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  1. sisco

    2020 headliners

    Friday or Saturday and you’d be fine as the sub is finishing. Sunday..... about 11am
  2. Just thought the same. There’s one in Margate.
  3. Lizzo instead of Foals!
  4. Think I was focussing on the headers. I fully expect Elton to be the legend myself. Arianna for me again could very easily play the same slot Miley, Janet or Katy Perry have played. Still thinking Foals/The 1975, Madonna and Fleetwood Mac for headers. plus bigger than normal subs.... The Kinks, Florence and the Machine, NGHFB
  5. Wow that would be weak. Especially as they’ve already made a big deal of the 50th
  6. sisco

    2020 headliners

    Exactly. Was actually booked off the back of his set on the other stage in 2017 so I’d be amazed if he wasn’t the first one actually asked
  7. sisco

    Vampire Weekend

    Fingerback was a personal highlight. Got front barrier as well very easily. Was in awe of the new guitarist, he was unbelievable
  8. sisco

    The Killers

    They were unreal. The energy they put in, the set list and even the special guests were all perfection! Loved every second of it.
  9. sisco

    Vampire Weekend

    The Secret Morning set was exceptional
  10. sisco

    2020 headliners

    They’re already on Skybet
  11. sisco

    2020 headliners

    The first ever headliner would make sense though...
  12. sisco

    2020 headliners

    The Kinks
  13. Repeating what many have said: Gerry Cinnamon - looked a ridiculous decision as soon as it was announced..... it was! The Streets - Could have easily swapped with Janelle Monae Kylie - The Acts they had against her were never going to be sufficient. Was probably the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen on the pyramid. If they’re going for an Elton etc... then they really need to separate the crown with other big acts Foals - Sound was rubbish, would of been better to stick them on the other opposite Kylie or something similar as a special guest.
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