till the end of 2021
  2. It’s the summer holidays With the kids for us so I’ve no doubt we will at some point over the next 4 weeks. Not rushing anywhere though just because of that.
  3. Makes me feel ill too. If it’s still looking like this I’d be amazed if there’s a ticket resale. As for tickets rolling over, I’d be surprised if they’d want to hold onto everyone’s money that long (me being very pessimistic). Its a selfish point of view I know, but the way the beaches are at the moment I’m not sure what difference a festival is and I’d most certainly go whatever the situation! Mostly open air (maybe make more things open air and not have as many tents for a year) and improve cleaning facilities with more hand sanitiser about. If there is the possibility of having a test in the run up then make people do that too but please dear god don’t let it be cancelled again.
  4. HAIM have announced their dates now. 100% at Glastonbury
  5. So.... last year our thoughts were: Pyramid - Kendrick, Macca, Taylor Other - Fatboy, Dua, PSB West Holts - Thom Yorke, Kano, Isley Brothers JP - Editors, Charlie XCX, Primal Scream Park - Manics, Caribou, London Grammer looking at lineups so far and touring plans I’d be amazed if we don’t get back pretty much Everything (barring the most talked about Pyramid situation)
  6. They’ll be back then. Did we work out if they were headlining the JP?
  7. can all still go to the pub together though, so it’s all ok!
  8. Enjoy! Would love to be there
  9. I’d presume so. Ian Brown has rearranged his tour for next year and is playing Neighbourhood Festival again so you may well be ok.
  10. Thought they were an outsider to sub this year due to the relationship with Taylor until their tour dates placed them on Saturday. That top 4 had to be the strongest in history right? Macca, Noel, HAIM, Aerosmith. Think Crowded House were there too. Crazy strong. If there are a lack of new touring acts and what with the O2 date etc... I’d say they’re certainly one of the favourites to do it. They love the festival too so certainly would get the importance of the slot.
  11. Where have they announced this?
  12. sisco

    BBC Glastonbury

    Sad that it’s coming to an end. Have loved watching all the sets
  13. Fully agree that sub/3rd isn’t out of place at all.
  14. Yep and that’s why I thought a pyramid wouldn’t be the most ridiculous thing. I’ve no doubt he’ll have a massive slot next year
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