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  1. Not that I expect them back but my god they were brilliant at that Park secret set
  2. Absolutely no way they’re headlining this alone.
  3. I appreciate that Emily said that she thinks it’s the only festival Lana is doing but.... Glastonbury doesn’t do exclusives Would she perceive APE as a festival
  4. sisco

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Someone on twitter has said Fishermen’s Friends have confirmed for the Friday night.
  5. Christ, how would that sell. Not even headlining Victorious!
  6. I do like investigating everyone’s sites to find the day people are playing though.
  7. Vampire Weekend certainly could, I’m still thinking maybe Wolf Alice myself
  8. They’ll have a local act on to start the day (unless thinks have changed). Taylor Swift and Diana Ross Confirmed. Based on our own assumptions I’d guess we’d all be surprised if 2 more on that day aren’t HAIM and Dua Lipa (unless she is actually headlining The other). So 2 more acts to fit in. Wouldn’t be too hard if they actually wanted too but sounds like hard not happening anyway. Have to say though the possibility of a run of Taylor, Dua, HAIM and Diana Ross seems like a lot of fun
  9. sisco

    Billie Eilish

    Personally think it’s very very good.
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