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  1. 261,855 tests processed is yesterday’s figure. No published figure I can find for today so all to play for with the increased capacity today.
  2. Not wishing to play down the importance of this, but strictly speaking, the 'end' has been 'nigh' since the planet first formed.
  3. I thought the studies showed Type O as being at less risk of Covid?
  4. There are reports it's just a trial of 3 stores late next year.....but the owning company (Very) are apparently denying it. Tuesday is a proper news frenzy ain't it?
  5. Bloody hell Tuesday is a bit of a rollercoaster already on here and it's not yet 0800 😬
  6. Maybe they'll offer it free if you sign up for a Smart Meter?
  7. It's a good point. We're also all assuming that the festival can cover some 2020/21 costs with the deposits already paid, but with the refund deadline extended until 31st January 2021 do they actually have that money at their disposal, or is it 'resting' in See's account?
  8. Hang on......there was a time before eFestivals? 😯
  9. Unlikely I'd say. Seetickets simply have the contract for running the booking process so if they went under the ticket data would just be passed to another provider.
  10. Heck Matt that's rough. Really sorry 😞
  11. Agreed it's never going to be 100% accuracy.....maybe only 75% at best so there will always be a risk. I thought that it was known there is a small window between testing positive and becoming infectious - my point being that if you make sure as many people as possible are negative in the 2 days before the festival then very few will be infectious before going home if you have a 3 day festival. It's all academic though as the arrival/departure logistics would be a nightmare as others have said.
  12. Including a shorter 3-day festival to limit risk maybe? Make sure everyone is CV-neg in the preceding 48hrs then there's very little need to test again in the following 3 days due to incubation time to become infectious.
  13. I'm still hopeful we could get some clues early new year when they will have had to present an Event Management Plan for a June festival, which will surely need to cover proposals for Covid arrangements.
  14. Interesting how the statement is actually quoted as a question 'Do we want to....?' rather than an intent of 'We want to......'. It could easily be interpreted as Michael actually playing down the logistics of such an approach.
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