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  1. Got the holding page and that was it, our mate rung us and she had our reg details just needed card, paid and we are going, she is getting what ever drink she wants at the Jim Bob gig next Friday
  2. Thursday Leeds departure at 7am returning at 1.30pm on the Monday. Reckon we'll be on site for about 1 in the afternoon
  3. craigyb31

    Sam Fender?

    Saw him at Live at Leeds on Saturday, excellent gig and a great cover of what's the story morning glory too
  4. craigyb31

    Arcade Fire

    I've got the same notification and in the past have had similar cock ups, usually when it should be in the US for some reason
  5. Posted twice and was beaten to it any way
  6. Radiohead confirmed Friday night
  7. That's great, the only info I could find said September and had no reply from emails
  8. Hello all, does anyone know when the moon shaped pool special edition is being sent out? I can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy
  9. I was just about to say the exact same thing, thoroughly enjoyed them there
  10. This thread has brought back some memories, I'm starving now. Got to mention The Crayfish place next to Williams Green. Goan fish curry at WH We had an ace kebab heading through the market towards The Park area on the Wednesday night. Really enjoyed the Sunday roast up at the Deluxe diner. Even if we had to be there at 1pm although wooden knife and forks made it a task lol
  11. craigyb31

    New Order

    Just woke up from being on night shifts to this news and am made up, please be Adele on the Pyramid now. Really don't want a mega clash for Saturday night
  12. Would be more than happy with that set list
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