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  1. Nop. They don't check Covid statut (vaccine or test) since a while. Since early March. Now PLF is gone too. Just don't forget your festival ticket 😉
  2. Can't imagine BMTH playing another stage than the Main Stage... I guess OATW will play as late act after Arctic Monkeys and BMTH.
  3. The festival confirmed again it's an European festival exclusive show.
  4. Take a train or bus from Eindhoven to Antwerp, than a train to Mol and there you take the festival shuttle to Dessel. Seems the easiest!
  5. It wasn't difficult to guess! From Avenged Sevenfold/Faith No More to Gojira/Ghost... At least, it's fresh headliners. But added to Deftones, it's a cheap trio for a festival like the Hellfest.
  6. They post their latest logo at 4pm. So I guess we'll need to wait until tomorrow 4pm to have the infos.
  7. Less than 3 months before the event. Curious to see if it gonna sell well...
  8. But don't think Pixies brings many more tickets than him in a festival like RW...
  9. Editors headliner is classic in Belgium. But Pixies above Liam... It doesn't make any sense to see them sub Pearl Jam and see them on the same line on RW poster. And it makes no sense to see them so big here again and to play 2 important festivals like this in Belgium. Pixies play Ancienne Belgique (2000p) when Liam play at Forest National (8400p available)... Liam is growing up in his solo carrer, it's fair to say it's not the same with Pixies... EDIT: Pixies play at Forest National too in 2019... but still, it's sad that Liam doesn't play above them this time.
  10. Announcement today at 1pm (BE time).
  11. Bands for the special event I guess? Because based on the official poster of the Pukkelpop with the mention 92%, there're only 15 bands missing for the festival.
  12. Guess we could have the announcement tomorrow then! Only acts like Bruce Springsteen or Paul McCartney could sell enough tickets for this size of shows in less than 3 months.
  13. The line-up is full right now. If they add more bands until June, it's only because some other cancelled. Obviously, seems we'll have more... Fingers crossed for just a few. About Gojira, they won't be there: they play in Brussels on July 5th.
  14. About SlipKnot, they play a few mainstream festivals this Summer and always have a non-rock line-uo that day. look at their day at Cabaret Vert with sub Pixies...
  15. On poster, you can see "Loading... 92%". So I guess we still miss 8% of the line-up. Including maybe one last big name for Friday because both Saturday and Sunday have 3 "big names". Stormzy?
  16. The free shuttle included in your tickets is from Leuven Station. But I heard there are maybe shuttles from Brussels too.
  17. Wow. Slipknot Didn't expect them at all! But the whole line-up is not so much my thing...
  18. They are teasing a big one right now I think... Seems Limp Bizkit! But they put a S instead of a Z!
  19. Indeed! many more bands to come then... Fingers crossed for more rock bands!
  20. + Nova Twins + Frank Carter + Clutch + Palaye Royale + Heideroosjes + Hot Milk + King Wizzard +... Lot of bands! Hopefully some headliners before it ends...
  21. It's a really nice concept! Still waiting for bigger acts.
  22. Looking forward to see it. Hope a good one. And already the day schedule.
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