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  1. There are lot of shows announced for between January 2021 and April 2021 BUT some start to be postponed. For what I know in the rock-metal area. Some tours have been cancelled even before officially announced. Bands, booking agents and promoters/venues keep doing their show without any clue if the show/tour will really happen. Some shows will maybe happen with seating places in smaller capacity but it's not doable for the majority of shows. About what Barbaud said for Hellfetst, it concerns all the festivals. Organize a big festival take lots of time and nobody wants to invest money if they ma
  2. Because the situation in Belgium is a big mess right now. Increase of all numbers, looking like what we had in May. All shows are cancelled. There're only a few seated shows. And in Brussels, bars/snacks are closed for a month since Thursday. It's not a good moment to announce bands for a festival: it's too far away to think about it in a positive way now, we need to focus on getting a better situation before imagine festivals again.
  3. I confuse indeed, I just got in mind September 15th. I don't know for festivals but I know for smaller club-shows, they almost don't sell tickets anymore (in rock/metal/hardcore sphere). Even the newest announced. It's hard to imagine going back to "classic" standing shows in 3-4 months with the actual situation. It's just sad some bands don't give any update about tours/tickets. Of course, they're all in uncertain situation but a few updates would be great some times. I think especially about big acts like Billie Eilish or bands like A Day To Remember.
  4. They have time to announce now. The date to ask refund is behind us now. The festival is in more than 8 months. We know almost all the headliners. I won't be surprised if we don't have any new names before end November or early December (back to the classic calendar). It lets some time to see how the situation evolve.
  5. I guess System Of A Down will finally play Graspop too. Thursday MS1: Volbeat - Dropkick Murphys - Mastodon... MS2: Mercyful Fate - Gojira - P.O.D... Friday MS1: System Of A Down - Heaven Shall Burn - Alestorm... MS2: Faith No More - Powerwolf - Steel Panther... Saturday MS1: Judas Priest - Saxon - Foreigner... MS2: Korn - TBA - Down... Sunday MS1: Aerosmith - Deep Purple - Skillet... MS2: The Offspring - Deftones - Killswitch Engage... In the biggest acts, I guess we only miss the sub for Korn on Saturday and the headliner on Friday (Sys
  6. With Nightwish now playing Antwerp in May, there're 0% chance they play at Graspop. Evanescence have rescheduled their shows in Brussels in September, they'll tour in Europe all this month so I can't see them playing festivals 2 months before - even if indoor shows are selling well. Hopefully they'll announce names before September 15th indeed. Maybe some news for Rock Werchter on this Friday and for Graspop on Monday.
  7. First announcement tonight at 8PM (BE time)?
  8. Important to note it's not the official event. It's from a page created this weekend, they've like 4-5 like...
  9. I was expecting an act like Nightwish to close the MS2 on Friday. But the "headliner" of this day was Faith No More.
  10. Oh I didn't see! Sorry
  11. With Pearl Jam announced as headliner for Sunday you mean? That was indeed a good clue.
  12. Iron Maiden the biggest act of 2020 line-up? Quite the same level between them and Aerosmith I think they'll keep 4-days event for the following years. It works well, they can book more bands, more headliners and it doesn't so much more works to build the festival as everything has already been ready (or almost) on Thursday the years before. So we could have "XXL" editions with 4 days but more classic headliners.
  13. Guns N Roses will play in London on 18 and 19 June 2021. So they're 100% out for Pinkpop.
  14. Guns N Roses will play in London on 18 and 19 June. So they're 100% out for Graspop.
  15. I don't think they're really big in France. I think their only show ever in France was Hellfest in 2016. They headlined the smallest tent, Valley, on the last day (after Jane's Addiction and during Black Sabbath show on MS). The big names seems cheap. Deftones headliner in 2020/2021: really?! Headliner in 2010 was alright, the festival was way smaller than actually. Dropkick Murphys sub again (already at this place in 2019), Puscifer sub with Rival Sons below, Walls Of Jericho headliner of the Warzone... Maximum The Hormone don't have their logo so I guess the missing band will be b
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