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  1. Ugh, so that must surely push the announcement back a few weeks? They aren't putting up posters if they're planning on updating the lineup any time soon.
  2. jparx

    The "Metal" Slot

    😂 The thought of Slipknot late afternoon on the Pyramid is hilarious. Can you imagine? By the by - they're still one of the top 10 bands I've seen live. Not sure if they have quite the energy and urgency of 10+ years ago mind. I'm hoping they're using the term 'metal' incredibly loosely and it's John Fogerty.
  3. The Gambino door creeks ever so slightly open...
  4. jparx

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Love how BBC are still refusing to accept the size of the crowds. "millions joined protest...organisers say". I don't think I've ever posted about politics on here, but kudos to those marching today and I notice the petition is approaching 5 million, for what that's worth. For the first time in a long while there seems a degree of hope with brexshit. May's deal isn't happening and I think no deal is just an empty threat at this stage, so I can only see the people's vote gathering more momentum.
  5. Just links tot he ticket page doesn't it? The tickets are no cheaper than normal.
  6. 'Cause I'm a Man is a helluva jam. This might be the hardest yet tbh. I'll go with the above, but Apocalypse Dreams, Let it Happen, Feels Like..., Solitude is Bliss, Eventually, Mind Mischief, Elephant...lots of great tunes there.
  7. I definitely agree. Even without the upcoming names, it's one of (if not THE) best lineups out there. I think people's frustration lies with the poor communication from the festival and, as we've mentioned above, why they won't just announce the rest of the names and a headliner TBC. It's a bit odd to go almost 100 days without any confirmations, when we're expecting quite a few to come through. I bought my ticket based on the lineup as it currently stands, so i'm happy with it, I just want to know what they're holding back and what's taking so long! They've pretty much created this frustration themselves.
  8. Hence the clutching at straws 😝 Holding back the rest of the lineup is really the most baffling bit. Fair enough a headline may have pulled out or they may be embargo'd with someone, but why make everyone wait so long for the rest of the lineup? Just put the whole poster out with a TBA on there, surely.
  9. OK, Florence gig is now in the books. I still don't quite buy they were just waiting for her to reveal the lineup, but if they were then I guess today would be the day, right? Whatever is holding them up/the embargo is, you have to think they will announce it as soon as possible.
  10. Edit: gif fail. In summary - Cannae wait for the return of Russy.
  11. jparx

    Tame Impala

    Really enjoying that. Awesome grove to it. Certainly sounds like Tame Impala but it definitely has a different twist on the formula. I'm expecting massive things from this album given how high they're placing at festivals and that's a good start.
  12. The longer it goes on, the more likely "meh" will be the reaction. I think each week that passes, the calibre of act that fans would find worth the wait jumps up a few notches. We're currently at Chilli Peppers level, but soon we'll be approaching the Stones and AC/DC territory.
  13. Mad Cool have been replying to the odd Tweet saying "soon" and hyping (to some degree) what they have. MC and NOS will likely share most of the lineups so I don't think NOS is going to be a disaster. They will have something up their sleeve, just no idea what. Mad Cool seem quite excited by what they have, so I imagine it's a similar case for NOS. I do sympathise with people are holding out on their travel plans. It's inconvenient of the festival to make people wait this long (especially for a festival that relies on a lot of fly-ins), but it must be happening for a reason.
  14. hmm fair enough. People reckon he cancelled late in the day on Mad Cool and NOS, and probably others, which is why they've delayed their announcements. Sounds to me like people trying desperately to find reasons why they're taking so long to announce their full lineups tbh. Cheers Neil!
  15. @eFestivals Niel have you heard anything about Childish Gambino dropping out of Glastonbury? Someone on the Pukkelpop thread reckons he dropped out of Glastonbury and a number of other European festivals.
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