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  1. I'm not saying or suggesting anything is actually afoot.....I'm merely pondering on how far in bed would Eavis get to ensure the event took place, and whether a decision to tell them to bugger off would be supported.
  2. Ok so here's a conundrum.....let's say UK Gov wants to showcase G2021 as a blue-riband event to demonstrate to the world how we've beaten Covid and we're open for business. Dowden offers Eavis a lifeline saying they'll not provide insurance but through Gov funded early vaccination of build crew and regular testing, and full funding and support to a testing programme for all artists and ticket holders the risk of cancellation will be greatly mitigated. Gov also offers to cover a significant % of losses if the cancellation becomes a necessity. Without such assurances and assistance the 2021 fe
  3. I'm not confident this year's festival will go ahead, but I'm less concerned over the potential for GFL to suffer sufficient losses through cancelling to fold for good. I don't think we should underestimate the creativity and initiative of the organisers, nor the love that 200,000+ people across the country have for an elderly dairy farmer from Somerset.
  4. What a dick thing to be smug about. We've hardly nailed this sucker at every turn have we?
  5. Positivity looks to have turned a corner.....at least for England. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/testing?areaType=nation&areaName=England
  6. The silence makes me nervous.....but I'm upping it due to the vaccine rollout. 10%
  7. Perhaps Priti Patel has messed up with her 'day of the week' pants?
  8. I've got Doves end of March.....it's clearly not going to happen but not heard anything formally yet.
  9. It's all a bit sh*t today isn't it. Sending virtual hugs to all of you 🤗
  10. True....but with little sign of figures for patients in hospital and on ventilation plateauing it's probably safe to assume admissions are still on the upward slope.
  11. Disappointing. I was hoping for a further fall in daily infections on yesterday but not to be. Must maintain focus on weekly averages. I can see the edge of the woods but they're still some way off.
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