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  1. They did some clumsy social media post at the weekend inviting people to slag them off for not finalising the line up, which gave the impression that it wasn't imminent. Of course like a lot of things they do this backfired and because of the way they worded it, had people panicking that Metallica had pulled out.
  2. Some of the 2020 / original 2021 line up may have changed their plans (or maybe are being held over to 2023). For Big Thief it would mean a third European trip in 6-7 months - their own tour in February/early March, and Primavera Sound in early June (and whatever else they do around that). Not impossible of course, and EOTR will be keen to have them, but it doesn't look certain. Aldous Harding has her own tour in March/April too. Rolling Blackouts have their tour in May/June. Pixies and Bright Eyes seem certainties. In terms of other names Agnes Obel has a tour starting 2 September (though it starts in Edinburgh).
  3. The talk of next year's tickets already being on the final tier has prompted me to put deposits down on them today. I know in practice the "final tier" will be the biggest in terms of numbers and there are probably plenty available, but better safe than sorry etc.
  4. (Sunday as well, on the thread replies)
  5. Signing slots at the record shop
  6. 100 pages before a note is heard?
  7. I had never seen her, having missed out a couple of times (think I even had a ticket once and couldn't make it) so made sure this time. Meanwhile the crowd for The Magic Gang in the same tent was spilling out of the sides (or seemed to be when I went past, there might have been plenty of room inside).
  8. Had a good day all round, good decent spots for most acts so sound was OK for me. General theme of my texts to people back home oop north was that it was good to see acts like that attract crowds like that, and it would be good to have something like that outside of London, but the trade off was it was such a pain getting food and going to the toilet, because of the sheer numbers. The smaller stages were mostly well attended from what I saw, although that dipped as the bigger acts came on - I went to see Nadine Shah who started with a very small crowd (though it improved a bit), and she mentioned it and said "but I won't say a word against Bombay Bicycle Club, one of them is his son", pointing to her guitarist. The mass rushed walk from BBC to Foals was quite something to see, I know it served a purpose to split the crowd but just added to the chaotic feel. Daughter was in the thick of it for Foals and reported a lot of people getting pulled out - as already mentioned above, the VIP view area cut the available space in half which didn't help. I ended up near the BSL "stage", which wasn't so frantic but wouldn't have liked to have gone any further in. It was my first time there and I'd go back, the line ups are always good from my old indie dad perspective. Oh and thanks to on this thread who said to head to Bethnal Green for the tube afterwards, it was an absolute doddle. We also went in that way and had lunch at the Florist Arms - the barman said they'd had hardly anyone in on other APE days, so he was the only one on, and the place was full by the time we left with what were clearly APE punters.
  9. First time here so no comparison point but it does seem incredibly busy - the toilets and in particular the food outlets are overwhelmed, but unusually the bars are not too bad.
  10. The craft bar is brilliant value compared to Leeds - same price per pint but getting Lagunitas IPA or Redchurch at 5.5% compared to the 3.8% Carlsberg at Leeds.
  11. Same here, did Leeds yesterday and also doing APE Monday (then End of the Road). I bought lager on the first visit to the bar and then for the rest I did one lager one cider for a gradual snakebite. The lager was terrible and at 3.8% was like normal lager watered down. Tried that Hard Seltzer at one point because the queue was shorter but it felt like you were drinking the water out of a car battery, so that experiment didn't last long. So basically hoping the beer options improve over the next week! For a couple of years Leeds did do a local ale bar, firstly at the end of one of the normal bars and then in that street food area tucked away in the corner, which meant not everyone knew about it so it was usually quicker service.
  12. It wasn't just big, it was probably the most excited crowd I saw all day. Think she is one that benefitted from the year delay, she was originally due to do that slot in 2020 and has grown in popularity since. For me she was an interesting alternative to Liam G, but for others including my daughter she was a must see.
  13. I know. It wasn't me who predicted she'd be playing to a small crowd, it was someone else.
  14. Can't find it now but there was speculation a few pages back about whether Girl in Red would get a small crowd, being up against Liam Gallagher. I can report she got a big and very vociferous crowd at Leeds - there were even circle pits, I kid you not.
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