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  1. jparx


    It's an impossible task really. For my money it's harder than the other two headliners. Granted that's because there's a whole load of songs Macca just won't play so it narrows down his options (although still has an obscene number of songs to choose from).
  2. jparx


    As mental as it sounds I completely didn't consider Don't Kill My Vibe. If he's just doing three from Good Kit, I definitely think that will be there over Swimming Pools. And yeah, I can definitely see him dropping different snippets from other tunes as well. As with the last tour, it will be very tightly produced. Yeah i'd say that's the case. I imagine Kenny will be touring with pretty much the same show night to night, very well produced and a big spectacle, but I don't expect anything unique for Glastonbury other than perhaps a bit more gusto due to the importance of the show. Taylor could be the same in that regard, but my hunch is that she's going to be a bit looser on this tour than the stadium shows and she tends to mix the setlists up to a degree anyway, and there will almost certainly be guests involved (HAIM nailed on and likely Charli as well). Chances are pretty good that she'll have a few bells and whistles specifically for Glastonbury. Macca is a bit of a wildcard - Emily's comments make me think he could be bringing out different guests and mixing it up more than the standard "Freshen Up Tour" shows he's doing as the warm up. Glastonbury certainly seems to be the show he's gearing up for next summer.
  3. jparx


    For Kenny I'd for for an 18 song setlist comprising: 3 from Good Kid (Mad City, Backseat, Swimming Pools) 2 from TPAB (Alright and Kunta) 4 from DAMN (DNA, Humble, Love and Element) 6 from the new record 3 from a mix of Untitled and covers/songs he's featured on Not necessarily my dream setlist, but close to what I reckon he will be doing on the new tour.
  4. jparx


    Haha I had the same message!
  5. jparx


    Let's hope she does a secret acoustic set somewhere with a the deep cuts! I initially had Red w/HAIM in the encore but just thought it was too farfetched. I do think HAIM will guest with her but can't think where.
  6. jparx


    Dunno why but I think she will axe melodies for the festivals. Feel like it will be a straight up traditional set with less production than the stadium shows. More just Taylor, her band and the tunes. Might be way off though! Aye totally forget Getaway Car. Belter of a tune. Big fan of Gorgeous as well though! There's gonna be some big casualties.
  7. jparx


    Opening with The Man seems a slam dunk to me now. Couldn't see past ME! for a while, but The Man is perfect to come out to.
  8. jparx


    What about this as a mix of realistic and hopeful: The Man Blank Space Cruel Summer London Boy Gorgeous Style I Knew You Were Trouble. I Did Something Bad Delicate Lover (piano) Clean (piano) The Archer You Need To Calm Down Bad Blood Look What You Made Me Do Love Story All Too Well (acoustic) We Are Never Getting Back Together Encore: ...Ready For It? ME! Everything Has Changed (w/ Ed) Shake It Off
  9. jparx


    I'd be surprised if Kenny did more than 20 tunes tbh. No idea what to predict for the songs. Heavy on new ones (assuming it's out in time) but I feel like no older song would be guaranteed outside of maybe Kunta, DNA and Humble.
  10. jparx


    They pretty much are, it's just still labelled as the Freshen Up tour. Tbh I expect the Glastonbury setlist to be a bit of a one off.
  11. That's amazing. We seem about a million miles away from that sorta scheme in this country 😔
  12. It's also extortionate (or a huge hassle) to get to London now if you're outside the M25. I've stopped going for shows out of principle in recent years. Travelling from, say, Manchester, paying for accomodation and food would make seeing Kendrick the equivalent of a weekend abroad.
  13. Kendrick has a cool factor though, more so than Macca and Taylor I think. Loads of people will react "eh? Who?" and he might get the brunt of it from people who realise he's the last headliner and rules out the chance of RHCP, but I think there will be a lot of strong positive reactions.
  14. @henry bear and @crazyfool1 rinsing my daily allocation of upvotes in a matter of seconds.
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