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  1. In this late flurry of information has anyone seen what time the wristband exchange and/or the gates open on Wednesday? We're "picking up" and can do without a long queue in the sun so willing to go up early to beat the queues.
  2. Also a Twitter thread. Metro runs until 2am Wed/Sun, 4am the other nights. Free shuttles to Plaza de Castilla.
  3. There was an email from Festicket yesterday: If you have not received your wristbands before the festival starts, please send an email to pulseras@madcool.es indicating that you have not received the wristbands and that you will pick them up at the festival. This way, we can cancel the wristbands of your shipment and you will be able to access the festival quickly. We inform you that, to collect your wristbands at the festival, you will need to go to the Mad Cool Wristbands/Pulseras box office at the festival entrance and show your e-ticket. You can get your ticket at your Festicket account, Festicket Booking confirmation, or at www.madcoolarea.com. If you cannot find your Festicket e-ticket/s either, please get in contact with us at https://support.festicket.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. Even if its a vast minority, you just need to look at the bar queues in the evening to see how much trade they do and what a difference it makes to the festival's finances. I'm the same as Benj in that I rarely go back to the tent during the day, and probably still wouldn't if you could take cans into the arena, but if you could take cans in I would still take four or so in to drink before using the bars and that's four pints less that they'd sell to me every day.
  5. So she is, thanks (though clashing anyway so doesn't matter !).
  6. Minor point mayb but Beabadoobee not on the schedule for Thursday? But still listed on the website (Stormzy has been taken off the website).
  7. Ultimately they'll do whatever works best for them financially - their priority is to make money, not to just have bigger crowds in earlier if those crowds aren't generating income. Allowing cans into the arena would decimate the bar sales - it wouldn't just be the kids who usually drink on the campsite drinking cans in the arena, it would also be those of us who usually go in early and use the bars all day who would then take cans in instead.
  8. ^ Yes was about to say they are allowed at Leeds. Comparing the two lists, this is also prohibited at Reading but apparently ok at Leeds: Clothing/Garments/Items which promote Cultural Appropriation
  9. Last year for Foals they were doing half-price VIP upgrades at the last minute. However the first level of VIP only got you into the separate area with the better bars and toilets. You had to get the second level to get access to the VIP viewing area (on the left as you look at the stage), which of course was way under capacity while everyone else crammed into the general admission space on the right. But, saying that, for everyone apart from Foals and Caribou it was easy to get close to the stage in general admission.
  10. Odds of Jessie Buckley & Bernard Butler being added? They've just announced a date for 30 August.
  11. Already reported on the NOS and Werchter threads but may as well add it here - Metallica have cancelled tonight's appearance in Switzerland due to Covid in the "Metallica family".
  12. A "check out the timetables" banner has appeared on the app so they are getting there (slowly).
  13. No it's just a guess until the official timings come out.
  14. They had a craft beer bar one year (maybe 2018), next to some street food vans, down the hill past the Leeds sign (to the left of the main stage as you look at it). It was an easy to get a drink quickly for most of the weekend. The year before that they had a separate serving point in the main bar that only did craft beer, and again you could pretty much walk up and get served immediately (instead of queueing for lager) for most of the weekend, until the Sunday when anything selling a drink was mobbed. Neither of these were particularly "special" but did add to the choice slightly. There was a hard seltzer bar last year, just as you came into the arena.
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