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  1. parsonjack

    T. DAY

  2. 너 밴 좋아해 Philipa's?
  3. parsonjack

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    Agreed. Not much of a 'support' thread until then!
  4. parsonjack

    T. DAY

  5. parsonjack

    Weather 2017

    Sure is....drizzled for a lot of the night here in Frome and ground was damp this morning but will dry quickly. I'd guess that in a real year the overnight rain coupled with heavy delivery/trader traffic on site may have churned the ground a bit....but not to any significant degree...and assuming no more rain before Weds we'd be looking at a near perfect pitch up. How depressing..... 😒
  6. 필리파를 아십니까?
  7. parsonjack


  8. parsonjack

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Yep...still planning to go on Saturday. Can't take credit for the pic.....Mrs P saw it on some FB group....but thought I'd nab it for here as it's a beauty.
  9. parsonjack

    Your favourite Glasto images

  10. parsonjack

    T. DAY

  11. parsonjack


    Good to see you Mike Looking lovely down your way last week...
  12. parsonjack

    Weather 2017

    Yup....looking at the moment like it would have been a blinder..... 😢
  13. parsonjack

    T. DAY

  14. parsonjack

    Weather 2017

    I never ever anticipated a touch of personal nostalgia for @The Nal's doom-mongering.... i need to get a grip....
  15. parsonjack

    T. DAY

    Things have never been the same since Q lost the contract.....