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  1. It really feels like someone has let them down/cancelled/promised and not delivered. NOS (and Optimus prior to that) have often used "The Best Lineup. Always" on their posters and I think most every observer would say that 2018 and 2019 are not even comparable in terms of "The Best". I'm happy with what we have so far, booked my trip before the lineup and ticket sales so totally committed to the festival but it does look like there is a gap that was to be filled. Ticket sales cannot be strong this time out, not when you look at how quickly they were shifting tickets for Pearl Jam last time out.
  2. Hate myself for even thinking this, but Lily Allen too. Saw her at Glastonbury and she was really good. Never thought I'd see the day etc etc
  3. Based on that Clashfinder and some Spotify listening this evening, on Sunday you will (in the words of 50 cent) find me in the club. Excellent stuff. Also, The Beths. Right up my street, excellent bit of power pop.
  4. Saw them at Pukkelpop last year. Very chilled set to sit back and enjoy a beer or two with, worth a watch if there's nothing else on.
  5. Eels played high up the last time, stepped up to headline (I think) when Neil Young cancelled. I hope they play Marquee, but won't be surprised if they play at the top end of the Main.
  6. I tried to listen to Post Malone. Didn't care for him. No matter, there's plenty to see elsewhere for me.
  7. Estoril, Monte Estoril then Cascais are the 3 stations at the end of the line. Get off at Estoril as it's a nice walk along the front to Cascais, plenty of opportunities for a beer overlooking the beach and lots of places to eat when you get to Cascais.
  8. Hoping for a bit of Synthwave in this batch of names. Other than that, not overly concerned. I'm guitars more than dance music, so hoping for some good indie bands to be added.
  9. Eels were one of the best things we saw at NOS Alive last year. Excellent addition. Frank Turner good addition, White Lies and IDLES decent lineup filters for me. So far so good.
  10. Good point well made. The one with the strong stuff!
  11. Good lad, see you there. Efestivals meetup at the Belgian beer bar then?
  12. Royal Blood, excellent. T'other one, I'm probably too old but I've never even heard the name. One for me to check out.
  13. God, bad and indifferent were that poster to be true. At least it's clear what's going on, and that's not always been the case of late with the poster being a list of names with some sightly larger and in bold.
  14. M PM Presumably PM is Post Malone M possibly Muse? Ignore me, Monday when your see it on their feed in totality?
  15. RHCP not in contention is good news. If Spiritualised were available, I'd be very much in favour.
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