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  1. I'm hoping atleast one guitar heavy band that can spice up that day a little, doesn't matter if it's slope, tent or mainstage. Curious about what the different possibilities are and Happy that Rock Werchter acknowledge that something has to change.
  2. The clashfinder does need some work on sunday, no way that a day to remember will open the day.
  3. @Ken19 Do you know if RW spent as much on this lineup as they did last year?
  4. I've seen queen + adam lambert without support, I've seen machine head without support last year, Don't think it's that cut and dry anymore. Shows without a support are a thing nowadays. Ofcourse i'd love to see a support band but there's litterally 0 indication at this moment that there will be one.
  5. can we even expect a support band? I'm thinking it will only be rammstein and no support
  6. I take it that you don't like this some band?
  7. someone over at festileaks said that the organisation is willing to make some changes on thursday due to the overwhelming amount of complaints they got.
  8. Parkway drive is your biggest bet, straight up metalcore and nowadays it's mixed with some type of arena metal anthems. Saw them in February and was very impressed. Zeal and ardor plays some heavy music,black metal and African slave chants combined, I don't expect a pit for a black metal band but it's still very heavy and very good. Our last night , catchy metalcore songs, they also play some killer covers. Bring me the horizon might have some pits if they play some older songs?
  9. I promised my gf to go with her, before the full lineup was announced, Will still go because I'm a huge tool fan but maybe I'll get lucky and find some cheap tickets from people that don't like the lineup.
  10. did anyone of you hear feed the machine from nickelback. I think you'd be surprised
  11. think the tick tock just means that the timetable will also be announced
  12. first 4 day werchter was 2003, that year only had 3 bands on mainstage
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