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  1. brettredmayne

    2020 headliners

    The Sunderland date was cancelled due to poor sales and to help other dates. This is despite the previous tour been the biggest attended concert at the stadium of light
  2. Could see Thom headlining west holts with his solo stuff
  3. brettredmayne

    2020 headliners

    I think Glastonbury although wanting diverse headliners will just book the best that is on a touring cycle and available. If no female headliners were about but REM, Led Zep and Paul Mcartney were possible it wouldn't matter that none were female. I can't see them ever going out the way to only get a whole set of female headliners In that way
  4. I did like 2 stereophonics albums and did see them on the JEEP tour but after that I don't think I can tell you any other song, think Mr writer was the wake up call I needed
  5. I think once you have failed once it actually gets worse, last year was the first time that Sunday that I didn't have a ticket secured. Never felt as down and drained before, before that I almost had a feeling of well one of my group will get in
  6. brettredmayne

    2020 headliners

    Still remember when he played Darlington, was a very odd choice
  7. brettredmayne

    2020 headliners

    Elton will be doing some summer shows, he loves a stadium tour.
  8. brettredmayne

    2020 headliners

    This could be the only chance Glastonbury have to grab Taylor Swift so of course they will take it, she may not do festivals for a very long time and go back to her own stadium shows. The pool for female headliners is quite small so it fits in perfectly with what Emily is doing, right time right place. Not my thing but it is a great booking
  9. brettredmayne

    2020 headliners

    Ticks all the boxes , new headliner and female . Emily would have definitely went after a female headliner this year
  10. I just got this email which seems like what we have been talking about We're just writing to let you know about new payment security measures that will be introduced from 14 September 2019, in response to a change in the law. The new system is called SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), and will apply whenever you make a purchase from any retailer, including Contactlenses.co.uk. How will this affect you? Extra security checks will become more frequent when you're paying online. These are applied at random and you'll be asked to authenticate the purchase by entering a unique one-use passcode, which your card issuer will send to your phone. What we advise you do? Make sure your card issuer or bank has your most up-to-date phone number, so that they can send the passcode to you, and
  11. Trying for coach and then GA if that doesn't happen , but not going for worthy view
  12. I hate this bucket list thing but it is something we just get used to hearing. Seeing Kylie in the Sun which got huge viewing figures and press coverage won't have helped things at all
  13. brettredmayne

    2020 headliners

    Has the moment not went for Biffy, Just can't see it happening now
  14. It scares me how many people on my facebook who have never shown any interest in festivals are suddenly sharing the registration link. I almost had a selfish attitude of its the 50th , can you not decide to go in 2021
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