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  1. i guess the problem for organisers is do you continue to burn money with the risk of cancellation hanging over the festival
  2. we should be able to opt for self infection and get it over with before Glasto 🤗🥴🥳
  3. bit of a slope but that kept the site dry - i put my base camp there last year and it was like walking through the pearly gates compared with the soul-less all-nighter at other pedestrian gates. Getting out afterwards was similarly smooth as it discharged downstream of the main car parks. i am gutted this option has gone; it was just too good to last
  4. Is it me or is there not going to be a West campervan site? What a shame if so...
  5. Leon Trotsky's grandson heads a mariachi band, he's left field?
  6. Got to agree with warnings on attempting to ressurect bands as we once knew them - they are from another time, another place and much of their appeal was their innovation - still, it's hard to let go of the ones you loved PS am thinking personally of Led Zep rather than ABBA, no offence...
  7. bullie


    "old" Fleetwood Mac, headed by Peter Green, played this on their eponymous first album. Peter Green headlining Acoustic would be a fabulous snub to the mega-greedy who springboarded of the back of his genius
  8. does the network you use affect your chances? our 2 groups of six got tickets via same guy (now known as "Saint ...." ) via Virgin but those on BT didn't get a sniff
  9. if you have a friend who is reasonably techie then i'd point the ugly finger of suspicion at them! sounds like your router is trapping the URL...
  10. bullie


    couldnt see a Glasto option on big lemon site ?
  11. bullie

    Flag idea

    i can see both sides of the flag issue (when the wind blows)... ...no, seriously, the only way i found my team in the Chemmies with three pints in hand was cos they happened to be standing under the fat pig flag - i left to get my round in (showing my age) and there was practically no-one there but when i got back it was like Wembley 1966 cup final . Got to say, nearly everyone in the crowd was amazing and helped me out
  12. Although the numbers suggest this is the last one for me (60 next year, 50th Glasto and ten festivals on the bounce) yesterday i caught myself sighing and thinking, wish i was at the Beat hotel...
  13. bullie

    The Weather Thread 2019

    that igloo story was totally fake news, what they were going to do was move the festival underground to allow the cows to continue grazing, but tests resulted in Beyonce's Crazy in love disrupting a quaker meeting in Shepton Mallet (that's enough now...)....
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