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  1. I’ve been a perpetual optimist with all this but right now, I’m a fairly firm “no it’s not happening”. Hate to concede to negativity, but I just can’t see it at all. I think the biggest issue is timing - by June we could well be “back to normal”, but I don’t think that will become obvious until after they have to make the call. Dream scenario we get news of a vaccine in January and it starts a roll out in March or so, but it seems a long shot. I’m currently resigned to another 6 months at least of the current situation, flitting back and forth between various restrictions. And I certainly don’
  2. I don’t think Taylor will be ruled out of Glastonbury until we have all three headliners confirmed. She’s keeping her plans very close to her chest and I can really see now her just doing some very select shows, and certainly not a full, or even medium size tour. She’s probably one of the most cautious headline artists at the minute. She could well do Glastonbury as a one off or part of a very small run, or do nothing at all. Personally I don’t think she does anything next year aside from some very specific one offs, Award show type things.
  3. Yep it’s certainly bizarre. Quite hilarious the same Americans that despise Russia, China etc are blindly supporting a leader who is actively following the cult of personality dictator playbook.
  4. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Dunno about y'all, but I'm increasingly of the opinion that Folklore is #1. Listening to it b2b with Lover, 1989 and Red and it kinda edges all of them...
  5. Wow the comment section here is a fucking mess. Feeling more and more like these opinions are the majority, and us sensible lot are a bunch of dweebs https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54371559
  6. My hunch is that festivals will be strapped for cash and those artists will stick to playing stadiums. I think it’s more likely festivals end up with smaller stature/cheaper headliners than the expensive acts lower their prices, personally. Those acts can still play stadiums and fleece people on the golden circle type tickets.
  7. The headline pool is getting a bit stale and I’d love to see Glastonbury lead the charge in shaking it up. There are so many acts out there who would smash a headline slot, but because they aren’t selling out stadiums they are dismissed. They’ve been desperate to secure acts of a certain level and that’s why we’ve ended up with uninspired bookings like Muse and The Killers (although they were ace). I’d have Friday night as the “act who will nail it, is critically acclaimed but not a huge headliner” night. Spice the whole thing up, give acts a leg up and take some chances. Stormzy worked, Kendr
  8. I take on your points but I still stand by everything I’ve said. And part of the equation is your list up there ^. Glastonbury probably ain’t securing many of those. Mac, Madonna and Grande seem way out there. Especially given how much the finances will have been hammered. We may be looking at a couple years of “cheaper” lineups, and certainly not throwing the money at someone like Madonna. Lorde would be a far easier and cheaper booking to make, and IF the new album does well I don’t think it would look massively out of place. Again, I’m not looking at it now. It’s dependent on tha
  9. What counts as the Midlands there? Pretty big area.
  10. If Lorde releases another record at the level of Melodrama, I think she’s right there personally. Yeah she’s not Taylor Swift, but not every headliner will be. Don’t think there would be much difference between Lorde headlining on a 3rd record and Florence in 2015. Granted that was a bump up, but she could have headlined outright regardless. I might be wrong, but I predict the headliner criteria will be widened moving forward and people of the level of Lorde will be getting the shots. Obviously if the 3rd album is a stinker it doesn’t matter, but I doubt it will be.
  11. We need this new Lorde record. She is right there in the headliner conversation when it comes out and I’d have her at the top of my list of fresh acts to headline. Recently picked up Melodrama on vinyl and it really is one of the top records of the decade. Watching back the Other set as well and she’s just a superstar.
  12. Got way too much amusement out of that 😃
  13. Ah that’s a proper bonus. More names I thought were out the picture are starting to come back.
  14. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Great stuff! Love how she almost cracks up before the “go fuck yourself/go straight to hell” line. Need some damn news on shows next year. Getting the sense she’s purposefully holding off as long as possible to see what the deal is next summer.
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