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  1. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Ha. Thought we’d see this https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/9429224/bon-iver-the-national-streaming-gains-taylor-swift-folklore
  2. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Hmm I can only hear Ben Gibbard on that song! Various different inspiration littered throughout the record but with the undeniable Swift lyrical style. I can hear Lana, Gibbard, Phoebe Bridgers, Chromatics and weirdly Angelo Badalamenti vibes on Epiphany.
  3. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor is a noted Lana fan so given the new direction here that’s hardly a surprise, although I only got those vibes on Cardigan. And the whole thing still sounds absolutely like a Taylor Swift record.
  4. I dunno, they’ve given acts the set length they want before. Radiohead, Foos and The Cure as recent examples. Macca would be getting as long as he wants as well. The money will be the bigger issue.
  5. They’re a totally different band now. Don’t judge them from a 2010 set. I was as skeptical as anyone, but since their proper return at Coachella they’re a completely different proposition.
  6. Yeah, probably. Wouldn’t be the most bonkers thing I’ve ever seen, though.
  7. I’d bloody love GnR to headline. They’re as good live as they have been since the 90s at this point and they’d put on a helluva set. Slash has obviously played, so perhaps they’re on the radar more thank we think, but I’d still class it as highly unlikely.
  8. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Awesome stuff really. Hopefully it means more Dessner collabs in the future. I’d love to see him as a regular with the likes of Antonoff, Martin etc. Folklore is a 9.5/10 for me after a good week of digesting it. Weakest song is Hoax and it’s still fine. Rest of the tracks are good to great. Struggling to single out the best tracks without feeling guilty for leaving something out, but the three singles are up there with her best ever work. And unusual for Taylor to release the three best tunes from a record as the singles 😂
  9. jparx

    Dua Lipa

    Cool stuff. So I guess still headlining Other or maybe subbing the Pyramid if they’ve had a switch around. Huge get as Other headliner imo. Let’s hope she’s not against Macca, although does that seem the obvious slot on paper:
  10. Saw them at Download in 2008 and can confirm they were a blast.
  11. Please could we get A Day to Remember mid afternoon on the Other?
  12. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Tremendous stuff.
  13. jparx

    Dua Lipa

    Mmm I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I recognise she has totally blown up in the past few months, but my take is she will have the opportunity to play bigger gigs than the Other and she might skip the festival altogether, unless she’s offered top Pyramid spot. Which I’m not sure about. I think she could do it, but I think they will have other options ahead of her. I could see some big outdoor shows instead, or perhaps headline Reading? Although I’m not keeping up with that festival at all - they may have headliners lined up already.
  14. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Looking at the uk singles chart and Christ what a fucking mess. Not sure what meaning a UK #1 single even has any more? It’s mostly just forgettable social media memes that are brushed aside after a few weeks. Pretty crazy to have a run of five #1 albums though. I read earlier that Cardigan was going to number 1 in the US?
  15. Bocelli was playing MSG when I was over in NYC and we wanted to go, partly to see a gig in that venue, and it was the most expensive concert ticket I’d ever seen. I know US gig tickets tend to be a lot more, especially for the Garden, but still. Seems odd he’d take a low paying show in Glastonbury.
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