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  1. bullie

    The Weather Thread 2019

    that igloo story was totally fake news, what they were going to do was move the festival underground to allow the cows to continue grazing, but tests resulted in Beyonce's Crazy in love disrupting a quaker meeting in Shepton Mallet (that's enough now...)....
  2. bullie

    The Weather Thread 2019

    that's class!😎
  3. nah, that is wet - if you add people you would get mud. but hey ho, wont spoil my fest😝
  4. no, i dont, and i thought rudimental did play half their set before they pulled the plug in 2013(?) ...memory is subjective
  5. can i say i am less interested in the weather in highlands and islands (at least in this thread) and more concerned with the conditions around the farm - can we stick to the point? some good intel further back; thanks for this
  6. bullie

    scratchy wristbands?

    if you mean "affect", i felt it gave the impression i was a pleasure-seeker - of course, i may just have been crap
  7. bullie

    scratchy wristbands?

    ah good point, countering the arse numbing effect of dozing off over the drop...
  8. bullie

    scratchy wristbands?

    now the important stuff...will there be metallic foil in the wristbands this year? IMHO the best wristband was 2008 with no scratchy foil and a tasteful colour scheme; I wore mine for a year at the cost of my career in senior management. Can we find an environmental reason to go back to plain fabric?
  9. bullie

    Cv west

    i was in a far corner of east cv land in 2011 - was a PITA both ways....cv west this year so hoping for an cushy time...
  10. Delivery Details Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided. wtf?!?
  11. bullie

    Guest Appearances

    or oxidation 🤔
  12. bullie

    Secret act 2019

    on the Sunday of 2016 i was chilling in the acoustic bar when a sure fire tip came in that Prince was about to play John Peel tent - needless to say we reorganised our internal organs to get there only to hear the Kooks wafting over the long drops. disappointment could have been bottled...(despite asmiring the kooks but hey?..)
  13. The Prince Of Denmark
  14. Thanks for all the input - summary view is it's one or the other...
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