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  1. Reckon she’ll be back next year with a BST date or 2 next year
  2. So last year there were 90 acts on the Castle, Acoustic and Common, this year we have 64 announced (after removing the B&S headers) so there’s in theory 26 acts to go. However I’d imagine a huge % will be for the acoustic stage
  3. Means we won’t be getting too much more in the way of big acts then
  4. You’re right there mate, a band who sells out everywhere they play plus donates the money they earn to charity… so so embarrassing
  5. Yeah was down for a moment and the page monitor has been pinging
  6. it was the plan last year as we were told the day before it was coming. Just the guardian messed it up and went early.
  7. Yeah seems odd to me but it’s a great source.
  8. So with the price increase, any chance of an announcement tomoz?
  9. Oh wow, have they advertised it! Yep - website says so! Dammit
  10. Discord also has a festival site with very good sources is what he means
  11. Didn’t realise there was another increase coming?! When’s that? Its because tramlines, truck etc… are announcing today/the next week and Victorious follows suit
  12. Well looks like another lineup announcement will be here soon, 1/2 weeks.
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