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  1. 1. For Those I Love - For Those I Love 2. Genesis Owusu - Smiling With No Teeth 3. Tune-Yards - sketchy.
  2. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    To me, it sounds like someone found Spud's letters from Trainspotting 2, got the bloke from Fontaines to read them over a beat made by Bicep. It's great.
  3. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    The new Horrors EP is sexy af! Whiplash just screams Nine Inch Nails. Love it.
  4. 1. Julien Baker - Little Oblivions 2. Black Country, New Road - For the First Time 3. The Hold Steady - Open Door Policy.
  5. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    Nice new one from Tash Sultana this morning too. Perfect Sunday lunchtime in the sun music.
  6. PDAD

    Music Roast

    This picture represents Justin Vernon's singing voice.
  7. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    Been a bit of a 6/10 day all round for me so far but I'm quite liking the new one by Bodies of Water. Got a bit of a Grizzly Bear vibe in some places, almost a bit David Byrne in others.
  8. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    They're just 'Alec Ounsworth plus collaborators' now really but still going. Just finished the new one and there are points in it I think are really good but cant see it getting many repeat listens.
  9. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    Yeah I like Django Django's new one on first listen. I'm on to the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah one now which I think I'm enjoying so far too...can never really tell what I think of their output since the first album which is wicked.
  10. This. Besides, I'd want to smash up a guitar if I was on SNL and I'm not nearly as awesome as Phoebe fucking Bridgers.
  11. 1. Jazmine Sullivan - Heaux Tales 2. Arlo Parks - Collapsed in Sunbeams 3. Pom Poko - Cheater
  12. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    Agreed on Pom Poko, Shame and Sleaford Mods, but no love for the Hospital Bracelet album? Just finished it based on your post mentioning them earlier and think it's rather good.
  13. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    It's a yes from me. Quite excited for this album next month.
  14. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    Nice bit of R&B today too...getting Solange vibes
  15. PDAD

    2021 New Music

    I'm liking this, cheers for the recommendation! Never heard of him before. Viagra Boys is pretty naughty too.
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