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  1. Surely the same could be said about price too?! Some can’t afford it. It’s not in the school holidays so I can’t take my children, also unfair? I get the frustration I really do but.... I’m honestly not sure that aspect will come into it. That being said, I really don’t think it’s going to matter for next year is it!
  2. I guess that’s the same as those who want to go on holiday, you’ll/there’ll have a decision to make. There’ll be lots of others who will be willing to do it to be able to attend. Sadly fairness doesn’t come into decisions like this.
  3. Isn’t it 2 weekends? So 1 weekend would clash.
  4. I’ve said for a while that IMO outdoor day events will have started by May/June with temperature checks etc... but will be closer to the time decisions. Sadly like you’ve mentioned Glastonbury will need a decision earlier than that to run. Still can’t see the local council being happy for 200k people appearing in their little town either. Praying I’m wrong
  5. The first lockdown was pretty well received, people felt it was their duty to respect it. The problem is now is they’ve let people now have freedom and taking it back is ridiculously hard for lots to understand. People are already mentally broken by losing work, family access, holidays etc.. over the past 7 months and in all honesty are no doubt fed up with no end in sight and with this sh*t show of a government in charge. they're all in it to line their pockets (guaranteed the weatherspoons decision wasn’t made without some input!). I’m a key worker, Ive stuck to the rules, I’ve c
  6. So this government have decided to do this to those in the north and we're still expected to hold some sort of hope that the things we love doing will be alright by next Summer!! Under this government.... honestly, useless and no bloody hope. Crushing people’s livelihoods and mental health.
  7. Victorious don’t normally announce anything till early in the year so I’d guess there’s no reason to change that considering what’s going on. Not sure announcing Ian Brown is the greatest publicity either at the min.
  8. If it means I can go to Glastonbury I’ll take it. And think of what you can do with that extra arm!!! It’s another pint
  9. Being called selfish because you want to go on holiday is ridiculous. Follow the guidelines mate and do what’s best for you and your family.
  10. Because its what people live for every single year. People work hard just to have that 2 week break away from it all, to have family time, to improve their mental health and well-being. Much of life is about risk vs reward, some people will do it. We booked a holiday during Covid for October. We’ve cancelled due to the quarantine rules as both of my children have started new schools this year. If it had been in August we’d have gone. Whether people think that’s right or wrong is another thing but we’d have made the judgement for our family.
  11. sisco


    Welcome to my life! Ha.
  12. sisco


    They’ve all got colours next to them showing what dayes theyre playing
  13. I think in general Half Term is the same however some schools have one week off and others have two. (My girls go to schools in the same area and each have different amounts of time off.... which is really handy!!)
  14. Walked 20 mins to the post office today, got to the door, kept questioning whether I should just go in, only going to be a second... couldn’t do it after all I moan about people not wearing them so went back home again with my post. Btw, I do appreciate that people such as @crazyfool1 and @Ozanne enjoy reading and interacting here and helps their own sanity, I was more aiming my previous comment as a generic if you do struggle then maybe reading negativity regarding COVID then maybe this forum page wasn’t the place to be. I just hope everyone does what’s best for them.
  15. Think this is good advice for a lot of people. It’s clear that this is affecting lots of you and I’m not sure what benefit it is for each of you to read doom and gloom constantly. All take care of yourselves.
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