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  1. Hmm....2007...was it John Fogerty? The mud was horrific and much to our regret we stayed on Pyramid for that terrible Killers set 😕
  2. It was! Over to yo....ah 👏
  3. No prob...so to lift the mood.... What happened during Supergrass' 2004 set to lift dampened spirits?
  4. Dom Howard of Muse....so 😔
  5. Well done....long time ago but fond memories of this place. Over to you.
  6. Hmm...tougher than I thought....Googling permitted.
  7. Sorry....that was opposite William's Green...I think.
  8. Whoohoo😁 Ok....what was the name of the long disappeared bar that used to be down the railway track embankment almost opposite current entrance to Unfairground?
  9. Yey! Right then....what have been banned at the festival since 1992?
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