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  1. Is it possible someone currently on site may have reported the Piano Bar as totally derelict and assumed it wasn't therefore expected for 2024? Certainly when I was there recently it was pretty much in a destroyed state, but from experience we know that it gets resurrected during the build.
  2. parsonjack


    How odd....that's now about where it was last year I think. No idea why they'd move it though 🤷
  3. Ridge and Furrow bar will be open for everyone just as normal so if you're unsure of who to approach come along, grab a drink and simply mingle or linger on the periphery until you spot someone you recognise, or even anonymously check out some name tags until you see one you know. None of us bite so much better to introduce yourself to a name you recognise who can then help you out with your own name tag and help you find the folks you want to speak to than missing what will likely be a nice experience 🙂
  4. I guess it's the same for WV and SL but Tangerine Fields residents have wristbands which are checked going into the site, which has a fenced perimeter. That wouldn't stop the most determined tent thief who could probably scale the fence at some point but it does add a layer of security that doesn't exist in general on-site camping. We've stayed in Tangerine Fields a number of times and to date have not heard of or witnessed any tent break-ins or the like.
  5. Certainly is. Keep calm everyone....just a blip.
  6. Throwing it down 10 miles from site in Frome right now 😬
  7. Ok so I've been through the TRO's for this year and as far as I can tell there are no significant changes from last year. https://somersetcc.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/SCCPublic/Ee9QiNQk0hJElJUcj-yYw4QBvy8EpraPYOQiJzwG-0Z3Sw?e=ltxHZT So, my advice would be.... - Stick with what you know - Try to stay on main advertised and signposted routes when getting close - Try to avoid the temptation to dive down a lane thinking it will save you 10 minutes when in all likelihood you'll find it closed and have wasted that time and more - If you're a first-timer plan a route carefully before setting off, know which car park you're heading for (East or West etc) and which direction you need to approach from - Don't rush and try not to get stressed if you hit delays - Take plenty of drinks and snacks in case you hit delays - Tune into Worthy FM when near the site in case of any traffic advice broadcast - Hit this thread up if you've got questions, doubts etc and we'll do what we can to make your journey in/out as painless as possible .....but most of all, enjoy the trip. You're headed to the biggest party on the Planet, drive safely and carefully, but make your journey part of the event. Have a great festival everyone 😍
  8. parsonjack


    The noticeboard seems to have been half-inched 😯 Local constabulary are searching @Ayrshire Christent at this very moment......
  9. parsonjack


    I'm guessing it's all the build kit etc for Park using the hard standing road as much as possible to avoid unnecessarily churning the field up. Next shoot is this Sat 18th May....although their parking is going to be a little compromised by all the Park kit.
  10. parsonjack


    Yup...bright sunshine 10 miles away here in Frome.
  11. Morning Digger....you're totally right of course but folks will always use tech at their disposal to find any back way that might give them an edge (and I'll certainly not be publicising some that you and I both know exist). Moreover the aim of this is to actually defer folks from heading down routes that we know in advance will be closed or unusable, and hopefully therefore alleviating unnecessary issues to local users. We'll also try to spread things out so that, say, all the London traffic doesn't use the same route. At some point someone might also realise I only do this to keep my own route in clear 😅
  12. Yeah that's not a bad shout. You can improve that even further by leaving the A37 left about 2km from Podimore towards Charlton Mackrell, then a quick right/left across the B3153, then right through Butleigh to Glastonbury. That cuts off a big corner instead of going to the lights at Lydford-on-Fosse.
  13. Sparkford would work but you'd ideally want to first head West on A303 then straight up A37 from Podimore roundabout to Pylle and left into Blue Route and Tangerine. That route would avoid the A371 which from Castle Cary is closed apart from shuttle bus traffic to/from Castle Cary station and the Bath & West drop off. Looking again at your original option 1 I think that also uses the lane south off A361 that I mention in previous post so also not an option unless you changed it to head east into Shepton then south onto A37 and approach the turn into Blue Route at Pylle from the north instead. Of these I'd probably stick with the Coxley overnight and head to Wells-Shepton-A37 south. Switching to Sparkford puts you in with a lot of northbound traffic from A303.
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