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  1. I'd be all over an Avenger's series. Not sure how likely it is given the box office numbers of the last two films, and (with my ill fitting capitalist hat on) it would dilute the premium quality of the brand by having it on a cheap streaming service to binge for £7, but I'd love to see it personally. Part of me wonders if the Avenger's brand could be replaced by a different team. Thinking Fantastic Four being used potentially as the new major "team" series? You can easily incorporate plenty other heroes in those films as well, Spidey, Hulk etc. A series of films with DD as the recurring v
  2. The obvious direction for WandaVision pretty much was subverted by teasing these outlandish things and not delivering. Maybe that’s partly due to how Covid disrupted the filming, it all worked well either way. But the surprise of WandaVis was almost that there wasn’t a surprise after dropping all these clues. Falcon hasn’t really dropped any hints or clues and has followed a fairly straightforward (and great) path, and maybe it just delivers a standard conclusion, but I really wouldn’t be shocked if they pulled out something left field.
  3. Let’s add a run of academy shows too 🤤
  4. They spend the whole series building it up as so obviously Sharon and it’s actually been Victor Von Doom the whole time 😎 I do agree that Sharon has been almost too obvious, and I’m starting to think it actually might be Elaine?
  5. Uk govt all outraged at this ESL proposal when it’s a direct result of the rampant capitalism they’ve fostered. When will the public wake up and see the connection? This is the world we’re heading towards if you keep voting in right wing governments. No one wants to live in a world where big corporations own and run everything, and yet they keep voting for the people who will make that happen and not take action. I find it hard to be outraged at this since it’s just so predictable.
  6. OS headline set is written in the stars. And the good news is there’s no way they’d clash with Tay.
  7. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    I saw Bad Bunny announced and sold out his 2022 tour the other day. Made me wonder how soon we might get news on Taylor and if more big acts will start and get their 2022 tours out there now? Superbowl kicking off a US tour through the Spring and over to Europe for the summer?
  8. I don’t think it’ll be moved to 2022. I think it’s either this summer or nothing, which is why they want to plough ahead. Tbh Japan had large crowds at sporting events last summer so I think come July it’ll be ok to hold a behind closed doors/limited domestic crowd Olympics. It’s whether or not they can hold out against the pressure to cancel it. I think it probably will go ahead. They need to pick up their vaccine pace big time though, especially now the Kent variant is taking hold.
  9. Here I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown after that stunning episode, only to head online and see it described as slow, meandering and boring? I feel like people now think TV shows have to follow the Game of Thrones formula or it's no good and too slow. I really like the old trope of having a slower, character focussed episode before the big finale (Greatest Hits from LOST being the best example) and this was no different for me. Really excited for next week with how much they've set up! Not sure how on earth they're going to weave Sharon in to it as well as paying off Flag Smasher an
  10. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    And to think she'll probably drop at least one more album this year! Fearless is absolutely stunning. I've been really busy this week and haven't had much time to listen and comment, but yeah it's pretty incredible. I always really liked the record anyway and it was the point I originally got in to Taylor, but revisiting it in this has elevated it even more for me.
  11. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    The piano version of Forever and Always is perfect on this album.
  12. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    I still have to pinch myself to believe that these two musical worlds have collided.
  13. Just seen on Twitter that the Mail are reporting in their paper tomorrow that the J&J vaccine is set to be approved in the next 10 days and the vaccination programme is expected to speed up, with under 50s soon to be offered it. Talk of the vaccine passports being popular with the public and will allow mass gatherings to happen (Glastonbury pictured) as a short term measure before we reach herd immunity in the autumn. Usual Mail caveats obviously, but interesting none the less.
  14. Damn this show is great stuff! Never thought it would come close to WandaVision after how much fun that show was, but it’s right there with it. It doesn’t have quite the same personality, but oh shit the tension is off the scale! That last 5 minutes or so was like peak GoT on the tension scale. Incredible stuff. With just a couple episodes left it sure feels like there’s a lot to wrap up here, with seemingly four villains in play. Thinking the Power Broker is Sharon, partly because I can’t see them introducing another new character (unless it’s left as a dangling thread, which I can defin
  15. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Indeed, all those made you made up have surely seen the error in their ways 😃
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