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  1. Yeah, agree on all fronts there mate.
  2. To be honest I just feel really fucking weird seeing a celebratory tone on the other forum when this Is how Neil makes his living and he’s had an utterly shite time of it the last few years. There’s clearly a poster/group of posters purposefully trying to agitate him and stir this up, and while it doesn’t excuse all of the lashing out I can completely see his frustration. It must suck to be on the end of it when you’ve done nothing wrong, but if someone was trying to fuck with my source of income after all the health issues he’s had etc, I’d be pretty stressed as well. This whole thing is just really sad more than anything and some people seem to be enjoying it and egging it on. This is just a forum for the posters, but it’s Neil’s livelihood. Should he apologise to certain users? Probably, but I don’t know the ins and outs. But it just seems to me as though he’s been provoked for a long time and this has been the endgame of some users for a few years now.
  3. If they’re arsed about it they can easily create an account. Hell, people creating multiple accounts is exactly how this started. I’m not on any side, I just want to chat about the festival.
  4. Why don’t you just let those guys speak for themselves, if indeed they even want to? If people are disgruntled, rightly or wrongly, and move on then fine, so be it. We don’t have to keep going around in circles do we?
  5. I’ve supported the site for 5 odd years now and I’m willing to keep doing so. I just want to talk about the festival and get excited, and I have absolutely zero interest in this weird meta war that’s developed. I honestly don’t know if the bans etc are justified, only Neil and the posters know what’s going on. Either way, the trouble is I don’t see how it ends since these people will keep coming back, and Neil is clearly having a rough time. The whole thing is spiralling and incredibly sad to see.
  6. Are we feeling pretty certain that Pheebz isn’t headlining Park at this stage? Big result on the clash front from me if so. Also Lorde against Macca 😖 No ta!
  7. jparx

    Kendrick Lamar

    Flo has been all over the radio. Felt like a big push for that record. I think they’re both great records, but Flo’s comeback of sorts has felt like the bigger story to me personally I think.
  8. jparx

    Kendrick Lamar

    Props to people having a stab at setlists. Feels like an impossible task to me, could literally be anything. He could do the entire album start to finish or just do 2 tracks off it. Absolutely no idea.
  9. jparx

    Radiohead 2022?

    Are we sure this isn't just a stealth release of LP10 and "The Smile" is just a rouse?
  10. jparx

    Paul McCartney

    I think the only tweaks will be depending on what/if any guests he has during the set.
  11. jparx

    Kendrick Lamar

    So much going on with this record. First listen and for me it's left a better first impression than DAMN. The Auntie Dorries three track run at the end is a masterpiece as everyone is saying. Might click on further listens but it did feel as though it sagged in the middle a bit, but might just be overwhelmed with everything going on here.
  12. jparx

    Kendrick Lamar

    Holy crap, we're guaranteed a legendary show!
  13. jparx

    2022 New Music

    Really enjoying the new Florence record so far. Feels like a big return to form. So much else to catch up on!
  14. jparx

    Kendrick Lamar

    No worries at all about this record, it’s gonna be a banger. Can’t wait!
  15. Pretty amazing gig! Wasn’t sure what it would be like when everyone turned up with cheese and wine picnic baskets but the crowd was mega once Haim came on. They were so overwhelmed playing the big hometown gig, felt really special. It was a really accomplished headline set too, felt like they’d come on leaps and bounds as a live act. They’ll smash Glastonbury.
  16. Just about to watch Haim at the Hollywood Bowl for my first post covid gig. Massively hit me that we’ll be in the farm next month!
  17. jparx

    Kanye West

    Didn’t feel lucky standing in that crowd.
  18. jparx

    Billie Eilish

    I think she’s really on fire at the minute. She’s taken some huge steps forward as a performer in the past few years, which is impressive considering we’ve barely had any gigs!
  19. jparx

    Kanye West

    Don’t want to really pass judgement until we hear more on why he’s cancelled, but regardless of the reason why would any festival ever book him again?
  20. Phoebe pulling double duty would be a right result. Park headline would still be the show to catch, though, and looks like it'd be clash central.
  21. I think Phoebe is Pyramid or Other at this stage. I can totally picture that Other sub slot in my mind's eye. It's a happenin'.
  22. I think Phoebe could be an Other sub, same slot Lorde had in '17. I Know The End playing as the sun sets...hello.
  23. jparx

    2022 New Music

    That second Florence single was a bit weird, but the other two tunes are absolute belters. This new album is shaping up very nicely.
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