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  1. Nduja

    Grime/Hip Hop

    Slept on 6lack for a good ol' while now but East Atlanta Love Letter is just gorgeous. Creeping up and up the EOY list. Also got a lot of time for the Curren$y Freddie Gibbs album. Year after year The Alchemist keeps bringing the heat. And a rap release that is not less than 30 minutes, or longer than 60. In 2018!
  2. Nduja

    2018 in review

    Album Kali Uchis - Isolation Song Look Alive (ft Drake) - Blocboy JB Gig Kendrick Lamar - MEN Festival Dimensions Movie I, Tonya Book My Name Is Red - Orhan Pamuk (not a 2018 release) Favourite E Fester Dental Did You Miss Glastonbury Oh yah 3 Wishes For 2019 All the crew get sorted in the resale 6lack Hotel Soirée stage Festivals Lined Up For 2019 Glasto, wherever Travis Scott pops up, GALA
  3. Nduja

    Grime/Hip Hop

    Giggs popped up on stage for Kano's late night spot at Sonic in '16 so I'm sure he will pop up on the lineup too some day. Drake is at (surely?!) his commercial peak, so I've made peace with him not playing any time soon. Some mad cameo seems more likely for the forseeable.
  4. Nduja

    Grime/Hip Hop

    Only listening to Tierra Whack and City Girls at the min
  5. Nduja

    top 5 on your wishlist

    Kamaiyah Tierra Whack Saweetie City Girls Cardi B
  6. Nduja

    so, Stormzy then...?

    Not quite true, my my mate from Belfast was getting right in the mosh pit for Storm-zayyy last year, so he was.
  7. Nduja

    so, Stormzy then...?

    No. From a fellow 30yo (to be at the time of gig)
  8. Nduja

    Friday morning Other opener 2019

    Any scouse band will draw a solid crowd at Glasto. For the purposes of Glasto therefore, they are a bigger act than The Cardigans
  9. Nduja


    Inevitable booking imho. Sheck Wes and Young Thug also please.
  10. Nduja

    Grime/Hip Hop

    2015 was ace also because it coincided with a nice evening emerging after an earlier downpour. Also in 2015 they were quite firmly the world's premier rap group whereas 2017 was unquestionably the year of Migos.
  11. Nduja

    Grime/Hip Hop

    Feb dates in Manchester and London, March in Bham went on sale today as part of a European tour. Not sure about whether there are any left. Think summer festivals next year are inevitable so will hold off for that.
  12. Nduja

    Grime/Hip Hop

    Yeah, you are right. Lyrically there isnt a great deal going on but the range of styles that he cycles through is impressive and it all just seems to work. The voice makes it in a lot of ways. He can flow a little bit too, he's a bit like Travis Scott in that regard where he floats about crooning for a lot of the time and only hits a flow on occasion. But when it hits, it's super-effective. I'm thinking about Sleep as an example and also on A2's Flair. The spoken word bits work really well live for the song to song transitions before another dose of energy is injected.
  13. Nduja

    Grime/Hip Hop

    Saw him in London the other week and it was really good. To say the crowd was up for it was an understatement, mosh pits breaking out when the DJ was playing tracks before he came on 😁 Sadly delays getting people in meant A2 in support was reduced to a couple of tracks. He's my favourite in the scene right now.
  14. Nduja

    2019 Stage Predictions

    A late night set of her doing her dancier ones, guest features and remixes would be life itself. And the new one.
  15. Nduja

    2019 Improvements

    The Blues to have a proper good ol' fashioned Reggaeton and Baile Funk night for authenticity's sake.