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  1. Worked out perfect for me, watched Olivia Rodrigo and came back for the Oasis stuff
  2. Out of interest how easy was it to get a bunk pad or pod pad? also…. Does WV have something similar?
  3. sisco

    2023 Headliners

    AM and Taylor were always going to be pretty much guaranteed. Mike99 as a source…. When did that become a thing
  4. sisco

    Worthy (re)view

    How long was the walk back out of interest?
  5. sisco

    Worthy (re)view

    Out of interest what did you prefer and how did the walk from both compare? Wondering about trying next year for a posher way of camping
  6. Beans on Toast > Kae Tempest Libertines > Wet Leg > Crowded House > Wolf Alice > IDLES > Sam Fender > Foals IDLES > Holly Humberstone > Skunk Anansie > AJ Tracey > HAIM > Olivia Rodrigo > NGHFB (the whole oasis bit) > Macca Sports Team > George Ezra > Caroline Polachek > Jack White > Lorde
  7. Yeah was in the middle of a crowd trying to get away from Williams Green and it wasn’t great. On tickets, I am getting older so I’ve decided the coach isn’t for me anymore. Will be trying for GA tickets. Weighing up Worthy View or the other one… (name escapes me). The walk for WV seems a long long way though every day. Is the other one any better?
  8. There’s no need to test anymore so should be ok
  9. sisco

    2023 Headliners

    If there were odds about I’d bet a decent amount on Arctic Monkeys + Taylor Swift being 2 or the headliners with The Spice Girls being in the Legend spot. If I had to guess on the 3rd I’d go with Dave
  10. Not sure it’s that inevitable tbf. Maybe the very odd one or 2 but I’ve just been to Glastonbury and considering how massive it is I’m sure there was only a few drop outs in total!!
  11. sisco

    BBC Coverage 2022

    How long is it all on iPlayer for this time?
  12. So having just returned here are my thoughts from what I say: * 100% felt much busier and it didn’t feel that it had extra space to deal with it efficiently * Thursday is a huge problem and needs a rethink. Everyone crammed into a couple of spaces just doesn’t work at all. * The legend spot also needs some sort of competition that takes people away to the Other main stages. It was absolutely horrendous trying to get anywhere (same for Kylie) That’s all… the rest was all fine to me, I expect to have to queue for Drinks/Toilets/Food at festivals and events. That’s never going to be solved.
  13. sisco

    Kendrick Lamar

    First half of Macca was certainly aimed at his fans rather than Beatle fans. Last 90 mins was the best I’ve ever personally seen at the pyramid in my 7 Visits. Very special
  14. sisco

    Wolf Alice

    Could get worse for me, Wet Leg have pulled out of supporting Inhaler on Saturday in Dublin!
  15. sisco

    Damned pull out

    His Website never did. Obviously the worry is he pulled out of some dates the other week and no mention of him since!
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