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  1. Oiii..ive been to the last 4 glastonburys and spent the fallow year 2018 at 5 pearl jam shows in Europe..didnt get glasto tickets for first time ever so the reason we are quiet is because of the absolute fear that this might well happen..expect a thread of thousands of fence jumpers/tunnel diggers if it happens on said Pearl Jam forum?
  2. Ah great thanks for the info!..i was worried about what to do if i hit that wall cos i dont know a few people in our group very well but its dog eat dog come thursday evening lol
  3. So did you just drop that person snd proceed with your own?
  4. My tshirt arrived and its too small?..tight fitting indeed..didnt eat much at glasto cos of the heat..then again bloody made up for it since.
  5. Hey there..has anyone recieved tshirts/hoodies or other merch from the online store they ordered after returning from glastonbury? Think it was to be late July..Thanks!
  6. keeponrockin

    Billie Eilish

    Ive tried and tried..just not getting it..all i can see is a Lorde clone..Is Dave Grohl her Da?
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