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  1. I was going to mention the London Marathon here - similar phenomenon where something reaches a critical mass and its popularity seems to be self-feeding. Think the ratio in the public ballot for the London Marathon is 20 applicants to every public spot. The public ballot is only one aspect of it (but the biggest) - as mentioned above you can qualify for it by running a certain time determined by your age (though in turn because of its popularity they've had to reduce the qualifying times which pissed a lot of people off) and there are charity places and tour operator places. But overall it's a similar phenomenon to Glastonbury of something being massively over-subscribed because it appeals to a far larger number than it can accommodate.
  2. It was certainly like that at main stage this year, though the tent was a lot better because people were there specifically to see the acts playing rather than standing round. I'd think the main problem the number of fans who camp out at the front hours before the headliners come on, so even if there are rock bands on before them their audiences aren't getting anywhere close to the stage.
  3. Ruled out completely - 2x Manchester Arena, 2x O2 and Birmingham - all late July
  4. This thread prompted me to put two and two together and check the US dates, as we are elsewhere in America on holiday next year and one of the dates landed perfectly for our schedule so I've gone for it as well - think I paid $64 each for the tickets, there was a $34 price bracket but they seemed to be down to single seats by the time I got on to buy (through a presale code found on Twitter) so I went for the next (stadium) level down. Another thing that seems to be a quirk of American gigs - I got a hotel within walking distance for no more than it would have cost on a night when there is no gig/match on at the stadium - guess so many Americans drive home after gigs and staying over is unusual, and the big gigs don't impact local pricing like they can here. With the added bonus I can park at the hotel for free and not pay whatever they charge to park at the stadium.
  5. They announced yesterday because Taylor Swift was announcing a load of things at once, including her own shows in the US.
  6. The Forum isn't that spectacular - looks good from the outside but inside it's just a standard basketball arena, and it's not in a glamourous area (out towards the airport). The Roxy is very near the Whiskey, and the Troubadour is not far, if you just want to tick off the famous venues. (Edit)) Up in the gods at Dodger Stadium is perfect for baseball, looking out over the mountains, particularly at sunset, with a good view of the game - it'll still be fine for a gig and that's a bargain (big American gigs seem to do this tiered pricing well).
  7. Agree with this logic - if the other two headliners were acceptable to the young weekenders (and particularly if there was a reasonable alternative to Slipknot for them on the Radio 1) then they'd gain more from the day ticket sales for Slipknot's day than they'd lose from people being put off buying weekend tickets because the band with the scary masks are playing. In fact a lot of people are probably under estimating how many of the young weekenders would go along to see them out of curiousity or for the laugh. I know R&L change tack all the time but this year's tactic was clearly to stream the days more clearly by genre, and it seemed to work for them so can see them repeating it.
  8. Pretty solid three days for me (at Leeds), packed a lot in. In particular the Friday was a great run of acts from the Shikari main stage set onwards - barely wasted a minute. Saturday fairly full too, only dip was Sunday where I just wasn't interested in Post Malone so went for food while it was quiet, and out of curiosity wandered through the tents where Mura Masa and Andy C were playing, both quiet (particularly Mura Masa). Watched the last half hour of Post Malone but not my thing really. The headliners have been covered enough and while I saw bits of each I didn't see any in full, 21P was the one I watched longest and enjoyed most. Highlights/surprises further down the bill - Poppy was brilliantly entertaining (still not sure what went on there, but it was entertaining), liked the Distillers set (although it was so hot at the time), Pvris were a lot better in the tent than when they played main stage a couple of years ago (on another hot afternoon) when they seemed a bit lost, Bleached gave it a good go to an initially mostly empty tent (they clashed with Billie Eilish) and enjoyed Peace in FR to an appreciative crowd. The Shikari set in the Pit was like a furnace and went down a storm. Wandered to Bowling for Soup thinking I'd walk straight in and was surprised how busy it was (though you could actually get a space if you persevered). The Mysterines were great closing the Introducing stage on Friday, though not many there to see it - though a lot were going past on the way to Foo Fighters. Away from the music however - the set-up at Leeds really does struggle with big crowds and seemed they were overwhelmed yesterday. Queues for water are well documented elsewhere (the trick was just to go to the front of a smaller stage and be polite - it was inconsistent but some would fill bottles, others would only give cups). Queues for food were ridiculous at peak times, and made getting around the arena difficult in places. I wasn't drinking yesterday but the bar queues looked bad too - for the number of people they really should have more bar capacity, the servers look absolutely knackered in the heat. We packed up yesterday morning and took everything to the car in the late morning / early afternoon and helping the others out meant I had to go through re-entry twice and it was chaos. They had two people searching everyone with a bag or container, meaning everyone was funnelling through a narrow gap - with people stacked with their stuff coming through the same narrow gap. The first time we came through we followed some others who spotted a gap and went through the middle unhindered, the second time it looked chaotic with a lot of pushing and shouting so we ended up going round to Rake's Gate to get back in. Also saw a lot of complaints on Twitter of the delays getting in by car on the Sunday, guessing the demographic of day ticket buyers on Sunday meant there were a lot more going through the drop off than they are used to. Saying that we left after the headliner last night and got out with little problem - through there seemed to be queues around the place so maybe getting back in for pick-up was bad too. Still, great weekend overall.
  9. I reckon she's back next year, it seems a no-brainer for both parties. And if she does come back she'll be headlining outright. See this as similar to Post Malone, after his big crowd last year they struck while the iron was hot and got him back the following year cos it was the right thing for both parties. As well as being a ticket shifter there would be a lot of kudos for the festival in booking its youngest ever headliner and a solo female headliner. It just seems to add up - in fact the only thing I see stopping it is if she (or more accurately her management) prices herself out of it.
  10. Another Sky, it's on the Secret sets thread.
  11. Arrived and set up at Leeds, busiest I've seen it, even Brown camp is filling up rapidly. Still trainers conditions, but the wind is still strong. Enjoy everyone, have a good one.
  12. Actually, I've just looked at the app to check that logic and they've already got Mysterines playing later than they were first scheduled (they were clashing with Shikari previously, now they are an hour later, probably as part of creating the new gap), so it wouldn't be a massive leap to put them on FR instead.
  13. Yeah like moving someone from BBC Introducing. That FR stage slot clashes with Foo Fighters but it would still be a bump up for someone e.g. The Mysterines who are last on Introducing - they could move them over and end Introducing earlier.
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