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  1. I don't think they're really big in France. I think their only show ever in France was Hellfest in 2016. They headlined the smallest tent, Valley, on the last day (after Jane's Addiction and during Black Sabbath show on MS). The big names seems cheap. Deftones headliner in 2020/2021: really?! Headliner in 2010 was alright, the festival was way smaller than actually. Dropkick Murphys sub again (already at this place in 2019), Puscifer sub with Rival Sons below, Walls Of Jericho headliner of the Warzone... Maximum The Hormone don't have their logo so I guess the missing band will be between Korn and them. Some bands like Bullet For My Valentine will be on tour. I guess Trivium too. But I can't see them added on this line-up.
  2. Line-up from 2020 was not the best. Seems 2021 won't be really better. In my opinion, Deftones as headliner for a festival like Hellfest is cheap. A trio Deftones - Dropkick Murphys - Opeth is not a big thing. Dropkick Murphys were already sub on the same day in 2019...
  3. Not a Belgian tradition. Most a human tradition. Especially on Internet: people always come to complain, a minority to send good vibes. A good news is that we won't have Kiss as headliners in 2021 as they'll play in Antwerp earlier in June for their farewell tour. They won't play any festivals (just Download I guess as they've 6 days in a row without shows around the first weekend of June).
  4. Good news to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers confirmed in other festivals around Rock Werchter. Would be really surprised if they don't play there. I'd love to have Gorillaz - Red Hot - Placebo - Sum 41 - Yungblud...
  5. From what I read on Facebook, seems they just made a special Foo Fighters with only their songs during 1h. Nothing more. The Main Square in France announces during all the weekend names for 2021. Too bad Rock Werchter doesn't make the same.
  6. Maybe just an exclusive interview in Belgium with the Foo's about the 25th birthday of their first album? Anyway, if they're headliner instead of Volbeat/SOAD, I won't be mad
  7. I guess we'll have the first names on Thursday (first day of the festival in 2020) or Friday at 4pm like they usually do with the announcements.
  8. They made a live tonight to announce the first 24 names. They were all on the line-up for 2021 THE OFFSPRING - THE HIVES - MESHUGGAH - LIFE OF AGONY While She Sleeps - Neck Deep - Of Mice And Men - Good Riddance Nasty - Anti Flag - Rise Of The Northstar - For The Fallen Dreams Northlane - Knocked Loose - Suicide Silence - Crossfaith Lionheart - Counterparts - Incendiary - Malevolence Jesus Piece - Higher Power - Belvedere - Mayleaf I was expecting at least a few new bands. Especially Stick To Your Guns in the headliners. And hopefully they'll have The Ghost Inside this time as their show at Full Force is not an European exclusive anymore but just a German exclu. But the line-up should stay the same at 90% I think.
  9. Comments on Facebook are never really relevant. You've more people who come complaining than happy people. Same for almost all events. Haters come to say they hate. Happy people just buy their ticket and comment less. About what you say for the timing in Belgium @Ken19, I think anytime would be a good time to announce now. We are in this crisis since like 3 months now, festivals are cancelled and lot of major festivals already announce names for 2021. People wants to know what to do: keep tickets, ask refund when it's possible, already reserve for 2021. I know lot of people here waiting informations. Even Graspop already announced Aerosmith (because the band announced their tour). I hope they'll announce a few more names at least before July. Same for Rock Werchter.
  10. We didn't have the Covid-19 in Europe (officially) when he made this interview. All bands changed their plans. I also remember the band said they won't tour for their latest album because it's too much pollution to tour worldwide. And @Ken19 said the band was too expensive, it's better to have a show only for them (like a Werchter Boutique or Stade Roi Baudouin). Now things can change of course, but not their fee.
  11. Do you have any informations about Billie Eilish btw @Ken19?
  12. I though they were going to announce a few shows, not just confirm cancelled shows. I'd be surprised if they don't play Rock Werchter. They just can't announce more shows at the moment. They can still announce shows in cities/countries where they're supposed to play at another date. Wait and see.
  13. I doubt we could have 3 big acts like KOL, Gorillaz and Kendrick on the same date. It's bigger than Kendrick - 21P - FNM. On Sunday, you can add Volbeat I think. Would be weird if they don't play festivals during their last album cycle!
  14. You have the young and old crowd: one side so happy to see Aerosmith or Iron Maiden again and again, the young expecting System Of A Down, Rammstein, SlipKnot... and everyone wanting Metallica! Hopefully after Monday, they won't ask so much SOAD. Any updates about GNR btw, @Ken19?
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