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  1. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    It may take another decade but it will happen. I don’t think it’s like the “become more right wing when you get older” thing. Younger people now have a fundamentally different view of global society and immigration.
  2. Well they are asked to name as many as they can in 100 seconds. It really depends on the 100 people. I would imagine lots of pointless answers for this unless just one of us lot was surveyed in which case there would be bugger all!
  3. "Bands that have headlined Glastonbury festival 1992-2017" Any band that played last on the Pyramid stage on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday of Glastonbury festival. That'd be a great Pointless question.
  4. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I don't think that's true. The EU were pretty straightforwards from the start in saying what would and wouldn't work - including the indivisibility of the freedoms. I mean, the situation we are in now is that the EU have followed through 100% on what they've always said their position would be. That some people insisted it wasn't true and they need us more than we need them etc. is why we are in this mess. Now we know the sort of deal the EU would accept it'll be a lot easier to put an actual deal on the ballot.
  5. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Well yeah, any Remain vote is "remain for now". Because we can leave at any time. Because we do have sovereignty. You have remain on the paper as plenty of Leavers would rather remain if they don't get their preferred option. It's as much for them as people who never wanted to leave in the first place. Crucially, "Remain" in that context leaves the hope that they might get their preferred Leave mechanism later on. Would there be other referenda? Probably. But as long as the government holds strong on the idea that it needs to be Remain vs "actual viable leaving plan" then they will never pass. It'll soon become quite obvious that there's no majority for any one type of leave. I'm happy to keep having votes. If there's a leave plan that the majority of the country can get behind that's fair enough. Plus you're very concerned with the views of leavers, even though they're in a minority now. They know it, that's why they are so scared of another referendum. If they truly believed there was still a majority they would welcome it as a way to end the commons deadlock. You think us pro-EU folk are going to go away? I can promise you now, when/if we do leave, there will be years of pro-EU parties standing in elections and a 3rd referendum to rejoin the EU hanging over you. And unlike in the other case, their numbers are growing, not falling, and will likely continue to grow.
  6. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    If transferable votes are impossible to explain to the public how did we manage to have a referendum on using them some years ago?
  7. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Nope. Actual plan vs Remain is not the same as Ambiguous Leave vs Remain.
  8. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    If somehow remaining had created the utter shit show we were in now and leaving would fix it then yes I would be asking for another referendum. It’s not a matter of perspective. What we have now is shit. No one is arguing it is going well. Not a single person on any side is impressed by how it is going.
  9. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Problem is , all leave options are universally awful. There are no good leave options. So it’s always going to look unfair. There is no majority for any Leave option because leave voters all wanted different things. It’s like you and nine mates trying to decide what to do on Saturday. 4 of you want to stay at home and watch Back To The Future. The other six all want to go out. But two of them want to go out to a gig, two to a club, and two to a comedy night. They would all rather watch Back To The Future if they can’t go where they want. So sure, there’s a majority for “going out” in general terms but actually Back To The Future is twice as popular as any other option.
  10. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Yup it’d be two questions: leave or remain, then deal or no deal. Put more succinctly it’d be a three way vote between Remain, deal, or no deal, with preferential voting. But that would probably be too complicated.
  11. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Well yeah, those of us that want that just want to Remain. But honestly I would take staying in the single market, reciprocal Freedom of Movement and remaining under the ECJ with no say in it over May's deal or no deal. It's a silly deal, it's BINO, and so I don't want to argue *for* it as remaining is better. But if the Leave contingent don't shift on the "we have to leave, whatever" then yes, it's the method of leaving I would choose.
  12. I'm fairly sure there will be something in the bar contracts that guarantee a certain degree of exclusivity. Otherwise you would have had stalls selling cans before now. There's a reason it hasn't happened and it's not because people don't think it would be profitable. @glasto-worker might have some insight? Those other festivals are different because bars are given exclusivity within the arena. It's be a while since I've been to one by my memory is there aren't actually bars within the campsites at Latitude, etc.
  13. No chance they're allowed to sell booze, there's no separate campsite / arena system so would be unfair on the bars on site. Still, mixers and genuinely real-world cheap, healthy food is a bit of a game changer if it happens.
  14. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    So why not support May’s deal? That’s still possible under the withdrawal agreeement. The first step towards what Labour want is the exact same sort of deal May is putting up. Which is why people don’t understand Labours position.
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