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  1. Return train fare to/from London on a weekend will be a killer, and you're limited on time you travel too. Taxi direct from site is def best option split between two. If it was me I'd have a separate bag packed with everything to wear for the wedding which you can grab from the car and change in the cab on the way. I'd also not bother staying over in London but head back as soon as reception ends.
  2. We're probably about 10 weeks from go/no-go.....interesting times round the Worthy kitchen table. 85%
  3. What we need is a thread to cover this kind of stuff.....
  4. parsonjack


    News to me 🤔
  5. parsonjack


    'I Drink Wine' is a belter. Starting to love this 👍
  6. parsonjack


    I've gone through twice now. Second time it was like I was listening to a totally different album and tracks I barely noticed before have me going 'Oh...hello'.
  7. So nothing different from Macca then....it's the relative silence from others that makes me nervous. Would GFL pull the festival if there was doubt over headline acts appearing, or risk it and go with what they could get last minute? I don't know how contingency for such eventualities works.
  8. parsonjack


    I'm 8 tracks in and drifted off to the Headliners thread. Its nice but.... First listen though....
  9. Given the 'C' word this could be the same for Swift, Relton, Kenny and any number of other artists. I get the feeling everyone is holding back on committing at present. Global artists that is....domestically the situation is much more positive.
  10. parsonjack


    Track 3 is a stadium opener ain't it 😢
  11. You missed the anagram of 'M AND E EAWIS' in there It's on 👍
  12. parsonjack


    Holy sh*t this is off the scale 😯
  13. OK so I need to ask if anyone saw Linekers quiz thing 'Sitting On A Fortune' on Sunday night just gone? There was a woman who was asked where the Bermuda Triangle was. and she quite seriously went for 'Loch Ness' as her answer. Speechless isn't the word.
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