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  1. The current system does lean into this sort of thinking a bit. It's not as black and white as people think. Essentially, the question is "how much should the ticket sale system reward *effort?" 1. At the far end of that scale is that you have a London Marathon-esque lottery. If you want a ticket, you put your name in the bucket (with a group of up to say 12 people) and you're picked you get a chance to buy a ticket. If not you don't. Certain things would have to be in place for that system to work, but it would work, it is a viable option. One the festival choose not to use. 2. The next step is the standard current ticket sale: here we start rewarding effort. If you're in a group of four and four of you are trying for tickets, you're four times more likely to get one than if just one of your group bothers. If you want to go in a group smaller than four you're slightly disadvantaged, but again you can be rewarded by finding other pairs/singletons to join up with. You can also outright ask/pay other people to help you try for tickets. 3. Seetickets can sell the tickets faster than they do currently. They could set it up so they are all gone in around 2 minutes. They don't. They limit the number of purchasers on purpose, to stretch the sale out to an hour. Again, this rewards effort - do you keep going after five minutes, or just give up and decide it's not worth it. Additionally, if you have contacted other friends going, they can try for you too if they get through early. Again, effort is rewarded. [There was an argument some years back that this system favoured larger groups, but it's simple enough now to find online groups to join for smaller groups anyway that this is less of a factor]. So this is the system we have now. 4. You could easily drag the sale out longer. Make it take 3 or even 6 hours. I would imagine this is the option most people on this board would take. Make it a bit more annoying to get tickets but not require us to leave our homes. This was trialed accidentally one past year! 5. You then get to the "queue up outside HMV" system. I'm not actually sure how practical this is for something where demand this high - you'd have queue jumpers, people saving spaces for mates, and if you could buy more than one ticket, it would still reward effort, but one person in a group making a big effort, rather than all of them making a smaller one. 6. From here, it's not a big leap to, if you're going to asking for 12 hours of someone's time to get a ticket, maybe that person could be doing something more constructive than standing in a queue for 12 hours. So you have the volunteer option. None of these are fundamentally different approaches - most people here are opposed to a lottery system, where everyone gets an equal chance. Most people want to be rewarded for putting effort it. A volunteering system just takes it to the extreme end of that.
  2. No more unfair than anyone else having things they would rather be spending their holiday time on. That's nothing, try Twilight Imperium...
  3. No I don't. It was just a notion that "people with a family would be penalized" I found quite baffling. Generally, having a family is a choice people make, they do it because they want to, and it's a positive in their lives.They would already consider themselves better off than they would be if they did not have a family. Presumably there's no-one here that has a family that would have chosen not to have one if it made getting Glastonbury tickets easier, right? Which is why it struck me as odd. Everyone's time is precious - but it's like me saying "oh I wouldn't like this system, I own loads of board games, and time spent volunteering would mean I would be spending less time playing board games". It's ridiculous, because clearly that's something I want to do and enjoy. The original post was basically acting like family was some horrendous obligation that they would be penalised for having.
  4. Yes. No-one wants to be harassed on the street, they're a blight on society!
  5. That's a really weird take on having a family.
  6. While you're right, it's a far better idea idea than many of the suggestions here that essentially boil down to: give away your time to get a ticket. Anyone who supports the idea of "going back to the days we queued outside of HMV" is essentially in favour of the same thing. As are those who want the tickets to be sold loads more slowly so it takes ten hours to get through. All the exact same objections for availability of time apply It doesn't really work like that. Most "help" requires some level of skill, there's very few things a volunteer can straight up do without training (and many that could be done still legally necessitate some sort of training). Then a lot of the time you have to then be monitoring to see that they're doing it right.
  7. DeanoL

    Festival cancellations.

    If I remember it finally stopped pissing it down on the weekend before and was dry for 3 days (after about 3 weeks of non-stop rain) after which it started raining again the Monday night. Had it not stopped for those 3 days it's very likely they would not have been able to finish the build and either had to cancel, or run a massively reduced festival.
  8. Went to Outcider festival at Fernhill farm, not far from Pilton this weekend. Lessons learned: Glastonbury really needs a good cider bar somewhere.
  9. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    If you ask me if I'm more likely to vote Labour without Corbyn as leader, my initial thought is "yes". But then if you tell me the replacement leader is a centrist who is still in favour of Brexit then hell no. That's the problem with that poll. The lefties disillusioned with Corbyn being shit are imaging the other lead to be someone following in his footsteps with socialist policies, but a bit less shit, and possibly even pro-Remain. Whereas the centrists are imagining him being replaced by a Blairite. What is probably true, is that the centrists who said they'll never vote for a Corbyn-led Labour already left before the last election. You could potentially win them back, but it's the left of the party that are just fed up with Corbyn we stand to lose this time.
  10. DeanoL

    Brexit at Glasto?

    But none of them are being even vaguely realistic. We've spend 3 years now digging into this and discovering that it's very complicated. This is okay. For Brexit to really work we probably need a 5-7 year transition period. Then it wouldn't have to be a disaster, businesses could prepare and plan and transition relatively smoothly. You could even make "no deal" work with that amount of time to prep - rebuilding the massive customs infrastructure we would need in the South-East. Weirdly that would create huge amounts of employment and massively regenerate that area. I don't want to leave, but if you put me in charge of Brexit, that's how I would do it. And those people moaning that it's not quick enough can fuck off. It takes as long as it takes. You have to a put a deposit down on Glasto tickets 9 months in advance yet Boris thinks he can solve Brexit and get the UK prepped for it in three. Yet there's not a single leaver espousing that way of doing Brexit. Of doing it sensibly, in a way that takes longer but doesn't break out economy. It's all "out now" and such. And I know you're not meant to say all Leavers are idiots, but honestly when not a single one of them is even suggesting a sensible approach you have to wonder. The other thing is, the media need to start calling out politicians that are "opposed to the backstop". What that means is "we want to keep a hard border in Ireland on the negotiating table". That's literally what it means. All the backstop is is an agreement that if we can't figure out another way of avoiding a hard border in Ireland, then we revert to a Customs Union until we can. Notably, Boris has declared he is opposed not just to that backstop, but "any backstop" - so essentially any mechanic that says "if we can't avoid a hard border in Ireland we do X". All that can mean is that he wants the threat of that as a negotiating tool. Which actually, is fine. Ruthless, heartless, but understandable. But the media won't even hold him to account for it
  11. Been to every one since '03, but I'm no longer bothered about going every year. Haven't been bothered for a few years now. If getting tickets was easy, I'd have had a few years off, but the way I see it, getting tickets to every one since 2003 is hugely lucky, and that luck will run out. At some point the ticket gods will go "no, not this year" and that'll fine. I'm not going to scavenge around for other ways in or even bother with the resale. But I'll try for tickets every year and keep going if I get them. Because I could voluntarily skip a year and not get tickets the next three for all I know.
  12. And yet, you only go when the festival is on? There’s no magic, atmosphere the festival creates is the beauty.
  13. I eat meat most days, love dairy and fly a few times a year. Neither have nor intend to have kids though so probably doing okay relatively.
  14. When we looked on Thursday and the pier was closed, we assumed they were going for a ultra-realistic take on the modern UK seaside pier.
  15. Doesn’t start until 1pm there so quiet in the morning.
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