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  1. But this is a discussion forum. If you don't want to discuss it - which is totally fair enough - you don't have to read the thread. I disagree with some of what is being said (especially the past page or so) and it's definitely quite icky but it's literally what the discussion topic is about. If you don't think it should be discussed, there are other threads. Yeah, but do you think the Stones "checked IDs" of every groupie? It's almost certain that Keith Richards slept with someone underage at some point. I mean: Yet no-one complained when they played Glastonbury. Which is presumably a combination of Peel just being weirdly honest about the whole "scene" when everyone else wanted to cover it up, and the fact you can slander the living but not the dead. And again, I'm not seeing anyone saying we should keep the name of the tent. Just more raising the point that if we're going to say there no place at Glastonbury for those involved in this (which we absolutely should) then we should follow that through.
  2. I don't think a single person in this thread has said "it's okay, he did nothing wrong, keep the tent", at least not in the past couple of pages. You guys are reading far too much into things. But there's an interesting discussion to be had beyond that about how much this was/wasn't known at the time, how we're still happy to venerate the likes of the Stones or Bowie just because they've never openly admitted it, whether there is any sort of path back from this by showing and having remorse... Appreciate that conversation isn't for everyone, but it'd be good if people didn't automatically assume that those having it were rape apologists....
  3. Fair enough. To me the rape in the first place is the "troubling" bit and whether someone afterwards expresses remorse or not, I still don't think they should have a tent at Glastonbury named after them.
  4. For a start, can you tell me where he said he'd do it again? Nor am I revering it, just saying that I genuinely don't believe a lot of the remorse you see in instances like this, I think the only remorse is for the impact it has on their careers. Your post read like, if he'd said "sorry, I did it but regret it and to be fair I didn't enjoy it at the time" you'd then be fine with the stage being named after him.
  5. I'd imagine he didn't show any remorse as he didn't feel any. Which again, isn't a defence but a lot of the time I'm not convinced the remorse people "show" over stuff like this is actually real. His attitude of "yeah, it happened, it was a thing then, I enjoyed it, I didn't think it was wrong and still don't" is refreshingly honest. I do get the impression that if anyone he raped actually came out and said they were taken advantage of while he was alive, he probably would have genuinely felt remorse and expressed as much. But he was never confronted with that. And I think if you could somehow ask him right now he'd probably still be pretty unrepentant, but happy to say that on reflection, there shouldn't be a tent named after him at Glastonbury.
  6. Yup, but I also think that's who he was: utterly frank about everything. By 2004, most others had realised that it was pretty important not to mention that stuff any more. Hell, most of them knew well enough to not mention it at the time. Again, doesn't excuse it, but if someone thinks for a minute that the likes of the Stones or any rockstars who have talked openly about sleeping with groupies never slept with 15-year olds then they're pretty naive. If Peel were alive and this was being used to tear him down I might even use that a defence. But since he's dead we probably don't need a tent named after him. And honest even if there is an afterlife, and he's looking down on what's happening now, I'm pretty sure he'd probably agree!
  7. The difference for me is whether there's a link between what they're being celebrated for and what their crime was. In Colston's case, he was being celebrated for things he would never have been able to do without slavery. The two are linked - in celebrating Colston's successes you unavoidably end up celebrating the "benefits" of slavery. Whereas with Peel, the two things aren't linked. He did great things for music, and also some morally very wrong things. But there's no stories of him, for example, sleeping with underage girls and then using his position to champion their music. I'd still rename the tent, personally - this isn't a defence of Peel, just why I think the two are quite different things.
  8. Isn't that exactly what we're discussing here? It's in the name of the thread!
  9. It's definitely not that. I didn't encounter any of the big crushes or issues people have raised, but there's certain like, objective measures that to me demonstrate it was busier, that being food stall queues and toilet queues. I generally stick to the quieter areas of the site by default anyway, and never hit big queues, but was really notably was hitting any sort of queue at all. There were food places I have frequented for years that I've never queued at for more than 30 seconds, where was waiting five minutes. Not the end of the world, not going to complain, but I could definitely see it. So it was either busier, or their were fewer food outlets / toilets. And again, if I'd only been a couple of times before, I wouldn't have noticed this, and I'd be on here saying everything was fine.
  10. I agree it's important to differentiate, but I do I do hate the way many people (not yourself) use this argument to somehow play down the crime. Was the same with Prince Andrew. If we want to be technical, they're rapists, not paedophiles. I can't begin to understand the mind of a paedophile, but I can't imagine it's not a very nice place. To find yourself sexually attracted only to kids sounds like one of the most horrendous ways to be broken. In no way does that ever excuse acting on it, that should go without saying, but they are truly mentally ill. Ephebophiles... is that even really a thing? I mean, you like women that look like women but are young? I'd suggest from the prevalence of everything from "barely legal" porn sites to "school disco" nights at clubs that that's a huge portion of the male population. If you find 15-year olds attractive, you'll find 18-year olds attractive. There's not much difference. Squint a bit. Or ask her to change her hair or do her make-up a certain way. Fuel your weird legally and without being a predator. It's perfectly possible. Especially if you're a famous celebrity or member of the royal family. Like Prince Andrew couldn't have said "Can you arrange me an 18-year old that looks young?" instead of just choosing to be a monster. Ephebophilia has always felt a lot nastier and predatory to me for that reason.
  11. The ibuprofen helped get me through to Saturday but by that point didn't feel like it was helping. To be fair I wasn't taking as much as I could have, but that's the whole "can't take it on an empty stomach" thing and also trying to be careful around when I was eating because of other issues. How big is your rucksack?! We take fresh clothes for each day, F&B 4-person and pump, inflatable single mattress each (no frame), single sleeping bag and pillow each, small pack of toiletries and maybe 12 cans between us and most of that had to go on a trolley to do it one run. We carried it in 2019 but it nearly killed us.
  12. DeanoL

    Elton John

    He brings out Bruce Springsteen for Glory Days every night on tour? 😄 It wasn't just the run of songs - the guests, the fireworks, it all came together in that last hour. But that does raise the question of if Elton would be arsed with any of that, or just want to do the exact same show he's always done.
  13. We managed to stop people letting off those Chinese lantern things by just asking.
  14. The fireworks were mentioned in the programme. Don't know if they normally are.
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