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  1. parsonjack


    I wonder if some of the work is needed for the 'family campsite' but can be used for Festival proper if the campsite doesn’t go ahead. The work in a carpark.....is that in relation to some stuff going on along Pylle Lane and campervan East? There was a large crane in the field on Friday when we cruised by.
  2. parsonjack


    OK so.....the Pyramid remains undressed at present, and there is very little evidence of anything going on that could be seen from the lanes. If there is anything happening it's very low key.
  3. parsonjack


    You can see the Pyramid from the A361 if you know where to look.....I may be over that way tomorrow pm....
  4. Right is somewhat Mark Rothko...left is clearly Piet Mondrian.
  5. That gap in the left one offends me.
  6. parsonjack


    They're still doing great work across the globe and getting my monthly contribution.
  7. Swap the lettuce for some good quality ham and you're there 👌
  8. Yeah, grated above sliced is definitely more aesthetically pleasing too.
  9. This is very true....a grated cheese sandwich can look stuffed when actually the cheese content is only the same or less than a sliced content. Choose wisely folks.
  10. Good to hear there's a dose of AZ headed your way. Hope you'll be up and about soon. fdobitvcosvi is now my new favourite word 👍
  11. I prefer grated tbh.....I put it down to grated having larger surface area and therefore stronger taste. Needs to still be a little loose though, I can't bear it when it's had some pressure during packing and solidifies into lumps. Am I overthinking cheese sandwiches?
  12. Def....bloody parky here. Central heating still on.
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