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  1. WFD

    Sharon Van Etten

    Saw her in Glasgow last night, saw her twice on her last tour and her live show really is another level now - the material from the new album comes across very strongly. Can't recommend her enough.
  2. There was one at Leeds too, and it was a bit of a game changer. As can be seen on the picture earlier in the thread there is a whole bank of Meal Deal items, including fresh fruit, pasta salads and so on (not just sarnies). They also must have it fairly well set in terms of quantities they are bringing in each day so by late afternoon much of that day's fresh stock (still well within date) was getting yellow stickered to make room for that next load arriving at night. Cans are mainly stacked up outside of the fridges but they are reasonably priced and, while they centred on the big brands, there were things like Brooklyn Scorcher IPA. Plus (at Leeds at least) it was right outside the arena entrance so it meant you could get out, have a cheap lunch washed down with a couple of cans, and back in, all within a 30-45 minute gap in your schedule. It was well staffed and queueing at the tills wasn't much of an issue - however they were very tight on security, had security staff regulating the entrance, and on the way out you had to show your receipt and what you'd bought, and be patted down to make sure you had lifted anything - the getting in and out usually took longer than the actual use of the shop.
  3. Robyn doing Madison Square Garden in March, presumably European dates to follow.
  4. We were at Leeds and left last night as our tents were already soaked through on Sunday morning. Managed to get off site easily enough at 1am, there were a lot leaving at the time and the car park was quite slippy til you got onto the exit path, but it was ok overall. Facilities wise was glad to see the return of Brown camp (being a family group), I swear it wasn't on the first release of the map on the app and wasn't on the map in the printed programme, so must have been added late. The co-op shop was also a great addition and busy. Music wise there was less I was bothered about seeing than in the last two years, but enough to fill the schedule. Echo what has been said on the crowd sizes - I wasn't at Post Malone but walked through the crowd coming off main stage afterwards and it was immense. Dua Lipa also had a huge crowd. I know it's always been a thing that many people will just come into the arena for certain acts they want to see but it seemed quite extreme this year, big movements of people on and off. The Thursday was busy with a big crowd coming in for Big Shaq, but thought the rest of the entertainment was lacking this year. Saw some poor crowds for guitar bands e.g The Joy Formidable on Main and Underoath in the Lockup, and Death from Above deserved to play to more people than they got in FR. $uicide Boy$ got the biggest crowd I saw in the Pit, though Beartooth did ok too. Kate Nash got far more than I expected up against Kendrick, and it was funny watching people coming away from Kendrick, then hearing 'Foundations' starting and come running into the tent. Overall agree with what's been said earlier, that you only have to look at the relative crowd sizes for different types of acts to see which direction the will continue to go in, though at least it looks like BMTH will headline next year, even if they turn out to be a token 'rock headliner' alongside more mainstream headliners.
  5. They announce them on the app, about an a hour before they start.
  6. Also worth pointing out the gap in their schedule (obvious if you've seen the tshirt of course), and they go from Paris on the Thursday to Glasgow on the following Wednesday.
  7. Yeah that's what I was thinking, they'd just quietly add some names when Introducing is announced - could even be that they are juggling names between Introducing and the opening slots on the other stages. Either way it should be fairly imminent as they seem to be clearing things up a lot earlier this year.
  8. There must be one more announcement still to come, there are too many gaps on the schedule and they can't all be secret sets - e.g. on Leeds Saturday, there are still gaps at 12 noon for R1, Dance and Lock Up, and Main doesn't start til 12.25. There are also gaps on Dance (Leeds Saturday) and 1Xtra (Leeds Sunday) - both stages where you wouldn't normally get secret sets. So reckon there's a minor announcement coming which will fill in most of those. Meanwhile if that is a secret set on R1 on Leeds Saturday as we expect, then Fickle Friends will be following it, after having to follow QOTSA at Leeds last year!
  9. Pixies are currently touring America with Weezer, and Jack White is about to start a US tour so neither of them would have been in consideration. Courteeners wouldn't have been likely with a high slot at R&L coming up, they'll have restrictions on where and when they can play.
  10. The website says: Thursday night at Leeds will see the Relentless Stage play host to an all-star, top secret line up – including huge special guest names that are guaranteed to please both OG and new gen grime and garage music fans. Festival-goers on Friday will witness a DJ set from none other than the legendary Mike Skinner. Following his sell-out tour with his world-renowned group, The Streets – this is going to take the party in Yorkshire to the next level......Across the weekend, Boston Bun, Jax Jones, Icarus, Barely Legal, DJ Zinc and Wookie, the Godfather of UK garage, will also grace the stage. With performances brought exclusively to Leeds Festival by the energy drink, the Relentless Stage is one of the places to be for UK dance and urban music fans this summer. So for a start Relentless is definitely still there. It says 'follow the clues' for the Thursday but that refers to the line up, not the actual stage?
  11. Basement w/ Joyce Manor: Manchester Club Academy, 16 Nov Leeds Stylus, 17 Glasgow Garage, 18 Birmingham O2 Institute2, 20 Southampton 1865, 21 London O2 Forum, 22 Bristol SWX, 23
  12. It works for the band too - the secret sets always get a lot of attention, most of the reviews will mention them and when it's someone like QOTSA it makes the mainstream media. For QOTSA it was their album launch date so it was ideal for them. Loads of coverage for turning up and playing for half an hour or so without putting too much effort into production.
  13. Or to put it another way, if the Radio 1 stage line up doesn't get completely filled out soon (there are only 10 acts on two of the days and 11 on the other - at Leeds at least, I've not checked Reading), there's a fair chance there's at least one big secret set happening.
  14. Not a regular day or time* but anyone big is likely to be on the Radio 1/ex NME stage. For not-so-really-big bands they can be elsewhere - last year Wolf Alice played theirs in the Festival Republic tent, the previous year YMAS did theirs in the Pit/Lockup and sometimes you get bands who are already scheduled playing a second 'secret' set on the BBC Introducing. *They are often early in the day to get the punters in the arena - they announce them on the app in the morning so it's not that secret really, and anyway the gaps where they are going to be become obvious when they put the schedule out a few days before.
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