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  1. 2007.....stayed on Pyramid to watch that terrible Killers set rather than walk through the mud to Jazz World to see John Fogerty throw out a Creedence heavy setlist.....deeply regretted ever since. 😢
  2. Unlikely but I'd like to see James slot in somewhere....touring a cracking new album presently and free between 18th June and 1st July.
  3. Find your balance ref rather than deposit ..that should work 👍
  4. Thus is correct....I have a different ref for balance to deposit.
  5. parsonjack


    Steady drizzle here in Frome (and therefore pretty much the same in Pilton...) and set to be same until later this afternoon. A day for watching the webcam and surfing Spotify for new acts to catch next month I think.
  6. Yeah very sad.....sounds like he knew he couldn't keep pushing and tried to get affirmation and support to ease off the gas but it didn't come. Typically he then pushed on to avoid conflict in the band and not to let anyone down....with tragic results. There's no shame in downing tools when you feel and know it's hurting you....pretty salient elsewhere at present I think.
  7. Mrs P had a chai when we were out yesterday....made me long for that moment I get one in a mug from TTT and sit by the fire late evening ❤️
  8. Bimble....to the Bimble...prob via Avalon Inn.
  9. Not usually a cider drinker but on a scorching festival day it's my go to over warm ale. The hot stuff though....devils brew....migraine in a pint mug 😬
  10. Correct....although there is a route from Shepton that *may* allow you to do so the jury is out on whether it's viable or not so best avoided. Best bet to get to West car parks from East approach would probably be to go straight through Shepton on the A371 towards Wells then head south from Wells to Glastonbury on the A39. You'll then get directed left off the A39 through Launcherly and North Wootton villages and into Pink parking just north of the A361. By Thursday you should be OK to approach Shepton on A361 from Frome without getting stuck in traffic queuing for East parking.
  11. More like 'through' the Dragon's lair tbh....and don't take 'underground' too literally. Subterranean it's not.
  12. If you've found the Dragon then you were literally 20m from the Piano Bar.
  13. parsonjack


    Do you mean the tents going up on skyline to right of Pyramid? if so then I think that is Pennard Hill Farm glamping going up, and too far over to be Worthy View.
  14. From a FB site called Glastonbury Dragon..... GLASTONBURY DRAGONS 1992 to 1996 The story of how we made the Dragons The cycle of Elemental Dragons at Glastonbury began in 1992. At the top of the festival site , above the Green Areas, is Kings Meadow , a field that has become known as the Sacred Space, an area of retreat and reflection. It is the site of the Stone Circle, the Totem and many rituals, songs, dances and weirdness for many years. I was asked to create a Fire Dragon there. And so began the Dragoncircle. It has turned into a way of seeing, experiencing and celebrating the presence of Dragons in the World. Each year for four years a dragon was built--a full turn of the wheel. The Fire Dragon She was built from welded steel and aluminium--60 feet in length. Inside her belly was space for twenty people to sit around a huge egg-shaped kiln. Seven slender shining chimney pipes, 20 feet high, carried away the smoke. The egg became a roaring furnace for four days and four nights. It contained a new, baby dragon, made from water and clay. Eventually the fire faded and the egg cracked open and crumbled leaving the fired ceramic dragon amongst the ashes. That night the Fire Dragon breathed gouts of flame across the field and herself burst into a mighty conflagration. When all was cooled and the festival was over, people came and took away pieces of the fired clay Earth Dragon and so he was scattered and journeyed in many directions. The Earth Dragon He took the form of a huge clay kiln over 50 feet long. It was designed to fire itself from within. First, Hazel saplings were cut from the hedges and freshly coppiced withies brought from the lowland withy beds in West Zoyland. A large pit was excavated and the shape of the dragon woven in wicker over the frame. The whole was then covered in layers of paper, clay slip, and a mixture of clay and straw. The Earth Dragon had returned. He lay drying in the sun for many days. The fire was lit and soon he breathed smoke and flames into the Air. Eventually the fierce fire hardened and scorched his skin. The a shock. The circle turned--in a storm of sparks and fire the Dragon collapsed, sank into the Earth , and left. No trace now remains in the grass of the field. The Air Dragon The following year , spurred perhaps by a lick of flame the Air Dragon flew in from the East. He was made from fabric, wood, and delicate Willow. 40 feet long and suspended high in a tall framework of treetrunks. He hovered thoughtfully in the Air throughout the festival, rising and falling gracefully in the wind, nudged into more erratic movement by passers-by. As the people began to leave he too departed. His observations complete hecontinued on his journey to the East, carrying the breath of Autumn in his wings. The Water Dragon Then the Water Dragon, flying in from the North, chose a place to settle, a new pond on the stream. Over 80 feet long, built on a wood and welded steel framework, with thick layers of concrete and stone gathered from the farm, sliced rocks, crystals and gems. She, of all four dragons , is the one to stay, blending herself in with the passage of time, a channel for the water, a home for the mosses and lichens and perhaps a refuge for small damp creatures There has been great Power, Joy, Hard Work, Fear and Discovery in this journey. What it was all about I've still to discover. Lots of odd stories to tell. Thanks to all the people who helped, especially Mark and Sarah who made the Air Dragon. More at : www.dragoncircle.co.uk
  15. parsonjack


    Was just about to ask the same....turned up today I think.....are we about to see Spider activity commencing?
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