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  1. He replied to someone on twitter saying hopefully, when asked if he was playing Glastonbury. Its on page 1 of this thread, be shocked if there were not playing
  2. brettredmayne


    Has this been posted, pretty big main stream coverage
  3. Try "The last King of Pop" , has a bit of everything
  4. Does anyone fancy meeting about 30 thousand people who have changed their minds Ta
  5. Trnsmt are announcing on Tuesday?
  6. brettredmayne

    2020 headliners

    Just put a fiver on RHCP , may as well go for it too
  7. I've never been added to the resale group, how do I get added Need something to help my optimism
  8. McCartney is one of the worst acts to announce for this. In 2004 his fans bought tickets and only came the day he played and left after, things just got tougher ;(
  9. brettredmayne

    2020 headliners

    Reminds me of going to see guns n Rose's in Newcastle when the band didn't come on stage till 10.15. To get home on time I had to leave the venue at 11.05 at the latest but decided to still get a taxi He then walked off stage without finishing the show and regret the £25 it cost me to get home
  10. Something about a potential support band saying big announcement tomorrow I think . I find it tough to follow threads on reddit
  11. Reading on reddit that a few people are thinking tomorrow for a MCR announcement
  12. Gerry Cinnamon playing at Hamden, is he really that big?
  13. Its awful now, just the wait to April feels like forever for me It's little things I miss like the line up coming out and getting excited, hard to get up for something you are unsure if you are going.
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