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  1. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Red is a fantastic album, but I can't agree with you there. 1989 is the album of the decade IMO and Reputation, as a whole, was a weaker effort but has some of my favourite Swift tunes. The quality of the new tracks is definitely weaker (Archer aside), but I'm still very excited for the album. The album tracks have been the standouts from the past two records, so i'm sure there will be some real gems on Lover. Title track is good, 2nd best so far after Archer. Might grow on me more but it's not blowing me away so far.
  2. jparx

    Bon Iver 2020

    Album is fantastic. Clicking with me much more than 22 did on the first few listens, but that record grew on me big time. Makes me a bit sad he didn't play more of the new tunes at Mad Cool! Naeem is beaut.
  3. jparx

    2020 headliners

    Can't imagine a band eliciting less of a reaction from me as a headliner for the 50th anniversary than Kasabian.
  4. That Friday is ridiculous. I wouldn't move from the Pyramid all the day. I'd need a picnic blanket!
  5. Can you imagine the folks who moaned about Radiohead and their screens? They'd have a heart attack watching a silhouette of Maynard for 90 minutes with absolutely zero banter with the crowd.
  6. jparx

    Bring back Blur

    Yep, Blur are right at the top of my wishlist. They're one of the few bands left on my list to see, and it feels like a giant gaping hole that I've never seen them. Glastonbury and the 50th is ideal. If they're active next year, they're a shoe in surely.
  7. I'd probably avoid the playlists and stick with the albums. You could go chronologically and see the evolution of the band, but I'd suggest starting with Aenima. Has the right balance of bangers (e.g. Stinkfist, 46+2) and the more "typical" TOOL epics (e.g. Pushit, Stinkfist) and a bit of weirdness inbetween. If you prefer the shorter, more metal tracks, go with Undertow next. If you prefer the longer proggy stuff, go for Lateralus. Aenima captures all sides of the band IMO.
  8. Could WA headline the Other if the new record goes down well?
  9. Love to see more people hopping on board the Slipknot for Other train. Walking on to People = Shit would be the moment of the weekend. Lorde in to Fleetwood would be ace.
  10. jparx


    21 cannons lined up on, and either side of the pyramid 😍
  11. jparx


    Yeah those setliets were cracking. Just thinking of the people who know them from the "Rock Road Trip" CDs though...there's a lot of (great) tunes in the middle of the set that could go over a lot of heads, although they do have a lot of gimmicks to keep those people interested (the bell, Rosie etc) They need to open with Thunderstruck again.
  12. jparx


    That's precisely it. And not sure I can see the casuals standing thorough a 20 minute Let There Be Rock instrumental to see Highway to Hell. Although TBF they tend to do Back in Black towards the start of the set. Man...For Those About to Rock would be something else on the Pyramid. That would be an all timer.
  13. jparx


    They would be phenomenal. If it ever happened I'd be really interested to see how big it would feel in a Glastonbury context though. It felt enormous when they did Download, but there's a huge portion of the Glastonbury crowd who are miles away from their target demo. They'd have a massive crowd for sure, but to say they're one of the biggest live acts around I think there would be a tinge of novelty to it and less of a Rolling Stones sense of enormity. If they're doing a festival in June, Andy Copping is driving that money truck right up to Angus' front door. And I don't see Angus as the type to be lured by Glastonbury's prestige unfortunately. Live in hope though.
  14. jparx

    The 1975 2020

    The 1975 seem like a perfect headliner nowadays. Clearly big enough to do it but divisive enough to create some "controversy" and cause many a dummy to be thrown. We'll have 6 months of debate about how big a crowd they will draw, should they be playing etc etc and it'll go down well to those who are there, and those who don't see them will rave about what they saw instead and say it looked pants on TV. Personally I don't really have strong feelings towards them either way. Seem like douches but that sound of yer heart tune is catchy. No debate at all that they are in the frame and perfectly positioned to do it. Just depends if the festival wants to book them over other options. I'm about the festival booking newer acts, but I do think if Blur are around they will get the gig, then FM, Elton, Madonna, Gaga etc for the other two nights. They're absolutely near the top of the odds list though.
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