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  1. Why does it matter that the teacher broke lockdown rules himself? Doesn't mean Cummings is now innocent? And we all accepted the allegation of a second Durham trip was false. Fully aware it's not worth arguing the point with the Daily Mail mind you... Interested to see what the Sunday Times have on this.
  2. He did really well as shadow Brexit secretary in that kind of situation. I think he'll cope to be honest.
  3. 1922 won't be happy if this trend continues. But christ, Raab, Gove, Hancock etc aren't exactly better options.
  4. Plus Boris has four more years to make an utter tit of himself, and Starmer is a very well balanced, sensible leader who will basically be the straight man the entire time. Also, LOL:
  5. Under 4 years! Next GE is 2nd May 2024. Not that it changes your point much, just a fraction easier to stomach the Tories for 3 years and 11 months versus 4 and a half years 😝 I don't think this is going to be plain sailing for them though. Public consensus is really starting to build that they've done an awful job with this, and Cummings has tipped a lot of people over the edge, and Labour haven't even lifted a finger.
  6. Interesting that those Tory points are going straight to Labour, and having no impact on Lib Dems. It seems to be swinging people right to left, not just right to centre.
  7. I think they could do what Bilbao BBK have done and release some names, and just have a line saying "we're still working hard to confirm all the same acts for next year. These are confirmed and we'll announce more in due course" Just a hunch but I could see Macca being one of the first confirmed, with Diana Ross.
  8. Scotland announced changes on Thursday to take effect from Friday. It's almost like Boris needed something to distract people?
  9. Isn't the poll they're hyping about whether Cummings should be sacked? Or are they releasing a few different ones?
  10. Presume you saw this pic? Made me chuckle:
  11. Has Spring been confirmed btw?
  12. Hislop going to get a slap on the wrist now for asserting "opinion as fact"? Not that I'm sure Hislop gives two shits!
  13. Also just to say - I dunno about you lot but I'm finding myself, for the first time, feeling excited about 2021. It kicked it when they announced the Glastonbury 2020 BBC coverage, but now we're almost in June I feel like I can actually look forward to it. I think end of June will be quite exciting with all the coverage, hopefully a few names get leaked/announced and then the full t-minus 1 year countdown is on.
  14. That's the key point. We know she's already touring NA and SA. Glastonbury wouldn't be a one off, but could just be a one off in Europe (or just 1/2 other European shows).
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