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  1. jparx

    2022 Headliners

    I don’t want to lose any of our holy trinity, but you’d have to concede Macca, Elton and Taylor would be the biggest set of headliners you could possibly book.
  2. jparx

    2022 Headliners

    Course, Dua definitely should be in that mix.
  3. jparx

    2022 Headliners

    I’d go for Elton as the most likely replacement if any of the three drop out. Currently I’d go Elton, Macca and Taylor/Billie
  4. jparx

    2022 Headliners

    Worth remembering he wasn’t doing 2020 festivals at this point in 2019 either, so it’s definitely not over yet. Certainly not a good sign though.
  5. jparx

    Billie Eilish

    Listening now at work and enjoying. Not paying it enough attention really but I’m enjoying what I’m hearing. Lost Cause absolutely slaps now the “no bangers” dust has settled
  6. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    There are quite a few suggestions that Speak Now is coming soon, so I’d probably wait to see what the plan is before assuming 1989 is next after Red!
  7. jparx

    2021 New Music

    The new Bleachers record is great after first spin! Secret Life and 45 the standouts for me outside of the previously released stuff
  8. jparx

    Billie Eilish

    This guys is too much Glad to hear positive vibes from the record. I’ll give it a spin later today 🤟
  9. jparx

    2021 New Music

    Gonna blast this on in the car this morning. Singles have been excellent and heard great things about the rest of the album!
  10. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    My problem with that theory is I don’t think it’s guaranteed she’ll have finished the re-releases for quite a while. If she’s leaving 6/7 month gaps between each one, she won’t have released them all until 2024. I initially thought she’d rattle through them, but with such a gap to Red I’m starting to think this might be a much longer term project, with new material released in between them. I’d bet TS10 drops before all the re-recordings are released.
  11. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Aye, can’t see her not playing any shows in 2022. Might be a smaller run of shows here and in the US or something, certainly not expecting a massive world tour, but she’ll do something
  12. And we all know what happens on step 9.
  13. Strokes chat is my least favourite Glastonbury chat by some distance. I just want it to happen now so we can stop talking about it!
  14. jparx

    2022 Headliners

    I think he’s saying Dua, Billie and Reg are contenders to replace Taylor, with Macca and Kendrick still likely as the other two headliners. But yeah, the Taylor thing is very tenuous. It might be correct, but there’s also a tenuous rumour that she is indeed playing shows next summer so we’ll just have to wait and see.
  15. jparx

    Taylor Swift

    Might not be a world tour until 2023, but she may well end up doing shows still. Always a possibility she holds off entirely until she’s done the re recordings, but for someone who loves performing live as much as she does, hard to imagine she’ll go so long without doing at least some shows. Seems a pretty tenuous source either way. We also have a tenuous source saying she’s playing Stadium of Light, so we’re still none the wiser!
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