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  1. Saturday too, im going to afternoon show but think it should be OK. Ticket doesn't have any name on it
  2. Did anyone go to this , I have managed to get a ticket of someone as he cant make it. Just reading the rules that you must turn up with lead booker and he is the one that give me the ticket. worried about going all that way and been knocked back.
  3. first night of the unity arena in Newcastle today, will be intresting to see what the atmosphere is like and how it compares to a normal gig. Wish them all the luck in the world though.
  4. Other festivals don't have the infrastructure Glastonbury have to build, Glastonbury will be already paying for people to plan next years festival so how close can there leave it. I would think Glastonbury would want to make a choice quicker then this year.
  5. Hi, now im back in this what do I need to do to add myself to the spreadsheet thanks all
  6. maybe it's just me ha Just felt down since I became ticketless and reading this has made me feel relaxed again
  7. I'm liking this sudden positivity on this group, made me smile
  8. brettredmayne

    BBC Glastonbury

    Forgot how great this set was from Miley
  9. 4th could be no resale and limited capacity i guesd
  10. brettredmayne

    BBC Glastonbury

    Decided to save blur for the weekend , arcade fire tonight
  11. brettredmayne

    BBC Glastonbury

    6 music with a bit of kylie , this is a tune
  12. brettredmayne

    BBC Glastonbury

    Emily on after the news
  13. brettredmayne

    BBC Glastonbury

    Its the full blur set , starts from she is so high
  14. I was really hoping for a black and gold tshirt , like the front cover of the book
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