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  1. Thanks @vintagelaureate I hope your daughter manages to get through this, it’s difficult when loved ones don’t fully understand and thanks @Big durbs, dad is doing ok and my mother hasn’t killed him yet - it’ll be strange and interesting for them when they’re eventually allowed out having only seen distancing and shopping queues on the TV. Facebook memories are great at this time of year, however I haven’t been to glasto since 2017, I haven’t been that lucky with tickets in recent years but hoping to secure some for next year at some point. stay safe everyone and have a great week, weather is going to be good for glasthomebury.
  2. Hiyah all. hope you’re all doing well and sorry I’ve not been in here much this year but I wanted to wish you all a happy Glastonbury week (even though we didn’t get tickets). I hope you’ve all managed to stay safe and sane so far through the pandemic. My dad ended up in hospital on oxygen whilst we were on holiday just before Xmas (which was terrifying enough even without the virus) and with him currently being on the ‘shielded’ list I’ve been busy through the pandemic trying to ensure my parents are ok, fed and kept indoors. my thoughts are now turning to Glasto and all of us here who didn’t get tickets and those who did but still can’t be there - there’ll be mixed emotions for sure for everyone, so I’m spending the next week catching up in here and doing minor planning for next weekends events.
  3. moheetoes

    Diana Ross

    I sooooo need a ticket just for this.
  4. moheetoes

    Resale Club 2019

    You also @andyb66, noooooooo, this is shite, can’t believe so many regular resalers back in here along with some newbies. getting used to being in here, would just like a year off, just once - when is the next fallow year by the way..........
  5. moheetoes

    Resale Club 2019

    In this club again pffft. well done to previous resalers who bagged some first time around, have a very happy day
  6. Oh no, Hi Charm, you’ll be lucky in April no doubt, have a few scoops x
  7. Hi, here again for what seems the 4th or 5th year in a row. Getting used to it now.
  8. moheetoes

    Resale Club 2019

    Good luck tomorrow everyone, let’s hope the ticket gods are smiling on the resale survivors club
  9. moheetoes

    Resale Club 2019

    Starting to get my head back into trying for tickets next year, can’t say I’m too hopeful at this point, need to find my positivity from somewhere
  10. I’m currently hiding in Tenerife, all inclusive isn’t hitting the mark just yet
  11. moheetoes

    Worried Sick

    So pleased for you, you can now plan to have the best time at Glasto with your family/friends xx
  12. moheetoes

    Worried Sick

    Hope everything goes ok tonorrow, there definitely is no worse place than ‘the waiting room’ as I have and many others I’m sure have been there too. It can really emotionally twist your head in every direction. i hope you manage to get some sleep tonight and hopefully you’ll get answers tomorrow and you can move forward. sending gentle hugs your way tonight. crossing everything for you tomorrow
  13. I am interested if you still have the live in pass still available thanks
  14. I have a second unique presale code for Muse from my mate who I go to see muse with if anyone wants to utilise this today also.
  15. Sent you my presale unique code as not using - saw them in manc sat.
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