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  1. Tbf, London allowance is still a thing.
  2. Anyway, back to an earlier point I mentioned. If people are now working from home should they be paid less?!
  3. Tbf a lot of the city (London) is deserted on a weekend. I get that others may thrive although I’m pretty sure working from home means most eat and drink at home?! Maybe it’s just me.
  4. Fully agree, there’ll be lots of unemployment. Least those who want to work at home can though right....
  5. Of course and I’ve no doubt that there will be jobs that will be advertised as WFH however I very much doubt there’ll be many where you never have to go into an office at some point. We’re going to hybrid working and I hope to be able to give my staff the chance to work at home the majority of each week but they’ll certainly be expected to come in at the appropriate times.
  6. 100%. We’ve been told we don’t actually have WFH contracts and that there are different Health & Safety issues, wage issues and insurance issues that would stop them doing so. For instance where do people stand on those that have been commuting to London and earning London wages?! If they work from home should they receive a 10,000 wage cut or whatever the equivalent is in their local area?
  7. They have, but they've also been doing either altered or different roles whilst this has been happening. There will be times they have to come to the office to complete their role. It’s nothing about performance.
  8. Can I add I really do hope @shoptildrop manager can help with their worries/concerns
  9. That’s not quite the case. I’m a manager who has to start asking/notifying staff they need to start returning back to the office. They need to spend a certain amount of time there in order to do their jobs. I’ve no doubt there’ll be concerns but I suppose it’s my job to try and make them feel comfortable. A choice isn’t always possible.
  10. Leefest (neverworld) have cancelled. Have mentioned lack of support etc.... Lost lots of money last year so have made the decision not to go ahead
  11. I get what you’re trying to say but...... How do they all get there?!! They don’t literally teleport into A socially distanced seat. They’ll all be travelling together, in pubs together, leaving together, on the concourse together in the toilets together!
  12. Well thanks for doing it. Hope Fontaines DC do stay as 3rd down and don’t clash with Supergrass, that’d be very annoying.
  13. 6th July is when the semi final is and they’re planning to have 45,000 there (minimum). That’s got to give these outdoor (mostly) festivals lots of hope
  14. Great lineup for the price
  15. My wife had it twice about 8 months apart. First time was horrific, 2nd still bad but much better than the first
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