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  1. We went to Super Bock Super Rock in 2019 and Lana Del Rey's fans established their territory early on and stood with their backs to the stage while other acts were on, only for several of them to faint after standing in the heat for hours refusing to give up their spots...
  2. There are a couple of differences between yesterday's reveal and the leak which are probably mistakes on their part - there was no B in the Yungblud slot, and there was no T where Sleep Token are now showing (but there was on an earlier version). For what it's worth M is in the lead for tonight, and if they persist with it tomorrow it will be pointless anyway because it will be "the other N" (can't type it on this keyboard!) so it will be an anti climax ending to the game.
  3. They haven't changed a massive amount really - a lot of acts are in exactly the same place on the poster, which has made our guessing game easy. There aren't as many names as 2021 so some of the "missing" acts are bound to turn up when the line up fills out.
  4. When they launched it they said "a letter every day until the 16th". They didn't mention the full announcement but have previously said it will be before 7 July (when the refund window opens).
  5. That would make sense, her original placing in 2020 was first headliner on the Thursday (with The Killers billed second).
  6. Spotted one on the Friday, Spielbergs after Zaidbreak. Also line above goes Dream Wife, Sleep Token, Higher Power. Probably Sylvan Esso under Royal Blood.
  7. +Blood Red Shoes before Marika Hackman and IAMDBB under Parcels. Don't know the lower ones on the Friday and Saturday, can't see equivalents on 2021.
  8. B it is. Phoebe Bridgers, Blood Red Shoes and Royal Blood can be filled in.
  9. B is ahead currently, which doesn't do much for the headliners but would pick off a few undercard acts.
  10. Just the letter game. On Friday when people were guessing acts on Instagram they were replying with emojis which made it look like they were confirming names but firstly as far as I can tell they didn't reply to any suggestion of Metallica, and secondly it looks like the names they were replying to aren't all playing anyway.
  11. Alongside last night's reveal they said "line up update, line up upgrade, News coming soon" which suggests they are going to announce someone/something separately from the game. Wouldn't surprise me to see the Metallica slot starred out now (like they've done with the Killers) until the full announcement. Incidentally the leader on Instagram is now B, with M and R in contention, so one way or another they'll have to make a decision on revealing headliners. Of course E would be the most useful letter generally but either people aren't working that out or MC are messing with scores.
  12. Think that's right, plus The Comet is Coming after NBT and Sigrid before Thrice. The Struts before Gang of Youths (the photoshop version is missing the first T, but its on the official one).
  13. https://twitter.com/raulrastyRemake/status/1404165681470492682?s=19 Someone has had a good go at it on Twitter
  14. It's Jamie Cullum, he's in the same position as the 2021 poster.
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