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  1. Indeed not the good topic. I answered you in Groezrock topic. But it's 100% sure it won't be happening this year (anyway like it usually does). About JOA, we'll have some ideas for the next announcement as Full Force announce new names tomorrow.
  2. Still nothing. At least an official statement would be great. Maybe we'll have a indoor edition like in 2018.
  3. RHCP will only play festivals but I guess a few more will be announced. Coming in Europe just for 4 dates in 2 weeks, that's short. Even if they have the habit to make strange Summer tours. I hope more shows to be announced soon as they still announce festivals for the USA. No shows in Germany and Uk on a tour would be weird.
  4. Knocked Loose show was really sick last year. Gideon and Silent Planet will play at this year Slam Dunk. I guess they should be in the next announcement.
  5. And prices are already going higher. Eurostar bullsh*t. Tickets for July 6th on sale since midnight and already the cheaper tickets gone during the night...
  6. We should have about 20-25 more bands. So at least 2 more announcements in 2020. The last announcement was especially with heavy names and some punk-rock stuff. I'm curious which names you don't know in this list?
  7. And it's logic too: I don't see any other stage than the Main Stage where Sum 41.
  8. Love this announcement. Lot of bands for Impericon Stage I stage, that's great. About Don Broco and Sum 41, I guess they're both co-headliners for the Main Stage. I can't see them playing on another stage... Main Stage: Don Broco - Sum 41 - Billy Talent - State Champs - The Story So Far - The Faim (+2) Punk In Republic: NOFX - Pennywise - Real Big Fish - Face To Face - Zebrahead - Vandals (+3) Jaegermaster Stage : Bury Tomorrow - We Came As Romans - Ice Nine Kills - Issues - Polaris - Fit For A King - Hands Like Houses. Impericon Stage: The Used - Refused - Stray From The Path - Deez Nuts - Comeback Kid - Bayside (+1) Dickies Stage: Your Demise - Marshall Stage: ... Key Club Left: ... Key Club Right: ... I'm not really into bands like Four Year Strong, Mayday Parade, Knucle Puck, Trash Boat, The Wonder Years... I guess a few of them could be on the Main Stage and if not, on the Marshall Stage. One thing for sure: it's gonna be once again really hard to make the schedule!
  9. We have our 4 headliners : Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Judas Priest & Aerosmith System Of A Down won't be playing Graspop. About Nightwish, they see them as headliners for the Main Stage 2 on Friday. Ken almost confirmed they'll be there this year.
  10. On Saturday, you have already Kendrick - Twenty One Pilots - Faith No More. So no room anymore for RHCP Really curious about this Friday. If we'll have the Foo's or the Red Hot or something like Kings Of Leon.
  11. It would a great line-up! But I don't see FNM "above" (before) TOP! And it's "Chili" not "Chilli" btw I find this survey on Facebook: it's cool if you're from Belgium: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf7jwPzmN__jIi_RLrnbHBfqEnMhMaDdJbnGdmxWxfTlylGqg/viewform?usp=sf_link Foo Fighters announced really a few shows/festivals. I won't be surprised if they're not playing all month until Rock Werchter...
  12. Indeed, that's what they say... strange indeed. Tickets for both shows at Vienne and NovaRock will be on sale on December 18th but tickets for Novarock are already on sale, isn't? And They already announced Volbeat as headliner for 11 June...
  13. I don't critic Graspop, just the whole situation. But I respect their choices. We can't choose or change anything now. Anyway I'm really curious to see the full line-up of Rock Werchter next year
  14. The last day of the festival looks really good! Guns, Volbeat, Disturbed, The Pretty Reckless... thinking about going there!
  15. Honestly I don't see FNM played after Kendrick and Twenty One Pilots. Headliner at The Barn makes sense. I remember Nine Inch Nails (in 2019 or 2018) got this spot even if I was expecting them on the Main Stage.
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