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  1. I thought this too, but they've described as "giving Download one last chance to dance" (that being how the 2016 shows were described) so it sounds like they've taken a good offer and are passing it off as being part of the extended farewell rather than the start of a longer comeback. If it was the latter then Trees would be an obvious move, maybe not this year though (presume Download have some restriction on them).
  2. Didn't realise how much it had gone up, missed last year and will be missing this year too, but went from 2016-2018 and I'm sure 2016 was less than £90 for the three day option and certainly not £12 fees on top. We're missing this year to go to Mad Cool and the tickets for that were a fair bit less than £170 - I know its not really a like for like comparison but shows the difference in what you can get for your money.
  3. Another brilliant announcement filling out the days nicely. Really looking forward to this and glad we got tickets when we did.
  4. The vibe is good, nice relaxed festival and no trouble at all. Some decent food options, the Cheese Truck is the main highlight for us. Usual sort of festival prices though, smaller festival doesn't necessarily mean smaller prices. One of the main pluses is that you can take your own drink into the site and there is no separation between the camping and the stages, so you are free to take your own drink down to the stages (and the site is small enough that wherever you are camped you can get to your tent and back within 30 minutes max). Top end of the line up can be a bit mixed and depends on who is around and who hasn't been snapped up by the bigger festivals. Lower down there are a lot of returning acts and in particular they have strong ties to Big Scary Monsters and Xtra Mile, so anyone signed to those labels has a strong chance of turning up. Make time for the Forest Stage, even if it is for someone you've never heard of, it is very different from what you get at other fests and a hidden gem.
  5. Getting there is easy, frequent trains from Casa de Sodre to Alges (the station is right outside the NOS Alive site). There are trains back to Casa de Sodre train station from Alges late at night, including extra services during the festival, so if you stay anywhere near Casa de Sodre it's ideal. We went this year and took that option on the first night (and then got a taxi from there to where we were actually staying) but on the second night we spotted taxis queueing about 200 yards past the entrance to Alges station, headed to it and got a taxi straight away and straight to our hotel for about 10-12 euros. On the third night we headed straight for the taxis and again got one without waiting. There is an official Uber / Bolt pick up area and people were handing out vouchers for discounts on both.
  6. They also came back for Reading and Leeds in late August, and then again for a European arena tour in the autumn.
  7. There was a photo on the 2019 thread (page 84) - don't know if this was just one bar or all of them. I haven't been before but went to NOS Alive this year and there was very little in the way of spirits.
  8. We're booked, really looking forward to this now, they've played a blinder with the line up so far. Son was in charge of getting tickets because I was on a run starting at 11, and he also had a nightmare getting the order through on Festicket - and the confirmation emails took a while to get through but all in order now.
  9. There's no way that was an accident, the end of November is a key time for announcements and it's more like they didn't have a lot to release and needed to get something out, so created this false leak to make it look like a story. Look how quickly tickets went on sale after the 'leak', you don't organise something like that at the drop of a hat.
  10. Could be but that would be their first confirmed show for Europe which would be quite a coup for Mad Cool (unless they announce other shows overnight).
  11. Yes, in fact Elton John was the first to put on a big outdoor show in Carlisle (excluding the Radio 1 events anyway). We've since had Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, Bryan Adams and Olly Murrs (edit and Lionel Richie!) - all middle of the road stuff which sold well, and of course Little Mix - whereas Madness and Jess Glynne last year sold poorly. We also get those post-racing shows at the racecourse which tend to be popular (in fact part of the problem with Madness and Jess Glynne was that they'd played the racecourse in recent years).
  12. This is true - as I said in my meandering cross-post reply they pulled a huge crowd here last time, and like a lot of the gigs that are put on round here it will have pulled in a lot of people who wouldn't ordinarily travel outside of the region for stuff - particularly the sort of small towns and rural areas that are within the radius of Carlisle (and some of the other places on that list). They are tapping into an audience that other acts ignore (which may be due to them being far bigger in the UK than abroad, so they have to max out their income opportunities here).
  13. It seems to be a growing market, there have been a few tours over the last few years that have targeted these 'smaller market' venues and as Neil says above, its the second time Little Mix have done it so it works for them (they also do the big city arenas in the winter, they cover all the bases). To put it in local context, they also played Carlisle the first time and reportedly sold 17,000 tickets - the previous night they had Bryan Adams in the same place and he sold 9,000 and they tried to put Madness on there last summer and it sold so badly that it got moved to the indoor Sands Centre which holds less than 2,000. So it obviously doesn't work for everyone, but it certainly does for them.
  14. Hampden will be ruled out at that time because it is hosting games in the Euros (which will be over well before Gerry Cinnamon plays there) and Falkirk has hosted gigs before.
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