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  1. I think we’ve given up on the idea of a festival this summer. Looking at more of a holiday somewhere around the Mediterranean instead. I’d love to say Mad Cool or NOS Alive but it’s just too much of a ball ache. I figure holidays to places like France/Italy (largely) went ahead last summer, so it’s a fairly safe bet for this summer as well! Ideally wanting to stay in an apartment with a balcony by the coast so I can spend the week slowly replacing my blood content with red wine while listening to Menos El Oso.
  2. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    What’s the over/under on number of new Taylor records by the time she headlines Glasto 22? 2?
  3. jparx

    2022 Headliners

    Let’s get Taylor announced nice and early pls. Feel very confident she will be there since we’ve still not heard about a 2021 tour, she will be gagging to get out there in 2022. Has to be. I reckon we keep Macca and Taylor, and Kendrick is replaced by someone else.
  4. Let’s give this a good old bump with the news. I’m sure plenty of other festivals will follow suit but regardless, this site was invaluable to so many of us last year even with no events happening so time to show support 😃
  5. Well to be honest I’m glad we know nice and early. Can start and look at alternate plans for the summer since I’m sure we’ll be able to do more things, even if not concerts etc. Fingers crossed come the Spring it becomes obvious that 2022 will be able to happen and we can start the hype train for the greatest Glastonbury of all time!
  6. Haha yep. He always used to say it on his podcast.
  7. I really liked how Biden was quite honest about the state of the country and the work ahead. Sometimes presidents are reluctant to criticise the country and it’s seen as sacrilege, but it needed to be said here. The country (and ours..) needs a proper (to quote Steve Austin) come to Jesus meeting.
  8. Great stuff. Biden isn’t going to be the most progressive president ever but he’s about as progressive as you’ll get in 2021 America, and it’s a gigantic step forward from the last four years. His speech was tremendous as well. The hard left will be whinging but if you live in the real world, it’s a great day. The QAnon nerds are possibly the biggest threat to our countries and this is a huge blow for them and a big win for us.
  9. Gaga utterly smashed the anthem. She’s operating on a whole different level entirely. We need that monumental Glastonbury headline set.
  10. He’s speechin’ up a storm.
  11. Have to say, claiming he’s laid an incredible foundation and that Biden will be really successful because of that is pretty incredible.
  12. He built is twice. What a legend. Is he claiming responsibility for future success of Biden’s administration?
  13. Quite remarkable scenes here.
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