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  1. moheetoes

    Secret resales

    Cheers Andy that’s very kind of you to offer. I’ll get back to you if you still have the tickets as I’m ooop north and I would have to sort stuff first to enable me to get down to London and stop overnight. May not feasibly be possible and if you have other takers, please don’t wait for me.
  2. moheetoes

    Secret resales

    Just tried (and failed) to get arctic monkeys tickets this morning. It was like T-Day/resale day and secret resale weeks all over again - not good and so that’s the failure out of the waythis year, we will succeed this year getting everyone on here back to the fields
  3. moheetoes

    Want to buy teen weekend ticket age 11-15

    I am also after a teen weekend ticket for a friend if there are more people wanting to sell.
  4. moheetoes


    Hi, I’m after a teen ticket for a friend, if anyone is looking to sell one. many thanks
  5. moheetoes

    Secret resales

    This ^^^^ and not wanting to wish my life away it was one of the first things I thought of just past midnight (after a few scoops) at new year ‘tickets go on sale later this year’
  6. moheetoes

    Random hookups

    @davetherave2 at the back with glasses on, me right at front with glasses on after having a fab time near the front for The Jacksons, with some non-efesters from Newquay.
  7. moheetoes

    Random hookups

    It was fab to meet up with you guys, unfortunately I had to nip off and meet my sister arriving
  8. moheetoes


    I've not had an email, what's going on, is this just the fanzine mailing list, I'm definitely up for this one if I can through
  9. moheetoes

    The Jacksons

    I was about 20 rows from front left hand side with @davetherave2 and it was bouncing, thoroughly enjoyed it singing my head off - one of my highlights
  10. moheetoes


    Best surprise all weekend was the avalanches, was not expecting that one at all. Lorde was brilliant and I hung around for Major Lazer (out of curiosity) but I was really amazed at how the energy gripped our group and we had fun jumping for an hour before heading to the glade.
  11. moheetoes

    Top 5 Acts

    Chic the jacksons the avalanches barry gibb hacienda classical honourable mentions Lorde and the orb, I also thought Solange was the most disappointing
  12. moheetoes

    Secret resales

    Good luck kinky,
  13. moheetoes

    Secret resales

    Good luck to all the hardcore resalers and hopefully see you in the fields.
  14. moheetoes

    Going alone

    You'll be fine, get down to the efests meet on wed 6pm and you'll meet lots of lovelies from in here, chat to random strangers too, if we ever see anyone on their own looking lost we invite them to join us for singing dancing drinking and general merriment, you can't beat the people at Glastonbury
  15. moheetoes


    She may just want you to look after her, get camp set up and ready for her to breeze in with no queueing in the forecast heat on wed. I hope you both get sorted and have a fab festival whatever time you manage to spend together there.