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  1. Zero festivals since 2019. People still get their tickets from 2020-2021 cancelled editions. Pukkelpop sold 70% of combi in 4h. All reasons to expect a faster soldout than the previous editions!
  2. Got it. Thanks! Let's hope the rest of the line-up will be ok that day 🙂
  3. I subscribe to the Club but there's a code needed to unlock the presale on TicketMaster website: "Please enter the offer code or password to unlock your tickets (rules and restrictions may apply. Refer to your offer for details)"
  4. Too bad we didn't get any new names today. I'll just buy a ticket for the Metallica day tomorrow. And hopefully we gonna have names for the Pukkelpop at the end of the week... About the Foo Fighters, they always have several days-off during their Summer tour. They announce 2-3 shows, then 2-3 more a month later. So who knows, they could maybe be the last headliner. But like said @pigital, there already 2 rock/heavy headliners, not the style of RW anymore to get 3. Unfortunately... Pearl Jam - Metallica - Gorillaz - Foo Fighters could be so cool!
  5. You're really optimist indeed... I think it would be optimistic to say there are 1% chance AC/DC could headline a day at Graspop 2022... they almost never play festivals anymore. It would be a surprise if the missing headliner is not Avenged Sevenfold or Scorpions.
  6. I guess so. Maybe they didn't announce today because of Belgium football match tonight (or because of the band itself). The Foo Fighters announced a few new European shows today...
  7. A bit surprised they didn't announce anything today.
  8. Based on French newspapers, Belgium won't close borders with UK and 26 other countries. They won't allow non-EU people to come from UK. This is already the case for Brazilians, Indians, etc. So if some American bands plays in UK before Pukkelpop, per example, they'll be able to come in Belgium. Same for British bands of course.
  9. Honestly, I think the festival will be soldout before June 30th. Only way to avoid it: don't announce any names until then. But it doesn't seem - hopefully - the plan. With Rock Wercher potential announcement tomorrow and tickets on sale on Wednesday, I guess we won't have any name before at least 24 June.
  10. Nop. If they don't play anymore at RW and you only wanna see them, you'll have to sell your ticket for the festival and buy a ticket for the indoor show. Two different events. But it's just an idea. We'll see what happen in the future!
  11. As the tickets sales were not great for The Strokes day, I think the best would be an indoor show at SportPaleis.
  12. This list has to be confirmed in 3 weeks. Hopefully, UK will be removed from this list before... I hope so.
  13. Scorpions headlined already in 2011, 2015, 2017... In the meantime, Avenged Sevenfold headlined only in 2014 and almost in 2018 but the official headliner of the day was Iron Maiden. It's great to have some younger bands in the headliners. The Scorpions shows are always about the same. I saw them 4 times in Belgium since 2010 (SportPaleis and festivals), not needed to see them once more.
  14. Before Covid hit us, Faith No More were booked at both Rock Werchter and Graspop for 2020. Pretty sure we gonna have FNM back as headliner for the MS2 on Friday. Deep Purple are on tour again so they should be back on Sunday like 2020/2021. As Volbeat won't be there, Avenged Sevenfold seems the most natural headliner for the Friday. Nine Inch Nails are maybe as exclusivity at Hellfest and anyway the band looks not in the plan of Graspop. Five Finger Death Punch are more likely play at Graspop on Thursday or Saturday... or maybe play at RW on the same day as Metallica before coming one day as (
  15. If they put all the day-tickets on sale on Wednesday, they will announce the Sunday headliner or at least 2 top bands / co-headliners like they did today with Twenty One Pilots and Faith No More.
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