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  1. I wouldn’t give up my ticket if I had one, but it’s certainly eased the pain of not getting one. I’ll still try my luck in April though!
  2. I had exactly the same thing. Phoned Waterstones last night. Got a call today saying that they have put a copy aside for me and to return the current copy. I’ll hopefully get the signed copy in a couple of days
  3. Nope, mine doesn't even have that page in it. I got a dudd, only adding insult to the injury of not getting 2020 tickets
  4. Which page of the book is this on? I received my 'signed by the author' copy today and it's not signed. It doesn't even contain this page. It has the 'signed by the author' sticker on the front though
  5. That would be nice. I wasn’t lucky this year. Double ☹️☹️
  6. Received my ‘signed by the author’ copy today but it hasn’t been signed ☹️
  7. It looks like I may need to change tactics and stick with the 1 tab/ device come resale day.
  8. Did anybody manage to bag tickets using GFL’s recommendation of using only 1 tab on 1 browser on 1 device? I had 2 devices, each with 3 browsers and for the first time in 6 years didn’t get a sniff. Just wondering if there may be something in their recommendation?
  9. Nutella Versace


    Looks like the webcam is down
  10. Made a spreadsheet with all reg numbers etc for my group. Also made sure all software was up to date and that everything runs a smoothly and quickly as possible, all of which has given me an anxious belly!
  11. Got my posters yesterday. Received a dispatch email a couple of days earlier.
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