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  1. We are early January. Things can change quickly. Yes, Omicron is here but lot of countries are giving a 3rd vaccine/booster. Let's have some hope people! Come on! Remember that less than 3 months ago, in October, life was coming back to almost normal, I honestly thought we couldn't be in a situation like we are today. It's Winter. We may have some hope cases and variant will be less present when Spring is coming. Festivals need to know lot of time in advance. Let's hope the gov' will be a better job this time. From mid-February, we should have a unique Covid Passeport in all Europe (at least European Union), it may help. At least to have the same rules everywhere. Let's see in a few weeks what's the situation. Last Summer, many festivals happened in UK. A few festivals like Alcatraz happened in Belgium. A few festivals in other European countries as well. Without being the beginning of a new crisis. So it's possible. Keep hope. If you don't, how bands and promoter can? 🙂 About Rock Werchter, as it's this topic: I'm pretty sure they'll find a good replacement for Faith No More. At least to motivative a public a little bit different than the fans of ID/21P/Yungblud...
  2. In their last announcement, Werchter said new names will come early this year. But "early" and "soon" don't have the same meaning in music world than in the rest of the world! In Belgium, the government has a new meeting on Thursday morning and another one in the next 2 weeks. Festivals are asking for a global plan this month so we'll see what happens. If RW or other festivals are waiting news around Omicron, we won't have new names before the end of the month. And I guess tickets are selling good enough to wait.
  3. If you hate European people so much, don't waste your time speaking with them 🙂 Honestly, I still have hope for shows/festivals this Summer. For the period January-February-March, it seems dead unfortunately...
  4. So far, Graspop is the only festival that announced the band who took FNM spot: Within Temptation. So boring/easy replacement. But I hope they didn't have better possibilities.
  5. Forum is back. Yeah! Too bad we lost many pages of previous posts... Really sad FNM are not on the line-up anymore. An act like BMTH instead would be great but I guess they're still on for Pukkelpop.
  6. Then I hope we'll have names for RW tomorrow 4pm before TW on Monday with Springsteen!
  7. Same promoter. Happening at the same place. Kind of same audience sometimes. Would be so stupid from them to announce names for both of their festivals at the same time...
  8. The newspaper says that the Rolling Stones will perform on the site of the Garorock but not during the classic festival. The festival takes place from June 30th to July 3rd. And the Stones will perform there on Sunday 26th June. I can't imagine the band playing at a normal festival. I guess they'll be announced for TW Classic here!
  9. The first day could be really sick if it's possible to see all these bands without any clash: Metallica Twenty One Pilots Placebo Yungblud Thrice Fever 333
  10. Fingers we'll have some RW names on Friday... and make this topic hotter than ever!
  11. Seems obvious they add a 5th day for Bruce Springsteen on Sunday. The hint seems so easy, wonder if his management will like it... or it's not The Boss but wondering who it could be then.
  12. Coldplay will ad other dates in the same city when the first announced are soldout. Can't see them coming in Spain just for Mad Cool (1 show). About RHCP, these dates on ViaGogo (and other sites like that) are listed since a while. They just reschedule it from 2020 I guess.
  13. And the 6th too. Stade Roi Baudouin.
  14. Coldplay will announce shows tomorrow at 2pm (Belgian time). A show at Werchter field?
  15. The dates cancelled by Faith No More were only in September/October in the US. About 2 weeks after the announcement, they've been added to Graspop. Until now, I think they'll play in Europe next Summer. At least until any update from the band. And for the rest of the tour, I hope some more names soon too as I'm thinking about taking a combo ticket!
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