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  1. Anyone at the show last night know was the golden circle vip or could you just get a wrist band
  2. Phoebe Bridgers now on a bigger stage then predicted
  3. Is the next date not Thursday now, ops didn’t know there had 2 Eden dates
  4. I have the smile album for the way to work
  5. Yep. Sounding fresh and can’t wait to hear it at stadium MK
  6. This was a nice surprise tonight
  7. Thanks for the advice and that’s really helpful , honestly had these tickets years and what are the chances
  8. i think if I get to Euston by 6:40 I can make it , band won’t be on till 9pm I guess
  9. Well Sunderland have messed up my plans getting to Wembley on the same day What times do gigs normally start in MK as don’t know if there have an early curfew. wondering if I can get from Wembley to MK and pray for no extra time
  10. https://twitter.com/glastonbury/status/1521776695799431169?s=21&t=t6jU6R3bX-L_e9lZdeJDdg
  11. I could see her popping up as a guest and finding the lay of the land before headlining next year
  12. I agree. 2019 felt like very hard work trying to find shade and water and was hard to get comfortable the pop up hotels are ridiculous at coachella though
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